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late November and December 2012

An activist with experience in setting up a Christian school shows you how government schools poison their pupils' minds—and how to stop them. [1]

A leftist lawyer who represents Occupy Wall Street intends to cash-in on the Sandy Hook tragedy. [2]

Despite liberal claims and bad science, oil doesn't come from dead animals: "Astronomical techniques have thus produced clear and indisputable evidence that hydrocarbons are major constituents of bodies great and small within our solar system." [3]

The Tea Party activists who filed the most comprehensive challenge to Obamacare now predicts: Obamacare is dead-on-arrival in 2013. The decisio by Hobby Lobby to perform an Acts Chapter Four act of defiance might be the trigger. [4]

A new study confirms the obvious, despite the liberal denials of truth: "The more that people play violent video games, the greater their levels of aggressive behavior." [5]

Were dinosaurs created on day six of God's creation?[6]

The most popular Wikipedia article of the year 2012 was the one on Facebook.[7] No, users were not really trying to read an encyclopedia article on Facebook. They were searching for Facebook, and stumbled on a Wikipedia article by mistake.

Russia, fed up with how liberals export their homosexual agenda, bans adoption by Americans and prohibits political activity in Russia by American groups. [8] And the lamestream media are still clueless about the underlying conflict.

China's atheist leaders and intellectuals are panicking about the rapid growth of Christianity in China.[9]

Conservapedia is proven right again. Atheists are timid little bunnies with no backbone: Atheism and cowardice

Gender gap and feminism in American politics: “a welfare state that provides an unmarried young woman with the possibility of having kids without a husband is not going to last very long.”[10]

What is the biblical view of women?[11]

True vs. false humility. [12]

Also, Thomas Sowell on the vulgar pride of intellectuals.[13]

The atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers falls deeper into the abyss of obscurity. Global Christianity and creationism see explosive growth.[14]

Imagine how obscure PZ Myers will be after he dies. Like the atheist Paul Kurtz, it doesn't appear as if he will leave a legacy.[15]

"I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up . . . they have no holidays." - Henny Youngman

Liberal hypocrisy abounds after the Newtown Incident. Liberals are hypocrites in three separate ways. [16]

Liberal fascist.jpg

The smiling face of liberal hate: An Austrian professor wants the death penalty for global warming deniers.[17] [18]

Putin plans to sign into law a ban on Americans adopting Russian children. [19] Is this punishment for how the Obama Administration pushes the homosexual agenda on Russia? (The lamestream media would never admit that.)

The Tea Party and the Republican establishment are at all-out war. That war broke out last week, when members of the Tea Party in the House of Representatives refused to pass a corrupt bargain. Now prominent people on both sides have drawn their knives. [20]

The liberals who want gun control can't handle the truth: [21]

NBC flaunts a gun ammunition magazine in order to engage in demagoguery for gun control, and now it is being investigated for violating gun control for possessing it in D.C.! But expect the liberal double standard to allow NBC executives to avoid gun-control punishment inflicted on ordinary citizens.

Richard Dawkins, it doesn't pay to be naughty during Christmas! Jesus smites you again! Repent and be saved![22]

With Dems running the country, the "U.S. to hit debt ceiling on Monday." [23]

Virginia plans to nominate three movement conservatives for its statewide elections in 2013, with conservative Ken Cuccinelli leading the ticket - and the liberal media fear they will win. [24]

"The Gates of Hell: the Assault on the Enemy Kingdom," by Bishop Bert: [25]

The BIGGEST LIE of 2012. It's not the media's reporting of Mitt Romney's number 47, as they love to claim; it's the media's mis-reporting - and Obama's distortions of - the attack in Benghazi, in which four Americans were killed: [26]

The liberal war on Christmas has a new victim: Santa Claus: [27]

Sam Donaldson thinks it's not OK to be a conservative Republican; thinks it's not OK to be a Tea Partier. [28][29]. But he thinks it's OK to drive drunk: [30][31]

Best of the public triumphs again: "Wis. man's Little Free Library copied worldwide." [32]

A liberal newspaper removes some common sense, tosses the Second Amendment in the trash, throws in some hate, and stirs the pot to make it easier to be a criminal: they publish the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners in two New York counties. [33] And they might have laid themselves wide-open for lawsuits. [34]

Christmas celebrations begin in Europe, but the liberal media criticize the Pope even at this special time by saying he is "elderly" and "frail". [35] Funny, the media do not use those terms to describe the aged liberals in Congress.

Aside from who should guard a school, Wayne LaPierre got it right when he said,[36]

The one thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

"Ron Paul no fan of NRA gun plan ... 'Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens' lives,'" Ron Paul observed. [37] For an in-depth analysis: [38]

Is the forced-removal of God from public schools the real reason behind the Sandy Hook tragedy? [39] “The Founders believed that religion and morality were necessary for a government of limited authority, which provides a lot of freedoms,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Without religion and morality as the base, they knew the government would devolve into chaos. We have to be a self-restrained people with morals. And the way people would be moral is through the teaching of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs and that there is a God to whom they are accountable.”

Downward spiral continues for labor unions: the "twinkie" company folded due to a union, then Michigan voted against compulsory union membership, and now 97% of NHL players vote for allowing the dissolution of their union. [40]

2012 has been a very BAD year for Richard Dawkins's website according to Quantcast.[41][42]

Physics vs. the evolutionary hypothesis - Physics wins![43]

First there was PPsimmons, Shockofgod, MultiArchangel, PiltdownSuperman, Onceforgivennowfree and the 13 year old Cecil B. DeMille of creationism.

They were forerunners to the Question evolution! campaign video making machine Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come![44]

Socialized medical care in Britain: "Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death." [45]

Another pro-life victory: Planned Parenthood drops its challenge to South Dakota's 3-day waiting period prior to an abortion. [46] Many choose life if given time to think about it.

Club for Growth helped sink the RINOs' "unacceptable combination of tax increases and phony spending cuts" known as Plan B, and the group is not making any apologies for its principled stance. [47] It's up to liberals now to show some leadership for a change.

The fictional Big Bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed — inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples.[48]

What new fiction will Bing Bang propagandists dream up to keep their fantasy alive? Leprechauns popped the universe into existence? Fairies caused the Big Bang?

Six out of ten universities can't figure out the First Amendment. It isn't conservatives who are running these centers of higher "learning"; it's liberals. [49][50]

The end of that Mayan Calendar "doomsday" myth. [51]

They bungled Benghazi in more ways than one. [52]

The warped thinking of liberals dictates that the way to end gun violence is to shoot everyone supporting the NRA: [53] Talk about hate speech!

The secret Soviet air and naval missions to Moneron Island and to KAL 007: The Russian ruse: [54]

Conservatives defeat the RINO leadership in the House by rejecting the "Plan B" tax increases, and the House adjourns for Christmas. [55] Now it's entirely up to the liberals who control the White House and U.S. Senate if they want to avert the fiscal cliff.

Passing out Question evolution! campaign tracts in front of British Free schools in 2013 and asking creationist schoolchildren in these schools to pass them out to their friends.[56]

Apparently, British evolutionists and atheists are not familiar with Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion. To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

Unable to win creation vs. evolution debates, UK evolutionists and atheists are taking desperate measures and attempting to indoctrinate British Free School children into believing evolutionary pseudoscience.[57]

Republican Scott Brown has a big lead to win John Kerry's U.S. Senate seat in the Democrat stronghold of Massachusetts, reports the left-leaning Politico.

"Video game lobby silent" now; it spent "$4.4 million lobbying Congress" in 2011, allowing video games to continue to desensitize kids to extreme violence like that inflicted by the young mass murderer in Connecticut. [58]

Fast and Furious just added another twist to the scandal. Ex-ATF agent buys gun - illegally - and this gun ends up at the murder scene of a Mexican beauty queen. [59]

When it comes to guns [60] or Robert Bork [61], Democrats and liberals just have to "tweet" as much hate as possible.

Adam Lanza had a basement lair, to which he would retreat to play violent video games every day: [62] Are his favorite games on this list? [63]

A public school district in Texas has "allowed staff members and teachers to carry concealed weapons" since 2008, and never had a problem. Some other school districts do likewise, yet liberals won't allow it where it is needed most - where neighborhood kids play video games all day. [64]

American Christians: Inoculate your church's young people against atheism/agnosticism and doubt! Have your church invite Dr. Jonathan Sarfati to your church for his Christianity for Skeptics tour in the United States.[65]

Invite all your village atheists acquaintances to your church when he speaks there! Remind them that atheism has no proof and evidence supporting it.

The rise of teavangelicals in American politics. Teavangelicals may play a bigger role in the 2016 or 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: Democrats Worst Nightmare. [66]

Against the raw emotional appeal of the liberals to gun control, some facts to remember about mass killings and how to stop them. [67]

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) joins the Shameless Squad of gun control promoters. Of course, he shed not a tear for the victims of Operation Fast and Furious. [68]

Your liberal radio host Ed Schultz, and the lack of respect he has for the nation's founders. "The idea that we need to be stuck in the mud of a different generation because some dead people think that's the way we oughta live 200 and some odd years later, I'm not there." [69]

Are you a wise man? Are you seeking Him?[70]

Yes, you can legitimately blame liberals for the Connecticut school shooting. Why? Months before Adam Lanza played with guns for the last time, the liberal ACLU STOPPED Connecticut Senate Bill 452, which they claimed would have infringed on the rights of the mentally ill without their consent. [71] So, we have a liberal organization saying you can't forcibly medicate someone who's nuts without their consent. As opposed to killing children without their consent?

"US school gunman was ‘obsessed’ with violent video games" - an India news headline tells the truth that the lamestream media fail to admit. [72]

A gun incident ignored by the major media: A concealed gun permit holder prevented a larger tragedy at a shopping mall. [73]

This Christmas season, let's remember that Jesus Christ is the Lord of time and creation. [74]

The Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali was yesterday enthroned as the eighth Archbishop of the province of the Church of Uganda, at a function where President Museveni urged leaders and the public to desist from promoting homosexuality.[75]

Liberal denial: instead of admitting that violent video games probably incited the unspeakable rampage by the young mass murderer, the authorities plan "to interview the youngest survivors of the school shooting as they try to determine the motive of the gunman." [76]

The meme of atheism and obesity is spreading WIDELY across the internet. Google USA estimates that there are 126,000 search results for "atheism and obesity".[77]

A Christian apologetics article at Beacon Apologetics mentions "atheism and obesity".[78] At Yahoo Answers India someone wrote that people are starving in the world because obese atheists are consuming too much food.[79]

"KAL 007's After-attack Escape from Destruction:" [80]

"Exit polls: Conservative party wins Japan election." [81]

The Christian apologist Ken Ammi reviews the movie IndoctriNation: Public schools and the decline of Christianity in America.[82]

When Christian private schooling and homeschooling was predominant in America, there wasn't a significant problem with children killing children. Don't send your kids to the ungodly public schools.

Alex Jones has a show on the documentary IndocriNation which demonstrates that American public schools are not only unsafe in terms of violence, but they have significant problems in terms of molestation and indoctrination into filth/leftism/anti-Christian rhetoric/evolutionism.[83][84][85]

Dynasty Warriors: that was the violent video game preferred by the young mass murderer several years ago. [86] Why won't authorities say what he was doing on his computer in the days leading up to his Connecticut massacre of schoolchildren?

Dems "open to relaxing federal marijuana laws." [87]

Rampage in another school leaves 23 injured, but this time it involves a knife: [88] And why is the liberal media largely silent on this story? Is it because there's no guns involved?

Officials withhold from the public the evidence they seized from the killer's computer. [89] Authorities and the lamestream media may never disclose what the young mass murderer was really doing leading up to his rampage.

Labor unions were once champions of liberty. Today many of them act like instruments of tyranny. And the United States government is taking a mis-cue from them. [90]

Liberal claptrap for gun control begins within hours of today's tragic murders, which would not have happened if laws banning guns for self defense in public school were repealed.

Why do liberal politicians, who ban the most common foods and drinks, press so hard to legalize marijuana? Could it be because this drug destroys initiative in the user? [91]

Incredible: Barack Hussein Obama gets his own portrait bust, commissioned by a big-city mayor, specifically of Trenton, New Jersey. Does he now think he is Julius Caesar? [92][93]

Pennsylvania becomes the 28th state to reject the ObamaCare exchanges. [94] Is ObamaCare the biggest legislative failure in history?

Among the targets of the union violence of December 11: a hot dog seller. Happily, the local community has rallied to him. And shame on the goons who wrecked his business. [95]

Atheism drops England lower on the European standard of living ranking, as the UK falls below the less atheistic Germany and Austria. [96] "Atheism" = "stop trying," which is why there are almost no atheistic sports stars.

Roots are important. Your ancestry affects your life now. Unless your past is rooted with dignity, being made in the image of God, then what difference does it matter what happens to you?[97]

Poll: Obama support mirrors Bush after reelection. [98] And then it declined, and declined, and declined.

Two years ago, a Tea Party group in New Jersey tried to recall their Senator. So why didn't they work actively against his re-election? Because his suggested replacement would have been his near-clone. The head of Recall NJ explains. [99]

Is union violence the real face of organized labor? The reaction to Michigan's new right to work laws makes that plain. You can also play the incriminating footage of the incidents. [100]

"A right to carry firearms in public may promote self-defense" -- with those words the Seventh Circuit invalidates Illinois' ban on carrying weapons in public. [101] The federal appellate court recognizes the right to use weapons for self defense in public.

A Question evolution! campaign blog has now received over 275,000 views. This is merely the beginning of things to come. Wait until the all-out assault on evolutionism arrives![102]

Shoot down of Korean Airlines Flight 007: the transcripts [103]

The GOP-led Michigan legislature passes right to work, which ends compulsory union dues; many public school teachers walked off the job to protest at the capital. [104] Unions don't support real "freedom to choose."

Woman could face up to a year in jail for faking victimization by an anti-gay hate crime. [105]

Federal court rules that Choose Life license plates are unconstitutional unless North Carolina also offers pro-abortion-rights plates. [106]

RINOs are worried that conservative Tom Price may challenge the weak John Boehner for Speaker of the House. [107] One congressman nominated Newt Gingrich to return as Speaker, which is allowed by the rules.

"Cuba stays silent about deadly cholera outbreak." [108] Leftist regimes are not known for telling the truth.

The liberal media continue to prefer failure rather than support playing the conservative Tim Tebow. Today the Jets barely squeaked by the 2-11 Jaguars. [109] There will be no playoffs for the Jets if they continue to play this poorly without Tebow.

Unchivalrous and evolution loving British liberal elites are looking the other way while British young women are being used as exploited sex workers. In the last year, sexually related work has doubled for college students in the down British economy - an economy no doubt oppressed by failed liberal economic policies. [110]

2010 research suggest that one in four British students know someone who had worked in the sex industry to fund their college studies – up from three per cent in 1990. British women working in dangerous conditions reported physical/verbal harassment from customers.[111]

British college women are paying their way through college by being whores, pole-dancers, strippers, lap-dancers and escorts.[112] The UK brought us evolutionism which has been linked to a loss of morality.[113]

New research conducted by Professor Ron Roberts at the Kingston University found that six percent of students are obtaining jobs in sexually related sector of the British economy and universities are receiving between £600,000 and £3 million from the sex industry.

China, Russia, and France, which are countries with a recent past of secularism and/or have current secularistic societies, have lunatics panicking over the supposed end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.[114]

"Two killed at alleged Washington pot house on first day of legal weed." [115] Didn't Democrats claim that legalizing pot would reduce crime?

The harmful impact of ObamaCare is beginning to be felt: at the Cleveland Clinic, considered one of the better facilities, a doctor sees ten patients at the same time to save money. [116]

Atheist serial killer from Alaska did not repent of his atheism and committed suicide in jail.[117]

See also: Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and suicide

Self-worship by liberals has no limits: "Obama to take corporate cash for inauguration." [118] Teleprompters are expensive!

The Russians give a big NYET to homosexuality.[119][120]

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it's the only word that can describe FEMA under the Obama Administration: [121]

"Armageddon's terrorist prison: home to the earliest known church," essay by Bishop Bert [122]

The Great Tea Party Purge just had another consequence: the Fire Boehner campaign, to remove Representative John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House. [123]

Human beings in the evolutionary scheme are reduced to the status of mere animals, at the mercy of their various lusts and appetites. Yet leading theistic evolutionists, such as Kenneth Miller, downplay or altogether ignore these points in their teachings.[124]

The Great Tea Party Purge from the House of Representatives might have given House Speaker John Boehner more than he bargained for. He pulled four men from key committees, for voting conservative when he didn't want them to. And he's not fooling anyone. [125]

Not even $42 million -- the most of any congressional candidate -- was enough for Democrat Elizabeth Warren to defeat Republican Scott Brown in liberal Massachusetts; Warren begs with donors to help her pay down the additional debt she incurred. [126] And Warren is a bankruptcy law professor!

Conservatives save American sovereignty by defeating a U.N. Treaty that would regulate disability. [127]

Record early sales for Black Friday fell flat the following week, just as the liberal gimmick of early voting decreases overall turnout in elections. [128]

Liberal consequences: "Manufacturing Declines to Weakest Level Since July 2009." [129]

A sports announcer parrots the old logical fallacy about gun control, after an NFL linebacker killed his girlfriend, then himself, with a gun. His remarks were as disgraceful as they were absurd. [130]
Broadcasters who make millions from the NFL blame others for the harm it causes.

"Peace-making, God-style, in Alexandria, Egypt", by Bishop Bert. [131]

The 4-7 Jets were losing to one of the worst teams in the league when the coach finally replaced their quarterback, but still refused to play the conservative Tim Tebow. [132] This time the excuse was a minor rib injury, but the reality is that the liberal media want to exclude the pro-life Tebow.

A leading African American conservative, J.C. Watts, considers running against RINO Backer Reince Priebus for the chairmanship of the RNC. [133]

The Mercury ice could not have stayed on Mercury for 4.5 billion years, or even 3.2 million years. The meteors and dust that bombard Mercury constantly should have blown it away. It did not. So it got there recently—thousands, not billions, of years ago. [134][135][136]

Does Barack Hussein Obama want to go over the fiscal cliff? Maybe. Maybe he wants a rerun of the Cloward and Piven Strategy. [137]

It appears the lamestream media may succeed in driving conservative Tim Tebow out of the New York City media market. "Tebow, likely along with much of the current Jets roster and coaching staff, is almost certainly gone this offseason," writes a prior supporter. [138] The Jets would rather lose than play a conservative who would win.

"Obama’s Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents from Washington to W." [139]

The goofy atheist Stephen Hawking goes off the deep end with his "little green men" fantasies.[140]

The ice on Mercury, found by NASA's MESSENGER probe, has provoked a lot of controversy. Specifically, a creation-oriented correspondent asserts that the Mercury ice confirms the Hydroplate Theory of the Great Flood. Here's why no other theory can account for the Mercury Ice. [141][142][143]

Ronald Reagan proposed to "starve the beast." Now a Tea Party activist proposes to slay the beast. That beast is larger than government, which is only part of it. [144]

The United Nations votes to call Palestine a "State." But what does that really mean? Does it do anyone any favors? [145]

"The Message and its Music: a marriage that sticks," by Bishop Bert [146]

NASA's MESSENGER probe today found ice on the planet Mercury. Enough ice, in fact, to bury Washington, DC in two and a half miles of ice. But where did it come from? The best answer is that it came from Earth during the Great Flood. [147]

The Eighth Circuit issues an injunction against a key ObamaCare mandate. [148] One possible reason: the mandated drugs could harm the women who take them! [149]

Warren Buffett is not only a hypocrite, but he also spouts total nonsense about how people invest. [150]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer rejects ObamaCare by declining to set up a health insurance exchange there. [151]

An atheist who loses a debate admits that "most homosexuals are atheists".[152][153]

No wonder why so many young earth creationists are better in sports that atheists! More Olympic gold medals will be coming to America and the UK!

Fifteen questions the Mainstream Media should ask of Barack Obama, but won't, this as Obama uses a woman (United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice) to shield him, while pretending to defend her: [154]

Those foolish enough to buy a Powerball lottery ticket will be better off if they lose than if they win. "A West Virginia man who won $315 million a decade ago on Christmas later said the windfall was to blame for his granddaughter's fatal drug overdose, his divorce, hundreds of lawsuits and an absence of true friends." [155]

A British ex-atheist/evolutionist writes to Creation Ministries International: "I am overwhelmed by the quality of information you guys put out and overjoyed to have discovered what a fraud the unbiblical theory of evolution is."[156]

An example of liberal hate on the air: Mike Malloy goes on the air to "pray" for the execution of anyone in the Tea Party. [157]

Millions fall for the fool's gold of the Powerball jackpot, now that it reaches $500M in payout. [158] The lottery losers are mostly Obama supporters.

RINO Backers Fox News Channel and John McCain strike again: Folks "like me" should leave the abortion issue alone, McCain declares on Fox. [159] Jesus didn't keep quiet in standing up for life.

Religious makeup of the chambers of the 113th U.S Congress. Atheists still mistrusted by many.[160]

Are you an American atheist? Maybe you should start off small and run for dog catcher!

The 19-year-old star of the "Two and a Half Men" comedy calls the show "filth", and he begs people to stop watching the show. [161] Teenagers are increasingly repudiating the garbage pushed on them by the Left.

The U.S. Supreme Court clears the way for a new challenge to ObamaCare, by Liberty University with respect to the mandate imposed on employers to buy insurance. [162]

Liberalism: is it psychosis, evil, or based in ignorance? [163]

"Millions Struggle With High College Debt and No Degree." [164] The Worst College Majors pushed by liberal colleges can leave students with misinformation and massive debt.

