Eugénie Olkhine

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Eugénie Olkhine was American born of a Russian father and worked for Soviet intelligence after reestablishing contact with the KGB in 1945 after a long break. Olkhine primarily obtained information the Russian Orthodox Patriarch in the United States. Soviet intelligence considered attempting to plant Olkhine inside the FBI. The KGB had made promises of Soviet citizenship for her work.


Eugénie Olkhine is referenced in the following Venona decryptions:

  • 1438 KGB New York to Moscow, 10 October 1944;
  • 1586 KGB New York to Moscow, 12 November 1944;
  • 20 KGB New York to Moscow, 4 January 1945;
  • 239 KGB Moscow to New York, 17 March 1945. [redacted in 239 1945]

Venona 1322 KGB New York to Moscow, 15 September 1944 mentions an unidentified operative named "Aleksandrov", who may be her father.


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