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John Brown Anti-Klan Committee (JBAKC) In 1984 the JBAKC publication, Death To The Klan, published the following communiqué:

November 7,1983

Tonight we bombed the U. S. Capitol building. We attacked the U. S. Government to retaliate against imperialist aggression that has sent the marines, the CIA and the army to invade sovereign nations...

We are acting in solidarity with all those leading the fight against U. S. imperialism the peoples of Grenada, Lebanon, Palestine, EI Salvador, and Nicaragua - who are confronting direct U. S. aggression...

Our action carries a message to the U. S. imperialist ruling class: we purposely aimed out attack at the institutions of imperialist rule rather than at individual members of the ruling class and government. We did not choose to kill any of them at this time...[1]

Founding/Supervisory Organizations

Type of Organization


Ideological cover

Openly Marxist-Leninist


Riots; political & logistical support for terrorism

Target countries


Organized, possibly active

Assisted Organizations

  • South-West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO)

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  • Testimony Order Upheld, The Washington Post, February 1, 1985.
  • 4 Will Refuse to Testify on Bombings, By Philip Smith, The Washington Post, January 16, 1985.