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Alfred Eugene Kahn was a journalist and secret member of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) during World War II.

Kahn was a graduate of Dartmouth College and winner of the Crawford-Campbell Literary Fellowship, Mr. Kahn in 1939 became Executive Secretary of the American Council Against Nazi Propaganda, of which the late William E. Dodd, Sr., former Ambassador to Germany, was Chairman. Kahn also edited of The Hour, a confidential newsletter devoted to exposing German and Japanese fifth column operations.

In 1946 the San Francisco KGB suggested that Kahn be recruited into Soviet espionage. Kahn requested that Julia Older, who worked in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), obtain information. Elizabeth Bentley stated in her deposition to the FBI that Kahn had furnished information directly to Jacob Golos and herself in 1942 on immigrant Ukrainians hostile to the Soviet Union. Kahn is referenced as code name "Fighter" in Venona project decypt # 247 San Francisco to Moscow, 14 June 1946.

Books by Alfred Kahn

  • High Treason: The Plot Against the People (1950)
  • Agents of Peace (1951)
  • The Game of Death: Effects of the Cold War on Our Children (1953)
  • McCarthy on Trial (1954)


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