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Mr. & Mr. Pete and Kristen Buttigieg (or at least that's what Joe Biden calls them).[1]

Peter (Paul Montgomery) Buttigieg (pron. Peter Boot-edge-edge[2] aka #MayorCheat, Wall Street Pete, Pothole Pete) was born on Robert E. Lee Day, January 19, 1982. Buttigieg is the top priority of the homosexual agenda to place him in the White House, and despite having zero (0) real achievements leads Biden in a key New Hampshire poll for 2024. Buttigieg is the #1 choice by the globalists for 2024, as NATO is 100% pro-homosexual agenda. There is a significance chance that Dem insiders will dump Biden for Buttigieg as their nominee for president in 2024.

Buttigieg formerly was the mayor of South Bend in northern Indiana from 2012[3] through 2019[4] and did nothing to reform its systemically racist police department. Buttigieg was appointed as the Progressive degenerate Secretary of Transportation under the Biden regime. As Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg oversaw the Biden regime's massive human trafficking program during Biden's open borders.[5]

Buttigieg pushes militant homosexuality by seeking to ban on conversion therapy, and even criticizing those who support this freedom of speech.[6] Conversion therapy is counseling to bring those caught in the unproductive homosexual lifestyle back to healthy, children-producing heterosexuality.

As an openly homosexual man in a same-sex so-called-"marriage", Buttigieg is expected to run again for president in 2024 with up to a billion Leftist dollars available to fund his candidacy. His relatively short height for a presidential candidate (only about 5'8",[7] and perhaps less) may be an impediment. Wikipedia and the liberal media generally omit his relatively small stature among presidential contenders from descriptions about him.[8]

An only child, educated in private schools and reared in an academic environment (which fosters liberal idealism), Buttigieg says "you only get one turn at life" and wants to do big things, to have an impact.[9] Yet while he claims to be a Christian he is clearly and critically anti-Christian in his ideology and aspects of his life and morals. Regarding the latter, Buttigieg is an avowed homosexual who is married to a biological male, and who supports abortion on demand as well as many goals of the homosexual agenda. Which includes changing laws which require disclosing one's HIV status to a partner[10] (sodomy is the means of HIV transmission among males in over 80 percent of cases[11]). Buttigieg, who was raised Catholic but is now an Episcopalian, said that he coveted the endorsement of Pope Francis over all others in the Democrat primary race.[12]

As the son of a scholar of linguistics, Pete Buttigieg shows that he understands the power of deceptive sophistical propaganda, and frequently uses the word "security" as a major theme, this being mentioned 27 times in his position page (May 2020), from "climate security" to economic security to security from intimidation under the guise that his policies are virtuous when in reality such are shown to cause the opposite. Likewise, he often employs the term "harm" such as in portraying The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, saying it "appeared to me to be a license to harm others in the name of religion." However, Buttigieg implicitly supports punishing those (by supporting the proposed Federal Equality Act) who oppose homosexual relations. He also attacks evangelicals as hypocrites for supporting the Republican party (which he asserts) is contrary to Christian faith, while evidently expecting them to (hypocritically) support him, while his boyfriend Buttigieg calls his husband insolently states, "It is time for moral leadership to be restored to the White House,"[13] inferring a far-left and immoral homosexual couple would example that.

Despite promoting himself as a Christian, a term which originates in the Bible (Acts 11:27) and which describes their beliefs, Buttigieg openly rejects moral teachings of the Bible that he does not like, while stating, "Jesus speaks so often in hyperbole and parable, in mysterious code, that in my experience, there’s simply no way that a literal understanding of Scripture can fit into the Bible that I find in my hands.." Buttigieg also argues that the Bible can be understood as teaching that human life only begins with the first breath (thereby sanctioning abortion since this prevents the infant from ever actually taking a breath), and misappropriates the Bible by making Christ's words on helping the poor (which often relates to being poor/humble in spirit, or personal giving) as justifying liberal (impoverishing) government mandated socialism.[14][15]

Buttigieg is a left-wing conspiracy theorist who believes America is under attack by white people[16] and that the U.S. was "never as great as advertised."[17] He has been referred to as the American Justin Trudeau.[18] Buttigieg supports such liberal activism as renaming annual Indiana Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Democratic dinner since both presidents were holders of slaves. Lukas Mikelionis (May 18, 2020).[19]

Biden regime Trans Secretary

Trans Secretary Buttigieg ignored the Ohio train derailment in February 2023 that posed a threat to health and safety.

After the 2023 Toxic train derailment scandal, a long list of scandals on Pete Buttigieg's watch was being recalled.[20] In February 2023 Buttigieg came under investigation for misuse of aircraft in his job as the Biden regime's Trans Secretary.[21]


Buttigieg opposed religious exemptions from vaccination.[22] In July 2022, he supported vaccination as one of the primary ways of addressing the monkeypox pandemic.

Maternity leave during supply chain crisis

During the Great Supply Chain Crisis of 2021, Buttigieg attempted to interfere with Christmas.[23]

At the height of the (2022) baby formula shortage crisis, Buttigieg was on leave so he could tend to his new twins with his husband Chasten.[24] Buttigieg said that the twins are completely dependent on formula, although liberal mouthpiece Bette Midler suggested they just breastfeed.[25]

East Palestine: Toxic train derailment

On Feb 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, United States.[26] The train burned for over two days, releasing toxic into the area. Thousands of animals died.[27] Residents became extremely anxious[28] about staying, quality of air, water.

  • Buttigieg was criticized for avoiding the East Palestine area[29] for too long, before he "agreed" to go visit. Biden / Buttigieg cold shoulder to the suffering in the area was seen as motivated by political animosity, aware, the area's population are GOP voters.
Buttigieg stomping around in form-fitting pants and leather dress boots as he "surveyed" the damage
  • Only after Trump did so on Feb 22, 2023, he finally came a day later, 20 days after the toxic train derailment.[30]

  • On Feb 22, 2023, Pete intimidated a reporter.[31] He was ripped for 'super weird' request for reporter's photo: 'felt like free speech was being chilled.'[32]

  • On Feb 23, 2023, "Buttigieg dodges questions while his press secretary refuses to be on camera in East Palestine."[33][34]

  • While there, he wasn't able to respond to question of his very late coming and began his usual "polished" boring speech, when he suddenly stopped and said "I lost my train of thought."[35] Twitter users added their own puns to the mix, replying, 'Sorry, got off track,' and 'Buttigieg's train of thought just derailed'.

  • He was mocked also for stomping around in form-fitting pants and leather dress boots as he surveyed the damage.[36]


Reported (even by liberal media) on Feb 25, 2023, residents near derailment diagnosed with new ailments.[37] The disaster site has been dubbed the 'American Chernobyl'.[38]

ND train derailment

In March 2023, a 70-car train derailed in North Dakota causing another hazardous waste leak.[39]

There has been another train derailment leading to a hazardous waste leak. This time the incident occurred in North Dakota. As reported by KFGO, several Canadian Pacific train cars derailed “with some spilling hazardous material in Richland County.”

LGBT role models and child pornography

Buttigieg's close friend Patrick Wojahn received a 30 year prison sentence for child pornography in November 2023.[40]

Patrick Wojahn, the first openly homosexual mayor of his city of College Park, Md., boasted about being “mentored” by Pete Buttigieg after the two met in 2015 at the U.S. Conference of Mayors winter meeting in Washington, D.C., where Wojahn explained that Buttigieg “was assigned to be my buddy.” The two men discussed “the difficulties of being an openly gay mayor, with Buttigieg sharing with his mentee the story of his coming out while serving in office,” he explained in a 2019 interview. They have maintained a good relationship since then.

Wojahn, who fancied himself a role model for LGBTQ youth, was a frequent visitor to the White House, having attended LGBTQ events that Joe Biden hosted. Wojahn described Biden as “the most pro-LGBTQ President in U.S. history!” Wojahn and his partner were also invited to Biden’s signing of the Respect for Marriage Act on the South Lawn of the White House.

In March 2023 Wojahn was arrested on dozens of counts of possessing and distributing child pornography. In November 2023 he was sentenced to 30 years after having pled guilty in August to 140 counts related to the possession and distribution of child sexual abuse material. "His indictment charged him with possession, possession with intent to distribute and distribution of material that exploits children — a mixture of misdemeanors and felonies with maximum penalties ranging from five to 10 years’ incarceration,” reports the Baltimore Sun. "Prince George’s County Circuit Judge Karen H. Mason on Monday sentenced him to 150 years in prison but suspended all but 30 years of it, according to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office and online court records. That means that if Wojahn violates the conditions of his eventual release, a judge could send him back to prison for up to 120 years."