Uganda's president begs forgiveness for his sins, his country's sins, and dedicates his nation to Jesus Christ: [165] “This incident is also important as a contrast to the picture being painted of Uganda by the godless left of a backwards, violent and savage culture intent on murdering homosexuals," Rev. Scott Lively said. "On the contrary, Museveni is calmly and confidently setting the course of his nation by the guidance of the Bible, in a way that also shows great courage and resolve."

"Abortions Down 5%, Biggest Decline in a Decade." [166]

How evolutionary belief has harmed science and society.[167]

A shrill evolutionist was clearly rattled by the scientists at Creation Ministries International.

An unholy trinity has replaced the system of checks and balances of our Constitution. A Tea Party activist reminds us of what comes of that, and what to do about it. [168]

The gimmick of early shopping for Black Friday is as senseless as the liberal stunt of early voting for elections: "Low Black Friday turnout at big-box stores in" a Pennsylvania town. [169]

My two dads and my two mommies have one thing in common: their kids ain't so happy and gay. [170]

Ahhh, Planned Parenthood. Want that abortion? Fine. Want the "doctor" to mess up your innards? Fine. Want the staff to call 911? Fine. Want the staff to say you're "fine" at the same time? [171]

More than 4 times as many Americans would like to have pro-life Tim Tebow as a Thanksgiving dinner guest than Barack Obama. Only 5% want Obama to join them today for dinner. [172]

October and November 2012

Why did the Dalai Lama receive the Templeton Prize?[173]

Does Christianity provide a better answer to human suffering than Buddhism?

Is the evolutionist Richard Dawkins a skunk that people want to quickly pass by?[174]

Why does Richard Dawkins have so few loyal visitors to his website according to Quantcast? Why is the trend of his website traffic downward according to Quantcast?

Secular France suffers another humiliation. Moody's Investor Service strips France of triple-A credit rating. [175]

Conservative ladies love Conservapedia articles - especially the smart ones! Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. at Concerned Women of America, cites Conservapedia's Planned Parenthood article.[176]

Voter fraud alert: Patrick Murphy - the Democrat who thinks he beat conservative Allen West in Florida - has a problem with the recount. Just why have 900 votes been cast in a precinct that has only 7 registered voters? [177][178]

Evolutionists are stirring up more trouble in Greece. The neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn takes advantage of recession ravaged Greece.[179]

Evolutionism was one of the keystones of Nazism and its evolutionary racism.[180]

41% is the new low in the approval rating for the socialist leader of France. [181] Obama's socialism is similar.

Did the fall of man destroy God’s image in man?[182]

Jesus through the Fabric of our Lives [183]

"3rd judge vetoes abortion pill mandate. Ruling prevents enforcement against Bible publisher." [184]

Even the lamestream media are starting to support conservative Tim Tebow, and wondering why the last place Jets haven't given the overachiever more playing time. [185] The reality is that many Democrats would rather fail than be led by a conservative.

God is love and He does send sinners to hell.[186]

Medical giant Stryker cuts 1,170 jobs over Obamacare. The beauty of it is that they voted for Obama. [187]

The heavy Democratic involvement in the mismanagement and loss of Hostess:[188]

Christmas is coming early. Uganda is passing an anti-homosexuality bill as a Christmas gift to its citizens who want the bill.[189]

Uganda had a fertility rate of 6.15 births per woman in 2010 which is much higher than the socialist state of Cuba and the secular libertines in Denmark and Sweden.[190]

Obviously, the secular left lacks machismo! See: Decline of atheism

Twinkies are the latest casualty of the Democrat mindset.
Democrat unions drive another company (Hostess) out of business, causing the loss of nearly 18,500 jobs. [191] This rejection of free enterprise causes tens of thousands to suffer, including families.

Liberal claptrap: "House Dems Call McCain Racist, Sexist and Say He 'Battered'" a U.S. Ambassador. [192]

What impact had Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey? Or Governor Chris Christie on the 2012 Presidential Election? You decide. [193]

The Israel-Gaza conflict has broken out. The Palestinians are indeed the spiritual successors of the Philistines, and it shows. But the Iranians are also mixing in. Could a wider Middle East war be in the making? [194]

The forgotten conservative Congressman: Larry McDonald: [195]

The Nazareth Inscription: Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?[196]

General David Petraeus succumbed to a common human failing. But why did the Obama Administration wait until after the election to push him out? Or do it just before he was scheduled to testify? [197]

Virginia pro-life Governor Bob McDonnell is favored by a nearly 2-1 margin among women, despite media attempts to portray him otherwise. [198] Mitt Romney's unpopularity with women seems unrelated to the abortion issue.

Under the Pillar of the Cloud, an essay by Bishop Bert: [199]

The NFL imitates the presidential election 2012: liberals would rather the Jets continue to lose than allow conservative Tim Tebow to lead the team to victory. [200] God does indeed have a sense of humor as he watches liberals fail.

A conservative congressman stuns the weak leadership in the House by nominating Newt Gingrich as Speaker. [201] It is allowed and this nomination sent a strong signal to Dems and RINOs.

Liberals can't let go of their delusions of power: "Rep. Nancy Pelosi has decided she wants to remain the face of House Democrats," despite leading her party to two consecutive losses there. [202]

"Paul Ryan: Obama victory not a mandate" because the people "also reelected the House Republicans." [203] Liberals are furious their political machine isn't fooling anyone.

Reports of often massive and brazen voter fraud are breaking out nationwide. A Tea Party activists writes an open letter to a New Jersey Congressman asking him to investigate. [204]

Gender gap? This pregnant woman allegedly ran over husband -- police said she was upset because Obama won reelection and her husband didn't vote. [205]

Early voting increased as the Democrat machine exploited it, and the result was that overall turnout fell substantially on Election Day. The liberal claim that early voting increases turnout is false.

Recent discoveries of the contents of dinosaur stomachs pose a gut-wrenching challenge to the idea that dinosaurs gave rise to birds. Because it now turns out that dinosaurs ate them.[206]

Another birdbrained evolutionary falsehood gobbled up! Evolutionists, its time to eat crow and admit you cannot answer the 15 questions for evolutionists.[207]

Conservapedia proven right, again: the Los Angeles Lakers stink with their two Overrated Sports Stars, and they again eschew a meritocracy by passing over the best coach to hire someone else. [208]

A Tea Party activist has an "immodest" proposal: Barack Obama and his allies wanted America? Let them own it! Specifically, the economy. Let them see first-hand what happens to it if they get their way. [209]

Hurricane Sandy should teach us all about relying on government-sanctioned monopolies. In this case, it's electric power. If companies competed to distribute electric power in the same town, would anyone be two weeks without power? [210][211]

Just as it was in January 2009, so it will be this January in Washington: liberals are going to trash the place. [212]

California voters approved a tax hike of $6 billion to pay for money already spent, which is no help to its massive debt or future budgetary problems. [213] Instead, the tax hike will likely crimp its economy further.

Liberal stupidity in action. Now, what sort of person would vote back into office a man who would deny him what he needs? [214]

Whoever seeks God will find Him - atheists are just immature and proud posers.[215]

Just as liberals would rather have the Nation decline than to elect a conservative as president, the New York Jets would rather lose than play the pro-life star Tim Tebow. [216]

Who says a Latino cannot be a conservative? One activist sets out some cold, hard facts about Obama's brand of identity politics. He then tells how he plans to fight for liberty. [217]

"One of the worst weeks of the year on Wall Street" for the stock market. [218]

The brain is a problem for evolutionists, because in their view it’s over-evolved.[219]

The layoffs due to the election have already begun: "After Obama reelection, Murray Energy CEO reads prayer, announces layoffs." [220] Does anyone think Obama will find those workers another job??

Barack Hussein Obama fairly boasted that he's a thief, and just told half the country to stick 'em up. You doubt that? Play the video for yourself. [221]

The demographics haven't changed, it's the ignoramuses on the left showing off: [222]

Obama weeps -- for himself, and then has the private video specially released to the public afterward to puff his image. Talking about his own past as a "community organizer," Obama sheds a tear as he builds to his self-centered point: "I became a man during that process." [223]

A Tea Party activist asks several disturbing questions about the 2012 Presidential Election. He lists six possible reasons why Obama won. Some are truly chilling. [224]

Florida Governor Rick Scott stands on principle and declines to implement ObamaCare; most Floridians voted against Obama anyway. [225]

Poetic justice? Now Obama is responsible for cleaning up his financial mess, rather than continuing to push it off on others. Will Obama still try to blame George W. Bush after another four years???

Another so-called "feathered dinosaur" goes down like a lead balloon on the evidence front.[226]

Conservapedians have seen horseflies and deer flies, but we have never seen evidence of feathered dinosaurs!

Experienced GOP consultants are baffled by Mitt Romney's loss,[227] but Conservapedia explained the problem weeks before Election Day: massive early voting, which Dems exploit to an outrageous extreme.

Gold and silver rise in value, and stocks fall—hard. This is the verdict on Barack Hussein Obama. [228]

Some reasons why Mitt Romney lost.[229] Including Chris Christie's disgraceful performance. [230] And what this means for America's future. [231]

Republican gains in state legislatures were greater than expected: pickups include the Wisconsin and Alaska Senates, both legislative chambers in Arkansas, and super-majorities in North Carolina, Tennessee and other states. [232]

The Republican Party: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. [233]

Where the liberal media propped up the Dems -- the presidential race and a few key Senate races -- the Dems did OK. But everywhere else -- including the House -- conservatives routed the liberals.
No problem, the liberal media is in inevitable long-term decline, and can only focus on a few races out of thousands.

Is this the end of RINO credibility at the top of the Republican Party? In voting for Democrats, Wisconsin and Ohio appear to reject the avoid-the-social-issues approach of Karl Rove and other liberal Republicans.

Mitt Romney leads in Virginia; Florida is too close to call.

Fraud, intimidation, dirty tricks, assault...all being committed by Democrats to keep Republicans from the polls: [234] They know they're going to lose, and they're desperate!

Looks like one voter intimidation trick used by liberals in 2008 isn't working now. Black Panthers intimidating voters? How about retired military special forces - including Navy SEALS and Green Berets - intimidating the Panthers: [235] The wager is the Panthers will lose.

By 8:15pm ET it may be possible to project the winner of the presidential election 2012, which is shortly after the polls close in the swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida, and also the big state of Pennsylvania.
The outcome in other key races and referenda will not be known until later.

"Voter Turnout Steady in Ohio and Pennsylvania" today -- Mitt Romney can win by taking either state. [236]

Hurricane Sandy, up close and personal, and what she teaches us about what we should rely on. [237]

Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama still tied nationally and in Ohio: Rasmussen poll for Sunday.

During Election 2008, Rasmussen Reports projected that Barack Obama would defeat John McCain by a 52% to 46% margin. Obama was 53% to 46%.[238]

"Obama and Romney Deadlocked" in a poll that has typically favored Obama. Final polls in many of [the swing] states, from Virginia and Ohio to New Hampshire, Colorado and Wisconsin, also find the race too close to call." [239]

Liberal politicians in New York announce "free gas" - the exact opposite of what they should be doing economically -- and the result is massive lines that will prevent those who really need gas from getting it. [240]

Limousine liberal "Michael Bloomberg drops millions on House races" spending "up to $15 million of his own money." [241] This is the guy who insisted for days on holding the New York City marathon while many middle-class families suffered without power on Staten Island.

Liberal hypocrisy in action: Lets see...they want tobacco killed off because of the dangers of smoking, but they have no problem with smoking marijuana; these same libs claim to protect the environment, but have no problem trashing the environment when it comes to getting that crop of pot harvested! [242]

Nancy Pelosi held a secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups: [243] Why, and for what purpose? Is Pelosi selling-out Israel or America?

A record number of 16 U.S. Senate seats are in play this election, without much "coattails" from the presidential race to influence them.

Interpreting the early chapters of Book of Genesis.[244]

The middle class Staten Island residents are angry that government response to their plight has been disgraceful compared to how wealthy Manhattan residents are being treated. [245][246]

Double standard on how the media is covering Hurricane Sandy?[247]

"Backlash erupts as New York City prepares for marathon." [248] Obama-supporter Michael Bloomberg insisted on holding the marathon despite the suffering of many without power.

Gasoline shortages cause a crisis in New Jersey, as a lack of free enterprise in promptly restoring power has left 60% of the service stations still closed days after Hurricane Sandy. [249] Democrats refuse to allow non-union workers to help, despite the widespread suffering. [250]

If Ohio is the margin of victory in this presidential election 2012, then the Nation may need "to wait 10 days after the election to find out who will be the next president of the United States," because of the rules there about counting an unusually large number of provisional ballots. [251]

GOP returns to support pro-life Todd Akin. [252] All roads to success lead back to the life issue.

The pathologically narcissistic Barack Hussein Obama actually thought he had won the first presidential debate with Mitt Romney until his aides told him otherwise. [253] His oversized ego and laziness prevented him from rigorously preparing for the debate.[254]

"Iowa is second state to forbid international observers at elections." [255] This dispute could help Mitt Romney win the key state.

RINO Chris Christie plays the role of a useful idiot in praising Obama for visiting the Jersey Shore today and accomplishing nothing together. [256]

The slow clean-up after Hurricane Sandy is controlled by Democrat unions and government, and many voters must be wondering: wouldn't free enterprise restore power more quickly?

"Disarray, millions without power in Sandy's wake; death toll at 55." [257]

How's that stimulus working for you? A123 Systems got a quarter-billion dollars from Mr. Transparency and boasted of creating thousands of jobs; only 400 people got checks of any kind before the company filed for bankruptcy. [258]

Who gave the order to stand down in Benghazi? [259]

The early-vote advantage Obama had in 2008 dropped 22% today: [260]

Democrat Party values in action: They accuse conservatives of wanting to shove grandma off a cliff, but why don't they say anything when one of their own steals from an old lady in a wheel chair, and is going to prison for it? [261]

"Claiming momentum, Romney launches ad in Pennsylvania." [262] Pennsylvania has little early voting; Romney could win the State.

Make your own atheist Halloween costume that doubles as an evolutionist Halloween costume.[263]

"Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert." [264]

Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio? Apparently, Democrats are busing Somalis - who may not even be citizens - to polling places where they are directed where to vote, how to vote, and especially who to vote for. [265]

This may be America's future if Obama is reelected: Spain's unemployment rate hits 25%. [266]

Obama is at only 47.8% in Colorado, and thereby appears likely to lose that swing state. [267]

"Thousands more campaign ads coming to your TV" in the swing states. [268] And Mitt Romney's campaign has saved more money for this final week than Obama has.

We now know that Obama refused all help during the Benghazi attack, though he could watch it happening. He even told CIA operatives to stand down. Which they didn't. Four men died, but it could have been thirty-four. [269]

Obama resorts to early voting to try to win Ohio: "Ohio you can vote now, you don't have to vote later." Early voters are herded like sheep and expected to vote a certain way, either by mail or at special polling booths. "Among those who have voted early or plan to vote before Election Day, Obama holds a 59%-38% lead, with Romney up 51%-44% among those who say they'll vote on Election Day." [270]

Meat Loaf -- the great, intelligent rock star -- "endorses Mitt Romney at boisterous Ohio rally." [271]

The Libya scandal gets worse for Obama: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, not once, but three times. [272]

"Democrats have gone all in for abortion rights, with none of the hedging or defensiveness they’ve shown in recent years — a subtle but striking repositioning with political consequences that extend far beyond Nov. 6." [273]

There are five plausible swing state results whereby Mitt Romney and Obama would tie at 269 Electoral College votes apiece, which would then cause the newly elected House of Representatives to select the next president. [274]

Voter fraud is rampant in several States. Three kinds of cases have turned up. Will they decide the 2012 Presidential election? [275]

"Texas attorney general warns UN poll watchers to keep their distance," reminding them that they do not have any authority in the State. [276]

The "Inflationary Universe" was not a Big Bang but a Big Stretch. Exactly as the Bible says. [277]

Pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock stands on principle, and refuses to cave in to the liberal media pressure to recant his statement that pregnancy after rape is still a gift from God. [278] Mitt Romney and other Republicans also refuse to cave in to the pro-aborts.

Record-breaking political ad spending in the swing states: Ohio: $177M, Florida: $174M, Virginia: $136M, and Colorado, $76M. [279] Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is personally campaigning in Nevada, another key state.

Within mere hours of Benghazi, Obama and Company knew who the real attackers were, and the emails prove it: [280]

Voter fraud, the means and ways of how to do it caught on video. [281]

As Conservapedia predicted, the Obama campaign is trying to exploit an abortion-rape comment by Richard Mourdock, but the public is tiring of the Leftist demagoguery. [282]

In tonight's Senate debate in Indiana, pro-life Richard Mourdock defends his opposition to abortion in cases of rape, saying that if there is a pregnancy (which is rare), then it must be something "God intended." [283] Will the Obama campaign, Karl Rove and RINO Backers try to exploit this issue, again?

Even the New York Times is flabbergasted by the glaring omissions in the final presidential debate: "NATO was not uttered ... and the euro and its crisis were not mentioned at all." [284]

The real loser in the final presidential debate: the lamestream media. The moderator asked inane questions, referred to "Obama Bin Laden," and asked Mitt Romney a question about drones for which the candidates predictably had no disagreement. [285]

Mitt Romney wins big on substance and style in the final debate against Obama: for much of this debate Obama either stares, grim-faced, at Romney, or speaks in simplistic and repetitive ways.

The Mainstream Media now turns to panspermia as a theory of the origin of life. Really? When even the conventional scientists can't figure that out? A creationist explains why meteoroids that contain organic matter actually came from Earth to start with. [286]

Liberal style: Obama wins 'interruption debate.' ... Obama cut off Romney in mid-sentence 36 times, while Romney cut off Obama 28 times. Moderator Candy Crowley, meanwhile, cut off Romney 23 times, compared to the 15 times she cut off Obama." [287]

While ignoring the real War on Women, liberals forget that abortion goes against not only the Bible but also against reason and science. [288]

A Constitution Party official asks: what is America doing in the Middle East? More harm than good, maybe, for the people living there as well as ourselves? [289]

Liberal values: Drunk driving by teenagers is an enormous epidemic. The leading cause of death for those aged 16-19, fatal car crashes are often the result of teenage drinking. [290]

Another setback for liberal claptrap: after 79-years, Newsweek will end its print edition. Liberal spin loses popularity as Americans realize how biased the lamestream media has become.

How well supported is the Trinity in the Bible? Where can it be found? [291]

Promises made to a woman to encourage her to have an abortion are not enforceable: "there is no cause of action for terminating one's pregnancy and then regretting the decision due to subsequent events," a court ruled. [292]

Liberal Barack Obama: more talk in the debate than Mitt Romney, again, but less substance, again.[293]

Hillary Clinton, who won't begin running for president until next year, takes responsibility for the Libya scandal. [294] But will this liberal shell game rescue Obama's declining chances to be reelected now?

Early October 2012

Why would a loving God send people to Hell? And who goes to Hell?[295]

If you died tonight, are you sure you wouldn't go to hell?

Evolutionists, atheists and agnostics are soft, featherweight, pantywaists and their competitive environment is getting tougher by the day.[296]

Was the Benghazi attack an October Surprise gone horribly wrong? That rumor is flying in Washington, DC and military circles. And it would explain a great many things that the White House will not explain and maybe cannot explain. [297]

Global warming ended 16 years ago. And certain people want to keep a lid on it: [298]

What? No free movie? A bunch of listless liberal anarchists who couldn't get another freebie riot on the streets of Hollywood: [299]

The dumbing-down of education continues, and in Florida the plan is based on race: [300]

Liberal cover-ups in the media. Martin Bashir of MSNBC leaves out key facts about the Bengazi attack, while blaming conservatives for it: [301]

See four more claims of science that the Bible makes, and honest observers later proved out. [302] See also Biblical scientific foreknowledge.

"Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead," declares the USA Today. [303]

Meet Virgil Goode, candidate for President for the Constitution Party. [304]

Was 2012 a BAD year for Reddit atheism? Does atheism have a strong tendency to ruin everything it touches? [305]

Just how stupid can a liberal get?
Apparently, an Obama voter thinks deer read road signs. "Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstates? They can direct the deer population anywhere they want to by moving the deer crossing sign." [306]

"Still not sure how Obama earned a Nobel Peace Prize after less than two weeks in office? You’re not alone. The party’s over, and all the water and aspirin in the world isn’t going to cure the Nobel committee’s hangover." [307]

Atlas Shrugged, Part Two hit movie screens yesterday. And much of it reads like current headlines. [308]

Liberal-driven early voting is rampant, and for the first time in history analysts may call the results of the presidential election before Election Day. [309] Is that what an election should be?

The European Union "wins" the Nobel Peace Prize despite its debt problems. [310][311]

Isn't the European Union contributing to global economic instability?[312]

Joe Biden's rude, clownish antics during Thursday's debate were offensive to many, but not to liberals - or at least liberals won't admit it. [313] (But did Ryan miss some opportunities to catch Biden out? [314])

Will future historians see May through August of 2011 as being a major turning point in the Christianity vs. atheism/Darwinism culture war.[315]

Liberal style: Joe Biden seems to talk twice as much as Paul Ryan during tonight's debate, while saying half as much (the imbalance narrowed near the end, but Biden complained despite having more time).
Last week liberal Obama spoke much longer than Romney during their debate, yet Obama lost by a record margin.

