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Liberal indoctrination

Liberal indoctrination is the process by which liberals influence children to their way of thinking before they are aware enough to make choices for themselves. It can be considered a form of brainwashing, as children are unwittingly led into liberal ideologies while systematically being denied conservative values.


There are many ways that liberals introduce liberalism to children:


Liberal thought is often promoted in public schools, either by teachers or peer pressure from older students. Examples include the removal of school prayer, Privilege Walks, and the teaching of evolution as though there were no evidence against it. Some textbooks will use evidence that has since been discredited as though it never was. See Ernst Haeckel, Piltdown Man, the Peppered Moth. Some public school teachers ignore the Pledge of Allegiance.

Liberals have promoted homosexuality in schools,[1] along with gender confusion.[2]

Higher education

For a more detailed treatment, see Professor values.

Indoctrination is especially prevalent on college and university campuses, and typically in classes where it is not usually expected. While it is common knowledge that many degree studies are full of indoctrination, such as teaching classes, less widely known is that indoctrination exists pretty much across the board up to and including per-requisite classes. Texas State University has placed job openings seeking math professors committed to social justice.[3] No field of study goes unnoticed, even engineering students get stuck with some indoctrination in "sustainable engineering" courses.

Progressives have for generations viewed the college campus the best place for them to affect social change and re-make America from a place of Liberty into a society that cannot function without big government in every aspect of everyone's life. As early as 1909, Woodrow Wilson, who was at the time the president of Princeton University said:

The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible. By the time a man has grown old enough to have a son in college he has specialized. The university should generalize the treatment of its undergraduates, should struggle to put them in touch with every force of life. Every man of established success is dangerous to society. His tendency is to keep society as it is. His success has been founded upon it. You will not find many reformers among the successful men.[4]

Throughout the years, professors have made it clear that they relish the idea of remolding society in their preferred radical image, proclaiming their goals:

To rewrite the past and construct the present from the perspective of the privileged and the powerful.[5]

In the 1960s, groups like SDS sprouted and grew out of the wasteland of professors with politically agenda-driven curricula. By the time the 1960s came to an end, many radicals decided they were not yet done. One professor, Jay Parini, explained the radicals' transition this way:

After the Vietnam War, a lot of us didn't just crawl back into our library cubicles; we stepped into academic positions. With the war over, our visibility was lost and it seemed for a while - to the unobservant - that we had disappeared. Now we have tenure, and the work of reshaping the universities has begun in earnest.[6][7]

Many members of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and others, have long known that the best way to utopia is through America's children, and that continues to this day.

Books and movies

Picture books like Heather Has Two Mommies and Why Mommy is a Democrat explicitly promote the homosexual agenda and characterize Republicans as unequivocally bad.


Children are introduced to the liberal agenda through games, which they claim are "not political" and "just for fun". However, games like "Climate Cops" that promote police-state environmentalism are hardly "not political"! Older children can be seduced by games like Magic: the gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, which, while not explicitly promoting liberal ideas, open the door for moral relativism and interest in the occult.[8][9][10][11]

Atheist indoctrination

See also: Atheist indoctrination

Jewish columnist Dennis Prager has stated that a causal factor of atheism is the "secular indoctrination of a generation."[12] Prager stated that "From elementary school through graduate school, only one way of looking at the world – the secular – is presented. The typical individual in the Western world receives as secular an indoctrination as the typical European received a religious one in the Middle Ages."[13] See also: Atheism and children and Atheism and critical thinking

In 2013, an study found that academia was less likely to hire evangelical Christians due to discriminatory attitudes.[14] See also: Atheism and intolerance

Atheists have focused considerable efforts on the public schools in order to indoctrinate young people into atheistic beliefs.[15][16]

Historically, as far as public education and other measures, although government sponsored atheistic indoctrination can have an effect on society, government attempts at atheistic indoctrination has not shown itself to be effective in eliminating theism in religious societies. For example, in Soviet Russia, despite great efforts as far as atheistic indoctrination by the Soviet government, the indoctrination efforts failed to eliminate religious belief in Russia (See also: Soviet atheism).[17][18]

After the French Revolution, France has predominantly been a secular nation with a very secular educational system.[19][20]


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