Mark Drakeford

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Mark Drakeford
Personal life
Date and place of birth 1954
Carmarthenshire, Wales
Claimed religion Atheism[1]
Spouse Clare Buckle (m. 1977)
Children 3
Dictatorial career
Country Wales; devolved administration within the United Kingdom.
Military service
Highest rank attained First Minister
Political beliefs Communism
Xi Jinping Thought
Political party Labour Party (Wales)
Date of dictatorship
Wars started None
Number of deaths attributed Unknown

Mark Drakeford is a far-left atheist politician who currently serves as first minister of Wales. Appointed to that position and as Leader of Welsh Labour in December 2018, he has served as an elected representative since 2011. He has been described in his position as first minister as a "dictator".[2]

History and career

Early life

Drakeford was born in Carmarthenshire, Wales in 1954.[3] He studied Latin at the University of Kent.[3]

1980s, 1990s and 2000s

Mark Drakeford represented Pontcanna as a councilor from 1985 to 1993. After being an activist for the successful campaign for a Welsh National Assembly (now known as Senedd), he was a failed candidate in the inaugural election for that body in 1999. He contested the seat of Cardiff Central.

2010s and rise to power

Drakeford was elected to the seat of Cardiff West in 2011.[3] He was appointed health minister[3] in 2013 by then-first minister Carwyn Jones.

Drakeford became Leader of Welsh Labour in December 2018, and was elected as First Minister of Wales by way of a vote in the Senedd that same month.


During the Chinese Communist Party pandemic, Drakeford introduced blatantly authoritarian policies and was described as a "tin-pot dictator".[2] Such policies included banning the sale of non-essential goods in supermarkets in October 2020,[4] helicopters guarding the Anglo-Welsh border earlier that year,[5] and the introduction of vaccine passports for various venues in September 2021.


Drakeford is an atheist and supports the abolition of the UK monarchy.[1]


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