The judge added five years of supervised probation upon his release, and Wojahn will have to register as a sex offender. Under Maryland state law, he’ll be eligible for parole after 25% of his sentence, roughly seven and a half years.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha N. Braveboy lauded Wojahn’s sentence. “It instructs us that child pornography is not simply about images. It’s about the pain behind the images, the tragedies that have occurred in these young people’s lives that should never have happened to them,” Braveboy told the Baltimore Sun. “No child deserves to be sexually abused. No child deserves for their images to be displayed on the internet or any platform for hundreds or thousands or possibly millions of people to view.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Monica Meyers stated that on Wojahn's cellphone alone, investigators discovered videos and images depicting the exploitation of over 500 children. Utilizing a collaborative effort with child abuse investigators globally, detectives and prosecutors successfully identified 52 of the exploited children. Several victims shared impact statements, which prosecutors presented during the court proceedings.[41]

Woke priorities funds

Reported in 2023: 'Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars meant for infrastructure projects are tied to woke initiatives.' Per an internal memorandum circulated among lawmakers by Senate Commerce Committee Republicans:

'Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars meant for infrastructure projects are tied to woke initiatives,' Senate GOP memo states.[42]

South Bend mayor

FBI crime data since Mayor Pete took office.[43]

Buttigieg's next step on the political ladder was that of being elected mayor of heavily Democratic South Bend, Indiana, in which every mayor since 1972 has been a Democrat. In 2011, Pete ran for and was elected Mayor of South Bend on a promise to bring the city back with a new approach to politics and new ideas.[44] Buttigieg won 80% with a total turnout of 8,000 in a city of 100,000. Despite this majority vote, Buttigieg has overseen rising crime, homelessness, and drug use. South Bend is among the 3% most violent cities in America, and is among the highest 30 cities for top murder rates, and with violent crimes being three times higher than in the rest of Indiana, while property crimes are five times higher. Overall South Bend is safer than just 3% of U.S. cities.[45] In 2015 South Bend had a murder rate that ranked it the 29th-worst among the 300 American cities with 100,000 people or more.[46]

Nonetheless, as mayor, he received praise from the very liberal Washington Post (which focused on him being a mayor who while serving six-month deployment to Afghanistan as a naval reservist), for his plan on dealing with 1,000 vacant lots and abandoned buildings in 1,000 days. However, he also faced much criticism for handling a scandal (which developed shortly after his election) regarding illegal recordings by the police department of allegedly racist statements by certain officers against the black police chief, and which ended up involving the FBI. This resulted in an ongoing legal fight that has been the longest-running and most expensive one the city history, costing taxpayers more than $2 million thus far.

In April 2019, The Guardian wrote about Buttigieg and South Bend, Indiana:

...Buttigieg’s focus on downtown has been criticized for coming at the expense of other neighborhoods. More than a quarter of the population still lives at or below the poverty line, well above the national average of 14%. Crime is also high. There were 15 murders, 93 rapes and 345 robberies per 100,000 in South Bend in 2017, compared to six, 52 and 339 per 100,000 in 2010, according to[47]

Buttigieg endorsed Clinton late in the primary in 2016, and after Trump's election, Buttigieg announced he would run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, running against Keith Ellison and Tom Perez but was defeated because he's white.

According to FBI crime statistics, violent crime has risen year after year since Buttigieg's election. As mayor, Buttigieg oversees South Bend's systemic racism.

"Progressive" faith and social gospel

In the progressive tradition of Jim Jones' "Rainbow family",[48] Buttigieg touts himself as America's first openly gay presidential candidate.[49]

Buttigieg claims to be a strong Christian, though in reality, he holds strongly anti-religious views.[50] He has claimed the Bible contains contradictions and thus is not inerrant, though he still twists it to support his ideological views.[51][52][53]

Buttigieg's "faith journey" begins with father, who studied to become a Jesuit for a time, and although the elder Buttigieg later became irreligious, in his memoir, "Shortest Way Home," "Mayor Pete" credits Catholicism with awakening his moral conscience, "as a voice for the oppressed and downtrodden," which he sees homosexuals as. However, as a proponent of The Federal Equality Act, Buttigieg supports persecuting those who uphold the rejecting the incontrovertible Biblical teaching that only condemns homosexual relations and only joins male and female in marriage, as the Lord Jesus Himself specified.[54][55] The Equality Act (Sec. 1107) disallows the Religious Freedom Restoration Act from providing freedom in cases such as what gender one is addressed as to which bathroom one can enter or in hiring etc. for places of public accommodations, and "any establishment that provides a good, service, or program..." Buttigieg stated that “That [religious] freedom ends where you begin to invoke it to harm other people” who violate your organization's religious doctrine by not hiring or serving them," meaning that "harming" those who obey the Bible is what Buttigieg advocates.[56]

Later, as a student at Harvard University, Buttigieg heard the famed homosexual preacher and proxy servant of the devil, Peter Gomes, expound on so-called "progressive Christianity," and as a consequence Buttigieg attests, "I began to understand the range of Christian traditions beyond the Catholicism I was steeped in at South Bend," and wrote columns in the Harvard Crimson that exhorted liberals to seize the moral high ground (as perversely defined by him) from conservatives. However, as R. Albert Mohler (president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky) states, "Progressive Christianity necessitates replacing Christianity with an entirely new religion." "Mayor Pete is just the latest prophet of this new religion. He won't be the last.

Studying at Oxford (England) on a Rhodes scholarship, Buttigieg stated the program was "decidedly atheistic" and which he found convincing in many ways. However, wanting some sort of spirituality, he attended services at Anglican Christ Church, which was across from the college. After moving back to South Bend, Indiana, he began began attending services at the Cathedral of St. James, which is part of the Episcopal church (the American branch of Anglicanism), and which has become known as a forerunner of "progressive" (meaning unbiblical) theology, electing the adulterer and sodomite Gene Robinson its first openly homosexual bishop and voting to allow same-sex marriages in 2003. At that local church Buttigieg "married" his boyfriend, Chasten Glezman, in June 2018, and the readings included including a passage from the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and an excerpt from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount[57] (which was another case of Buttigieg misappropriating Scripture in order to justify what it condemns).

Consistent with the liberal social gospel, which gives a low priority to the teachings of Christ (while marginalizing the teachings of Paul etc. which were inspired by the Spirit of Christ) on personal moral purity in preference to acts such as feeding the (genuinely) needy, Buttigieg criticized right-wing Christians for "saying so much about what Christ said so little about, and so little about what he said so much about." Which, like Barack Obama, indicates ignorance of the totality of what Christ taught and how He did so, and the context of His social actions and the principals of sound interpretation,[58] as well as the evidence that the evangelical church encourages sacrificial giving to help others, and that evangelicals engage in has been very substantially engaged in providing humanitarian aid,[59] as their members give more per person than those of other major groups.[60]

While Democrats typically only give perfunctory mention of God, Buttigieg openly invokes his liberal faith and advocates doing so, stating, "we need to not be afraid to invoke arguments that are convincing on why Christian faith is going to point you in a progressive direction. ... When I think about where most of Scripture points me, it is toward defending the poor, and the immigrant, and the stranger, and the prisoner, and the outcast...So I think it's really important to carry a message (to the public)…"[61]

While Buttigieg attacks evangelicals for supporting Trump since he states he cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything that he finds in scripture, thus focusing on conduct, not policy, Buttigieg's conduct includes a rejection of the core teaching of salvation from sin and homosexuality:
Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened....For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.[62]
Scripture is unambiguous. God is not confused. Buttigieg's homosexuality is a consequence of idolatry and rejection of God.

In addition, as with liberalism in general, most all of Buttigieg's polices (see below) are contrary to the Bible,[63] and it was due to Trump's policies overall supporting Christian values, and refusing to back down, that was the main reason evangelicals voted overwhelming for Trump versus the opposition, which was as much opposed to Christian interests as Trump was for them.

Pastor and author Jentezen Franklin states,

When millions of evangelicals helped elect Donald J. Trump to be the president in 2016, the vast majority of evangelicals weren’t looking for a political statesman. They were hoping for a fighter, someone who saw the challenge for what it was: the fight of our lifetime on the issues that mattered most to people of faith – and a candidate who would champion the values we held dearest...Defending the life of the unborn, religious liberty for churches, individuals, and religious business owners, confirming conservative constitutionalist federal judges, and support for our closest ally Israel—these are all Christian values. Lifting millions off of the food stamps roll is a Christian value. Putting people to work at record levels for every demographic is a Christian value. ...Some focus on the rhetoric of each tweet while others see the record of achievement and success...[64]

Buttigieg opposed The Religious Freedom Restoration Act saying it "appeared to me to be a license to harm others in the name of religion...making it easier to harm people in its name,"[65] implicitly endorsing Christian persecution. In Buttigieg's world Christians who hold to Biblical morality can be impoverished and treated as outcasts or otherwise subject to harm (a word Buttigieg often uses for justification of his stance against conservatives), such as when refusing to be complicit in celebrating immoral causes, as in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop.[66] However, he did oppose Beto O'Rourke's plan to remove tax exemptions from churches that opposed liberal causes such as abortion and homosexuality.

Illustrating a primary reason why "right-wing Christians" seem so vocal about moral issues (since cultural Marxist immorality is foisted upon society and Biblical morality is attacked), Buttigieg's attack on conservative evangelicals has provoked many responses from them. Based upon the logic that the importance of an issue is based upon how much Christ said about it, and the premise that explicit statements only seem to count, evangelical blogger Erick Erickson surmises that perhaps Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks that Jesus would be okay with abortion and bestiality.[67]

Erickson also pointed out that while Buttigieg holds himself out as a more tolerant Christian than Vice President Mike Pence, yet the later has never once said anything negative about Buttigieg having homosexual attractions, while Buttigieg called Pence a fanatic and ridiculed Pence's faith. Erickson thus sees this as suggesting that he "would be O.K. with using the government to persecute Christians," for already "Buttigieg has come out in favor of the government shutting down Christian businesses if they do not bow at the altar of gay marriage."[68]

Despite claiming to oppose using religion as a "cudgel," Buttigieg said in his very next sentence that if God were a member of a political party, it would not be the GOP.[69]

Evangelical professor Dr. Michael Brown warns that Buttigieg is part of the
"aggressive, gay agenda that has systematically undermined biblical morals for decades. It has also sought to silence all dissenting voices, becoming the principal threat to our religious and moral freedoms." "Choosing an out and proud “married” gay man to run for president, let alone become president, would contribute to the further degeneration and moral confusion of our society along with further attacks on our most fundamental rights."[70]

South Bend abortionist with 2,246 baby corpses in his home

In Buttigieg's first year in office, a pro-life crisis pregnancy center wanted to open next door to Ulrich Klopfer, the only abotionist in South Bend. The pro-life group promised to not allow demonstrators to use their property, but Buttigieg intervened to prevent the rescue center from getting permission to open.[71]

Klopfer was forcibly retired in 2015, and his clinic closed, after it was found he performed abortions on at least two girls under 13 years of age and violated state law by not reporting it. The New York Times reported that Klopfer was found guilty of five of the nine charges he faced by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, including failing to report an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old, failing to exercise reasonable care, and violating documentation and notice requirements.[72] The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reported many of the board members were shocked by Klopfer's attitude regarding the case of a 10-year-old girl who had been raped by her uncle. The doctor failed to notify the police even after learning that the parents were going to keep the matter secret. One board member stated that what bothered her most was Klopfer's striking lack of medical judgment and competence.

