List of names in the Obamagate scandal

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This is a list of individuals involved in the Obamagate scandal to weoponize U.S. law enforcement and Intelliegence agencies against political opponents and dissidents.

The 2016 Clinton campaign paid Russians for dirt on Donald Trump. While the Russians took the money, there is no evidence the information they gave was real, and every indication the Russians made things up and gave Clinton operatives, in exchange for cash, whatever they wanted to hear. The Clinton operatives then handed off information to the Obama administration who didn't vet the information, leaked it to the media, and used America's foreign intelligence apparatus to violate the civil and constitutional rights of members of the Trump campaign.


White House

Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of State

Department of Treasury

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

  • Unnamed Associate Director
  • Natalie Edwards[7]

Internal Revenue Service

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Central Intelligence Agency

United States Congress

Congressional Research Service

  • Michael E. DeVine, author of Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protections revised version September 23, 2019.[10]

Private citizens and entities

Foreign actors

American citizens


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American entities

Clinton email coverup

News organizations

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