Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov

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Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov was an American citizen and spy for the New York KGB Rezidentura from 194 to 1945. Her son Sgt. Demetrius Dvoichenko-Markov of the United States Army, also woked for Soviet intelligence. Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov provide Soviet intelligence with information on Romanians and Carpatho-Russians and other exile groups in the United States. Dvoichenko-Markov also provided information on United States Department of State personal with whom she had contact.


Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov codename in Soviet intelligence is "Masha ". Dvoichenko-Markov is referenced in the following Venona project decryptions:

  • 894 KGB New York to Moscow, 10 June 1943
  • 627 KGB New York to Moscow, 5 May 1944
  • 864 KGB New York to Moscow, 16 June 1944
  • 1053 KGB New York to Moscow, 5 July 1945
  • 1182 KGB New York to Moscow, 19 August 1944
  • 1508 KGB New York to Moscow, 23 October 1944


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