When Klopfer died in 2019, his family found 2,246 corpses of dead babies preserved in jars in his home.

After Klopfer's forced retirement, a Texas-based franchise chain with locations in five states moved into South Bend. Whole Woman's Health committed dozens of health and safety violations in three Texas facilities between 2011 and 2017, including the lack of a registered nurse on staff, inadequate sterilization of equipment, and missing fentanyl stock. The Indiana State Department of Health denied Whole Woman's Health of South Bend's license application due to a lack of "reputable and responsible character."

Buttigieg's presidential campaign touted his support of Whole Woman's Health.[73]

In April 2018, Buttigieg vetoed a South Bend Common Council rezoning decision that would have allowed a pro-life pregnancy center, Women's Care Center, to open next door to Whole Woman's Health.

In August 2019, The Chicago Tribune reported, "South Bend at center of abortion debate as unlicensed clinic supported by Mayor Pete Buttigieg is allowed to open."[74]

Race relations

Mayor Pete engaging in a vulgar racial stereotype to pander for support.[75]

Buttigieg is an amateur white race-hustler by Democrat standards. Buttigieg apologized for having once thought, believed, and expressed "all lives matter"[76] and criticized his supporters for being too white.[77]

The New York Times reported that one of Buttigieg's first actions as mayor was to fire and demote the city's popular Black police chief.[78] The Obama FBI under its disgraced director James Comey was investigating the city's first Black police chief for allegedly illegal wiretapping. No federal or state charges were ever filed against the chief. Buttigieg told CNN, "This wasn’t about the nuances of the Wiretap Act, this was about whether people could trust their police department.” Upon firing, the former chief sued Buttigieg for racial discrimination and civil rights violations,[79] costing the city in excess of $2 million.[80] When confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters, Buttigieg read from a prepared script saying, "I'm not asking for your vote."[81][82]

The chief's lawyer does not believe Buttigieg's explanation and told the New York Times that he asked a friend in the U.S. Attorney's office whether Buttigieg's explanation added up. The U.S. Attorney's office responded that Buttigieg's explanation "is so contrary to the protocols of U.S. Attorneys’ offices. We never would condition a determination on prosecuting or not prosecuting based on an employment decision."[83] Buttigieg's truth-telling surrounding the events has been called into question.[84]

Buttigieg called for the eradication of racial bias in the South Bend police force,[85] while being accused of a lack of diversity in his administration[86] as well as in his presidential campaign.[87]

CNN contributor Van Jones commented,

When you ask a tough question, Why the heck are they putting more black people in jail the minute you walk into office? and he sounds like Scooby Doo - ar ar ar."[88]

Buttigieg's initiative to address 1,000 vacant and abandoned homes in 1,000 days with aggressive code enforcement disproportionately displaced poor black people. Common Council member Regina Williams-Preston, who is running for mayor in 2019, told several mainstream media outlets "people lost homes," primarily poor blacks, because of the initiative. Buttigieg's focus on downtown development projects did little to help struggling residents in low-income neighborhoods.

Some residents of South Bend's impoverished West Side criticize Buttigieg's two-term mayorship. One such, the Rev. Sylvester Williams Jr. of the Interfaith Christian Union. stated, “It seemed like he was focused on creating a progressive city, that he was above tending to those basic needs.” Williams said the city had a “record number of homicides” when Buttigieg was mayor of South Bend. FBI data show that violent crimes surged from 622 in 2012, his first year, to 1,088 in 2018. Councilman Henry Davis Jr., said Buttigieg was “inept” as mayor and “always had one foot out the door.” Meanwhile, although South Bend' saw many improvements under Buttigieg, Indiana Republican Party chairman Kyle Hupfer countered that while Buttigieg “certainly had a few economic development wins,” he actually had “little, if anything, to do with that. Contrary to such, Buttigieg's campaign stated (in part) that under his administration, the unemployment and poverty rates for Black residents fell faster in South Bend than for their counterparts across the state and the nation.[89]

Buttigieg rejected calls for the resignation of the racist Democrat governor of Virginia Ralph Northam. Buttigieg said,
"I don’t mean to congratulate ourselves because we’ve got our issues to work through too, but I would point to the contrast between how the Democratic Party handled allegations of sexual mistreatment among people in our ranks … and what's going on on the other side of the aisle. Or when it comes to these disturbing racial relations. The difference between the conversation the Democratic Party is having about the governor of Virginia and the conversation, if any, that the Republican Party is having about people like Steve King. How much will we tolerate? That is one of the things that ultimately gets resolved in the conduct of a primary process."[90]
Buttigieg's riff was a blatantly false statement. King was immediately removed by Republicans from all House committee assignments when King was quoted out of context by the New York Times, whereas Rep. Ilhan Omar was never censored or disciplined for a recurring pattern of anti-Semitic statements. Buttigieg justified Gov. Northam remaining in office rather than resign to allow the Black Lieutenant Governor to assume office (Virginia does not allow its Governors to serve more than a single term in office).[91] Northam has since donated over $85,000 to fellow Democrats and remains in office.[92] A lawyer for Northam hosted a fundraiser for Buttigieg in June 2019.[93]

Accuses Blacks of homophobia

Buttigieg has accused Black Christians of homophobia.[94] More than any other ethnic demographic group, Blacks have historically opposed same sex marriage and hijacking of the civil rights movement by the gay pride movement,[95][96] which for Buttigieg is a main drawing card. When Buttigieg launched his presidential campaign on a Sunday, many African-Americans weren't asked and didn't attend because they were at church.

As a result of a deadly shooting by police officer (Sgt. Ryan O’Neill) of a black man (Eric Logan), an alleged burglar who went toward the police officer with a knife,[97] Buttigieg faced significant criticism from the black community. The South Bend police union accused Mayor Pete Buttigieg of engaging in a response in this case that is "solely for his political gain and not for the health of the city he serves,” and as "driving a wedge" between officers and residents,[98][99] and stated that his remark that "all police work and all of American life takes place in the shadow of racism" was divisive.[100] Days before the first Democratic presidential debates, prominent South Bend community leaders were demanding his resignation.[101] In the process, Buttigieg significantly lowered morale in the South Bend Police Department, with many officers considering leaving.[102]

Steve Patton, the Chicago city attorney who spearheaded efforts to block the release of video footage showing the 2014 police shooting death of black teenager Laquan McDonald, donated the maximum amount of $5,600 to the Buttigieg campaign and headlined fundraising events.[103]

In another example of politically correct race baiting, Buttigieg tweeted, “Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today. How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear?” George Zimmerman sued Pete Buttigieg as well as Elizabeth Warren for $265 million for using the killing “as a pretext to demagogue and falsely brand Zimmerman as a white supremacist and racist to their millions of Twitter followers.” Zimmerman attorney Larry Klayman stated, "The obvious intent of Buttigieg and Warren’s Tweets is alleged race baiting, in an attempt to draw African American votes during this Democrat presidential primary season.”[104] Since Buttigieg infers that the self-defense shooting of assailant Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman (white Hispanic) George Zimmerman was due to him being a white supremacist, and illicitly using a gun out of unjustifiable fear, then as one poster stated, this means that Buttigieg sacrifices truth and objectivity on the altar of political correctness.[105]

South Bend civil unrest

Buttedgedge reads a prepared statement to Black Lives Matter. In what can only be described as a "Sister Souljah moment,"[106] Buttigieg told the protesters "I'm not asking for your vote."

Buttigieg left off the campaign trail to deal with a police shooting. A police officer defended himself from an attack by a man wielding an 8-inch hunting knife. Increased violence occurred after he held a contentious town hall meeting and basically inferred that the overall police department was racist.[107] Hours later police were called to a mass shooting where ten people were injured, and one was killed. After the shooting, so many people showed up at South Bend's Memorial Hospital to check on the injured that the hospital went on lockdown. Police were called in to manage the crowd. At the same time, police responded to five other shootings, including one where a witness said the shooter was targeting police. City police had to call in County police for assistance.[108]

After the violence, the police union protested Buttigieg's characterization of the entire department as racist. In a (suspected) scripted Iowa event to alleviate Buttigieg's race problems, a man shouted,

"Just tell the black people of South Bend to stop committing crime and doing drugs"

to which Buttigieg recited the canned response,

"The fact that a black person is four times as likely as a white person to be incarcerated for the exact same crime is evidence of systemic racism. Racism makes it harder for good police officers to do their job too."[109]

Realizing the mistake he made while drawing national attention at the same time, Buttigieg sent a dozen pizzas to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). The police union was not amused. A spokesperson said, "Our officers are brave men and women who put their life on the line for our community each day. We ask that instead of delivering pizzas, the mayor deliver some respect for what police do—and hold the politics."[110]

MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who both cried over an Obama speech and compared him to Jesus and said he "felt this thrill going up my leg" during Obama's inaugural address,[111] declared long before primary voting began that he was in the tank for Buttigieg.[112]

A top Buttigieg staffer called for a urine attack on Rep. Matt Gaetz on twitter.[113] Buttigieg's campaign of hate and divisiveness found little appeal outside the far left.

