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Marion Davis Berdecio born Marion or Marian Davis, and married Berdecio.

Marion Davis Berdecio worked on the staff of the Office of Naval Intelligence at the United States Embassy in Mexico City and had contact with Soviet diplomats prior to her recruitment into Soviet intelligence. Her recruitment was accomplished during World War II along with Judith Coplon by their old schoolmate at Barnard College, Flora Wovschin. Later she worked in the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (CIAA) and State Department.

Comintern Archives in Moscow in the 1990s confirm Marion Davis Berdecio's involvement in espionage activities on behalf of the Soviet Union. Marion Davis Berdecio is also referenced in three Venona project decrypts.

Marion Davis Berdecio's code name in Soviet intelligence and in the Venona project is "Lou" and "Lu".


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