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Helen Grace Reswich Scott Keenan, more commonly, Helen Grace Scott was an American citizen employed in the Office of Strategic Services and later the Office of U.S Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis War Criminals on the staff of Justice Robert H. Jackson during World War II. She was also a spy for the Soviet Union.

Between 1933 and 1938 Helen Scott served on the Executive Committee of the Workers Alliance, a Comintern affiliate front organization. In 1944 she worked for Congressman Boulton. Keenan had been a freelance journalist in the 1930s before beginning work in the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (CIAA) as a writer and editor in 1945.

Scott Keenan first worked for the New York line of KGB, then later the Washington D.C. KGB.


Helen Grace Scott Keenan's code name in Soviet intelligence, and later as deciphered by the Venona project is "Fir" (or "Spruce"). "Firtree" and "El" also occurred. Keenan is referenced in the following Venona decryptions:

  • 326 KGB Moscow to New York, 5 April 1945;
  • 3614–3615 KGB Washington to Moscow, 22 June 1945.


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