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Byron Darling

Byron Thorwell Darling received a Ph.D in physics at the University of Wisconsin in 1939. One of his specialties was sub-atomic physics. He was a research physicist at the United States Rubber Company from 1941–46 and in 1944 he was a consultant to the U.S. Office of Scientific Research & Development where he worked on various wartime projects. He was fired from his post as associate professor of physics at Ohio State University in 1953 when he refused to answer questions about Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) ties when testifying before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). At the time he was working on a U.S. Air Force research project. He then moved to Canada and taught physics at Laval University for the rest of his life.

Darling appears in Venona project traffic as code name "Huron". Darling was involved in scientific espionage for the KGB during World War II, including work on the atomic bomb project. Darling was a member of the group of Soviet spies headed by Alexander Koral and his wife Helen Koral.