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The theory of "sex change" is based on the claim that a person of one gender can be born "trapped" in an opposite-gender body. The theory plays havoc with traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity. It is referred to as "transgenderism" by its liberal proponents, but can be better seen and understood as a type of mental disorder called gender confusion.[1][2]

Alleged medical treatment

It has been embraced primarily by advocates of the 1960s sexual revolution such as homosexual rights activists, but rejected by the Roman Catholic Church.[3]

Gender-confused patients seek to undergo surgical sex change operations (also known as gender reassignment surgery, or what amounts to surgical mutilation) to change their external appearance to that of the gender with which they claim to identify. Patients often undergo psychotherapy, hormone treatment, and facial surgery as well. In the United States, a patient must undergo counseling before being approved for the surgery. Patients in the US are also required to have two letters of recommendation from certified psychiatrists, and must have lived a year acting as the gender that they claim to identify with.[4] Patients sometimes choose to have the surgery done abroad in places like Thailand for three reasons: 1. It is often less expensive for the patient, 2. The patient may be able to bypass some legal restrictions, 3. The surgeons in Thailand have a reputation of being particularly skilled in this area.[5]

It should be noted that hormone therapy and removing and adding body parts does not change the genetic makeup of an individual. On the genetic level, individuals who started as men are still men no matter what appearance they choose, and women who started as women are still women after surgery as well.


Different states have different laws regarding the status of people who have had sex change operations. Generally, their birth certificates are reissued with their new claimed legal gender. Since they are not required to divorce before surgery, this could lead to de facto same-sex "marriage" if they stay with their spouse. The country of Brazil offers free sex change operations because they are claimed to be a constitutional "right".[6]


J. Michael Bailey wrote a book which disagrees with the "born trapped" theory.

  • In his book, he argued that some people born male who want to cross genders are driven primarily by an erotic fascination with themselves as women.[7]

Dr. Bailey has come under tremendous social and administrative pressure, motivated by political correctness, from liberal partisans who disagree with his scientific views based on political and personal motivation. This pressure has focused primarily upon objections to the implications of his theory, rather than objections to his empirical evidence. Rather than try to refute his empirical findings, "transgender activists worked to try to ruin Bailey professionally and personally." [8]

According to the Vatican,

  • people who have undergone a sex-change operation cannot enter into a valid marriage, either because they would be "marrying" someone of the same sex in the eyes of the church or because their mental state casts doubt on their ability to make and uphold their "marriage" vows.[9]

Famous gender-confused people

  • Christine (born George) Jorgensen: An American World War II veteran, George became Christine following a 1952 operation. This was the first widely publicized sex change surgery.[10]
  • Bruce Jenner (who now claims to be "Caitlyn" Jenner) won Olympic medals competing as a male decathlete.
  • Jan (born James) Morris: A British World War II veteran, reporter, and father, Morris underwent sex change surgery in 1972.[11]
  • Renée Richards (born Richard Raskind): An American eye surgeon and tennis player. Richards made waves in 1976, when he entered amateur tennis competitions as a "woman".[12]
  • Chastity ("Chaz") Bono: Daughter of Sonny and Cher. Underwent surgical mutilation in 2009, and legally became a "man" when the Los Angeles County Superior Court approved her name and gender "change" on May 6, 2010.[13]
  • Larry ("Lana") Wachowski: Co-Director of The Matrix trilogy.[14] His brother, Andy ("Lily") Wachowski also came out as gender-confused in 2016.[15]
  • Roderick ("Laverne") Cox:[16] First gender-confused actor to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy.[17]
  • Walter ("Jenna") Talackova: Canadian male model and TV personality of Czech/First Nations background who experienced gender confusion early on and underwent surgical mutilation at age 19 to facilitate his delusion. Talackova tried to deceive organizers of the Miss Universe Canada pageant to enter the 2012 version of the event by claiming to be a "woman", but he was denied entry into the pageant (which is reserved for women only, specifically stating in its rules that only natural-born women are qualified to enter) when he was discovered to really be a man. He then contacted liberal feminist attorney Gloria Allred, who forced the Miss Universe organization to cave in to liberal bullying, political correctness and the LGBT agenda and allowed Talackova to enter the pageant. He did not get far in the pageant however, as he failed to make the final five contestants.[18]
  • Jaron ("Jazz Jennings") Bloshinsky:[19] Star of reality TV series I Am Jazz. 15-year-old boy who began claiming to be a "girl" from the age of five after experiencing gender confusion. His parents, Greg and Janette Bloshinsky, have chosen to encourage and enable him in his choice to pretend to be "female".
  • Nyla Rose (real name unknown), an undersized gender-confused male professional wrestler who competes against female wrestlers in intergender matches in All Elite Wrestling.[20]
  • Fallon Fox (real name unknown), a gender-confused male professional MMA fighter who fractured a female opponent's skull.[21]
  • Ellen ("Elliot") Page came out as gender-confused in 2020.[22]

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