During the vice presidential debate, an animated Joe Biden gestured and mocked Paul Ryan: scoffing, grinning, shaking his head, and even muttering "oh God" while a more serious Ryan made his points. When Al Gore was likewise disrespectful during a 2000 debate, public opinion turned against him.

Among the outrages that the Benghazi Attack hearings reveal: 10,000 shoulder-fired missiles are missing! And Barack Hussein Obama's intervention in Libya brought that result about. [316]

Is Barack Hussein Obama a communist? A New Zealand-based researcher says yes. And the group he credits with stopping him? The Tea Party. [317]

How people in New Guinea discovered Jesus is real.[318]

"...I am with you always, even to the end of the age." - Jesus

Voter fraud enabler caught on video: [319] Yes, vote twice or more for the Democrat Party...they're that desperate!

"Keep Obama as president...he gave us a phone!"
One of Obama's top donors - and the world's richest man - is even richer now, just for doing this:[320][321]

Voters take note: Obamacare is making people jobless. [322]

America has always been one nation under God. The Founders said so. Repeatedly. [323]

World's biggest atheist blogging community seeing a big decline? Are atheist women or atheist men to blame?[324]

Obama has lost support since 2008, but the non-religious vote has grown to the point of becoming nearly half of Obama's remaining support. [325] No wonder Democrats sought to take God out of their platform.

Are the rats deserting the sinking ship of the Barack Hussein Obama campaign? When four people in a week tell you not to imply that they endorse you, you're in trouble. [326]

Another setback for materialists and lamestream media: overhyped claims about discovering the Higgs boson are passed over in the Nobel Prize for physics, which went to more profound quantum mechanics work instead. [327]

Jesus vs. the scientific consensus and evolution - Jesus wins! Charles Darwin loses! [328]

Unemployment dropped below 8 percent in September? Really? If you believe that, a certain Tea Party activist has a partnership stake in a bridge spanning the East River that he would like to offer for sale. [329]

It's another six years of Hugo Chavez...or is it? Did the Venezuelan strongman actually lose the election? [330]

Stem cell doctors win the Nobel Prize. But Planned Parenthood and supporters of abortion may be howling mad at these two, as they did not use a single cell from an unborn child. [331]

Years of mismanagement, corruption, and cronyism; years of neglect, stagnation, and nearly half the population leaving since 1980; years of being near the top in terms of violent crime; years of direct rule by the Democrat Party and their union allies have been reduced to a stunning notice never before seen in any American city, handed to baseball fans by a reduced police force: "Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk." [332]

Does science contradict the Bible? A creation activist says no. First in a series. [333]

Even liberal polls show that the presidential election 2012 is very close, with Obama currently favored by only 294-244 in Electoral College votes. [334] Romney can expect a bounce as more undecideds make up their mind.

Staunch atheists convert to Christianity at UK Soul Survivor events. 25,000 young people attended the three Soul Survivor events this summer in the U.K. [335]

"One youth leader told me he’d brought seven staunch atheists to Soul Survivor, four of whom gave their lives to Jesus before the end of the week, and the other three had totally changed their opinions about God."

See also: Weakness of secularistic upbringing and Atheists doubting the validity of atheism

The Wall Street Journal declares about the New York Jets and Tim Tebow: "it seems clear that Tebow needs to be a bigger part of things, and right now."[336]

An overweight, atheist college professor strips naked except for his socks in class, declares there is no God, screams, shouts an obscenity, slams his hands against the window and presses his face to the window and then is taken away by police.[337][338] See also: Atheism and mental health

Mitt Romney jumps 4 points in the first post-debate poll, and Barack Obama is at only 46%. [339]

"NFL Man of Year Defends Marriage as 'Sacred Union of One Man and One Woman.'" [340]


Proof and evidence that the Question evolution! campaign is growing in America - Independent third party evidence.[341] God bless America!

Go Question Evolution! American team! USA! USA! USA! Why is America a key battleground in the creation vs. evolution war?[342]

Moses vs. Francis Collins - Moses wins![343]

Evidently, Francis Collins never saw the movie The Ten Commandments. God and Moses always win.

Another new wrinkle in the tight presidential race: the official unemployment rate declines to 7.8%, which is still higher than the rate when Obama took office.

Barack Hussein Obama plays the race card, though he does not share the common Black American heritage. [344]

Bewildered and lost without the teleprompter[345], Obama's debate performance succeeded in freaking out his liberal base. [346]

Mitt Romney wins the key presidential debate Wednesday night. "Even some Democratic partisans grudgingly acknowledged that Romney had a good debate." [347] The key: Mitt Romney used judo, not bare-knuckle fisticuffs, to win. [348]

Latest slew of Obama videos show an appeal to racism. But it is all a sham. Obama's real game is, and always has been, redistribution, or confiscation, of wealth. [349]

Fool me once,... Promises, promises, promises. Barack Hussein Obama has fulfilled only one in four promises he made in the 2008 Presidential Election. [350]

Does pro-life matter? Bank on it! After all, it was in the Declaration of Independence. [351]

Texans love Conservapedia![352]

Should Conservapedia ask Chuck Norris to endorse its evolution, atheism, homosexuality and ObamaCare articles or does it go without saying that all true Texans like these articles?

An Obama adviser makes a shocking admission about Obamacare: "we need death panels." [353]

21st century atheism is well-known for its foolishness and cowardice.[354]

"God never wrought miracles to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it." - Sir Francis Bacon

Tokyo Rose is alive and well, and working for the Democrats this time. But conservatives know better. [355]

"2012 has been a very BAD year for Darwinism and atheism just like we predicted!"[356] New data/chart!

Also, the popular YouTube Christian Shockofgod made 3 videos on how 2012 was going to be a BAD year for atheism. See atheists! Shockofgod told you so!

Liberals have to wake up on November 6 to a very painful reality: Tea Party supporters in the voting booth...all 41 million of them! [357]

Flag of New Zealand.png

Biblical creation belief is growing in New Zealand. In addition, New Zealand Associate Education Minister John Banks says he is a creationist.[358]

A nightmare scenario for a dictatorship in America? An activist puts three disturbing facts together. [359]

Did the Obama White House arm Al Qaida? It's a scandal that could make "Fast and Furious" look like child's play: [360]

A First Amendment lawyer has a simple message for all citizens worried about their First Amendment rights: stand up and be counted! [361]

Later part of September 2012

Atheist John Loftus's blog is losing its global market share according to Alexa. Is he another atheist destined for total obscurity? [362]

Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, is another atheist failure without a legacy.[363][364]

Atheism is a false religion and it is a failure on the decline while biblical Christianity is true and greatly prospering.[365][366]

"Ann Romney lashes at GOP critics: ... 'Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.'" [367] Conservatives like Todd Akin do "get in the ring" on the social issues, and Mitt would win if he starting engaging on working class values.

EvC Forum and the "fairness" of evolutionists.[368]

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." - George Orwell's Animal Farm

An atheist wrote a reasonable letter to Creation Ministries International.[369]

Miracles never cease in God's creation.

The first annual God and Country Conference of the New Jersey Tea Party Caucus took place today. It provided a good education and networking opportunity for pastors and activists. [370]

Historically-speaking, the polls have always underestimated the GOP vote: [371]

Look who's bailing out of green energy investments. Hint: rhymes with "bore". [372]

Cops to answer in court for allowing the stoning of Dearborn, Michigan! [373]

Liberal judge OK's the invasion of a private home by social workers, in violation of the 4th and Fourteenth Amendments: [374]

Does Scripture logically imply that there was brother-sister intermarriage at first? Does this follow from the teaching that all people come from a single first human couple?[375]

Do you use the concept of Analogia Scripturae when reading the Bible?

Those who fail to recognize the many Counterexamples to an Old Earth must now invent new "explanations" for earthquakes, because they are occurring in unexpected places. [376] How about appreciating that the Second Law of Thermodynamics makes earthquakes inevitable worldwide?

The killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya was a terrorist attack—and Barack Hussein Obama knew it. He knew it within the first day. And still he told a different story for a week. [377]

Pro-aborts shift their costs onto everyone else, until now in Missouri: "Aetna Health Insurance Company has been fined $1.5 million by the state of Missouri for selling policies that cover elective abortions without requiring customers to pay an additional premium for that coverage." [378]

Anarchists tied to the Occupy Wall Street Movement are planning something worse for Halloween. [379]

Obamacare costs more, not less, than health care cost four years ago. Barack Hussein Obama promised the opposite. He didn't deliver, and couldn't deliver. [380]

Did Jesus have a wife?[381]

We know that the evolutionist and agnostic Richard Dawkins has had 3 wives. See: Women's views of Richard Dawkins and Abrasiveness of Richard Dawkins.

Not all arguments against the income tax are sound. Here's a discussion of an unsound argument. [382] Instead of filing cases that they know the Supreme Court will throw out, why don't tax protesters get behind some really helpful legislation?

Creation evangelism is ramping up in the United States and in the world - see the exciting graph broken down by countries.[383]

How soon will a leading creation evangelism organization expand its outreach by in the United States by 600%? Get ready for a creationist majority in the United States because its coming! [384]

Black Bishop says Blacks, Christians, Jews, Godly Must Leave The Democrat Party Now![385]

A lot of Barack Hussein Obama supporters are extremely dazed, confused and ignorant.[386]

Veterans support Mitt Romney instead of Obama by 20 points nationwide. "'It's no contest,' said Maurice Tamman, a Reuters data news editor who has polled on veterans and the presidential campaign." [387]


China, the world's biggest atheist population, is about to have an accelerated loss of adherents to atheism and evolutionary belief.[388]

Has a very committed Chinese creationist been found to translate the Question evolution! campaign into Mandarin Chinese? What does the history of the creation vs. evolution issue teach us about this matter?

Where does the Obama eligibility issue stand in Constitutional law? A lawyer now handling two Obama eligibility matters in two States shares his thoughts. [389]

Obama eligibility goes to college! Electoral College, that is. A Minnesota candidate for the office of Presidential Elector has just asked Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to send to his lawyer their paper, long-form, embossed birth certificates to prove they were born in-country. His obvious goal: to shame Barack Hussein Obama into doing the same, and to shame his fellow Electors into demanding the same. But: could this start a movement to have the Electoral College stop acting like a rubber stamp? [390]

Fewer are satisfied with the presidential candidates than in any presidential election since 1992. [391] Thank the lamestream media.

Revealed: the true goals of the United Nations, including Agenda 21 and beyond. Plus Mainstream Media collaboration with it. [392]

Liberal reality: the atheistic-leaning State of Washington sinks to "one of the lowest states in the country" in education, with only 1/4th of its public school graduates finishing college in 6 years. [393]

Is Russia behind the Muslim unrest across the world? An ex-Romanian general reminds us: Russia was behind Muslim ferment in the Middle East after the Six-Day War with Israel. [394]

It appears that American history is not taught or understood by liberals. Michelle Obama makes a huge gaffe speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, "Now, back when our great-grandparents were riding that Underground Railroad..." [395]

An urgent message to Christians in America: get out and vote this fall! [396]

"Rep. West on Black Abortions: 'We Are Not Even Allowing Our Children and Grandchildren to be Born.'" [397]

The Tri-une nature of God: analogies and countering critics.[398]

General Motors let itself become "Government Motors" instead of filing for bankruptcy. This sale of its corporate soul is now a true Faustian bargain. [399]

Now that Mitt Romney's income tax return is out, the contrast between him and Barack Hussein Obama got more obvious. Mitt Romney is a much more generous giver than Obama ever has been. [400]

From nonsense to madness, both in the Middle East and in America. A minister warns: the Bible predicted much of what we see happening today. [401]

"Barack Hussein Obama...mmm, mmm, mmm!" The creepy, visual history of a personality cult: [402]

The myth of the "rock star professor":[403]

Cubans still think that male homosexuals lack machismo and that overweight lesbians with butch hair cuts are unattractive. [404] Conservapedia's homosexuality article ranks #2 at Google Cuba.

In addition, at Google India and Google Russia, Conservapedia's homosexuality article ranks #3 at Google. India didn't become one of the most populous countries by loving homosexuality. 17 percent of the world's population is from India.

Alexa says 3.7% of Conservapedia's web traffic comes from India which will no doubt increase given the growth of internet usage in India.[405]

Revealed: the Barack Hussein Obama you don't know. Ruthless opportunist? Dangerous idealist? Answer: Both. [406]

Barack Hussein Obama reinvents the American flag yet again. Behold the Obama rainbow flag, offered for sale in his store. And wait 'til you see the symbols. [407]

"Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) declined to say on Thursday whether he’s supporting President Obama’s reelection bid." [408]

Reasonable Christian creationist vs. evolutionist quackery from National Geographic and Obama Administration advisor ready at the wings. Who wins?[409]

No we know why Barack Hussein Obama added 6 trillion dollars to the U.S Federal deficit. In between playing rounds of golf, taking vacations and political fundraising, he is busy preparing America for full scale alien invasion that will never happen!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lead investigator might now have a lead to where Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate came from. He definitely can show that Hawaii State officials are deliberately frustrating any Obama eligibility investigation. [410]

Taking out the secular left's main weapon.[411]

After this weapon is taken out, the secular left will collapse like a soufflé. And there definitely is going to be a collapse.[412]

What dramatic event are some evolutionists predicting for 2012? Will it happen or will some evolutionists have egg on their face? [413]

Barack Hussein Obama is obviously a collectivist. New video (in addition to the 1998 Loyola Tape) proves that beyond doubt. Watch and judge for yourself. [414]

The so-called "Jesus" papyrus is a forgery. [415]

A record 46 million Americans — almost one in six — are on food stamps, which is practically double the number from when Mr. Obama took office. Washington Times editorial

Professor values: Biology Professor Richard Cardullo of University of California-Riverside speaks to middle school students on how to save the earth by finding new ways to stop sperm from fertilizing an egg. [416] Liberal claptrap paid for by tax dollars.

Did Barack Hussein Obama deliberately let the Middle East catch fire just to raise the price of oil? He could serve no practical or political purpose, for right now he looks like a bumbler. But high energy prices suit his environmentalist ideology. [417]

Emails reveal the coordination between liberal Media Matters and the Obama Justice Department in an effort to silence critics of the administration: [418]

Will liberal stupidity - nay, idiocy - ever cease? A business owner would like to replace his garage with a Dunkin' Donuts franchise, but the liberal establishment is creating excuses preventing it, up to and including citing it as a threat to the existence of bald eagles! [419]

The givers and the getters: those are the stakes of the 2012 Presidential Election. [420]

Mitt Romney told the cold, hard truth about government dependency. But he gives up too easily. If government must tell people to forget their pride in their own independence, why can't Mitt Romney appeal to it and talk about reversing that trend? [421]

Are you looking for a web page listing some of the best resources for the evidence for Christianity? You will want to tell others about this convenient resource: Evidence for Christianity: websites, articles and videos

Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona was carved by the receding waters of Noah’s Flood.[422]

Ungodly scoffers typically deny there was a global worldwide flood just as the Apostle Peter predicted they would.[423][424]

New York Jets' coach gets testy in response to good questions why he hasn't allowed conservative Tim Tebow to play more, even as the Steelers -- the team Tebow defeated with 316 passing yards earlier this year -- were crushing the Jets Sunday. [425] Romney's RINO advisors have the same losing strategy as the Jets coach.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey did not flee Communist Cuba, as he claims. He fled capitalist Cuba, the Cuba of Batista. And while Fulgencio Batista was a criminal, Menendez seems to think that every capitalist is a criminal, hence his liberal and Progressive politics. [426]

The Presidential Debate schedule makes no attempt to be objective. Why did the Republicans let this happen to them? If they lose this time, the Tea Party will have to think "third party." [427]

Vimeo restores conservative news outlet’s videos after kowtowing to gay sex offender.[428]

Attempts by liberals to censor Conservapedia have been ineffective. Halfway through September, Conservapedia is on track to set another month's record for unique visitor traffic - by double-digit growth.

Liberal opposition to outspoken Christian Tim Tebow getting playing time for the New York Jets results in a 27-10 rout of the Jets by the Steelers - a team Tebow defeated 8 months ago. [429] Tebow had a spectacular 22-yard run in a brief appearance Sunday, before being abruptly replaced.

Chicago public school teachers refuse to return to work Monday, adding another day to their walkout. [430] Why hasn't Mitt Romney made the failing public schools a centerpiece of his campaign?

Secularization theory has been falsified. The global resurgence of religion is a very strong trend - Christian and secular sources.[431][432]

Flag of Spain.png

Creationism has flooded into Spain and the future growth of biblical creationism in Spain. [433]

The terrorist attack in Libya raises a lot of questions. And the answers are not satisfactory. Either the State Department has a lot of egg on its face, or...[434]

Does archaeology confirm the Bible’s historical record?[435]

God-hating atheists do not care about the considerable amount of evidence supporting the biblical record because they do not want to repent of their sins. [436][437]

WorldNetDaily reports: "A state board in Kansas that had planned a hearing Monday to examine evidence of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the Oval Office was left in limbo today when the plaintiff, citing “animosity and intimidation,” abruptly withdrew his complaint."[438]

Due to the Federal Reserve's decision to print more money, Egan-Jones cut the credit rating on the U.S. government to "AA-" from "AA." [439] For more perspective, and why you should trust Egan-Jones before you wait for Moody's to "get the picture": [440]

The plot behind that anti-Islam film that started all the riots just thickened. How many people knew, for example, that the film's producer was a government snitch? Add to it that the killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya was planned—weeks in advance. Do plans like that wait on luck to have a riot as cover? Is the Brooklyn Bridge for sale? [441]

The Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing program is nothing more than wholesale theft of value from those smart enough to save. [442]

Insight as to how the Democrats and Republicans ended up polarized. Hint: a vocal minority of liberals dissented from traditional values. [443]

Worried about a primary challenge, RINO Mitch McConnell hires a Tea Party advisor! [444] Will this fool the conservative grassroots whom McConnell has ignored as the GOP leader in the U.S. Senate?

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? He certainly acts like one! Read this side-by-side table and decide for yourself. [445]

More Muslim anti-American rioting, now in Yemen. Meanwhile: the real filmmaker behind the video that (allegedly) started the trouble might be a Coptic Christian, not an Israeli Jew. [446]

More bad news on the economy: "new claims for jobless benefits rising to a two-month high," and inflation kicks up also. [447]

The war on Christianity continues ... by the RINOs controlling the political cash: "We're done," RINO John Cornyn declares as he pulls $5 million in spending out of pro-life Todd Akin's race. "It's all theological for" Akin, snarled one Republican House member who was too cowardly to allow his name to be identified. [448]

Chicago politics clashes with reality in the teachers' strike. [449]

Does God have a prior claim on the way the Internet works? Yes! The foraging system of harvester ants mimics the TCP Internet protocol. An entomologist and a computer scientist established that experimentally. They might not know what that implies, but evidence is evidence. [450]

South Korean creationism has a minor setback, but it will come back like an Asian tiger.[451]


A Question evolution! campaign group wishes to translate the campaign into Korean and 8 other language in order to turbocharge global creationism.[452]

Also, is South Korea another case of evolutionists and secular momma sons having no cubs? Is it another case of evolutionism and secularism being a paper tiger?

We have a dead ambassador in Libya, and had our flag torn down and replaced in Egypt. And our officials apologized to the Muslim mobs that did these deeds! [453]

Barack Hussein Obama snubs our ally, Israel, once again. This has gone on for two and a half years. Now the game is up. [454]

A reason for the Chicago teachers' unions strike: "The 2.2-million member NEA has lost more than 100,000 members since 2010," and the union may be counting on Obama giving the union a victory now to help his own reelection. [455] Time for more homeschooling in Chicago???

The Barack Hussein Obama eligibility question is now an international controversy. The latest country to join the fray: Israel. See their independent analysis. [456]

Democrats and Republicans really are different. Not just politically, but in every idea they have for how a society ought to run. This side-by-side table shows this. [457]

Remembering 9/11, and the 9/11 conspiracy theories that color the debate to this day. Are any of these theories credible? See here for many links to "both sides." [458]

In an embarrassment to Obama, public school teachers in Chicago -- where Obama's first chief of staff is now mayor -- "strike for first time in 25 years." [459]


Un-bee-lievable! Bees outsmart supercomputers.[460]

Once again, biblical creationism floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee![461]


Can you guess what 10 languages are a Question evolution! campaign group's top priorities and why?[462]

Why are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Italian important languages for turbocharging the growth of world creationism? Is the world's largest atheist population as fragile as a porcelain china doll?[463]

The film ‘2016: Obama’s America’ by Dinesh D’Souza and highly-acclaimed movie producer John Sullivan has grossed $26 million at movie theaters and is the second biggest grossing film documentary in American history. [464]

The documentary is playing to packed movie theaters.[465] Conservatives are calling the documentary "a must see movie".[466]

Richard Dawkins pic.jpg

The memes of Richard Dawkins are weak and dying.[467]

Why are the memes of evolutionism, atheism and agnosticism so fragile and the memes of Christianity and biblical creationism so strong?[468]

Other possible mechanisms for the origin of life and evolution?[469]

The problem for the evolutionists/atheists is precisely what we do know about chemical laws.[470] Evolutionists and atheists, once again the goaltender called reality prevents you from scoring.

Obama's reading from the teleprompters Thursday night had several million fewer viewers than four years ago, and less than a third the audience for the Super Bowl earlier this year. [471]

Democrats are the party of government. They uphold government as part of a citizen's identity, at least when it suits them. [472]

Seeing Noah’s Flood in geological maps.[473]

Geological maps can be used to develop an authentic geological history of the area that fits within the biblical perspective.