Background & early political influences

Buttigieg is the son of a first-generation immigrant from Malta, a Jesuit seminarian turned secular pro-Marxist linguistics professor at Notre Dame, while his liberal mother was an Army brat who also was a linguist and professor at Notre Dame (and whose great-great-great-grandfather was a Jacksonian Democrat who owned slaves on native American-ceded land).[114]

Once out of college, Buttigieg did research and press work for John Kerry's presidential campaign. In 2007 Buttigieg was employed at McKinsey & Company in Chicago, where he realized that "despite all my education, I felt ignorant about how the private sector really worked." Buttigieg ran for Indiana state treasurer in 2010, though at $68,772 per year he says it paid less than half of what he already was making. In 2009 and 2010 Buttigieg openly advocated support for the auto-industry bailout, but lost the election for state treasurer to the incumbent treasurer Richard Mourdock, who opposed the bailout.

As the son of a (Marxist) English professor and a scholar of linguistics, Buttigieg indicates he understands the power of sophistical propaganda, such as in seeking to use conservative language for his liberal ideas. In a 2003 column he wrote for the Harvard Crimson he stated, "The real challenge for the Democratic Party, and its presidential candidates, in particular, is to figure out how to reverse the Right's stranglehold on our political vocabulary." He soon wrote another column urging ­Democrats to ­reclaim words like compassion, strength and morality.[115] Buttigieg's platform is "Freedom, Security and Democracy," while implementation of his policies would mean reducing freedom and security for unborn infants[116] and social conservatives, and progressively censoring their voice in a Democracy.[117]

Ideological development in early educational years

See also: Long march through the institutions
President Trump remarked on the resemblance of Buttigieg to Alfred E. Neuman; Buttigieg, a man of the world who speaks seven languages, had no idea what President Trump was talking about. Alfred E. Neuman was a perennial presidential candidate for many years.[118]

In high school, Peter Buttigieg began thinking about running for political office, and he became senior-class president, valedictorian, and president of the school's chapter of Amnesty International, where he objected to the group's focus on "Ay-rabs." Later, Buttigieg wrote an essay commending the courage of then-congressman Bernie Sanders. Being invited to the JFK library, he met Senator Ted Kennedy who offered him an internship. Buttigieg was accepted to Harvard University where he became the student president at Harvard's Institute of Politics. The (very liberal) New Yorker described this role as being “sought by the most ambitious of the exceptionally ambitious." Buttigieg succeeded retired senator David Pryor (one of Bill Clinton's key political mentors) whom he thanked for providing “the political education we really needed." Buttigieg wrote a regular column for the Harvard Crimson, in one of which raved about rap star Eminem who was ‘dumping it on White America,’ building a new narrative — aggressively American, abused, angry and alarming. As a high school senior in 2000, Buttigieg won the John F. Kennedy “Profiles in Courage” essay contest with a composition lauding Sanders as "a powerful force for conciliation and bi-partisanship on Capitol Hill” and for his courage in calling himself a “socialist, "which, in today’s political atmosphere, is analogous to a self-inflicted gunshot wound," and expressing that Sanders was an inspiration for him.[119]

Despite having no athletic achievement, Buttigieg obtained a Rhodes Scholarship which is a globalist grooming program that also trained Bill Clinton. (The original sponsor of that scholarship program specified that it be based in part on athletic achievement.) This obtained admission and payment for him to enter Oxford University, for further indoctrination by globalism. He says he found that supply and demand cannot be expected to deliver fair prices or efficient outcomes in many situations. Buttigieg graduated with the highest grade possible, though by that point the liberal British professors could have known of his preferred status among the globalist elite.

Buttigieg calls himself an "intellectual" and claims Democrats respect "institutions and rules" and "fairplay." Buttigieg is noted for his use of meaningless Marxist dialectic double talk and buzz phrases, such as "democratic capitalism" which supposedly sets him apart from democratic socialists. Buttigieg has produced such profound platitudes such as "The shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue."[120]

Buttigieg was running on a platform of what effectively are uprooting traditional family values, and he has attempted to promote falsehoods about Christian doctrine and smear theologically conservative Christians.[121] His priorities are transgender bathrooms and the totalitarian Green New Deal. The Green New Deal proposes eliminating air travel. By mid-2019, Buttigieg spent more money on private chartered jet air travel than any of the other 25 candidates in the Democratic field, flying to fundraisers with other limousine liberals.[122] Like Obama, he poses as a "centrist," though his beliefs are more accurately described as far-left.[123] He wants to abolish the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court.[124] Buttigieg supports erasing Thomas Jefferson's name from U.S.landmarks and institutions.[125][126] While in Harvard, Buttigieg wrote in the student paper promoting left-wing viewpoints, some even outside the Democrat Party mainstream.[127] Buttigieg does not believe that it is not always "right" as an American to put American interests first.[128]

Early communist and socialist influence

Buttigieg's father, a communist, Joseph Buttigieg, joined Notre Dame's faculty as a professor of modern European literature and literary theory in 1980.[129] An only child, Buttigieg had always been close with his father, who passed away in 2019. The senior Buttigieg had a profound impact on "Mayor Pete." [130] Joseph Buttigieg supported a revised version of Marxism that dispensed with some of the more doctrinaire theories of Marx and Engel's, yet he was clearly Marxist. “Equity, environmental consciousness, and racial justice are surely some of the ingredients of a healthy Marxism" he wrote. According to Paul Kengor, Grove City College professor and expert in communism and progressivism, Buttigieg was among a group of leftist professors who focused on injecting Marxism into the wider culture.[131] The senior Buttigieg wrote that he found Marx's description of emancipation as the eradication of humans' alienation from each other and their alienation from their own productive and creative activity to be "compelling." And that to reach this kind of freedom, "the many forms of oppressive structural relations must be confronted and altered and, just as important, the constitution of social agents cannot be limited to the liberal language of rights."[132]

Gramsci influence

Antonio Gramsci was a lieutenant of Joseph Stalin who headed the Italian branch of the International Communist movement (Comintern). After several failed assassination attempts on Mussolini, Gramsci was imprisoned in 1926 until his death in 1937. While in prison Gramsci wrote his Prison Notebooks, speculating on the failure of violent revolution to materialize in Western Europe as Karl Marx had predicted. Gramsci's works are considered by Socialists to be foundational to modern public education and Cultural Marxism.[133][134][135]

Joseph A. Buttigieg, Pete Buttigieg's father, according to his faculty page at Notre Dame University,
"interests are modern literature, critical theory, and the relationship between culture and politics. In addition to numerous articles, also the editor and translator of the multi-volume complete critical edition of Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks...his articles on Gramsci have been translated into Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. He was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society of which he is the executive secretary."[136]

Gramsci's theory of "cultural hegemony" states that the ruling capitalist "oppressor" class uses cultural institutions, such as "traditional marriage," to maintain power. The "oppressors" develop a "hegemonic culture" using ideology unlike Socialists who use violence, economic force, and coercion. "Hegemonic culture" propagates its own values and norms so that they become "common sense" values and thus maintain the status quo. According to Wikipedia, this "Hegemonic power is therefore used to maintain consent to the capitalist order, rather than coercive power using force" as Marxism does "to maintain order. This cultural hegemony is produced and reproduced" by the dominant Christian oppressor class "through the institutions that form the superstructure."

Somewhat analogous to the societal context of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and relevant to his tactics, the period in which Gramsci did most of his work was one in which the left had experienced a terrible defeat. Writing from his prison cell in Fascist Italy, Gramsci was trying to comprehend how the left had lost so much ground, and what could be done while out of power in order to prepare for a return to leadership. He concluded that the answer "had a lot to do with culture—religion, civil society, literature, and intellectual work." [137]

Opportunism and military service

Buttigieg participated in protests against the war in Iraq while he was at Harvard. Buttigieg stated that he decided to sign up for the Navy Reserves in 2009 after being sent to knock on doors while canvassing in Iowa for Barack Obama in 2008 and many of the people who answered were in the armed forces. Buttigieg also thinks that America may have never had gone to war in Iraq if more elected officials had served or had family members in the military.[138]

Buttigieg began serving in the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2009 and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014[139] for 6 months, having volunteered for an overseas deployment as an intelligence officer and having reached the rank of lieutenant. Buttigieg had previously become acquainted with Afghanistan as a civilian advisor at McKinsey & Company of Chicago and preferred that location as an overseas assignment. Buttigieg served in the Afghanistan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC) in Kabul, placing him in “an imminent danger pay area” from late March to mid-September 2014. He was part of a unit assigned to identify and disrupt terrorist finance networks, mainly a desk job, but he wrote that while he expected to spend the bulk of his time as an intelligence analyst “behind a sophisticated computer terminal in a secure area," he states that he went “outside the wire” 119 times leaving the relative safety of the base as a vehicle commander on convoy security detail in dangerous parts of Kabul as an armed driver. However, apparently, he did not engage in direct combat, which would have earned him a Navy combat ribbon. Military officials state that Buttigieg received standard medals and decorations for a member who served overseas in the war on terror, such as citations for rifle and pistol marksmanship, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Overseas Service Ribbon, and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal for service in a combat zone.[140]

Buttigieg invokes his military service at nearly every campaign stop, using it as both a sword and a shield in his campaigning.[141] In 2017, he suggested he would not have joined the military if it were politically damaging.[142]

Buttigieg stated that he approached military service ethically and morally by telling himself at the time was that there are cases where violence is necessary in order to prevent greater violence. However, as regards experiencing any injury as a consequence of having been to Afghanistan, he said that it was not from moments when he was afraid of being killed, as much as it was from moments when he may have participated in killing. Over time he began to realize that was the part with which he was having the hardest time coming to terms. He added as regards what people in the military are asked to do, "I don't think we've really reckoned with the moral weight of what we're asking them to do—not just in terms of the physical risks they take but the moral harm that we're asking them to go through."[143]

In addition, in attacking presidential candidate Joe Biden, Buttigieg stated he certainly thinks that the vote to support the Iraq War was a mistake, for the war was "a terrible idea."[144]

Buttigieg also expressed that he believed President Trump faked a disability to get out of serving in the military and attacked him for pardons like that for US Army officer Michael Behenna, who was convicted of killing an Iraqi prisoner, stating pardons like that are "disgusting." However, Buttigieg defended athletes who choose to kneel in protest during the national anthem, stating that freedom to do that was something that he put his life on the line to defend.[145]

While Buttigieg often invoked his military service in support of his presidential qualifications, the former Navy SEAL responsible for killing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin advised him, “Stop playing war hero. You’re gonna get called out." And some veterans such as U.S. Marines Greg Kelly and Katie Horgan "roll their eyes” when Buttigieg talks of his time in the Navy. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, both criticized Buttigieg as circumventing the years of intense training and preparation that most must go through to achieve such the status of a military officer, having chosen instead to a fast-track to this status through a direct commission in the reserves. “Mr. Buttigieg skipped all that—no obstacle courses, no weapons training, no evaluation of his ability or willingness to lead...” “Paperwork, a health exam and a background check were all it took to make him a naval officer.”

