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Joseph Barnes was with the Institute for Pacific Relations (IPR) from 1931 to 1934, after which he joined the New York Herald-Tribune, serving as Moscow correspondent, then in Berlin, and from 1939 to 1948, as foreign editor. Herald-Tribune to become co-publisher of the pro-Communist newspaper called the New York Star. Barnes was an extreme pro-Communist on Chinese affairs. Whittaker Chambers stated CPUSA underground apparatus head Josef Peters informed him Barnes was a member of the Communist underground.[1] During World War II Barnes worked for the Office of War Information.[2]

Subversion in government investigation

In 1944 the Institute of Pacific Relations, according to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, "disseminated and sought to popularize false information including information originating from Soviet and Communist sources," [3] published a fifty-six-page pamphlet, Our Job in Asia, which was allegedly written by Vice-President Henry Wallace. "The Russians," the author of the pamphlet claimed, "have demonstrated their friendly attitude toward China by their willingness to refrain from intervening in China's internal affairs." Some years later—after the collapse of the American allied Kuomintang government to the Comintern sponsored Maoist regime and in the midst of the Korean War which cost 53,000 American lives, on October 17, 1951, Wallace testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Wallace admitted: "It begins to look, for the time being at any rate, that my size-up as made in 1944 was incorrect."[4] Wallace further admitted under oath that most of a book entitled Soviet Asia Mission written under his name detailing his official trip to Soviet Siberia and China in 1944 had actually been written by Andrew J. Steiger, a person identified under oath as a member of the Communist Party USA. The CPUSA at that time advocated the violent overthrow of the United States Constitution. To Joseph Fels Barnes, Owen Lattimore, and Harriet Lucy Moore, all of whom had been named under oath as CPUSA members, Wallace expressed his gratitude for their "invaluable assistance in preparing the manuscript." [5]

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