One of the emptiest speeches he has ever heard, observes Pulitzer Prize-winning Charles Krauthammer about Barack Obama's speech tonight to the DNC. Krauthammer predicts the speech will give Mitt Romney a boost in the swing states.

The Democrats were not sincere in restoring God to their platform. The vote to restore was a travesty of parliamentary law. The restoration, furthermore, was incomplete. [474]

Not even Obama's top supporters expect much of a bounce in the polls from his liberal claptrap tonight; unlikely to interest enough students to fill its originally scheduled venue of a stadium, Obama's reading from teleprompters has been moved to a small arena instead. [475]

What part of "Socialism is a system under which you run out of other people's money" don't the Democrats understand? [476]

The bizarre rise of "fact-checking" liberals within the major media, aka The Pinocchio Press: [477]

The Almighty Meltdown! The re-inclusion of God and Jerusalem in the Democrat Party platform has been met with plenty of boos and jeers form those that cannot stand the mere mention of God: [478]
This rejection of God by the Democrats may be the turning point in the coming election,[479]"America is disgusted with this party of atheists and America haters...can you imagine a nation founded on the principles of God is being taken over by a party that despises God, denies God’s existence and wants to stab Israel in the back...?"

Vietnam location.png

How fast is biblical Christianity and creationism growing in Vietnam?[480]

The growth of biblical creationism is occurring in the communist country Vietnam.

What makes American and European evolutionists believe they can stop the present growth of American and European creationism?[481][482]

The Democrats are now officially the God-less party in America. Their platform makes no mention of God, or of the city of Jerusalem. [483]

Can you get all 11 questions right on this political news quiz? [484]

As the DNC kicks off their convention in Charlotte, we remind readers here of their own bloody, racist past, a past they want to hide: [485]

Which comes first, rise in global CO2 or rise in global temperature? [486][487]

Conservative lawyer Larry Klayman warns the Democratic National Committee's top lawyer: Do not—he repeats, do not—certify Barack Hussein Obama as eligible to the office of President of the United States. Because the Hawaii State Registrar could not verify the White House copy of the birth certificate, Obama has no evidence that he is a natural born citizen or even of how old he is. [488]

Have a seat, Mr. Prez!

Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" speech hit a raw nerve among the liberal left, provoking some violent reactions: [489]

30,000 dead voters, in a State (North Carolina) with 9.6 million people living in it? If that's not a setup for voter fraud, what is? [490]

What must conservatives do to make sure of victory? Axe Karl Rove. He has "axed" too many conservatives in the last four years. [491]

UN Agenda 21 now has a new opponent: the Republican Party. The environmentalists are up in arms. "You're not supposed to mention that!" they cry. Sorry, but liberty takes precedence. [492]

As the national convention for Democrats descends on Charlotte, North Carolina, "There's been a lot of anxiety" among store owners who expect the Dems to be bad for their businesses. [493]

"Blasphemy case: Christian girl's accuser arrested for planting evidence." [494]

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of Unificationism dies at age 92, succeeded by his youngest son Hyung Jin Moon. [495]

  • "... believed in the need for a powerful free press to convey accurate information and moral values to people in a free world." [496]
  • "The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, revered by millions as the Messiah and True Parent, who was born in Korea but who lived more than 40 years in America, and who is loved by families of peace the world over, has ascended." [497]

Give it up, liberals: The market share for television dropped by nearly a half million households last year -- that's more than a million people -- despite our population growth. [498]

Karl Rove should resign and retire to private life, say his many critics, Phyllis Schlafly among them. And by the way: Todd Akin is not so far behind as Karl Rove thinks! [499]

An opinion piece in Britain's esteemed The Telegraph: Both British and U.S. interests would be best served by a victory for Mitt Romney. "Whether Mitt Romney can eliminate the deficit is not clear. What is beyond doubt, though, is that Mr Obama cannot." [500]

Wikipedia, the pro-evolution online encyclopedia, has a shrinking base of editors plus Quora is Wikipedia's worst nightmare. [501]

Web traffic tracking graphs indicate that Wikipedia is losing influence on the internet.


September 14

Paul Ryan's speech Wednesday night confirms that Mitt Romney is trying to win without standing up on the social issues: Text of Ryan's speech. This is reminiscent of Thomas Dewey' strategy in 1948 against Harry Truman.

A Tea Party activist asks: could Donald Trump have more evidence to break on Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate? [502]

The 2016 movie will expand to nearly twice its present screens. And it offers an instructive study in contrasts. Two young men come out of British colonial heritages in the Third World. But one makes good, while the other wallows in socialistic resentment. [503]

"Republican Party Adopts Majority of Tea Party's 'Freedom Platform.'" [504]

A prime example that our public school system is run by idiots and fools: [505]

MSNBC plays the race card on the air, refusing to allow coverage of minority speakers at the Republican National Convention: [506]

Liberal hate in the news again. If a liberal has no problems whatsoever with killing a defenseless, unborn child, they would have no problems at all calling for the deaths of anyone else they disagree with, such as a demand that Tropical Storm Issac kill everyone at the RNC convention: [507][508] It should be noted that liberals preach love and tolerance!

The Republican National Convention has held its Roll Call. It has nominated Mitt Romney for President of the United States. But that victory lies under a cloud of cigar smoke, as the GOP changed its rules to shut-out "insurgent" candidates in future. [509]

Would you like to know more about the scholarship on global atheism and agnosticism shrinking and the growth of Christianity published by Gordon-Conwell Theology Seminary? Read this article.

Back to public school news: a 15-year-old Facebook user first posted a chilling message and then allegedly shot another student with a shotgun, before being restrained by others. Now he's charged with attempted first-degree murder. [510]

Grassroots biblical creationism vs. state evolutionism and state atheism. Which is stronger? [511]

Poll indicates Roman Catholic Americans are expected to vote 3 to 1 against Barack Hussein Obama due to the Obama administration's pro-abortion policies which violate religious freedom.[512]

Since 1948 no Democrat has ever won the presidency while losing the Catholic vote. Republicans Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush did it, but no Democrat has accomplished that goal.

Pink swastika.png

The strange, strange story of gay fascism deniers: [513]

News Leader, a news website produced the leading newspaper chain Gannett Company, declares via an opinion letter:

"One of the best unbiased sources I have found for gathering just the facts is: I am even more convinced with an open mind and having done my due diligence!"[514]

Liberals are unable to find a single factual error in the article!

Conservatives are standing up against attempts by RINOs to centralize control of the Republican Party, and a divisive floor debate and vote are expected Tuesday at the Republican National Convention. [515] Why can't RINOs unify in support of the grassroots for a chance??

The insurance company GEICO is so pro-Obama that they won't tolerate anyone on their payroll from speaking out against him, not even if the employee is a retired Marine. [516]

A Tea Party activist challenges black clergy members about wild accusations of racism. [517]

Character matters, and the primary character flaw of liberals is the fact that they lie. [518]

Ron Paul holds an enthusiastic rally in Tampa, while RINOs unnecessarily canceled the first 36 hours of the Republican National Convention. [519]

RINOs, caving in again to media bullying, cancel the first 36 hours of the Republican National Convention! [520] Hurricane Isaac is not the problem, but the media bullying is.

Logic and lesbianism. [521]

Two women were never meant to be partners as this cannot lead to procreation.

What is causing more anti-evolution education laws to be passed in America? Will creationism friendly laws be introduced in Europe by 2021 or even sooner?[522]

Are we Pilgrims or Puritans? A Tea Party activist asks conservatives everywhere precisely that. Read here to see what she means. [523]

RINO "power grab" imposes "a new rule allowing granting the Republican National Committee — and Mitt Romney — sweeping new powers to amend the governing document of the GOP." [524] It will be used to marginalize social conservatives and Tea Party folks like Todd Akin.

Still more bad news for the Barack Hussein Obama re-election team:

"In Europe, data showed that business activity in the euro zone contracted at a sharp pace in August, according to a closely watched survey of purchasing executives."[525]

As far as the U.S stock market, 50% of S&P 500 earnings are outside of the United States.

More bad news for the Barack Hussein Obama re-election team:

"While most U.S. companies reported fairly strong earnings growth in North America during the first quarter of this year, the growth outlook in Europe and most major emerging markets will likely have to substantively improve for most leading industrials to continue to report even modest earnings growth over the next several quarters."[526]

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. at The Washington Times says about the U.S. Presidential election: "Mr. Obama is casting his net for the moron vote. I do not believe there are enough morons out there to re-elect him."[527]

Everywhere from to, there are now commentators warning of pending doom, economic collapse, and a new Great Depression. [528]

Electoral college U.S. presidential election prediction model with 100% accuracy since 1980 forecasts a big win for Mitt Romney.[529]

In addition, the economy may not help Barack Hussein Obama. Reuters reports: "GLOBAL ECONOMY - Euro zone flounders, China brakes, U.S. may slow".[530]

"Speaking harshly about establishment Republicans who have tried to force Akin from the Missouri race, Huckabee at one point compared the National Republican Senatorial Committee to 'union goons' who 'kneecap' their enemies." [531]

Conservative Todd Akin announces to the lamestream media, again, that he's staying in the race, and there was never any evidence of anything to the contrary. [532] Why are liberals so slow in recognizing obvious truths?

Conservative Steve King stands up for Todd Akin's principled pro-life stance, as the RINO Backers are increasingly marginalized. [533]

The Question evolution! campaign blog is going to significantly expand its readership through article syndication plus other major campaign outreaches.[534]

The faux conservative pundits -- now little more than puppets for RINOs -- are still piling on Todd Akin, raising the Mystery:Did Party Bosses Start the Media Bullying of Akin? The good news is that now it is clearer who is working for RINOs and who is not.

Israel contemplates war with Iran and Egypt. (Syria doesn't count.) [535]

The dubious pseudoscience of atheist Stephen Hawking is thoroughly debunked by Creation Ministries International. [536]

The faking of a hate crime: [537]

European immigration will pour Christian creationists into Europe.[538]

In terms of selling books, the conservative titles outsell and are more read than the liberal ones: [539]

Occupy Wall Street's real goal: implement communism. [540] "Billing itself as a spontaneous people's revolution and embraced by the media and Democrat political establishment, Occupy is really a destructive band of thugs whose goal is the violent demise of democracy."

How evolution influences government and changes the Constitution. [541]

Muscle car.jpg

Creationists, the "third gear" of a Question evolution! campaign group's plan has begun - Hang on tight![542]

Want to know where a lot of the $500 million went to in the failed Solyndra debacle? Only liberals could waste taxpayer money this way: [543]


The Newsweek Obama slam could be the turning point in his re-election run: [544]

Barack Hussein Obama: the audacity of betrayal. [545]

Another study comes out confirming the health benefits of religion and spirituality.[546]

Also, find out how the pseudoscience of evolution has impeded medical science and promoted quackery.

Liberal double standard: Politico punishes its reporter for saying something sympathetic about Todd Akin, while CNN is just fine with crass namecalling by its lackey Piers Morgan against Akin.
Next week the liberal media might demand that other conservative candidates withdraw for restating other scientific facts.

Expansive creationist thinking vs. small time evolutionist thinking - Expansive creationist thinking will win! [547]

The growing hostility towards religious expression. [548][549][550]

This has to be seen and read to be believed: Newsweek, that extremely-pro liberal rag which will remain liberal even to the edge of bankruptcy, decided to do a cover story that has driven the liberal rank-and-file totally and completely nuts. [551] Hint: they went conservative with this one!

Give it up, pro-aborts: conservative Todd Akin stands up to media bullying, and it was his opponent, liberal incumbent Claire McCaskill, who pulled out first from a scheduled CNN interview of both tonight. Notice how badly CNN spins the story in its unsuccessful attempt to smear Akin.

Most would agree that a rate of only 1 out of 50 is "really rare." That's the published scientific rate for pregnancy from rape, but pro-aborts like Barack Obama and even some RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove try to expel conservative Todd Akin for mentioning this scientific fact.

Barack Hussein Obama shows no compassion toward a brother, and no honesty to the American people. Isn't that more important than Mitt Romney's tax returns? [552]

A plea to remember American exceptionalism. Some people, who have known dictatorship, know how important it still is. [553]

Liberal claptrap alert: pro-aborts, Barack Obama, and the lamestream media try to score points by taking a pro-life comment by conservative Todd Akin out of context. Mitt Romney and Karl Rove's organization cave into the media pressure, demonstrating their uselessness on the life issue; Akin, showing his mettle, does not fall for the stunt.

Is atheism and evolutionism-loving North Korea about to become less weird?[554]

How did atheism and evolutionism lead to the depravity that occurred within atheistic communism? Are atheism and evolutionism weak and false religions?

Is the Barack Hussein Obama re-election campaign in trouble? "When you're a Democrat and Newsweek is running a cover story against you, you're probably in trouble."[555]

Another New Jersey Tea Party activist reacts to the spectacle of Barack Hussein Obama getting appointment powers fit for a king. [556]

Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins II is a left-winger, admired atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzche.[557]

The Ground Zero Cross must be prevented from being placed, because it makes atheists sick ... literally! [558] Didn't that happen to blood-sucking vampires?

Give it up, pro-aborts: "In a split ruling, a federal appeals court upheld a Louisiana law today that gives the state health secretary more discretion to shut down an abortion clinic for safety or health concerns." [559]

Public school update as students return to the atheism indoctrination: absenteeism is rampant and hundreds of thousands of Florida students miss at least 21 days of class. [560]

Ron Paul delegates are "unenthused" about Paul Ryan: "He was one of those people who was totally for TARP," observes one such delegate to the Republican National Convention. [561] ---- The movie 2016 is now playing. See it now, to understand where Barack Hussein Obama comes from, and what drives him. [562]

The Barack Hussein Obama campaign sinks to a new low, with lies for senior citizens. [563]

Atheism provides no basis for objective morality. [564]

Liberal reality sets in: Finland prepares for the collapse of the European Union. [565]

The Paul Ryan budget plan is at least a plan. Barack Hussein Obama has none. And Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles both praise Ryan for being honest where others are dishonest. [566]

Obama's Columbia University classmate calls the president a "foreign exchange student." [567]

"Facebook hits new low as IPO lock-up ends." [568] Seems like only a few insiders will profit from the gossipy liberal site, which has destroyed thousands of marriages and hurt the academic grades of millions of students.

"The liberal media have repeatedly and deliberately turned a blind eye to the violent, hateful culture of liberalism, particularly their vicious attacks against those who advocate traditional Christian values and conservative principles."[569]


August 22

The fear in the Democratic Party camp is that if the eurocrisis gets worse and spills over to the American economy, there will be no way for Barack Hussein Obama to win this election.[570]

On a related note, on the Italian front of the eurocrises, 1,500 shops in Rome have closed their doors for good since the start of 2012, and the figure might rise to 2,500 by the end of the year.[571]

Is the prophetic clock ticking for the United States of America? As the 2012 election approaches, a minister reminds us of where we stand, or don't stand, morally. [572]

About that cancer death that Mitt Romney is supposed to have caused: what about all the indirect deaths that Barack Hussein Obama has caused? A minister itemizes them. [573]

A minister asks: are all the tragic criminal incidents in America due to lack of accountability before God? Especially given Barack Hussein Obama's current social policies? [574]

Double standard by the liberal media, which have no problem with Joe Biden's gaffes: "They're going to put y'all back in chains!" Biden warned yesterday. [575] Joe, Abraham Lincoln was Republican.

Conservative good news in Senate Elections 2012: Popular Connie Mack, namesake of the famous early baseball team owner, wins the Republican primary to face off against liberal incumbent Senator Ben Nelson.

Flag of Sweden.png

The leaning tower of Swedish belief in evolution.[576]

Like many evolutionists in the West, Swedish evolutionists became complacent.[577][578]

Nothing will save Swedish evolutionism from being overwhelmed by Abrahamic creationism. God willing, Christian creationism will prevail over Islamic creationism in Sweden.

O'Brien for Obama.jpg

Is it any wonder CNN's ratings are in the toilet? Soledad O'Brien gets her "facts" from liberal blogs and speaks only the mantra of the Democrat Party: [579][580][581]

Today, Barack Hussein Obama channeled Karl Marx. "Prosperity shared by all," he says. Is he kidding? Compare that idea to Ronald Reagan's wisdom, and to some even older folk wisdom. [582]

A Tea Party leader reminds us how critical the 2012 Presidential election is, and how Barack Hussein Obama will play to emotion. Her last advice will shock you. [583]

RINOs galore at the Republican National Convention: Chris Christie to deliver the keynote, while Sarah Palin will not be allowed to speak. [584]

An effective tactic in dealing with insincere Darwinists in a public setting.[585]

A look back at Barack Hussein Obama's campaign promises, and how well he did not keep them. [586]

"GOP concerned Ryan could cost party House and Senate seats" ... because "Democrats will successfully demonize Ryan's budget plan, which contains controversial spending cuts and changes to Medicare." [587]

RINOs begin to consolidate power, blocking the conservative governor of our nation's largest Republican state from speaking at the upcoming Republican National Convention. [588]

The Ryan budget plan is far more sensible than its detractors would have you believe. And remember: Barack Hussein Obama has no plan. [589]

"Should the South secede? The author of a new book challenges Northerners and Southerners to consider the possibility of a friendly divorce." [590]

"Expect 'Medicare' to migrate to the top of Obama's stump speech .... One Hill Democrat predicted that the Ryan pick could throw as many as five more seats into play." [591]

Does Christianity lead to true morality or just obedience from fear?[592]

Conservapedia predicted that the Vice President 2012 will be either Bob McDonnell or Paul Ryan, rather than frontrunner Rob Portman -- in fact, it is Paul Ryan. [593]

The spectacular world record in the 800m Olympic race by Kenyan David Rudisha also featured a bronze medal for his countryman; both train under an Irish Catholic priest who went on a Christian mission there and never returned. [594]

The Christianized Jamaica wins all three medals in the highly competitive men's 200m race - an astounding feat for a nation of only 2.3 million people. [595]

"Obama is trailing Mitt Romney in Colorado by five percentage points in a new poll, after Mr. Obama won the state in 2008." [596]

The real health care scandal is a health care system that government broke, not another campaign ad that tells lies, as so many campaign ads do. [597]

Winning the creation vs. evolution war through more firepower.[598]

Winning battles often requires "getting there firstest with the mostest".

Envy is the by-word of Barack Hussein Obama. That's what his campaign ads really appeal to. Nothing endangers liberty more. [599]

Lolo Jones, narrowly missing a medal in an extraordinary 100m Olympic women's hurdles final, commented on a scathing New York Times article about her, "I don't understand why they would rip a U.S. athlete apart two days before they run." [600] Answer: because Jones advocated for abstinence, and liberals don't like that.

Flag of Sweden.png

Swedish evolutionists are giving aid to Christian creationists who want to spread biblical creationism faster in Sweden.[601]

First, Richard Dawkins greatly helped creationists and now this![602]

No surprise here: politically correct Switzerland and Greece, which expelled athletes for offhand twitter comments, have fallen to the bottom of achievement for Europe at the Olympics. [603] Too bad there are no medals given for political correctness??

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) embarrasses himself with his slanderous, or worse, accusations against Mitt Romney. But the Mainstream Media don't care, and Romney's campaign doesn't seem to know how to handle it. Which is: make Barack Hussein Obama release his records. [604]

See how ObamaCare discriminates in favor of Islam and against Christianity. The devil, as ever, is in the details of the health care law. [605]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Tim Tebow helps break up a fight among 20 players on his New York Jets team. [606]

New York City pastor Tim Keller discusses how to provide a rational justification for the Christian faith. [607] Is a perfect storm brewing against atheism? Will atheism be hit by an enormous second wave of Christian apologetics and Christian evangelism?[608]

Also, Conservapedia's Christian apologetics article now ranks #8 at Google USA for the search term Christian apologetics. Most American scientists are Democrats. [609] That explains much as to why the field has become corrupted. Politics interferes with objectivity.

Liberal vs Christian.jpg

Make no mistake: based on recent incidents - such as the Chick-fil-A fiasco, Ten Commandments monuments, or the mere site of the Cross - it is liberalism and its adherents in a hate-filled war against Christianity. [610]

At the halfway point in the 2012 Summer Olympics, an underachieving nation is Australia [611], which has drifted leftward politically and is being outdone by its much smaller, more conservative rival of New Zealand.

Liberals are quietly abandoning Obama, as his team raised only $75 million in July - $26 million less than team Romney raised. [612] Long gone is the 5-to-1 fundraising advantage Obama used to defeat John McCain in 2008.

For the past 100 years, big government policies in America have put it in a slow motion train wreck heading towards financial collapse. Barack Obama is speeding up the train.[613]

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Hussein Obama: a striking side-by-side. [614]

Christian Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas declared that she loved "my family, dogs & most importantly God".[615]

Once again, in the race for women's affection, atheism does not win, place or show. See: Atheism and women and the satire Ponies vs. atheism - Ponies win

No God, no Bible, no problem? Big problem there! [616]

The gunman who massacred Sikhs at their temple was a Nazi: [617]

Only the good die young? Does anyone really think liberals care about about the people who died during the Wisconsin Sikh massacre? The folks at CNN certainly don't: [618]

Another video game-style massacre, this time perpetrated in Wisconsin at a Sikh temple. The liberal media smear the Army over this, even though the accused killer was discharged, perhaps dishonorably, more than a decade ago. [619]

NASA's Curiosity rover prepares to land on Mars. It's a good time to remember that it could never have come about by accident, and neither could its builders. [620]

The tiresome overpromotion by the lamestream media of Michael Phelps for winning obscure events, many as part of a relay team, can be explained: other Olympic stars are selflessly thanking God, and the media do not want to report on that.