They also belittled Buttigieg for counting 119 times that he went outside the wire of the base in guarding a vehicle or ferrying other staffers around in his five months spent in Afghanistan, while speaking of times there being a relaxing contrast from his day job as mayor.[146]


Buttigieg has very little support from African Americans, who are essential to a presidential nomination by the Democrat Party. In May 2019 he polled at 0% support by blacks in South Carolina where black voters make up 61 percent of the electorate (although a poll a month later showed 6% support),[147] and which holds a pivotal early primary and very few blacks are willing even to attend his events:

He scheduled a meet-and-greet Monday in Orangeburg — a city that is 76 percent black — but only a dozen or so people of color showed up in a crowd of more than 100. At a town hall the night before — held at a North Charleston high school where minority enrollment is 97 percent in a city that is roughly half-black — it was another overwhelmingly white audience.[148]

His overwhelmingly white crowds were especially noticeable during his four March 23 events in South Carolina, an early primary state where 28 percent of the population, but 55 percent of the Democratic electorate, is Black. Buttigieg polled stronger among voters who are white, earn more than $100,000 a year, are college-educated and self-identify as "liberal" or "very liberal." When asked in a private meeting about his support from African-American leaders in South Bend, the mayor couldn't think of one person. Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), the former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said "I don't know of one black person out of Indiana that supports him." Fudge said he depicts a sense of "arrogance" and "entitlement."[149]

Former Obama 2008 Presidential campaign manager David Axelrod tweeted after Buttigieg's announcement to run:
“Crowd seems very large, very impressive but also very white — an obstacle he will have to overcome. And by obstacle I mean deficiency.

In New Hampshire Buttigieg threw Obama under the bus.[150] Early on "Diversity" meant "gay," not "black." As Buttigieg surpassed Kamala Harris in the polls after the Third pre-Primary Debate moving into the #4 slot, he suddenly became ashamed of his gayness.[151]

Cornel West criticism

Prof. Cornel West said of Buttigieg:

Brother Peter is like family to me. You know his father was the great Joseph Buttigieg who translated Antonio Gramsci. He was a Dean of Humanities at Notre Dame and he was like a blood brother with me. We used to go to Italy every summer. So I remember Peter. He was in diapers. I remember I gave him his first five dollar bill right in his diaper. So I loved that brother as family.

And so I see him. I give him a hug. I said, "Peter, give me a hug, too." And brother Joseph died a year ago...You know when it comes to the legacy of Gramsci, brother Pete wrote his senior thesis on brother Bernie?

As example of integrity, he lived in my same room as a freshman at Harvard Hall. We lived in the same room but 35 years apart.

So he's like family. But I'm just honest with him. I say, "Brother, you know I can't support you. I love you to death, like family. But you just part of that same milquetoast neo-liberal crowd I'd been critical all this time, brother! Not at all!"[152]

Relations with Black social conservatives

Biden and Buttigieg sharing a moment together.

The New York Times reported:

Many of the 24 uncommitted black voters in the groups, men and women of ages 25 to 65, were deeply uncomfortable discussing Mr. Buttigieg's sexual orientation, the memo said, adding that "they felt the mayor was 'flaunting' his sexuality by the very mention of having a husband."...most party leaders and voters agreed that being a married gay man would cause some discomfort with religious or conservative black Democrats are a focal point because they were critical to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others winning the party nomination in recent years.

"The biggest issue for him is he’s married to a man," said Phyllis Harris-Drakeford, the Democratic chairwoman of Kershaw County, S.C. "I have no problem with that: You love who you want to love and you have the freedom in this country to do that. But in the South in particular, that’s not well-favored."[153]

Blacks, who believe in God, family, and community in that order – things that are anathema and inimical to mainstream liberalism – are the moderate voice of the Democrat party.[154]

African-Americans have been shown to be a socially conservative voting group that will prove difficult for Buttigieg to make inroads with, despite the candidate's slew of policy proposals aimed at winning them over. "Conventional wisdom suggests that as the primary moves south that the candidates will be faced with more African-American voters who tend to be more socially conservative," said Jacob Neiheisel, a political science professor at the University of Buffalo. Neiheisel said that African-Americans are largely evangelical despite being predominantly Democrat which can be a problem for a homosexual candidate such as Buttigieg to gain traction among these voters.[155]

Clay Middleton is a South Carolina Democratic National Committee member advising New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. Middleton told the State newspaper that he was unsurprised by the Buttigieg campaign's findings in the South Carolina focus group. "I've been a black guy all my life in the South and it is one of those things. African-Americans, when it comes to certain things, are very conservative," Middleton told the paper. "If you needed a focus group to tell you that, ok."[156]

Domestic life

Buttigieg was gay married in 2018, and neither he nor his alleged spouse is a birthing person.[157] However, Buttigieg stated that they want children. Speaking on NBC's Today show, he added, "I don't know exactly when and how we're going to pull that off, but Chasten is made to be a dad," and "I'm looking forward to it too, as soon as we can figure it out."[158]

Chasten Buttigieg has been accused of religious hate and bigotry in the wake of the Covenant School shooting after posting tweets in defense of drag queens when a 28 year old transgender mass murderer killed 3 children and 3 adults at a Christian school.[159]

Homosexual activism

Elements of the LGBTQ+ and transgender movement began coalescing around the Antifa terror organization in violence in the Tacoma suicide bomber attack[160] and Boston Straight Pride March in late Summer, 2019.[161]

While supporting the murder of the unborn and living contrary to the specified description of marriage, as well supporting homosexual fornication, which the Bible condemns and is contrary to Christian faith,[162] and supporting punishing those who disagree,[163] yet Buttigieg said he plans to bring Christian values back to the White House and will ensure that religion will not be used to divide the American people.[164] Any faith the Buttigieg holds, he weaponizes it to attack political opponents.[165] Buttigieg has attacked Bible-believing Christians for their beliefs[166] and for supporting President Trump. He unfairly attacks Vice President Mike Pence,[167] calling him "the midwife of the porn-star presidency," describing Pence as "a nice guy to your face," but "just fanatical"[168] despite his own radical positions on abortion and same-sex "marriage".[169] Despite Buttigieg's radical and divisive attacks on conservative Christians, he claimed he could somehow unite Americans.[170]

Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, who is openly gay, said:

I find it really ironic that Mayor Pete stayed silent about this so-called hate hoax on him and others during 2015, 2016, 2017 when Mike Pence was governor of Indiana. There was total silence. It’s ironic that right about now when he’s starting his fund-raising apparatus to run for president that he comes up with this idea and this attack.[171]

The leftist Buttigieg is promoted as a devout Christian and a "man of faith" despite being "married" to a man. Homosexuality is never sanctioned in Scripture, and the Lord Jesus Himself specified that it was male and female that God joined in marriage. Homosexual relations are only condemned in the Bible wherever it manifestly deals with them (see: Homosexuality and the Bible and Homosexuality and biblical interpretation).

Buttigieg proudly attributes this sinful desire of his fallen fleshly nature to God, stating that he wished that, "the Mike Pences of the world" would understand that if they have a problem with who he is then their quarrel is with God.[172][173]

Cities across America which have adopted open bathroom policies, an issue dear to his heart, have been plagued with dirty hypodermic needles.[174] Buttigieg supports federal legislation banning discrimination against homosexuals, and therefore opposes the Trump administration's ban on transgender people serving in the military, while supporting gender reassignment surgery for transgender people in prison.[175]

Buttigieg and his "husband" offer no hope to parents, young girls, and women as role models for heterosexuality. Buttigieg's homosexuality and support for the homosexual agenda propelled him into the upper ranks of Democrat candidates, and the mainstream media has visibly displayed its adoration for him while he rose in the polls[176] (Liberals/leftists love Buttigieg's attacks on Vice President Mike Pence who supports religious liberty).[177] Major homosexual political donors are financially backing his campaign.[178]

Buttigieg has rebuked conservative Chrisitans alleging they advocate theocracy. Buttigieg said in a Democrat primary debate:
"The Republican Party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion. Now, our party doesn’t talk about that as much, largely for a very good reason, which is that we’re very committed to the separation of church and state.
Hans Fiene commented on Buttigieg's illogic:
"How dare you ignore our Lord’s words about caring for vulnerable children," says the man who ignores our Lord’s words about not killing vulnerable children. "How could you be so unchristian and support separating children from their parents," says the man who supports separating unborn children’s limbs from their bodies.[179]

Failed 2020 Presidential campaign

See also: Pete Buttigieg 2020 presidential campaign, Black problem, and 2020 Presidential election

Buttigieg was a leading 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate, hoping to become the first homosexual president with a male "wife" ("first gentlemen"). He and his boyfriend ("husband") also wanted to obtain a child while occupying the White House.[180]

Buttigieg announced his candidacy for the Democratic party nomination in the 2020 Presidential election on April 14, 2019.[181] His campaign has reportedly slandered his conservative and Christian brother-in-law,[182] and has attacked Black churches for homophobia. After the demise of the Biden campaign is a corruption scandal, Buttigieg picked up the mantle of centrism and moderation in the Democrat base, posing as a defender of gun rights and critic of forced healthcare collectivization.

