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Barack Hussein Obama was elected America's 44th president in 2008; since his inauguration kept to a leftist, quasi-socialist agenda. When he ran for his second term in November, 2012, it was known that he would probably implement the following agenda:

Illegal immigration

  • Refusal to secure the borders.
  • Integrating illegals into society via newly created education and health care centers established along neighborhood-based programs funded by Federal and state governments.
  • Bypassing of Congress to instill immediate citizenship; such a move will grant illegal immigrants voting rights.



  • The planning of a "National Infrastructure Bank", to finance loans for regional and national infrastructure.
  • The forcing of financial institutions to give more loans to individuals without the means to pay them back, along the lines of the Dodd/Frank Act.
  • Creation of a "green bank", which would make loans to the private sector for clean energy purposes; these loans would come directly from the U.S. Treasury.


  • Reducing the military budget considerably, including removing Congressional control and oversight, and transferring such control to an independent panel.
  • Reducing the military to a mere peacekeeping force under the control of the United Nations, with "missions" such as fighting so-called "global warming" and poverty.
  • Forcing military units to rely on green energy.

Health care

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