An atheist writes to Creation Ministries International and seems very upset about the Question evolution! campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists.[621]

Wait until internet creationism expands by nearly 300% or more and biblical creationism infiltrates public schools and local communities to a greater degree.[622][623] He can run, but he cannot hide!

New information keeps rolling in which further confirms that global atheism and global agnosticism are shrinking and losing influence in the world.[624]

Will Gallup show another increase in American creationism in 2013?[625]

"When I'm President, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely." -B. Hussein Obama. 70 examples of wasting taxpayer money. The majority of the outrageous abuses were funded while Democrats held all branches of government. [626]

Choking back the tears as the music played "God Save the Queen," Andy Murray has won the Olympic gold medal in tennis as the British crowd roared to his aid. [627]

Obama is losing support even in his Hollywood base, as Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney for president. [628]

Is objecting to the biblical age of the earth reasonable? [629]

Cass Sunstein out! "Regulatory Czar resigns abruptly, and gives no reason. Could some dark plan of his have fallen apart? [630]

The liberal media's coverage of Mitt Romney is 86% negative. [631] It's likely the other 14% was gleeful sarcasm.

Missy Franklin shatters the world record to win her third gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics ... yet still no mention by the lamestream media about how she attends Catholic high school. [632]

August 10

The Thinker, Rodin.jpg

Thoughtful and effective Christian evangelism vs. inept atheism evangelism.[633]

A Tea Party leader in New Jersey protests against the RINO establishment there. Will the Tea Party form a breakaway party? [634]

An economic forecast model predicts Barack Hussein Obama would lose in a near-landslide.[635]

To help insure his own victory, Barack Hussein Obama has got to engage in voter fraud (multiple-registered and fictional voters), illegal voting (illegal aliens, felons, the dead, and quite a few pets), and this over-the top stunt: preventing the service men and women of our military from voting: [636]

Outstanding! Liberal, hate-filled bully - specifically, the chief financial officer of Vante, a Tucson, Arizona medical manufacturing company - who filmed himself gleefully-ranting against a Chick-fil-A employee, gets some harsh language in return, from his boss: "Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company." [637]

Unemployment increases to 8.3% just three months prior to the Presidential Election 2012; no incumbent president has won reelection with unemployment above 7.2% in 70 years. [638]

If Barack Hussein Obama were planning a false flag operation with himself as target, how would he prepare for that? A rumor came out two months ago, citing a source in the Department of Homeland Security, warning of exactly that. But is DHS already preparing to lock the country down after just such an event? Why are they ordering ammunition and riot-control gear? See the evidence here. [639]

Research shows a significant amount of American nondenominational church members are checking "unaffiliated" or "no religion" on surveys.[640]

Nondenominational Christians, who tend to be conservative and creationists, are the fastest growing segment of the American religious population.

Pew Research poll oversamples Democrats by +19: B. Hussein Obama leads Mitt Romney 51-41%. [641]

Neutrality is impossible in the creation vs. evolution debate.[642]

Homeschooled Gabby Douglas -- nicknamed the "flying squirrel" -- soars to her second spectacular Olympic gold medal by trouncing the former communists at their own game: gymnastics. [643]

To attract new business, Amtrak created the "Ride with pride" initiative targeting homosexual customers. [644] The federal rail system provides passenger services to 1% of the nation’s intercity, trains on average are less than half full, in fiscal 2011 the government subsidy was $2 billion dollars and they constantly run multi-million dollar deficits.

In addition, Amtrak proposes a $7 billion dollar overhaul to D.C.'s Union Station. [645]

French flag.jpg

French scholars say evangelicalism is likely the fastest growing religion in France. Every 10 days a new evangelical church is opened in France. [646]

It certainly appears as if evolutionism could be headed for the guillotine in France - especially if it is aided by French and European debt crises which jar people's atheism, agnosticism and general spiritual complacency.

France is burdened with an enormous amount of debt.[647] In addition, Reuters just reported "French economy stumbles as business morale dips". [648]

San Bernardino is the latest Californian city to file for bankruptcy, third Golden State city this year. [649] Notice how nobody is looking toward Democrat Governor Jerry Brown for answers.

Republican Senator John Barrasso plans to introduce legislation for anybody to opt-out of Obamacare. [650]

Congress severely vitiated itself and weakened a check and a balance against the President under the Constitution. It gave the President sole authority to appoint several high-level administrators, ranking just below Cabinet members, without asking the Senate to confirm them. [651]

P08-01-12 12.52.jpg
Chick-fil-A boycott backfires on liberals. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day has record turnout nationwide. [652][653] Expect the same crowds voting in record numbers on election day November 6, 2012.

The BBC does a story on how small towns breed Olympic athletes.[654]

People in small towns tend to be more conservative and religious.[655] People raised in small towns are less likely to become homosexuals too.[656] They tend to work harder than blue state, urban, liberal slackers on welfare also.

Communist China's shocking pressure on its young athletes for success at the Olympics includes concealing the deaths of loved relatives and "fierce criticism from a national newspaper when a 17-year-old weightlifter failed to medal." [657]

Tea Party victory in Texas: conservative Ted Cruz defeats the establishment candidate Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in a Senate runoff race. [658][659]

The latest Operation Fast and Furious report is out. But it fails to discuss the true motive, which is: gun control. Until they do, Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley are only passing the buck. [660]

Liberal stupidity at work: Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that Chick-fil-A's values are not Chicago's values. Is "deadliest global city" one of your Chicago values, Mr. Mayor? [661]

Four torpedoes that could sink the S.S. Obama in the November presidential election:

1. Independents don't like Obama's economic policies.[662]

2. Socialist European economies further dragging down the U.S economy in the next 100 days before the election. [663]

3. Republicans now control a majority of the governments in the swing states.[664]

4. In September, Mitt Romney and his surrogates will unleash a relentless barrage of negative ads criticizing Obama's economic policies.[665]

Liberal censorship runs amok at the 2012 Summer Olympics: a Swiss soccer player is expelled for tweeting that his South Korean opponents are "retards". Liberals are awfully busy monitoring and censoring athletes' tweets!

Like it or not, liberals, socialism is NOT Christian. [666]

Richard Dawkins: Insightful secular strategist or an insincere book peddler? [667]

Assocchurch138 yzsodw.jpg

How will biblical creation friendly churches expand their outreach?[668]

While sleepy atheist groups favored by atheist male nerds have boring meetings that few want to attend, creation believing churches will continue to expand.[669][670]

Liberals prepare to boycott Chick-fil-A after its president stood up for marriage as we understand it. A columnist urges people to defy the boycott tomorrow. [671]

The Olympics soccer team of socialist Spain is forced to confront its own total failure and bad sportsmanship.[672] On a related note, Spain's socialist economy has been a colossal failure.[673]

This is further evidence that real men don't want a Nanny state and liberal wimps do. Spain has embraced socialism and "fascism light" and these ideologies are very similar.[674] See: Obamunism and Similarities between Communism, Nazism and liberalism

Capitalism is more consistent with the Bible than socialism is.[675][676]

This helps explain why leftist atheists throughout the entire world are so weak and cowardly.[677] When are liberals and leftist atheists like PZ Myers going to finally man up and compete in a capitalist economy? See: Atheism and cowardice

Your garbage: an indicator for the direction of our economy. [678]

A record 31.1 percent of American high school students in 2011 spent three hours or more on the average school day playing video or computer games or using a computer for something other than school work.[679]

Is it any wonder that evolution indoctrinated atheists at Conservapedia often cannot spell the words atheism, atheist and atheists? Is it really surprising that evolutionary belief boils down to a "gut feeling" for most evolutionists?[680]

Donald Trump says Barack Hussein Obama is delusional and that the business community is very offended at Obama's "you didn't build that" comment.VIDEO

A professor insists that funding "pure science" is a core function of the State. Is it really? [681]

Liberal censorship: the lamestream media are bullying American Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, an outspoken supporter of abstinence, for her pro-Second Amendment tweet. [682]

Barack Hussein Obama's economic fallacies gave us "you didn't build that" .[683]

Obama is no friend of small business owners and his recent "you didn't build that" comment is a slap in the face to entrepreneurs.[684]

The Gallup Organization as of July 30, 2012 has Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney tied for the upcoming U.S Presidential election in terms of registered voters - 46% to 46%.[685]

Mitt Romney is beating Barack Hussein Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll. [686]

John Podhoretz in a New York Post article indicates the economy is going to cause Obama to lose the election.[687]

Science is a human enterprise, which means it’s liable to the same distortions and errors that humans typically make in other areas.

The Bible is far more satisfying than science as it is God's inerrant word which reveals His nature and speaks infallibly on man's experience.[688]

August 3

Liberals are exploiting the Aurora massacre for political gain. "The tragic mass murder of 12 people is being used as fodder against the right. Within hours of the killing spree, the media establishment was hoping to link the suspected shooter, James Holmes, with the Tea Party, conservatives and -- ultimately -- the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney." [689]

"Occupy Movement Hits London to Protest 'Capitalist' Olympic Games." [690]

More liberal lies: "They don't have a plan, and I do," Obama declared. [691]

Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) gives a rousing speech that everyone should hear. [692]

Media-promoted Michael Phelps, who declined to walk with Team USA at the opening ceremonies or even mingle with his teammates at a prior event, fails to win a medal in today's big swimming event as the less self-centered Ryan Lochte wins the gold. [693]

The liberal media continue to overpromote the Overrated Sports Stars: lead photos are of David Beckham driving a speedboat carring the Olympic torch and Kobe Bryant walking in the opening ceremonies. [694]

Ignored by the lamestream media: an eight-month pregnant athlete is competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics, and she found that her "stability increased" due to her pregnancy. [695] Too pro-life a message for the liberal media??

The UN Arms Trade Treaty is dead! US delegation backs out at the last minute. Did Barack Hussein Obama get cold feet? [696]

The St. Lucie County bike team completed a successful 1,000-mile journey for charity which ended in a meeting with the overweight Surgeon General of the United States Regina Benjamin.[697]

Benjamin claimed she "believed wholeheartedly" in what they are doing, yet why isn't she doing more exercise and eating more sensibly?[698]

Obesity is significantly raising America's health care cost and helping to make it an outlier in terms of health care cost compared to other countries. [699]

The Surgeon General of the United States is primarily a bully pulpit position and not a policy making position. Why isn't Barack Obama holding the overweight Surgeon General of the United States Regina Benjamin accountable for her poor leadership?

Is Speaker of the House John Boehner under blackmail, or is he a con artist? Last night he showed that he knew this much about the Constitution: that tax bills must start in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. What about Obamacare, Mr. Speaker? That started in the Senate, too! [700]

Corruption by gambling has forced Olympic organizers to spend time trying to monitor and safeguard against its influence on athletes. [701]

General Motors stock at new lows. Obama often tries to point out that he saved the automaker but the opposite is true. [702]

"The British economy slumped for the third consecutive quarter, adding to the economic concern throughout Europe, with some economists calling this the most prolonged double-dip recession in the United Kingdom since the 1950s."[703]

Why does Barack Hussein Obama and why do many British officials hate the Bible and Christianity so much?[704][705]

Do they hate what the Bible says about working hard?[706]

Why are Jon Corzine and MF Global skating on the theft of $2 billion in customer assets? Because Attorney General Eric Holder and two of his associates have ties to MF Global. But that tells only part of the story. [707]

Among the important group of American voters making between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, Mitt Romney holds a 6-point edge, 42 percent to 36 percent.

According to the leading pollster John Zogby, it is this "group that normally provides the winner in presidential elections going back to 1972.”[708]

The U.S. economy is poised to deal a knockout blow to Barack Hussein Obama's re-election hopes:

"The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of just 1.5 percent in June, prompting worries of an economic stall.

The entrenched European financial crisis and the looming fiscal cliff of U.S. tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of the year appear to be holdingn back growth as businesses decide to put off new investments."[709]

Three devastating blows to Barack Hussein Obama's re-election campaign:

1.Obama's approval rating among American business owners was 35% BEFORE he made his "you didn't build that" remark.[710]

2. The Associated Press reports US economy looks weaker, business confidence dims.[711]

3. UPS says global economy getting worse, customers are ‘nervous’; weakness in Asia and Europe.[712]

Just like B. Hussein Obama's past is sealed from the public, legislation has been submitted to seal his presidential records. [713]

This is pathetic, a new low for liberals: "Democrats Won’t Consent to Typo Fix." [714]

Liberals of the 1700s, like Voltaire, defended free speech by others. But liberals today, like those running the 2012 Summer Olympics and the media, support destroying the career of a 23-year-old Greek athlete due to one joke she sent on Twitter, for which she apologized. She is understandably "bitter and upset" by the tyrannical expulsion. [715]

The Aurora, Colorado Incident did not result from a bad education, or politics, or society. It resulted from sin. A minister lays it on the line. [716]

Two Americas, John Edwards said. Barack Hussein Obama drew the battle lines all over again. This fall, Americans must choose. [717]

Dr. Tas Walker examines a geological formation that points to Noah's flood in terms of its creation. [718]

The United Nations releases its first draft of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It pleases no one. And it is just as dangerous as Second Amendment advocates say it is. [719]

Normandy invasion.jpg

An all-out assault on evolutionary belief is getting nearer. [720]

Creationism growing in the past year in America and biblical creation believing evangelicalism quickly spreading in the UK, France, Latin America, Asia and Africa strongly suggests evolutionists are not ready to do battle.

Seriously! Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City called on police all over America to go on strike for gun control. Is he crazy? And might he have started a debate he might wish he hadn't? [721]

No apologies by the liberal University of Colorado, despite how its grad student James Holmes apparently received shipments there to commit the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. "[W]e think we did everything that we should have done," the university chancellor declared. [722]

Have we a free press or a controlled press? From the Mainstream Media comes a shocking admission: Barack Hussein Obama's friends vet everything written about them in return for "access." What kind of press is that? Not a free press! [723]

A Mainline Collapse: The Twilight of Liberal Christianity? [724]

American evolutionists, liberal Christianity is collapsing and creationism is growing.[725]

Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein: Classified information has been leaked by Obama's White House. Republicans have called for a special prosecutor to investigate but Attorney General Eric Holder says no. [726]

Liberal double standard: a liberal media headline implies a conspiracy theory against conservatives, with "US evangelical Christians accused of promoting homophobia in Africa." [727] But any claim of a conspiracy by liberals is lampooned as a "conspiracy theory."

‘Feathered’ dinosaurs: no feathers after all![728]

Now that your 'feathered' dinosaurs "evidence" has flown the coop and been debunked, what are you going to do now evolutionists? By the way, humans and dinosaurs co-existed.[729] [730]

Liberals do not support free speech by conservatives: "Mayor Thomas M. Menino has sworn that the franchise will have to fight city hall to bring its fast-food empire to Boston after Chick-fil-A’s president, Dan Cathy, said gay marriage is 'inviting God's judgment on our nation.'" [731]

Mitt Romney reaches out to Ron Paul, lets him speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. But will that satisfy his followers? [732]

A coalition of health groups is urging the U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin to release a report on the health risks of drinking soda. [733] Judging from this 2012 picture of Regina Benjamin, she may be too busy guzzling down sodas to respond.

James Holmes was a violent, marijuana smoking, liberal from California who dyed his long scraggly hair a freaky color of red. [734] The Apostle Paul said Christians are to lead a peaceful life and men should wear their hair short. (I Corinthians 11:3-16).

Another atheist gets badly tripped up under cross-examination. [735] Notice the atheist claimed there were studies that showed that atheism was on the rise worldwide, but he failed to cite any studies. Another case of an atheist bluffing and making things up as he goes along? See: Decline of atheism

Barack Hussein Obama included the Internet when he said, "You didn't build that!" Oh, yeah? A fresh look at the real history of the Internet. [736]

The Discovery Channel had an episode on the meaning of life. The episode was filled with inane, atheistic claptrap.[737]

A Chicago woman dies after having an abortion at Planned Parenthood.[738]

James Holmes once had a bright future. But after years of learning and believing what is taught in liberal public school and university science classes -- graduating with high honors -- he evidently lost his values. [739] Now his victims will never have the opportunity that he squandered.

Dark Knight Rises may just be one of the great conservative movies of all time, where the villains seem to come right out of the Occupy Wall Street tents. [740]

Atheistic schools produce another young mass murderer, but the lamestream media ask no questions of the liberal University of Colorado even though grad student James Holmes received a "'high volume of deliveries' over the last four months ... at school." [741]

Mass murderer James Holmes was called a loner by his neighbors.[742]

Randolph Roth, a Ohio State historian, examined 400 years of historical records and homicide rates and found that trust in government and a sense of belonging were the most important determinants of homicide rates.[743]

In September of 2011, CNN reported that the American public's trust in government was at an all time low.[744]

The public school-educated grad student James Holmes spent months in "calculation and deliberation" of his shooting of dozens at the crowded Colorado theater, including receiving suspicious materials at work. A six-year-old girl was among the dozen murdered. [745] Yet none of his liberal colleagues at the University of Colorado questioned his behavior??

Senator Frank Lautenberg, Democrat of New Jersey: such a demagogue that he would sacrifice his own constituents to his ideology, which is opposed to the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution. [746]

Criminal profiler Pat Brown suggests on CNN that grad student James Holmes, who was arrested for the Colorado theater massacre, may have repeatedly played violent video games to prepare for his killing rampage. [747] But will the lamestream media even ask law enforcement about this??

Was mass murderer James Eakin Holmes groomed to do the Midnight Movie Massacre? Where did he get those weapons and munitions, and the $20,000 to pay for them? What might have been the full nature of his neuroscience studies at the University of Colorado? Why did he act almost like a sleepwalker throughout? [748]

The Christian Post reported that the mass murderer James Holmes was heavily involved in his local Presbyterian church.[749]

In 2012, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) passed a resolution, by a lopsided vote of 353-150, reaffirming its support of evolution. [750] In October of 2011, the Presbyterian Church USA ordained its first homosexual "minister". [751]

Did James Holmes attend a evolution and homosexuality promoting/condoning liberal "church" or a Bible Presbyterian church which are fewer in number? Darwinism has a bloodstained legacy and has been linked to a decline in morality.[752][753]

Evidence for creation now banned from UK religious education classes.[754]

In June of 2010, it was reported that the UK had a external debt to gross national product percentage of 400% which was more than 4 times higher than the United States. In June of 2010, per capita every UK citizen owed $144,338. [755]

At a time of global economic slowdown and instability this is financial madness.[756] Just like the atheistic Soviet Union, the UK is descending into madness.

Suspected young mass murderer James Holmes -- a university grad student -- is a pot-smoker who reportedly took drugs before his rampage. [757]

"Facebook sickos praise Colorado killer." [758]

Colorado movie theater mass murderer suspect James Holmes -- a grad student at the University of Colorado -- was reportedly "sporting red hair and told people he was 'The Joker' when he was apprehended by police Friday morning." [759]

Outspoken Christian Jeremy Lin goes from 0 to $25 million in just a few months, due to his faith-driven achievement. What will Christianity do for others ... who give it a chance? [760]

A letter from Michele Bachmann of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence says the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House. Serious national security concerns are mocked by liberals, John McCain and John Boehner. Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas grills Janet Napolitano for answers and she plays the Muslim card, don't accuse anyone of anti-American behavior simply because they are Muslim. [761]

Liberal education system produced the latest young mass murderer: "Colorado Batman Movie Shooting Suspect James Holmes Was PhD Student." [762]

The UN Arms Trade Treaty is a direct threat to the Second Amendment. What makes the threat potent is that the Supreme Court might ignore relevant case law and misconstrue the Supremacy Clause. [763]

Author on mass killings and professor of sociology discusses the probable motive of the killer James Holmes.[764]

The Christian Post says that anger and murder has plagued mankind since the fall of man in the garden of Eden.[765]

Another Young Mass Murderer goes on a rampage: "12 dead in Colorado theater shooting ... Moviegoers didn't know what was happening and some thought the attack was part of the show." [766] As in the Columbine massacre, was this perpetrator a violent video game player?

Barack Hussein Obama loses his 5 point lead in the crucial battleground state of Virginia. The is race now tied between Obama and Mitt Romney.[767]

"Was Barack Obama married in college?" Obama apparently wore a wedding ring during those years. WorldNetDaily article

The Obama eligibility issue is larger than Barack Hussein Obama himself. Getting a birth certificate in Hawaii is ridiculously easy, even for one not born in the USA. That threatens our national security, according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. [768]

Latest polling by NYT/CBS has Mitt Romney leading B. Hussein Obama by 1 point. This despite the poll oversampling Democrats. [769] The leftist media have all but buried the news and want to talk more about Mitt's taxes.

Barack Hussein Obama's White House Jobs Council -- a panel of prominent CEO's tasked with coming up with recommendations to spur job growth -- hasn't met for 6 months and have no plans to meet anytime soon.[770]

Maybe they think 8.2% unemployment is the best Obama can do. Alternatively, they could be too busy playing golf with Obama.[771]

British labor unions, which have weakened the once-great nation for nearly a century, threaten to walk off the job during the 2012 Summer Olympics. [772]

The "birther" issue in perspective: why won't some people support and defend the Constitution, as they are sworn to do? [773]

A Tea Party activist in New Jersey endorses Representative Allen West for Vice-President. [774]

Ponder this: Democrats in the House are working on some very important legislation. It has nothing to do with creating jobs, it's not an investigation into White House leaks, nor further inquiry surrounding the Fast and Furious scandal. House Democrats are crafting legislation forcing Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. [775]

"You didn't build that," said Barack Hussein Obama. He revealed volumes about what he really thinks, and even Mitt Romney missed it. [776]

Tea Party Congress forms in New Jersey. It began as a response to attempted co-optation. But it could make the Tea Party more powerful than ever. [777]


Why does Richard Dawkins have such a high belief in the possibility of fairies being at the bottom of the garden?[778]

Is Richard Dawkins being disingenuous or irrational or both? Is he being an irrational God-hater?