However, in another example of miscontruance, Buttigieg likens guns to being an idol to those like the NRA who seek to protect Second Amendment rights, asserting that this "has people viewing guns as a thing to be loved, a thing to be protected, a thing that is the source of our freedom and power and a thing to which we are willing to sacrifice human life," asking, “isn’t that the definition of a false God?” Meanwhile, he seeks to further protect what in effect is the often deadly misuse of an instrument, a practice that is a symbol of homosexual freedom and power yet is the means of transmitting infection in up to 93 percent of new cases of HIV among males aged 13 to 24 (2017),[183] which often results in death and or great cost of treatment.[184] Which therefore means that this is a freedom for which they are willing to sacrifice human life (and tax payer dollars). Christopher Bedford of The Federalist concludes that despite the media portraying Buttigieg as a centrist, in view of his proposals "the man is decidedly a radical." [185]

Buttigieg has frequently given non-answers to questions about his agenda as president.[186]

However, although on March 1, 2020, he stated on NBC's "Meet the Press" that, “Every day we are in this campaign is a day that we have reached the conclusion that pushing forward is the best thing we can do for the country and for the party,”[187] on the same day the New York Times and other sources reported that Buttigieg had decided to drop out of the Democratic race, after a steep loss in the South Carolina primary (8.2%) showed a poor performance with black Democrats and an inability to build a broad coalition of voters.[188]

Two days before one-third of the nation voted in the Super Tuesday contest, Buttigierg withdrew in a deal coordinated with the DNC's Stop Bernie movement and endorsed segregationist Joe Biden who was under investigation in the Ukrainegate scandal at the time.[189] In accepting Buittigieg's support, Biden told throngs of leftist supporters that Buttigieg reminded him of his son.[190] Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was accused of money laundering millions of dollars from the Ukrainian firm Burisma for the Biden family.

As a 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate, Buttigieg had little support among the black community, and was caught faking black support in South Carolina. This included Buttigieg using stock photos of ethnic minorities rather than actual supporters to illustrate policies related to minorities.[191][192][193] Hours after hosting a town hall meeting which interrupted his campaign schedule to address police violence toward the black community, six shootings occurred throughout the city leaving one dead and 10 injured.[194]

Pretentious intellectual

Campaigning for president in 2019, Buttigieg drew guffaws even from the Left when he said James Joyce's intractable Ulysses was his favorite book. Even an article that praised Buttigieg admitted:

But Ulysses is above anything else just really weird: dark, funny, polyphonic, sexual, incomprehensible. People hate it, and presidential candidates do not generally spend their time endorsing stuff people hate, with the exception of their own campaign autobiographies.[195]

Issues supported

2222 Days Until the Climate Apocalypse

None are his own. All are cut and pasted from the traditional radical leftwing playbook. Some of these are:[196]

  • Affordable abortion and the "right" to it for all women who choose to murder their child. Even to supporting freedom to abort a child during final three months of their pregnancies, at least if necessary due to medical reasons. (According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, most abortions that take place after 20 weeks are performed for reasons other than the health of the mother or child.[197] And the total number of late-term abortions is more than seven times the combined deaths from mass shootings in America since 1966.[198])

Buttigieg believes that being unconcerned about God's creation "is a sin" when discussing greenhouse gases; however, Buttigieg believes that being unconcerned about God's creation is not a sin when discussing babies in the womb.[199]

  • Abolishing the death penalty. End mandatory minimum sentences for certain offenses. Eliminate the private prison industry.
  • Gun Control: establishing a nationwide gun licensing system. The use of "Extreme Risk Protection Orders" since "two-thirds of all gun deaths are suicides." Holding the gun industry accountable for the misuse of guns by owners.
  • Legalization of marijuana and addressing the harmful effects of its criminalization.
  • The Federal Equality Act: Enlarge and strengthen anti-discrimination protections against gender and sexual identity-based discrimination (thus leading to criminalizing dissent; compelling businesses and churches to support what God calls an abomination). Includes "safe schools legislation." Combating those who are defined as mistreating homosexuals. Includes fighting against "the overrepresentation and mistreatment of LGBTQ people in the criminal justice system" (the higher crime rate among that demographic). Focusing on improving "the health and well-being of LGBTQ youth, parents, and families." (All of which could extend to attacking those who are considered to be harmful to the psychological well-being of such). Protecting LGBTQ asylum seekers while supporting LGBTQ human rights around the world.
  • Working with "religious leaders, tech companies, and other influencers to reduce hate and extremism in our homeland, ... groups that use forms of domestic extremism."
  • Growing national service programs to foster unified community and tackle "critical national and global challenges" from "climate adaptation to supporting disinvested American communities and neighborhoods", etc.
  • Universal health care: promoted as "Medicare for All Who Want It."
  • Reparations policies for Black Americans and closing the racial wealth gap "income disparity").
  • Education: advocates zero tuition for middle-income families at public college; free public tuition affordable for lower-income students, combined with a large increase in Pell Grants that provide for basic living expenses.
  • Boosting teacher pay, beginning with Title I schools.
  • Funding national investment in affordable housing construction. Ending homelessness for families with children.
  • Paycheck Fairness Act: forcing hire companies to reveal who and what they pay based on gender, and to pay, and promote women fairly.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 and strengthen overtime protections. Paid family and medical leave. Extend pay and benefit protections to uncovered workers. Invest in high-quality child care and early childhood learning programs (which could foster homosexual indoctrination).
  • Giving labor unions "a powerful seat at the table."
  • "Climate Change:" treating "Climate security" as a life and death issue for our generation.
  • Implementing "a Green New Deal with all available tools including a carbon tax-and-dividend for Americans, and major direct investment to build a 100% clean energy society." Includes, "Decarbonize transportation and industry; Commit to the Paris Climate Agreement and collaborate with other countries to increase all our goals; ... Convene state and local leaders for an agreement on community-driven carbon reduction; ... Prepare our military and disaster response agencies for the security threats of climate change."
  • Foreign policy, "reinventing institutions of international engagement to address 21st century challenges, ... fundamentally rethink our foreign policy." Includes making climate security as a key basis for diplomacy.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Automatic voter registration. Voting rights for the formerly incarcerated. Expand early voting.
  • Replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote.
  • Overturning Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo (which ruled that statutory limits on campaign spending were unconstitutional), if necessary by constitutional amendment.
  • Advocates the District of Columbia having a House member and two Senators with voting power and Puerto Rico statehood, if its people want it, and immediate representation in the Electoral College.
  • Restructuring the Supreme Court so that ten members are confirmed in the normal political fashion, with the other five promoted from the lower courts by unanimous agreement of the other ten.
  • Supports a Palestinian state, and promised to punish (via economic sanctions) the state of Israel, America's strongest ally in the Middle East, if it includes communities in Judea and Samaria (ancient territories of Israel, which it regained from Jordan in the 6 day war of 1967) as part of Israel, warning that as president he would cut U.S. aid to Israel. In making this promise, Buttigieg accused Israel of "turning away from peace" and made no mention of Palestinian terrorism, only going so far as stating that Palestinian Arab leaders are not "the right kinds of partners" for peace.[200]
  • Buttigieg favors Congress launching an impeachment inquiry on obstruction of justice against President Trump, being in favor of impeachment, and as president he stated he would want any credible allegation of criminal behavior to be investigated to the fullest."[201]

"Security" is a major theme of his position page, being mentioned 27 times, from Climate security to economic security to security from intimidation, while the effects of the Federal Equality Act would use intimidation via penalizing and prosecuting individuals or business such as in good conscience refuse to be complicit in affirming homosexual relations, imposing economic sanctions or worse on such.[202][203] Such attacks on the security of those of religious conscience has been seen under the implementation of the European Union equality law.[204]

Oppose/eliminate and support/spend

A shorter version of his positions can be summed up as follows:


  • Limits on abortion (at least most).
  • The death penalty.
  • Cash bail reform.
  • Private prisons.
  • Illegal entry from being a criminal offense.
  • Marijuana possession being unlawful.
  • Past marijuana convictions.
  • New oil and gas leases on federal land.
  • Offshore drilling.
  • The Electoral College.
  • For-profit charter schools.
  • Students acquiring debt.
  • Unlimited spending in politics.
  • Patent protections on some drugs.
  • U.S. troops being overseas from America's post-9/11 wars.
  • The 2017 corporate cut.
  • Tariffs to pressure countries
  • Rejoining the Pacific Rim agreement


  • Medicare for All who want it.
  • Rent subsidies.
  • 430 billion in affordable housing
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Broad paid family and medical leave up to 12 weeks.
  • Increasing income of teachers.
  • Canceling student loans in exchange for gov. service or training programs.
  • 100% increase in DOT discretionary grant program to $2 billion per year.
  • Injecting $165 billion into the Highway Trust Fund.
  • Replacing gas tax with fees based on how many miles are traveled (driving tax).
  • Building two high-speed rail corridors.
  • $5 trillion worth of changes to the tax code, including a wealth tax.
  • Raising the estate tax.
  • Changing the capital gains tax.
  • Expand Earned Income Tax Credit (supplements the earnings of low-wage workers).
  • Raising the top individual tax rate to 49.9 percent.
  • Taxing carbon emissions.
  • Paying farmers to sequester carbon in their soil.
  • Farm workers unionization.
  • Minimum wage and overtime pay for workers on small farms, livestock production.
  • Granting voting rights for ex-cons.
  • Granting citizenship for immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.
  • Requiring universal background checks for gun purchases.
  • Requiring permit-to-purchase program to include ammunition.
  • Creating new federal ban on assault-style weapons, and voluntary buyback for such.
  • Nuclear power.
  • Increase defense spending.
  • Increase power of Federal Trade Commission.
  • Open-ended federal funding for rural broadband.
  • Wi-Fi on school buses.[205]

