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Partisan tolerance is a concept invented by communist author Herbert Marcuse. Partisan tolerance dictates that the enemies of Marxist revolution have to be forced into tolerance, but socialists are allowed to be intolerant against them. This is because there are "correct" opinions that are to be preferred, and "incorrect" opinions that have to be fought against with all means.

Partisan tolerance evolved into political correctness, censorship, and curtailment of Free Speech 1st Amendment rights. Marcuse pronounced that liberating tolerance meant tolerating the excesses of the left but not those of the right; indeed, he contends that the right is deserving of intolerance.

According to Marcuse, a non-partisan tolerance would leave the established values intact, which would lead to repressive tolerance. Therefore, Marcuse only accepted a partisan tolerance which would have to be "intolerant toward the protagonists of the repressive status quo", or would promote "intolerance against movements from the Right, and toleration of movements from the Left".

Sebastian Gorka commented,

"Marcuse instructed his acolytes to sell their totalitarianism as tolerance, “partisan tolerance,” which he introduced in an essay he penned in 1965 as a guide for how to shut down debate and silence the critics of Critical Theory.....According to Marcuse, classic tolerance has failed our societies. Why? Well because it tolerates all ideas, even those that are “wrong.” As a result, tolerance as it has been practiced since the word has had any meaning at all is in fact “repressive tolerance,” since it permits the expression of “unjust” views that perpetuate exploitation and oppression. As a result, we must redefine tolerance in such a way that oppression is removed. Meaning that from now on, one need only tolerate that which does not maintain established societal norms of “oppression.” Tolerance, to be “real” tolerance from now on must be “partisan tolerance.”[1]

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