"Truly the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil; madness is in their hearts while they live." - King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 9:3


Vindication! Mercury’s crust is magnetized.[779]

Why is it that the predictions of creation scientists have a habit of being validated and the predictions of evolutionist charlatans and old earthers so often fall flat? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Supporters of freedom in nutritional foods and vitamins pour in donations to Mitt Romney, while advocates of more control by government side with Obama. [780]

Mantis shrimp "fist" could inspire new body armor. [781]

The fist packs an incredibly strong punch and shows definite signs of being intelligently engineered. It is lightweight, shock resistant and tougher than many engineered ceramics. It definitely is not a result of the fictional process of macroevolution.

Does Barack Hussein Obama simply not understand how our economy and our society work? Or is he harming it anyway? [782]


More proof and evidence that Christian internet evangelism and inoculating people against evolutionism/atheism will help grind atheism and evolutionism into ground chuck.[783]

While YouTube's most popular evolutionist Thunderf00t largely preaches to the atheist choir and gets embroiled in a bitter dispute, online Christian evangelism efforts are beginning to achieve massive results. Millions of people are reporting becoming Christians.

Extemporaneous liberal claptrap: Obama does a little speaking without reading from a teleprompter, to try to avoid the criticism. [784]

What is Barry doing today for the millions of unemployed? The answer is nothing. His schedule consists of travel and fundraisers. [785] [786]

Bear market.jpg

3 pieces of major bad news for Barack Hussein Obama's re-election bid:

1. 19 major sources warming of large economic troubles. [787]

2. Wall Street Journal warns: "The United States faces an economic collapse thanks to massive tax increases on Jan. 1, and continued deficit spending for years on end."[788]

3. Europe: Economy Terminal, Devalue or Die[789]

Barack Hussein Obama flew his true colors in Roanoke, Virginia last Saturday. Or rather, color: red. He gave a speech that Vladimir Lenin could have given just as well. [790]

"US Army sending 11 soldiers to London Olympics." [791] And Conservapedia is rooting for you most of all.

The best of the public may finally be able to scrutinize British research: "The government is to unveil controversial plans to make publicly funded scientific research immediately available for anyone to read for free by 2014, in the most radical shakeup of academic publishing since the invention of the internet." [792]

Iran has a plan to close the Strait of Hormuz. Will war break out yet again? Perhaps an October Surprise? [793]

A young man tells Creation Ministries International (CMI) that he can adequately answer about half of the 15 questions for evolutionists.

He is told by a biologist with a doctorate in biology that he is mistaken and needs to thoroughly examine the resources that CMI has provided.[794]

Evolutionists, there are no shortcuts to truth. is formally dissolving. A 16-year joint venture with Microsoft ends and the new entity is to be called An MSN general manager, speaking of difficulties they faced, mentions their users were telling them what they wanted. [795] What users are demanding is more conservative content and less liberal claptrap.

Eugenics rears its ugly head, as an evolutionary biologist actually advocates it as a part of medicine! [796]

"Liberals and moderates lost so much confidence in television news this year -- 11 and 10 points, respectively -- that their views are now more akin to conservatives' views."[797]

This is more bad news for American atheism. See: 10 reasons why American atheism will see a significant decline

Will the outspoken Christian star Kevin Durant be able to overcome expected lackluster performances by Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to win the gold medal for Team USA? On Friday, Durant carried the team to victory in an exhibition game.

After four years of liberal claptrap, Obama has lost the support of many young people: Ten-point drop in the percentage of 18-29 year-olds who are definitely likely to vote this fall, down to only 58%. [798] Perhaps they've woken up to how they were misled down the road of the Worst College Majors?

Conservative "Scott Walker to Romney: Get off your heels." [799]

The lamestream media fails again: "The Chicago Tribune on Friday night said it has suspended its use of content provider Journatic to produce editorial material for its suburban TribLocal publications after the discovery of plagiarized and fabricated elements in a story published this week." [800]

Killed July 8th in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan: Staff Sgt. Ricardo Seija, 31, of Tampa, Fla., Spc. Erica P. Alecksen, 21, of Eatonton, Ga., Spc. Clarence Williams III, 23, of Brooksville, Fla., Pfc. Trevor B. Adkins, 21, of Spring Lake, N.C., Pfc. Alejandro J. Pardo, 21, of Porterville, Calif., and Pfc. Cameron J. Stambaugh, 20, of Spring Grove, Pa. [801]

Why do so many Christian clergy members put their hope in a man, and not in Jesus Christ? Especially when that man is Barack Hussein Obama? [802]


July 25

Liberal double standard again as the White House says that requesting Obama’s college records is "preposterous", even though the lamestream media made a big deal about Rick Perry and Dan Quayle's college records. [803]

Who is unemployed now in America? [804] Once again, wisdom is vindicated by her deeds. Will Obama zombies awake out of their stupor?[805]

Compare Barack Hussein Obama to Ronald Reagan. Each man inherited a "mess." But who handled it better? And who is trying to handle it the way Franklin Delano Roosevelt handled it? Hint: they're not the same man. [806]

Would Charles Darwin be a Darwinist today? [807] Also, Hank Hanegraaff publishes a book on creation which falls short of the mark. [808]

Devout Christian Drew Brees, who stood up for Tim Tebow against the lamestream media, signs a $100 million, 5-year-deal to stay with the New Orleans Saints. "Seems like parents who want their sons to be quarterbacks should be giving them Bibles at an early age." [809]

America's new tiger Asian immigrants will leave liberals who studied the worst college majors in the dust![810]

Unemployed atheist slackers in Washington state, get ready to be bested by God fearing, hard working, North Dakotans and Asian immigrants with the Protestant work ethic!

Governor Mitt Romney slams Barack Obama's welfare waiver move [811] The Obama administration wants to let states waive enforcement of the work mandate.

Liberal logic: If Obama can play a lot of golf, take a lot of vacations and remain ignorant about economics, why should other liberals have to work? [812]

Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian, but he sure doesn't have the Protestant work ethic!

Hot off the press: Internet atheism's fast decline.VIDEO

The New Atheism was off to such a good liberal media propelled fast start.[813] What happened? Flying high in April, shot down in June?

"Digg Inc., a social-media pioneer once valued at more than $160 million, is selling for the deeply discounted price of about $500,000." [814]

Mitt Romney announces that he has narrowed down a list of Vice Presidents. Surprising to some, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is on the list. [815]

Your typical, liberal-infested public universities, where freedom of speech is outlawed for conservatives, freedom of religion is banned for Christians, where the free-flow of ideas is stifled if they don't agree with it, and in the case of Penn State, where officials had covered up the sexual assaults by one man because it might get them "bad publicity": [816]
"Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims by the most senior leaders at Penn State," said former FBI Director Louis Freeh. "The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized."

Liberal claptrap from Overrated Sports Star Kobe Bryant is too much even for Michael Jordan: "I absolutely laughed," Jordan said, upon learning that Bryant thinks his Olympic team could have beaten the Dream Team. [817]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel must stand up and be counted. The Levy Report leaves him no choice. [818]

An amused Christian comments on how the popular Christian YouTube video maker Shockofgod utterly demolished a modern form of the religion of atheism and further exposed the foolishness of atheists.VIDEO.

A publicity stunt to promote the evolutionary "there is life in outer space" worldview goes sour and evolutionists have more egg on their face.[819]

American evolutionists get used to the idea that NASA will not be spared the budget axe. The axe man cometh![820]

What global warming? The world has been in a cooling trend since Roman times, and we have the trees to prove it: [821]

The historic Levy Report on settlements in the West Bank made history in Israel. Most people don't know it yet, though Barack Hussein Obama tried to stand in history's way. [822]

The James Ossuary looks better than ever. After an Israeli court could not convict its former owner of forgery, a statistician shows that it could have belonged to only one or two families, Including the family of Jesus Christ. [823]

"6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok." [824]

Liberal hypocrisy, anyone?
Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz invested in foreign banks, yet attacks Mitt Romney for having a Swiss bank account. [825] In addition, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett has a line of credit with an offshore bank in Bermuda. [826]

And, Attorney General Eric Holder has to give a speech in Houston denouncing recent state trends towards enacting voter I.D. laws, a speech where it was mandatory that all journalists show an I.D. to get in. [827]

When five out of six doctors might quit their profession, somebody should listen, don't you think? But the lesson goes much wider than Obamacare. [828]

"On Wednesday, Mr. Romney will make a pitch to the nation's premier civil rights group, the N.A.A.C.P., ... at a time of 14.4 percent unemployment among African-Americans." [829] Why isn't the NY Times article referring to Romney as "Governor" Romney?? Also, pro-life groups are the premier civil rights groups today.

The tax man cometh—but is the Obamacare tax constitutional? A Tea Party activist shows that it is not. [830]

Egypt's Islamist President clashes with his army. He must get control of the army before he can go to war with Israel. Will he? [831]

Biblical creation worldview causes a stir in Northern Ireland.[832][833] Expect more and more of these type of incidences in the UK in the coming months and years.[834]

On a related note: 184 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes and 22 seconds to a paradise of biblical creationism?[835]

Even a column in the left-leaning Boston Globe explains, "Obama ad has Romney’s record in Mass. wrong." [836]

Does atheism thrive on economic prosperity? Does religion prosper when people are desperate and ignorant? [837]

Also, read the article Biblical Private Property Versus Socialistic Common Property by Reverend Professor F.N. Lee.[838]

2012 is 1980 all over again, and the ghost of Ronald Reagan is haunting Barack Hussein Obama. [839]

The atheist Thunderf00t was banned from "FreeThoughtblogs" by fellow atheist PZ Myers. [840] Thunderf00t, for good reason atheists are one of the least trusted segments of American and Canadian society.[841] You shouldn't have trusted PZ Myers!

On a related note, please see the comedy/satire: Is there a Laurel and Hardy of atheism?

A Conservative Triumphs article points out that the public is becoming less and less interested in global warming and climate change alarmism.[842]

Global warming alarmists, we hear you knockin', but you can't come in!

Democrat Shelley Berkley facing House ethics investigation. She has received the praises of B. Hussein Obama on numerous occasions. [843]

Now they tell us! The Department of Justice unseals indictments against four trigger men who used Fast and Furious guns to kill Brian Terry. But that does not absolve Eric Holder from his deceitful attempt to say that "it started with the George W. Bush administration." [844]

Google is pushing a global campaign to advance the gay agenda with 'Legalize Love' promotion. The effort will run in countries where homosexual activities are illegal or gay relationships are not recognized. [845]

Microsoft's founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen each contributed $100,000 to help defeat a referendum banning gay marriage in Washington state. [846]

4 more bad omens for Barack Hussein Obama's re-election prospects:

1. Global collapse of auto market coming up. [847]

2. Slow U.S. economic growth will probably continue for quite some time as firms postpone hiring and investment in the face of an uncertain global economy. [848]

3. In the Eurozone, borrowing costs for Spain and Italy are inching back up to critical levels and financial markets are trending downward.[849]

4. The financial markets are losing confidence in the central banks of the world so central bank attempts to bolster confidence are having less and less of an effect.[850]

"Two-thirds of likely voters say President Obama has kept his 2008 campaign promise to change Americabut it’s changed for the worse, according to a sizable majority." [851]

A New York Times Op-ed revisits the notion that conservatives are happier than liberals argument and the claim still stands true. New to the study, extremists are the happiest. [852] You love fiscal responsibility, freedom and limited government? Support of the Tea Party movement makes you a happy-go-lucky extremist.

Is Barack Hussein Obama guilty of treason? He will be, if he signs a United Nations Treaty that abrogates the Second Amendment! [853]

Evolutionist professors, get ready for the tidal wave heading towards your sandcastles.[854]

"And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it." - Jesus

Conservapedia proven right, again: we emphasized how British fans needed to pray for their inspiring countryman Andy Murray to continue winning after taking the first set in the Wimbledon finals. But British atheists do not pray for anyone, and Roger Federer then easily swept the next three sets. Federer praised Greatest Conservative Sports Star Pete Sampras afterward. [855]

More good news when it comes to electing Republicans, every state that elected a GOP governor in 2010 has seen their unemployment rate drop. [856]

If "extraterrestrial life" visitations do occur, what is it about Christians they don’t like?[857] Are they demons?

"No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light." - Apostle Paul, 2 Corinthians 11:14

Will atheistic Britain pray for victory by its countryman in today's Wimbledon men's finals, to end Britain's nearly 80-year drought of champions? Scotsman Andy Murray wins the first set, but could use some prayers to defeat the formidable Roger Federer. [858]

Governor Christie, will you opt out? After Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said that no State need take part in Obamacare, Chris Christie has been strangely silent. A Tea Party activist calls him out. [859]

Conservative proven right, again: "Tiger Woods misses cut at Greenbrier" is the headline by the lamestream media, which continues to spend time on this Overrated Sports Star rather than on the real winners. [860]

3 bad omens for Barack Hussein Obama supporters:

1. The New York Post declares: "since the labor force is growing at a much faster rate than job growth, unemployment is almost certain to keep rising."[861]

2. Economist Peter Morici recently said: "Adults who have quit looking and left the labor force altogether are responsible for 99 percent of the reduction in the unemployment rate from 10 percent since October 2009." [862]

3. Signs the world economy is slowing.[863]

Is the current economic crisis in Europe caused solely by lazy and profligate countries or does Germany share part of the blame?[864]

First he nearly ruined the computer industry, and now he tries to ruin marriage: "Bill Gates Supports Gay Marriage With $100K Gift." [865]

If an economic collapse occurs in America, it will probably not be a single event.[866]

If they want more jobs, America and many countries of the Western World need to upgrade their economies in terms competitiveness by: citizens upgrading their skills, increasing the amount of savings and investment, easing the regulatory burdens placed on employers, simplifying and lowering taxes and significantly reducing the size of government. [867]

A lot of poor people are going to be hurt around the world, if the Western World fails to develop a more sound and sustainable economic system.[868] Also, emerging economies need to be less dependent on the Western World for growth.[869]

What does the Higgs boson prove, even if CERN found it as they claim? And why does the Mainstream Media hype it up? [870]

The negative ads against Obama begin with Super PAC Crossroads' $25 million ad buy, to educate Americans about how he has mishandled the economy. [871]

"Out of College, Out of Work: Number of College Grads With Jobs Dropped 406,000 in June." [872]

Latino unemployment stays at 11%.[873] If unemployment rate stays high or increases for Latinos, Mitt Romney could gain Hispanic votes.[874]

The global economy is slowing.[875] Ricky Ricardo like advice to Obama: "Barack, you got a lot of splainin' to do to Latinos before the November 2012 election!

Creation Ministries International released an article entitled "Has the ‘God particle been found?"[876]

Scientists claim to have confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson — but fail to credit God who created it.

Pastor Gallups, who narrates the popular PPsimmons Christian YouTube channel, created two videos on the theorized Higgs boson particle (sometimes referred to as the "God particle").[877] Vox Day weighed in on the theorized Higgs boson particle as well.[878][879]

Carl Gallups and Vox Day have both endorsed the Question evolution! campaign.

The people of Israel have a serious public debate going on whether to annex the ancient lands of Judea and Samaria, a/k/a The West Bank. And recently, a blue-ribbon commission concluded that Jews in Israel have every legal right to settle in those lands. [880]

Underachieving, atheistic Britain has a chance for a countryman to make the finals of its Wimbledon tennis classic ... for the first time since 1938! [881] Britain did better before it became a socialistic, pro-evolution state.
Even now, the great Brit hope is not from England, where atheism suffocates achievement.

Obama does not adequately understand economics, budgeting, Constitutional law, history, diplomacy, military strategy, science or theology. [882] Why are liberals so foolish? Hint: Proverbs 1:7

Tax or penalty? According to this Tea Party activist, the fireworks have just begun after the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. [883]

10 reasons why Barack Hussein Obama may lose his re-election bid.[884]

France is headed towards economic implosion due to the policies of its new socialist president, Francois Hollande. France may start imploding within 3 months due to market reaction says German official. [885]

The Eurozone has many economic ties to the United States and is expected to affect Obama's re-election chances. Liberals want U.S. taxpayers to bailout out the Eurozone if a crises occurs.[886]

Why shouldn't Eurozone citizens be held responsible for the foolish leaders they elected?[887] An American bailout of the Eurozone? Isn't America already looking too much like Greece?[888]

Another empty promise of President Barack Hussein Obama broken: Obama is nowhere near his promise to double exports by 2015.[889]

Two Overrated Sports Stars team up, as Steve Nash surprisingly joins the Los Angeles Lakers. [890] Nash's political views will fit in on the Left Coast.

July 12

California Governor Jerry Brown is asking voters to approve a budget with tax hikes and "tough choices" in November.[891]

The liberal University of California, Berkeley and its "Understanding Evolution" web "resource" are on shaky ground as California's big government practices are unsustainable.[892]

Will "Understanding Evolution" lose much of its future audience or be discontinued? Will Berkeley become a private college or close its doors?

On this Independence Day, a history of taxes in America and how much the people were willing to take before they fought back. [893]

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama will hold the Defeat Barack Obama Telethon on July 4th and will be broadcast nationwide from Las Vegas. More than two dozen high-profile conservative guests are confirmed for this historic event. [894]

Culture News: Patriotic Necessity Leads to American Invention: A Fourth of July Reflection. [895]

Flag of Mexico.png

The rise of biblical creationism in Mexico and its effect on American creationism.[896]

Evolutionists and atheists, were you not told that 2012 would be the worst year in the history of Darwinism?[897] It's happening!

What plans do creationists have for the latter half of 2012 as far as whittling away at evolutionary belief in America, the UK and the world at large?[898]

The lamestream media demand to know why their overrated favorite, David Beckham, was not picked to be on the British Olympic soccer team. The manager tried to explain that these decisions are based on merit; he should direct the liberal media to Overrated Sports Stars. [899]

The Chicago government held a gun buyback program giving away $100 MasterCards for each weapon. Criminals don't turn their guns in so the program is nothing but a waste of taxpayer money. The measure does nothing to stop an exploding homicide rate in Chicago, a 38% increase since last year. [900]

Conservative anger over the Obamacare ruling reached a new level: [901] Translation: Obama and the Democrats will lose - and lose very badly - in November.

Josh Hamilton, who turned to Christ to overcome his addictions and become one of the finest baseball players, broke the record for the most number of votes to play in the upcoming All-Star game. [902]

A clergyman warns the voters not to let Barack Hussein Obama fool them twice! [903]

White atheists are throwing Barack Obama under the bus, even though he was the first U.S. president to invite them to the White House.[904] Is God using atheists to smite Barack Obama's re-election campaign?

Barack Obama is an expert at throwing people under the bus so atheists have a good teacher. VIDEO

On a related note, a new blog was launched: The Evidence for atheism blog.[905]

Sunday a federal court issued a temporary restraining order against the 30-mile rule passed by Mississippi, which pro-aborts say could shut down the only abortion clinic in the state. [906] This case could end up soon on appeal.

Did someone criticize Ayn Rand for wanting to sell public lands? Guess what: vast tracts of federal land were unConstitutionally obtained! [907]

Did you hear anything from the liberal media regarding deaths of U.S. soldiers surpassing 2000 in Afghanistan last month? During the Bush Administration, liberals announced daily the number of deaths in Iraq. [908]

Brazil rel94.jpg

Young earth creationism is exploding in the fast growing country of Brazil and spilling into its South American neighbors.[909] For more perspective, including Brazilian-American cooperation, see: [910]

Earlier we reported that young earth creationism has significantly grown in the last 17 months in the the United States.[911] In addition, there are plans to expand the Question evolution! campaign in America and Canada.[912]

Evolutionists, if you want to hide from young earth creationism in the Americas, we suggest you build a bunker. The evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler hid in a bunker when his master plan for the "German master race" failed. [913]

Conservative Websites News reports: "According to the web traffic tracking company Alexa, Conservapedia trounced the website of Richard Dawkins during the last part of June of 2012 in terms of web traffic."[914]

Does Conservapedia have a gameplan to increase its web traffic even higher? Stay tuned for future developments!

"The last time Ohio voters didn't pick the winner in a presidential election was 1960," and both sides in the presidential election 2012 are focusing their efforts on winning Ohio. [915] Bush won the presidential election in 2004 by winning Ohio.

More nuanced view of Roberts after health care law Chief Justice John Roberts could have taken down the entire, massive health care law that his fellow Republicans deride as "Obamacare." He could have prevented the Supreme Court decision that largely disabled the most disputed aspects of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants. [916]

Give it up, liberals: "the proportion of college graduates who are creationists is exactly the same as for the general public. That’s right: 46 percent of Americans with sixteen long years of education under their belt believe the story of Adam and Eve is literally true." [917]

Conservapedia proven right, again: After we put David Beckham in our list of Overrated Sports Stars, the British Olympic soccer team stuns its nation by excluding Beckham from playing on its team, even though it has 3 spots available for older players and despite how Beckham was one the favorites to carry the Olympic torch for the host country! [918]

The man who filed the most comprehensive anti-Obamacare lawsuit in any jurisdiction, calls for re-arguing the case after the Supreme Court says that Obamacare is a tax. [919]

More Liberal claptrap from Harvard and Nature magazine: "Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice – now for humans." [920] Both Biblical scientific foreknowledge and the Second Law of Thermodynamics reveal the futility of that goal.