Iowa caucus

Main article: 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses

Buttigieg was appointed by the DNC as Acting-Winner of the Iowa caucuses after an app designed by a shadowy group of Democratic operatives failed to accurately award delegates properly in the DNC's Stop Bernie attempt.[206][207] FEC records show the Buttigieg campaign also contributed to the Clinton-connected company.[208] The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), working in coordination with state elections officers, have an existing relationship to ensure computer systems and data collection systems are safe and secure. The DHS reported their offer to review the data system was rebuked by the Iowa Democrat Party.[209] The DNC lost the public's trust in the primary process on very first day of primary voting.[210] Democrats called upon party chairman Tom Perez to resign after rigged results.[211]

Election rigging

See also: Democrat election fraud

Shadow, Inc. is the company that developed the Iowa and Nevada Democratic caucus app. FEC records show Buttigieg for America paid Shadow Inc. $42,000. Former Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook vetted the app for the Democratic party.[212] Shadow, Inc. was launched by a dark money SuperPAC called Acronym,[213] headed by CEO Tara McGowan, a former journalist and Obama for America operative who is married to a senior advisor of Buttieg's presidential campaign.[214] Acronym was founded by billionaire Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Hoffman funded Project Birmingham, a covert voter suppression and fake news campaign based on the Russian model during dirty the 2017 Doug Jones/Roy Moore Alabama Senate race. Obama crony David Plouffe sits on the board of Acronym.[215]

On election night the Iowa Democratic party stopped counting when 98% of precincts were counted and Bernie Sanders was ahead by 2,500 votes. Only the precincts that would likely help Buttigieg were recounted, and the remainder of precincts were weighted to Sanders. Under the apportionment system Buttigieg was awarded two more delegates and claimed victory, but Sanders won the statewide popular vote.[216] Seven of the last nine winners of the Iowa Caucus went on to win the Democratic nomination, and the DNC rigged the election to prevent Sanders from gaining momentum from a victory. Of Buttigieg's 2 delegate margin of victory, 3 were awarded by coin toss.[217] Due to Democrat corruption and election rigging, the Associated Press refused to recognize Buttigieg's claim of victory.[218]

After Buttigieg's alleged victory in Iowa, black South Bend voters told MSNBC,

You can't just give African Americans lip service. We want to see real tangible change... he works off of a spreadsheet, but he doesn't really understand the impact of his decisions and of his policies, as he doesn't have that real connection.[219]

New Hampshire

Coming off his alleged "win" in Iowa, Buttigieg's support among African American's dropped from 3% to 0%, according to an NBC News poll.[220]

South Carolina

In South Carolina where support for Joe Biden was strong and Buttigieg weak, Buttigieg released an op-ed claiming more than 400 South Carolinians had endorsed his “Douglass Plan for Black America.” The three black politicians listed at the top of his press release, Columbia City Councilwoman Tameika Devine, Baptist pastor and state Rep. Ivory Thigpen, and Johnnie Cordero, chair of the South Carolina Black Caucus, never endorsed the plan. 40 percent of the endorsement names were white people. The press release on his plan read:

"There is one presidential candidate who has proven to have intentional policies designed to make a difference in the Black experience, and that's Pete Buttigieg. We are over 400 South Carolinians, including business owners, pastors, community leaders, and students. Together, we endorse his Douglass Plan for Black America, the most comprehensive roadmap for tackling systemic racism offered by a 2020 presidential candidate."

The Intercept found none of these politicians endorsed Buttigieg, or his plan, which includes financial reparations for slavery more than a century after the fact and decriminalizing drugs.

Ivory Thigpen said he told the Buttigieg campaign he was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter and was not interested in endorsing Buttigieg or the Douglass plan.

How it was rolled out was not an accurate representation of where I stand. I didn’t know about its rolling out. Somebody brought it to my attention, and it was alarming to me, because even though I had had conversations with the campaign, it was clear to me, or at least I thought I made it clear to them, that I was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter — actually co-chair of the state, and I was not seeking to endorse their candidate or the plan.

Johnnie Cordero told The Intercept he never endorsed the plan or Buttigieg. Also, Tameika Devine told The Intercept she has yet to endorse any presidential candidate and did not intend her curiosity to be read as an endorsement for Buttigieg. The national mainstream media, of course, giddy about Buttigieg's success in predominately white Iowa, ignored Buttigieg taking advantage of, and taking for granted again, Blacks in South Carolina.[221]

In addition, Buttigieg used a photo of a Kenyan woman in Kenya on the cover of the plan without her knowledge or consent. Ilhan Elmi Omar, who supports Bernie Sanders, struck back at Buttigieg: "This is not ok or necessary,” Omar tweeted, linking to a tweet by The Intercept D.C. bureau chief Ryan Grim, who first highlighted the use of the photo, saying the unnamed woman had “reached out to me very confused." Grim wrote that the woman messaged him, “What's the meaning of the message accompanied by the photo?"[222]

In the light of the above and others, ABC news stated that in several instances certain people that the Buttigieg campaign identified as supporters later said that they had either been misunderstood or misconstrued. The latest example being that after Buttigieg wrote an op-ed in a major South Carolina newspaper saying his campaign had proudly partnered with local businesses Diane's Kitchen in Chester and Atlantis Restaurant in Moncks Corner S.C., the entrepreneurs denied this claim of partnership, stating that they only remembered welcoming Buttigieg's campaign as customers.[223]

Echoing Clinton smears

See also: Liberal smear machine

Buttigieg has proven himself a tool of the Clinton smear machine by attacking Tulsi Gabbard with recycled Clinton smears to defend his lack of foreign policy experience. Gabbard is a woman of color.

Campaign funding

Buttigieg raised $7.1 million in the first quarter of 2019, with approximately $2.5 million coming from large donations, which was more than all except three Democratic candidates, including and four sitting U.S. senators, a sum that is seen likely to balloon in the coming months. Elizabeth Birch, former executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, stated: "What is going on now is one of the untold secrets of the D.N.C. and Democratic Party generally, which is that the L.G.B.T. community is a huge source of money into the Democratic Party."[224]

This is related to the megadonor, tech millionaire Tim Gill, founder of software company Quark Inc., who heavily funds the LGBT movement (including by funding front groups with misleading names, such as "Alliance for Colorado’s Families) and its allies in the Democratic Party says he will continue to pursue and attack those who hold traditional views about sexual morality. "We're going into the hardest states in the country," he says. "We're going to punish the wicked." The Gill Foundation rallied more than 100 corporations, including Coca-Cola, Google and Marriott, behind a front group called "Georgia Prospers." The tactic was business threatening to pull out of the state, and the coalition successfully induced Republican Gov. Nathan Deal into vetoing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act.[225][226]

A lawyer for the racist Democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, hosted a fundraiser for Buttigieg.[227]

Destruction of campaign finance reports

After the racial police chief firing scandal and abortionist protected by Buttigieg with 2,200 baby corpses in his home, the St. Joseph County clerk's office overseeing South Bend elections shredded Buttigieg's campaign disclosure reports from his 2011 first run for mayor.[228]

Campaign and position developments

See also: Race baiting
  • In a new advertisement available December 2, Buttigieg once again abused the Bible as being in support of his planned policies, stating "In our White House, you won't have to shake your head and ask yourself, 'Whatever happened to I was hungry and you fed me, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.'" However, as one commenter expressed, texts such as this are not speaking about wealthy leaders, who, rather than using their own wealth (or much of it) to help the poor, instead take the money of those who earned it in order to "buy" votes of those in whom they inculcated the demonic "victim-entitlement mentality, which they appeal to. And that contrary to the charge of liberals, evangelicals have been and are at the forefront (possible the foremost) providers of humanitarian aid thru private charity.[229][230]
  • In early December Buttigieg also promised easier access to abortion (under the rubric of "reproductive care") for women in the military, under the premise that easier access to abortion is necessary to overcome one of the "barriers to women’s success in the armed forces," thereby inferring to women that part of being a "success" is killing your very own child, and not just enemy soldiers.[231]
  • On December 2, the Republican National Committee Research Team published a video clip of a video Buttigieg telling a women in Spanish that under his proposed "Medicare for All" government health plan, the opportunity to buy this subsidized plan would be for everyone regardless of their immigration status.[232]

Buttigieg clarified that his "Medicare for All" (presently) means for all who want it (at taxpayer expense) versus the full version of Sanders and Warren that replaces private insurance.[233] Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman warned that a variety of analyses estimate that at least $3 trillion in new spending would be required for Medicare for All, which amounts to approximately as much as the tax revenue the government presently receives.[234]

Elizabeth O’Connor of The Hill states, "Buttigieg’s plan would automatically enroll anyone in the public option who is uninsured...and physicians who see an uninsured patient would be reimbursed by the government. But if you know that the government will cover your bill if you are uninsured, why would you pay the premiums for your employee or private insurance plan?.. With an increase in people on the same health care system — remember, the goal of Buttigieg’s plan is Medicare for All — there will be less access to services for everyone."[235]

  • Buttigieg has proposed an aging and retirement plan, termed "Long-Term Care America." Under which spending plan benefits worth $90 per day would be provided for seniors over age 65 who require assistance for two or more activities of daily living, and would continue for as long they needed care. The plan would require massive amounts of new entitlement spending and is criticized as being akin to Title VIII of Obamacare, which established the "Community Living Assistance Services and Supports" (CLASS) program.

Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) referred to this as a “Ponzi scheme of the first order, and which the Obama administration had to shelve as unworkable as self-sustaining. Since this Obamacare plan only required individuals to pay into the CLASS program for five years to qualify for benefits, then actuaries believed that those enrolled would pay a few thousand dollars in premiums over five years, and then collect benefits totaling tens of thousands of dollars or more. While those enrolled in CLASS would have received a $50 per day benefit, under Buttigieg's plan recipients would receive a $90 daily benefit, 80 percent richer than that of the CLASS Act.

Buttigieg's Long-Term Care America plan also plans to end the two-year waiting period presently needed for individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits to qualify for Medicare coverage.

In addition, it proposes an expansion of Social Security benefits funded by higher taxes on individuals earning above $250,000, which benefits include raising Medicaid's asset limit for people who need long-term care to $10,000 from about $2,000 in assets and increasing the income limit by 300 percent, or $2,313 per month for an individual in 2019. This government plan would also provide a new credit and provision for caregivers, including making it easier for individuals to hire neighbors or family members as caregivers.

The plan would further institute new staffing requirements for nursing homes (requiring geriatric mental health expertise in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and Medicare Advantage networks) while increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. An enhanced version of the FAMILY Act is also envisioned which will create a national paid family and medical leave fund to care for family members by providing at least 12 weeks of paid family leave per year as a portable benefit.

More tax-funded provisions are proposed, all of which would significantly raise costs to the Medicaid program.[236][237]

  • On December 2, The Washington Post awarded Buttigieg "Three Pinocchios" (the highest bluff rating on its Fact Checker scale) after finding Buttigieg's claim that he had “cut the black poverty rate by more than half” in South Bend, Ind., since he became mayor there in 2012, to be false. The Post said that the actual figure was a 6 percent reduction, rather more than half. What Buttigieg's campaign left out was data from 2018, which shows the African-American poverty rate in South Bend rose 8 percent in one year, to 32 percent.[238] The national poverty rate for African-Americans in 2018 was 21 percent,[239] down from 26 percent in 2011.[240] During the 2011-2017 period, the national poverty rate of black families decreased 6 percent, from 24 percent in 2011 to 18 percent in 2017 (in round figures).[241]
  • On December 15, Buttigieg condemned a decision by the Hallmark Channel's to pull four TV ads celebrating a lesbian couple kissing in response to a petition by a conservative group against it. In response, Buttigieg argued that being "family friendly means honoring love,"[242] which is a recourse to the fallacious "love justifies sin" rational often used by other pro-homosexual advocates.[243] On the same day Hallmark's parent company, Crown Media Family Networks, reversed the ban, stating they are "truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused" (while doing so to Christians) and promised to "look for ways to be more inclusive."[244]
  • On December 23 Buttigieg told the Des Moines Register that incarceration should not even be a response to illegal possession of any drug, yet also stating that those in the drug pushing business should be targeted by law enforcement. He characterized drug addicts as victims, nor criminals, for which he advocated rehabilitation and (more) federal money being spent toward that instead of being incarcerated for crimes. Buttigieg stated that he did not mean legalization of everything although he supported the legalization of marijuana.[245]

Federal money for rehabilitation has been part of the Federal budget for many years. By 1991, Federal expenditures for drug treatment had risen by 341 percent since 1986–20 percent faster than the total drug budget, 30 percent faster than spending for drug law enforcement and 700 percent faster than overall federal spending.[246] In 2015, Federal Block Grant funding for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (one program among others addressing this need) was $1.819 billion. This goes toward supporting employment, housing, rehabilitation services, crisis stabilization, peer specialist and consumer-directed services, wraparound services for children and families, jail diversion programs, and services for special populations.[247] Funding for this administration for fiscal year 2020 was $5.9 billion. In addition to other programs, block grant funding for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment was $1.8 billion, and $1.5 billion for State Opioid Response (SOR) Grants.[248]

  • On December 25, Buttigieg tweeted a Christmas greeting "celebrating the arrival of divinity on earth, who came into this world not in riches but in poverty, not as a citizen but as a refugee."

This is not the first time liberals have sought to misappropriate the authority of Scripture with this analogy, and which is criticized on factual grounds since Christ certainly did not come to earth as a refugee fleeing Heaven, thus not being born a refugee, while Joseph was a self-employed carpenter, a legal tax-paying citizen of Rome and there is no reason to think that he was particularly poor, nor did he flee to Egypt for economic reasons. Instead, Joseph fled to Egypt, which had been folded into the Roman Empire, to escape Herod who would have murdered Christ, like as abortionists do to innocents under their local jurisdiction. Thus if anything, Joseph's flight to Egypt would be more akin to fleeing mandated abortion in California for Texas rather than fleeing South America to the U.S. for government economic assistance, which is what Buttigieg promotes.[249][250][251]

Meanwhile, it was under then-President Obama that only 53 Syrian Christian refugees of Syria's civil war were admitted into the United States over the course of 5 years, due to American reliance on a United Nations refugee-resettlement program that disproportionately excluded them.[252]

  • On February 5, in preparing for the South Carolina primary, Buttigieg tweeted that Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today," "How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear?," thereby inferring that the death of Trayvon Martin was due to such. However, in response, Jack Cashill of The American Thinker responded, "Far from being a white supremacist, the Hispanic Zimmerman was a civil rights activist, an Obama-supporter, and mentor to two black teens at the time Trayvon Martin attacked him. The evidence in Zimmerman's defense was overwhelming, which is why he was acquitted."[255]
  • On February 6 it was reported that with 99.9 percent of precincts reporting in Iowa's Democratic primary, Buttigieg received 26.2 percent of Iowa's delegate count while Sanders received 26.1 percent. Buttigieg insisted that he was the clear winner, yet Sanders pointed to his lead in the popular-vote totals, and predicted that he would have the same number of Iowa's national convention delegates as Buttigieg.[256]
  • While himself acting as a proxy servant of the devil, on February 8 Buttigieg said religious conservatives are making a “deal with the devil” so that the federal judiciary can be stacked with nominees from a Republican president, thereby inferring that President Trump is as the devil.

“Does anybody really think that religious conservatives view Donald Trump as a religious [figure]?” Mr. Buttigieg said. “They’re riding a tiger, they’re making a deal with the devil knowing that they can get certain objectives met on the bench.”[257]

  • By the fourth week of February Buttigieg was hit by charges of plagiarism and imitating the style etc. of Barack Obama.[258]

Buttigieg and biased or fake news reporting

See also: Fake news

Mainstream media promotion for Buttigieg being president began early, with New York Times columnist Frank Bruni writing a column in 2016 entitled “The First Gay President?” asserting it would be hard to find a more perfect Democratic candidate, who always “seems always to say just the right thing, in just the right tone.”[259]

Favorable reporting on Buttigieg should be expected not only in the light of the mainstream media being liberal but due to a disproportionate percentage of reporters who cover him identifying as LGBTQ. Among the approximately dozen reporters on Buttigieg's campaign bus with Buttigieg one day before the Iowa caucuses, five were homosexual. Four of the six cable and network reporters assigned to Buttigieg ("embeds") identify as LGBTQ, including Andres Del Aguila of Fox News, D.J. Judd, a CNN video producer, and ABC's Justin Gomez, and reporter Scott Bixby of the Daily Beast. Other national correspondents that have focused on Buttigieg include Jeremy Peters of the New York Times, Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post, opinion writer Jonathan Capehart and Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade.

Some writers have expressed that Buttigieg has received preferential treatment by reporters. One Washington-based communications professional stated that, “Early on, straight embeds were afraid of being called homophobic and gay embeds, many of whom look like Pete, gave him overwhelmingly glowing attention.” Columnist Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post criticized the media for being enamored with the former mayor. Jon Allsop of the Columbia Journalism Review opined in December that Buttigieg benefited from “an early, fluffy flurry of coverage."

However, some of the homosexual media have been challenging to Buttigieg, who even stated that, "I can’t even read the LGBT media anymore, because it’s all, ‘He’s too gay,’ ‘Not gay enough,’ ‘Wrong kind of gay.’”[260]

The LA Times reported that Buttigieg blamed Barack Obama for the election of Donald Trump.

"My message is not about going back to where we were," he said.

For a lot of people, "'normal' has been a real problem for a very long time, and I think the failures of the Obama era help explain how we got Trump."[261]

The news set Twitter afire. Within hours the LA Times censored itself and altered the quote. Buttigieg benefited from his white privilege when the racist reporting at MSNBC consistently snubbed Andrew Yang to help Buttigieg surge in early primary polls of Iowa.[262]

Buttigieg added canned applause to clips of a townhall meeting in his TV commercials to create the illusion of support and momentum.[263]

While campaigning at a staged event in Iowa an audience plant urged him to tell the black people of South Bend to stop committing crime and doing drugs.[264] Buttigieg stated: "The fact that a black person is four times as likely as a white person to be incarcerated for the exact same crime is evidence of systematic racism." However, though liberal "Politifact" tried to provide support for it (from liberal sources), even they could not validate it, finding that that the liberal biased ACLU study the Buttigieg campaign stated he was referring to "does not support what Buttigieg specifically said in Iowa."[265]


  • "What I can tell you is that we are doing everything for the short term and the long term and we will work through the factors that present themselves as challenges in the terms that we encounter on everything. … The significant problems are not problem of insignificance because they are not important problems, they are significant challenges because of the importance of their significance and we are addressing them in both long and short term solutions. … This is important, not just morally but also economically, because the challenges are what we need to recognize as important maintenance issue challenges.” [266]

See also


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