Gay ‘marriage’ and the consistent outcome of Genesis compromise.[921]

"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refuses to implement Obamacare despite Supreme Court ruling." [922]

Did Chief Justice John Roberts betray his calling, the Constitution, and the cause of liberty? You decide. [923]

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, 49 years old, is divorcing for the third time; his actress wife Katie Holmes broke the news to People magazine. [924]
The only thing worse for marriage than Hollywood may be Facebook.

Conservative Republicans are going to fight ObamaCare tooth and nail as this is a defining moment in U.S. political history they must win. Thanks to Justice Roberts, "the conservatives lost today. But wait a while. His decision may turn out to be a liberal Waterloo".[925]

The Tea Party Movement has become electrified and has promised an all out effort to overturn ObamaCare. If you thought the Tea Party was active in the 2010 elections and won battles in unlikely states [926], in 2012 they will be on "political steroids".[927] The Tea Party will be the "political Incredible Hulk" of the 2012 elections.

Obama NapoleonBellyHandCrM.jpg

All is not quiet on the ObamaCare front. ObamaCare may ultimately prove to be Barack Obama's Waterloo.[928]

If you think the ObamaCare battle is over Democrats, you are sadly mistaken. Conservatives have not yet begun to fight on this political front and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling may prove to be a pyrrhic victory.

The activist who brought the most comprehensive health care reform bill lawsuit of all, tells fellow activists how to carry on after today's decision. [929]

The House voted 255-67 to hold Holder in criminal contempt, with 17 Democrats voting with the Republicans. Other Democrats walked out in protest, some trying to play the race card. [930] For perspective on that, and on the real reason for Operation Fast and Furious: [931]

Left-leaning Slate declares conservatives to be the winner in today's ruling, decrying "the chief justice’s canny move to uphold the Affordable Care Act while gutting the Commerce Clause." [932]

Many are stunned by the ruling that ObamaCare is not constitutional under the Commerce Clause, but is constitutional as a tax.[933] How many people realize what this really implies? Now the government can use taxes as if they were fines! [934]

The angry reaction to Barack Hussein Obama's cutoff of Arizona keeps rolling in. [935]

An interesting and humorous video was recently released by a popular Christian YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers titled "2012 will be a bad year for atheism (see we told you so)".VIDEO

Also, a Question evolution! campaign blog is going to be increasing their web traffic via methods used by one of the world's leading blogging experts.[936] Evolutionists, when will an invasion of creationists blogging hit the beaches of evolutionism? Get ready for a flamethrower of creationism that is going to burn your evolutionism pillboxes to a crisp! Christianity has a glorious history of 2,000 years of Christian increase.[937][938]

"Romney calls Obamacare 'moral failure' on eve of Supreme Court ruling." [939]

Is the world's first atheism revival about to break out or did Project Reason fail?[940] Atheists and evolutionists, why is your ideology so dull, stale and boring? [941]

"...these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name." - Apostle John

Atheists, your wrongheaded ideology sure seems rather lifeless! See: Decline of atheism

Is Turkey trying to revive the old Ottoman Empire? The way Prime Minister Erdoğan has acted after "losing" a recon plane over Syria reminds us: people have known of his ambitions for years. [942]

CNN's ratings have hit a 21-year low: [943]

"Dem says he’ll vote ‘yes’ on Holder contempt." [944]

There are marvelously designed biological robots within the human body.[945]

(video animations used to illustrate points being made)

A Tea Party activist asks whether civil disobedience is an appropriate response, in view of recent Supreme Court and Presidential actions. [946]

The Wall Street Journal reports: Energy has been a key feature of the U.S. presidential campaign, even if gasoline prices fell from their springtime peak...

"A new report out Monday from Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs should throw some more gasoline on the fire. Far from the worry over “peak oil” that helped define the 2008 presidential election amid record-high oil prices, the world is practically swimming in the stuff, the report says."[947]

THIS is what advocates for illegal immigration are defending: [948]

An activist castigates the Supreme Court for the parts of the Arizona immigration law that it invalidated. Interesting quote from Alexander Hamilton. [949]

Liberal totalitarianism at work: Gossip-site "Facebook replaces users' e-mails with site-specific address." [950] And see how many marriages you can break up using those Facebook email addresses!

Believe it not - the evolutionist Richard Dawkins greatly helped creationists! Thanks, Rich![951]

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia suggests that States would have "rushed to the exits" of the Constitutional Convention had they known what was in store. [952]

  • Arizona fights ‘intrusion of obnoxious aliens’ [953]

Richard Dawkins, where is the "powerful punch" you promised? Creationists haven't felt it yet. [954]

Is Dawkins wanting the world to exercise blind faith when it comes to the pronouncements of agnostics and evolutionists?

The ObamaCare decision, not released today, will likely be issued Thursday morning, shortly after 10am. The Supreme Court holds that life-without-parole for juveniles is unconstitutional, and also summarily reverses Montana's limits on campaign donations; the Court also strikes down much of Arizona's illegal alien statute, but allows (for now) the provision about checking immigration status after an arrest. See Supreme Court 2011 Term.

Egypt elects a radical President. But what does that mean? Hint: he does not have the army behind him. At least, not yet. [955]

RightChange just released a very entertaining parody of Barack Obama. Entitled, “the MOST ARROGANT MAN in the WORLD”, the video highlights the unequaled arrogance of America's Narcissist-In-Chief.[956]

Conservapedia found that Google estimates there are over 500,000 search results for the Google search "Narcissist in chief". See: Nicknames for the President of the United States

Will Obama cry if the lousy economy he helped create sinks his presidency and the American people reject him in a landslide election?[957] Will he egotistically shrug it off and merely blame it on Bush and people who cling to their guns and religion?

What are mutations and natural selection capable of? What are the limits of Neo-Darwinism?[958]

Is Richard Dawkins' "selfish gene" hypothesis merely a reflection of the selfishness and ill behavior of Darwinists which they have historically displayed? [959][960][961] Why do many evolutionists show so much irrational dogmatism?[962]

The big decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on ObamaCare is expected this week, possibly as soon as Monday morning at 10am ET.
Conservapedia's analysis of Supreme Court 2011 Term has begun - please feel free to improve it.

Cleric introduces Egypt's new President, Mohamed Morsi with the words: "Our Capital 'Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing".[963]

In the Six Day War, Allah was no match for Yahweh. [964][965] Watch these videos which document some of the spectacular things that happened during the Six Day War: Against all odds: In search of a miracle and God's hand in the Six Day War

The heart of the Fast and Furious matter: abrogating the Second Amendment. And a Mainstream Media reporter developed solid evidence of that, six months ago. [966]

"Darrell Issa: President’s Executive Privilege Claims 'Simply Wrong.'" [967] The full House of Representatives is expected to vote that the Obama Administration Cabinet official, Eric Holder, is in contempt of Congress.

Liberals have destroyed the perceived value of a college degree with their worst college majors: "Undervalued and overpriced, the beleaguered bachelor's degree is losing its edge as the hallmark of an educated, readily employable American." [968]

The myth of neutrality.[969] Which side are you on?

Remind Wikipedia that their neutral point of view policy (NPOV) is a farce and they might as well confess they are liberals! See: Bias in Wikipedia

Pastor Carl Gallups declares his anti-atheism and anti-evolution book is doing well around the world.VIDEO

Is there more bad news on its way for global atheism and global evolutionism? You know where to go to find the latest news detailing the decline of atheism and evolutionism![970][971][972] It is such a glorious time to be a Christian creationist.[973][974]

Europe's debt crises mirrors 1930s.[975] Also, are investors bullish on gold investments pessimists or realists?[976]

Also, food related stocks with large international footprints are largely doing well in the Great Recession.[977][978] No matter how incompetent Barack Obama and secular European leaders are, people still need to eat!

Much to the dismay of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama and "The Lord of the Fries" (Barack Obama), there are fast food restaurants serving big sugary drinks whose stocks are doing well in the Great Recession.[979]

Obese atheists and obese evolutionists of the world, stop driving up the price of fast food stocks! Also, a leading creationist organization declares, "Blaming gluttony on evolution seems very self-serving."[980] You thought you could blame your obesity and gluttony on "evolution". Think again! Start hitting the gym for 60 minutes a day evolutionist slackers![981][982][983] And give your body one day of rest a week.[984][985]

Obama's Health and Human Services run by Kathleen Sebelius has opened the floodgates, throwing money at ObamaCare at a feverish pace, $2.7 billion dollars since oral arguments at the Supreme Court ended on March 28. [986] Conservapedia predicts the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare.

Oliver Twist: "Please Mr. Bernanke, I want some more."

With Moody's downgrading big banks, markets are in summer meltdown. Ben Bernanke is initiating a new round of "Operation Twist" which Forbes and others don't think will be sufficient to create a healthy economy.[987]

Five Republican Senators voted to kill the coal industry. In addition, their actions enabled several liberal Democrat Senators, that seek reelection, to vote no and pretend to appear conservative. [988]

A Detroit abortion clinic makes a video; the video gets altered to show the real truth; they sue. They lose.[989]
And the video itself: [990]

Barack Hussein Obama return to an old theme: "bottom-up economics." But does he really understand either the "bottom-up" part or the economics part? [991]

There is now a petition drive, supported by Senator Scott Brown, to be presented to President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehener, to reopen the investigation into the Soviet shooting down of Korean Airlines Flight 007 and reports of the survival of Congressman Larry McDonald [992]."

Turtle public domain pic.jpg

An old earth proponent spins a wild and farfetched tale to try to explain away a collection of 9 pairs of mating fossilized turtles found at a site in Germany.[993]

Due to the massive evidence for the worldwide flood of Genesis, old earthers often engage in acts of desperation. [994][995]

Intrade, the world's largest online prediction website, drops Barack Obama's likelihood of being re-elected by 6 percentage points since May 1, 2012.[996] As of June 22, 2012, he is given a 53.9% chance of being re-elected.

If Obama's odds of being re-elected dropped 6 percentage points in only about 2 months, imagine how far he could drop in 4 months given all the negative economic news that is coming out as of late. Will Mitt Romney win a landslide election? [997][998]

New Jersey chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is struggling financially after their corporate support of Planned Parenthood was exposed. [999]

Just how radical, how corrupt, can Obama get? The International Union of Operating Engineers, a union filled with cases of embezzlement, fraud, bribery; with many of its rank and file connected to the Columbo, Genovese, and Gambino crime families; and Obama just has to pick one of their lawyers for a position with the National Labor Relations Board. [1,000]

Liberal stupidity at work in government. The EPA thinks it can order refineries to use a fuel which doesn't exist, and make them pay up when they don't! [1,001]

The White House is hiding something, a direct accusation against the White House by the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. [1,002]

Nancy Pelosi's spin on Fast and Furious: "Mind-numbingly stupid," says Congressman Trey Gowdy. [1,003][1,004][1,005]

89-year-old World War II combat veteran Warren C. Bodeker is being forced out of his home by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Montana. Bodeker's wife is buried on his property. A trust fund has been established to bailout the war hero. [1,006]

It is time to get the 4 G's in your life. God, gold, guns and a get away plan. Taxmegeddon is slowing the economy down and Barack Obama and the Democrats aren't doing anything about it.[1,007]

When is Barack Obama going to spend less time playing golf and read some basic economics books like Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.[1,008] Forbes calls Obamanomics "an ongoing disgrace".[1,009]

Eric Holder's defenders should keep their mouths shut about Fast and Furious. Instead they connect things that some of us have connected for some time, that they did not want us to connect. [1,010]

As much as we hate to pile on, still more bad news for Barack Obama's re-election chances: 12 Reasons why a U.S. recession has arrived (or will shortly).[1,011]

More bad news for Barack Obama's re-election chances: Moody's downgrades 15 major global banks.[1,012] The United States dollar slips in Asian trade.[1,013]

Will Barack Obama, the former community organizer and liberal law professor, react appropriately and cut taxes and government spending like Calvin Coolidge did during troubled times or will Mitt Romney win the upcoming election? [1,014][1,015]

Obama's reelection chances decline as "U.S. stocks tumbled ... after signals of a global slowdown in manufacturing added to disappointing housing and labor market data." [1,016]

Obama knew about "Fast and Furious" back in 2009: [1,017]

A Tea Party activist gives his scathing reaction after Barack Hussein Obama claims executive privilege, and Darrell Issa's Oversight Committee holds Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. He asks: why haven't Republicans pursued this as vigorously as Democrats would have, were all positions reversed? [1,018]

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has ordered a North Carolina pastor to stop invoking the name of Jesus in prayers at public events held on government property. Pastor Terry Sartain, “I’m very sad about it,” and “I’m a pastor and Jesus is the only thing I have to offer to bless people..." [1,019]

BREAKING: Darrell Issa's committee votes to cite Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt of Congress, this after Barack Hussein Obama claims executive privilege to lock up all documents about Operation Fast and Furious. Watergate, Round Two: Role reversal. [1,020]

Socialized medicine is a disaster: A doctor in Britain's NHS claims their health system kills off 130,000 elderly patients a year to make bed space for younger patients. [1,021]

Can we make a deal with alien minors without amnesty, and without breaking or setting aside the law? A former United States Senate candidate describes his plan. [1,022]

"Issa: Holder contempt vote to move forward, for now," concerning the Obama Administration's withholding of documents about the Fast and Furious scandal. [1,023]

Richard Dawkins

Is Richard Dawkins' upcoming new website going to pack a "powerful punch" or a feeble and powerless "love tap" which creationists and Christendom will barely notice?[1,024]

Question: Why did an article say Dawkins is launching a "beta" website? Is he expecting it to fail already?

An alpha male wouldn't launch a "beta" website. He would do what it takes to make it successful. Evidently, Richard Dawkins realizes that he lacks machismo! See the essay: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?

(Requested clarification: Although it mainly was a pun, beta websites can involved beta tests which test how receptive the market is to a website. Also, part of product marketing is product discontinuation if the market is not receptive or no longer receptive to your product.)

Nature Communications just put out some evolutionist quackery about insects that the staff at Creation Ministries International dispel.[1,025] It must really bug evolutionists to have their insect speculations swatted down so easily!

"The engineering precision and design involved in insect flight is astonishing. Insects are so well constructed that engineers are striving to emulate, in as much as they are able to, the amazing design features of flying insects."[1,026][1,027][1,028]

The 14th Amendment might not sanction "anchor babies" after all. Read this fascinating piece of research. [1,029]

Following a path blazed by "The Raving Theist," another atheist blogger converts to Christianity. [1,030]

NBC caught lying again. This time, the target is Mitt Romney: [1,031]

The 2012 Senate elections are starting to heat up in Montana. A Democrat supporter of incumbent Jon Tester's campaign and several others were thrown out of a debate for rude behavior. GOP nominee Denny Rehberg's wife was attacked with a rolled up Tester campaign poster. [1,032]

The Worst College Majors lead to big profits for the "10 Richest Colleges in America" ... at clueless students' enormous expense. [1,033]

Rather than work on something practical like world hunger, creating a more peaceful earth, diminishing modern slavery or economic development, the liberals at the United Nations waste their time creating a frivolous United Nations Ambassador for Extraterrestrials.[1,034]

This is a total waste of time since there are no "little green men" on other planets.[1,035]

What is so hard to understand about the Commerce Clause of the Constitution? [1,036]

Former Aetna chief does an about-face on Obamacare; his support of it is gone: [1,037]

Obama wanted a regime change in Egypt, and here's the results: [1,038][1,039]
Concerning Israel, it would do Obama well to take heart the warning God gave to Abraham: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee." (Gen. 12:3)

A critic of the mainstream media describes its almost lunatic inconsistencies and breathtakingly bad prose that tries to defend worse ideas. [1,040]

A United States congressman will take Barack Hussein Obama to court for trying to govern by Executive Order. [1,041]

Richard Dawkins

Evidently, many UK citizens and members of the world community find the evolutionist Richard Dawkins to be a dreadful bore.[1,042]

Also, the world is less and less interested in evolutionary dogma.[1,043] Dawkins way oversold his evolutionary fantasies as being the greatest show on earth.[1,044] BORING! Hit the snooze button! Why does the BBC still cover him?

European Election Results: Greece goes Conservative, [1,045] France goes Socialist. [1,046]

Barack Hussein Obama was thick as thieves with Frances Fox Piven. Who, with her husband Richard Cloward, wrote the Cloward and Piven Strategy paper of 1966. Coincidence? [1,047]

Despite Nik Wallenda’s frequent mentions of God the Father and Jesus during his record-setting, high-wire crossing of Niagara Falls Friday night, an ABC News blog documenting virtually every moment of the achievement makes no mention of his verbal thanks to the Creator.[1,048]

Of course, this is especially galling since the atheists within lamestream journalism are too cowardly to perform high wire acts.

The Harbinger, or how a Christ-centered phenomenon is currently defying the New York Times best-seller list: [1,049]

Liberal double standard: "by Reagan's second term, the press was almost routinely interrupting equivalent presidential functions like the one" the White House held Friday, but the lamestream media smear the reporter there as a "heckler" for asking a good question while Obama read from his teleprompter. [1,050]

Notice to Bible skeptics: Creation Ministries International (CMI) is not stubborn, arrogant or dogmatic about their position on the book of Genesis, they are merely quite sure Genesis offers sound history based on straightforward and sound Bible exegesis and the historical evidence.[1,051]

Goal after glorious goal is going be scored on the atheism net by Christendom! Atheists, isn't about time you acquired a goalie? Have you given up because God keeps scoring goal after goal against atheism?[1,052]

Are we now "babes in debt land"? How long can we "kick the can"? Are we at the end of the road? [1,053]

Ron Paul's delegates shake things up. They're suing the Republican National Committee and many State parties. The object: to unbind all delegates. [1,054]

Liberal claptrap disproved again: for the first part of June in D.C., temperatures were 10-20 degrees colder than last year. [1,055] Notice how liberals aren't pushing their global warming hoax so much any more?

Elsewhere on the education reform front: a New Jersey activist highlights a new proposed bill and suggests some common-sense changes. [1,056]

Public Schools have failed U.S. students: The fastest growing segment of the homeschool movement is African-Americans. [1,057]

Why is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie literally tilting at windmills? An activist speaks out about the real costs, and who might benefit for another taxpayer-subsidized "green" project. [1,058]

Obama gets angry at a Daily Caller reporter who spoke during his reading from a teleprompter by asking whether Obama's new policy not to deport illegal aliens is fair to American workers; the lamestream media call this "heckling" but Obama refused to answer any other questions. [1,059]

GOP governors and GOP legislatures create more jobs than Democrats. "Since the beginning of 2010 Republicans at the state level oversaw the introduction of nearly 700,000 more jobs into the U.S. economy than Democrats." [1,060]

What is the role of government? Since Barack Hussein Obama made it the defining issue of the election of 2012, let's have a look. [1,061]

Atheists are trying to promote atheism in India, but they are less than a small squeak in India.[1,062]

On a related note, Conservapedia has expanded its Atheist leaders and immoral relationships article plus added a Internet atheism and polyamory article.

Atheists often criticize and mock Islamicists for their mistreatment of women, but it looks like several atheist leaders don't treat their women right![1,063] Islamacists put a limit of four wives for a man, but in atheism the sky is the limit when it comes to the women you can sleep with - at least until you burn in hell for all eternity!

"AFL-CIO shifts resources away from Obama, Democrats," which means fewer union dollars wasted on trying to reelect Obama. [1,064]

Why is another Census starting in 2012? Hint: it has nothing to do with the Constitutional purpose of the Census. [1,065]

Happy 237th birthday U.S. Army! Coincidentally, the occasion is also Flag Day. Once again, another American holiday that Google refuses to honor. [1,066]

Do you enjoy seeing evolutionists stutter and stammer? You don't want to miss the video Atheist evolutionist loses debate to Christian Creationist.[1,067]

Like to make an evolutionist stammer and stutter? Bring up the countless millions of expected missing link fossils if evolution were true.[1,068][1,069]

Several atheist leaders are apparently engaging in and promoting "polyamory" ("one man is seriously “dating” several women, each of whom is in turn dating several men").[1,070]

Question: What are atheist leaders going to promote next? Bigamy? See also: Atheist leaders and immoral relationships

First up at the UN Agenda 21 meet in Rio de Janeiro next week: a global tax on energy. And that is only the beginning. [1,071]

Atheism vs. reality - reality wins! [1,072]

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Shakespeare from his play Hamlet

Christianity triumphs over self-centeredness: the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by outspoken Christian Kevin Durant, routs the egotistical Miami Heat in game one of the NBA finals. [1,073]

Living in New York City? Going to the movies? Getting a big tub of hot buttered popcorn? The Sugar Nazi may have a thing to say about that: [1,074]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins an Obama eligibility case in Florida. Meanwhile, officials in Hawaii are still stalling whenever anyone asks about Obama's birth certificate there. [1,075]

"U.S. Stocks Fall on Europe Concern as Retail Sales Drop." [1,076]

Poll: African American support plummets for Obama in North Carolina. In 2008, Obama carried 95% of their vote. Today, it stands at just 77% while Mitt Romney has doubled his favorability ratings. [1,077]


June 20

As Father's Day approaches, a minister asks what the Founders would say about America today. [1,078]

A Tea Party group proposes comprehensive education reform—from the bottom up. [1,079]

Connecticut race for U.S. House District 5 lands Democrat Robert Braddock Jr. in jail for illegal campaign contributions. An undercover FBI investigation found State assembly’s House speaker and Braddock campaign manager, Christopher G. Donovan, orchestrated a $20,000 political scam, throwing the campaign in turmoil. [1,080]

Indiana passes a new law that gives you the right to defend yourself against a rogue policeman. Open season on the police? Hardly. [1,081]

"Bold: North Dakota Considering Property Tax Ban" today in its elections. [1,082] Nothing like this has happened in the U.S. in more than three decades.

The Journal of the American Chemical Society gives consideration to the notion of a T-rex in flying saucers and velociraptors with laser blasters and then pulls the journal article.[1,083]

Question: Why do evolutionists so often engage in childish fantasies and pour forth with so much childish bunkum?[1,084][1,085] It is just a matter of time before evolutionists propose the transitional animal the flying kitty!

The Nobel was reduced in value by awarding prizes to Barack Obama, Al Gore and Paul Krugman. News from Reuters says future liberal recipients will take a 20% cut on prize money. The foundation that runs the Nobel has been running up debts for a decade. [1,086]

Will Congress cite Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt over Operation Fast and Furious? And what, if anything, will it matter? [1,087]

Liberal claptrap gets old as people realize they could be learning truths instead: "Facebook's U.S. user growth slowing down." [1,088]

"Gallup: One Third of Union Members Back Romney." [1,089] So why is 100% of union leadership siding with Obama?

A strong conservative argues for not settling for "wimps" to run against tyrants. [1,090]

“It is the wishful thinking, pipe dream of the atheist and evolutionist to believe that science has ‘settled’ their worldview. It just is not so, however, no matter how loudly the fulminating atheist insists that it is."[1,091]

If evolution is settled science, then why do evolutionists so often use strong arm tactics to quell dissent?[1,092][1,093] Evolutionists, why was Nicolae Paulescu denied the Nobel Prize?[1,094]

Should streets and roads be private? How would they run? Read here, and decide. [1,095]

#1 tennis star Novak Djokovic, a devout Christian who makes the sign of the Cross in glory to God after big victories, is two sets away from becoming the first player in 43 years to win four consecutive Grand Slam tournaments. [1,096] See Greatest Conservative Sports Stars.

The pro-life 30-mile rule becomes effective in Mississippi July 1st, and abortionists may not be able to obtain local hospital privileges to comply. [1,097] In Missouri, one of three clinics closed based on a similar law.

U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, shot down by the Soviet Union, awarded the Silver Star.[1,098]

Also, Conservapedia just created an interesting resource on the Korean Airlines Flight 007 incident entitled KAL 007: Soviet stalk, shoot down, and rescue mission orders transcripts

Evolutionists are bickering like the Hatfields and McCoys again and this time it is about their human evobabble speculations.[1,099]

The supposed evidence for human evolution is open to wildly different interpretations, so it is obviously not clear at all, contrary to the propaganda.[1,100]

Professor values: Police said University of Georgia professor Max Reinhart was arrested on prostitution charges, dressed as a woman. [1,101]

Why do so many liberal "men" like to dress up as women? Are liberal men much more likely to be effete? One thing for sure, John Wayne was not an effete liberal!

Were Ayn Rand and her followers right to say that government regulation does not guarantee safety? Read what they actually said, apart from the distortions, and then decide. [1,102]

Politico's Evan Thomas rebukes Michelle Obama's campaign speech. Speaking of Barack, "You can’t count on him to make the tough decisions, and I think that most voters sense that." [1,103]

Pathetic pandering by liberals to their core constituency, public school teachers: despite "growth of the overall share of government spending as part of GDP from an average of 20 percent under President Bush to over 24 percent under Obama," Obama seeks to waste $450 billion more on public school flimflam. [1,104] Didn't Obama hear that Scott Walker won in a landslide???

Bible belief and instances of the limitations of physical evidence.[1,105] Of course, there is not shortage of evidence that Christianity is true and that atheism is false.[1,106][1,107]

Liberal claptrap gets even more absurd, as Obama blames cuts by state and local government for the "weaknesses in our economy!" [1,108]

Mitt Romney overtakes Barack Obama in the fundraising race now plus Obama is so weak he attacks the United States Congress rather than Romney in his new political ad campaign.VIDEO

Of course, Obama is a liberal evolutionist who invited an atheist group in the White House so it is not surprising that he is incredibly weak.[1,109][1,110] Birds of a feather, flock together!


Creation Ministries International is on the rise, evolutionism and atheism is NOT!.[1,111]

Definitely not a web resource for evolutionists with weak stomachs and who want to stay evolutionists. Evolutionists, are you ready to have your precious sacred cow of evolutionary belief tipped over and made into hamburger? Get ready!

UN Agenda 21 suffered a setback recently. But did you hear about it? Read how Alabama began the revolt of the States against the United Nations. [1,112]

Give it up, liberals: Democrats were claiming they could win California's 31st congressional district, but in the new "top two" primary system enacted by Dems in California, the top two finishers Tuesday were Republicans. That means no Dem qualified for that November ballot! [1,113]

CNN caught perpetrating a fraud: the network uses someone else's birth certificate and palms it off as Obama's in a so-called "birther-buster report". [1,114] Is it any wonder their ratings are down?

"Facebook will 'disappear by 2020': analyst." [1,115] The real reason? Even liberals tire of their own claptrap, and seek real truth instead.

Monday morning quarterbacking? Or a warning to Tea Party candidates everywhere? The manager of a New Jersey Republican Senate candidate speaks out. [1,116]

An online Question evolution! campaign course is being developed with the assistance of a Texas creationist leader plus others. [1,117]

The online course will feature a lot of content in various formats and for different ages.

Evolutionists, the Question Evolution Campaign will be "loaded for bear" when it comes to having an online presence and having online promotion of that content.[1,118]

According to Google Insights for Search, the world and America has failed to become more and more interested in the narcissist Barack Obama.[1,119][1,120][1,121][1,122] Poor Obama. He is no longer "the chosen one"! All the king's horses and all the king's men, can't put Obama together again!

Also, according Google Insights for Search, a rising "breakout search" is the search "Barack Obama antichrist".[1,123] That definitely does not sound good for Obama's 2012 presidential re-election campaign. Plus. look at Google images!.

A Tea Party activist tells why we must not let Barack Hussein Obama skate on eligibility, or the definition of a natural born citizen. [1,124]

Some public schools have drifted so far to the Left that even the ACLU is objecting: "ACLU: Wolcott High School Wrong To Outlaw Anti-Gay Shirt." [1,125] But what did the ACLU think would happen after the censorship of Christianity?

Gadsden flag.png

"We Told You So!" says the Tea Party. It's not just Democrats, it's RINOs in the cross-hairs, and it's working. [1,126]

"Media humiliated over election coverage; CNN's Wolf Blitzer transforms from 'joyous' to somber in 1 hour." The liberal media were joyous last night when they initially thought -- based on their own exit polls -- that the Wisconsin election was "too close to call," but turned somber when it became clear that Walker would win by a landslide. [1,127]

Give it up, liberals: their wipeout in Tuesday's Wisconsin election is due to "a huge surge in the percentage of self-described conservatives to 37 percent of voters, up 10 points from four years earlier." [1,128] More on the results, and the future in Wisconsin and elsewhere: [1,129]

Liberal hypocrisy in the Big Apple: The Sugar Nazi wants a ban on all large sodas, but there's no ban - and no limit - within the walls of his company. [1,130]

MSNBC is calling the election for Scott Walker. [1,131]
FOX News has called it for Walker: [1,132]
Rampant allegations of voter fraud have been reported. [1,133] [1,134]

After being exposed nearly two-years ago, the excuses are piling up at Wikipedia as they try and explain why pornography content is still accessible to children. "The features have not yet been developed" and "We want to get it right, and getting it right takes time." [1,135]

How to combat evolution: support the Bible with science. Example: how life on Earth survived for 1,656 years without rain. Answer: it didn't need rain. [1,136]

Another case of a liberal "peacenik" spitting on the soldiers: [1,137]

A New Jersey activist reacts to the latest Obama eligibility decision in his State. Why he says that he did not get due process of law. [1,138]

Today is a bad day for liberal claptrap; it is Election Day in Wisconsin, New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, and California. [1,139]

More bad news for the self-centered Facebook: "34 percent of Facebook users surveyed were spending less time on the website than six months ago" and "four out of five Facebook Inc users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on the social network site." [1,140]

A little boy dying of cancer gets a special honor guard. [1,141]

More misfortune befalls evolutionism and atheism: "First it was the atheistic Soviet Union falling, then it was the Berlin Wall falling, then it was the former atheist Richard Dawkins proclaiming himself an agnostic and publicly disavowing atheism and then to top it all off God rained on the "Reason Rally" and soaked atheists who didn't have enough sense to listen to meteorologists and buy umbrellas.

Now evolutionism is heading for a fall! When it comes atheism, it's always something!"[1,142]

WorldNetDaily, publishes an article entitled Evolution to fall in 2012?.[1,143]

The article cites a Question evolution! campaign blog article entitled 2012 is shaping up to be a BAD year for atheism and evolutionism! Great new charts and developments.[1,144]

Obama wishes for another McCain-like challenger. Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is delivering hard hitting punches to the Democrat incumbent, souring Obama's re-election chances. [1,145]

Down with evolutionary belief! Down with atheism! Hurray for the Question Evolution! Campaign! [1,146]

Message to evolutionists and atheists: Clearly, these are some very upsetting trends for militant atheists and evolutionists! Have you started having nightmares and waking up in a cold sweat yet? Is your ulcer getting worse? Has your quack psychiatrist upped your depression medication rather then telling you to become a Christian?[1,147][1,148]

Typical liberal style: it's always someone else's fault. "Obama Tells Donors Europe to Blame for Weak Job Growth." [1,149]

As Wisconsin prepares to vote on the recall election, Democrats give away the game. Were they really supposed to admit that this recall is about about them and their power source? [1,150]

New York City police officers demoted, overtime cut, forced onto midnight shifts and had false internal charges submitted against them. All because the six officers were Republican. [1,151]

A plan for accelerating the decline of atheism. [1,152]

Do atheists have a plan on reversing the decline of global atheism which is expected to accelerate and impact Western World atheism? No. Evidently, their "super atheist intellects" are stumped again! Global Christianity will continue to see explosive growth while atheism burns to the ground.[1,153]

Liberal hypocrisy: Democrats are pushing the Paycheck Fairness Act in the Senate to address wage discrimination of working women. All the while ignoring the wage gap in Senate Democrat offices, "Of the 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus examined in the analysis, 37 senators paid their female staffers less than male staffers." [1,154]

Constitution 101: Presidential Electors. Who picks them, and what States can do to reclaim their sovereign authority. [1,155]

Liberal double standard: YouTube takes down a "video simply because homosexual activists complained." [1,156]

Introducing Constitution 101, a new series on the Constitution and what it really means. [1,157]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie loses a key judicial pick. And in the process, he embarrassed his hand-picked candidate for the United States Senate. [1,158]

Tibet's burning protest More Tibetans are setting themselves ablaze in desperate protest against Chinese occupation of their homeland. [1,159] (and Clinton? too occupied in Syria?)

Percentage of American young earth creationist in the general population increased in the last two years - Gallup survey. The Question evolution! campaign and other efforts of creationists are working!.[1,160]

It is so good to be a Bible believing creationist! It is so easy to crush the pseudoscience of evolutionism. It merely takes getting the anti-evolution message out there.[1,161][1,162]

Dealing easily and effortlessly with spurious claims of Bible contradictions.[1,163]

When are Bible skeptics going to learn Greek, Hebrew and how to do Bible exegesis? [1,164]

What has happened since Komen for the Cure reiterated their support for Planned Parenthood? Race for the Cure in D.C. is down 37.5%, in Sacramento down 28%, Richmond is down 18%, Tucson is down 20%, and Atlanta saw a drop of about 10%. [1,165]

Democrats grow weary of a Barack Obama second term. In the bluest of states, Obama now below 50% against Romney in California. [1,166]

New York City Mayor Bloomberg backs National Donut Day despite proposal to ban sugary drinks. [1,167]

Did the mayor cave into the New York City Police Department who no doubt lobbied for donut celebrations? Bloomberg likes policemen. Policemen like donuts.[1,168]

When Barack Hussein Obama made his treacly Memorial Day speech "reaching out" to veterans, he neglected to address how the government mistreats veterans today. Read here for two shocking examples. [1,169]

Lila Rose and her LiveAction pro-life organization has released their second undercover video exposing gendercide at Planned Parenthood. [1,170]

161 Democrats and 7 Republicans are just fine with violence against women in the womb: they voted against banning gender-based abortion, which typically eliminates girls. "We are the only advanced country left in the world that still doesn't restrict sex-selection abortion in any way," observed pro-life Trent Franks. [1,171]

Bored and even disheveled New Jersey appeals judges make short shrift of Obama eligibility challenge. Watch the video of the demeanor of the three judges, and the ignorance they showed of the Constitution of the United States, especially as regards Presidential elections. [1,172]

UPDATE: The court rejected the appeal. The plaintiffs vow to appeal to the next step up the chain: the New Jersey Supreme Court. [1,173]

"Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional, Appeals Court Says." [1,174]

The real issue behind the creation/evolution battle over origins.[1,175][1,176]

Why are evolutionists and atheists such big control freaks? Evolutionists/atheists are powerless to stop global atheism from continuing to shrink. Nor can they stop the juggernauts of global Christianity and Christian evangelism. [1,177][1,178]

It's time for Richard Dawkins, the British Humanist Society, the American Atheists organization, Penn Jillette and other atheists/agnostics to offer terms of surrender - in accordance with God's terms of surrender given in the New Testament!

Rasmussen: Romney takes the lead in Ohio. The candidate that wins Ohio is predicted to win the presidency. [1,179]

Cherokees demand that liberal Elizabeth Warren -- who is running against Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate -- "come clean about her heritage. ... The group states that Warren has made 'false claims of Cherokee ancestry,' and that it is bothered by those who 'fraudulently' claim Cherokee heritage." Warren's "alleged 1/32 Native American roots" are "impossible", one Cherokee observes. [1,180]
Harvard made false claims of diversity based on Warren's representations.

Doom and gloom for liberals as November approaches. Momentum lies with conservatives and primary news increasingly paints the situation as dire for Obama and Democrats. [1,181]

The Southern Poverty Law Center's list of right-wing radicals has been announced. Leftist Malik Zulu Shabazz from the New Black Panthers made the list. [1,182]

41 people shot and 10 people killed over the holiday weekend in Chicago. Gun control only curtails law-abiding citizens' access to firearms; criminal acts proliferate where only criminals are armed. [1,183]

Since their initial stock debut May 19, Facebook shares have lost approximately $25 billion in value. [1,184]

Lifelong Catholic Democrat calls it quits, gay marriage the final straw. Jo Ann Nardelli is the president and founder of the Blair County Federation of Democratic Women, she was Vice President of the PA State Women’s Caucus, and was 1st Vice President of the Pennsylvania State Federation of Democratic Women. "I did not leave the party, the party left me." This has led intolerant liberals to harass her. [1,185]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse is on the warpath. That so-called "verification" from Hawaii of the Barack Obama birth certificate verified nothing—and, say investigators, merely raised more questions. [1,186]

The evolutionary parade of "missing links". The floats keep changing! [1,187]

Evolutionists, when are you going to stop putting forth alleged transitional fossil links which are dismissed later? Each generation of evolutionists' leading claims of missing links are thrown out by subsequent generations. The fossil record does not support evolution.[1,188]

Malcolm X Elementary School in D.C. celebrates Trayvon Martin Day. The public school gave Arizona Iced Tea to every parent and Skittles to each child. [1,189]

Religious freedom is a barometer of liberty. But are we right with God as a country? [1,190]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Arizona) wants more proof of the Obama birth certificate than Hawaii has shown. But: did Hawaii deliberately bury any such proofs? [1,191]

"Syrian government denies blame in attack that killed dozens, including 32 children Foreign Ministry spokesman Makdissi said at a news conference in Damascus that the killings had been carried out by “armed terrorist groups,” SANA reported. “Brutal killing doesn’t belong to the ethics of the Syrian army,” the agency quoted Makdissi as saying." [1,192] Are the lamestream media teaming up with the Obama Administration to interfere with another nation again?

Deficit Hawk: Smoke and mirrors played to perfection by the Lamestream media and Barack Obama. It's a sign of desperation when Obama touts falsehoods that are swiftly debunked. [1,193]

Television continues to decline: the audience for the finale of American Idol set a new record ... for its lowest amount. [1,194] Real answers are found on Conservapedia and in the Bible rather than on television.

June 4

As we observe the day that Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from God's holy mountain, an activist sharply reminds us that liberals have deliberately hidden the Tenth Commandment. What does that Commandment say, and why does that threaten Progressives so? [1,195]

The demise of America's liberalism "Liberalism as an ideology is in its death throes. Only the power trip remains." [1,196]

The Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI), a New York-based independent economic forecasting group, released its latest readings for its proprietary Weekly Leading Index (WLI). For the week, WLI made a 19-week low.[1,197]

On May 9, 2012, ECRI reaffirmed their United States recession call for June of 2012 and indicated the public would not fully recognize the recession until the end of 2012. VIDEO

The Sistine Madonna honored with a postage stamp. The German Federal Ministry of Finance unveiled a new postage stamp on March 1, 2012, which bears an image of the Sistine Madonna, a painting by Renaissance painter Raphael exhibited at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Old Masters Gallery) in Dresden, Germany. The text on the stamp reads, 500 Jahre Sixtinische Madonna - 500 anni della Madonna Sistina' (500 years of the Sistine Madonna). [1,198] [1,199]

Georgetown University recently published the unemployment rates and earnings for various college majors.[1,200] See also: Worst College Majors

Update on a Worst College Major: "U.S. retail sales of video game hardware, software and accessories fell 25 percent in March from a year earlier ... the fourth month of decline ...." [1,201]

"15 desperate emails and texts from the Obama campaign." [1,202]

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is calling on Harvard University President Drew Faust to correct its diversity statistics after it was revealed that his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, was listed as a minority despite failing to meet federal guidelines to be considered Native American. [1,203]

UPDATE: The New Jersey Appellate Division will hear an Obama eligiblity case in public, not over the telephone as they first ordered. Learn where to go to see Constitutional argument in action. [1,204]

Trouble in atheistic Britain, where the government "is drawing up plans for emergency immigration controls to curb an influx of Greeks and other European Union residents if the euro collapses." [1,205]

Financial analyst Peter Schiff says the next president will preside over economic collapse plus the liberals at CNBC are predicting that financial anarchy in Europe will soon arrive.[1,206][1,207]

Cindy Simpson at the American Thinker points out the root problem of the Western World's economic and social problems is a post 1950s lack of maturity and self-discipline due to rejecting Judeo-Christian values.[1,208]

Do animals possess morality? [1,209] What are some of the differences between man and beast? [1,210]

Nearly a week later, entrenched Democrats are still furious that Cory Booker told the truth about Obama's demagoguery against Romney. [1,211] But given the likelihood that Obama cannot win reelection, why should Booker worry what Obama-supporters think?

Joining 20 other states, Governor Sam Brownback bans foreign laws from Kansas courts. Spokeswoman Sherriene Jones-Sontag says "Kansas courts will rely exclusively on the laws of our state and our nation." This has CAIR representatives crying Islam-phobia. [1,212]

Energy regulations enacted by the EPA with the purpose of killing off coal use. This brings the typical liberal response, a “victory for our lungs.” For the rest of us, this means higher energy costs and more people lose jobs as a result. [1,213]

Americans see through the double standard by the media in downplaying Biden's liberal idiocy: "Voters in 12 swing states disapprove of Vice President Joe Biden by 14 percentage points." [1,214]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie once again betrays conservative expectations: he appoints a likely liberal judicial activist to the Supreme Court of New Jersey. [1,215]

Who started the Kenyan born Obama narrative? Barack Hussein Obama himself! See clips from the Wayback Machine. [1,216]

Did Hawaii settle the question of the Obama birth certificate? Or did they fob off a useless piece of paper that will convince no one who doesn't already have an ulterior motive? [1,217] UPDATE: Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, says that he will not quit, no matter how much pressure the White House, or the Arizona State House, brings to bear. [1,218]

Mitt Romney takes a commanding lead of 7 points over Obama in must-win Florida, according to CNN. With North Carolina also unlikely to vote for Obama due to his endorsement of the homosexual agenda, what's left for Obama to win among the swing states?

CIA director David Petraeus held a ceremony for the deaths of 15 agents from the last 30 years. Their names had not been disclosed due to the secret nature of intelligence gathering. A total of 103 agents have died on duty, "never for acclaim, always for country." [1,219]

Flag of Peru.svg

The Question evolution! campaign continues to expand around the globe. A Peruvian Christian is performing additional Spanish translating for the campaign.[1,220]

Like it or not evolutionists, the campaign is spreading around the globe - especially now that further translation is being done in Spanish. Ándele! Ándele! Arriba! Arriba! Epa! Epa! Epa! Yeehaw!

American voter demographics: The future is more conservative and more religious. Projections show a "pro-life majority in the U.S. population will approach three-quarters of the total by the end of the century." [1,221]

A school teacher threatens a student with arrest for "disrespect" of the head of state. In the Soviet Union? No—in the United States of America. Read a partial transcript. [1,222]

Facebook investors now feel what Facebook users experience: a sense of loss and a lack of achievement. Facebook stock plunged again today. [1,223]

Does Facebook wreck marriages? The answer is yes. However, liberals like to cast doubt on controversial correlations. One in three divorces can be attributed to Facebook according to U.K. legal firm Divorce Online. [1,224]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sends a deputy and a volunteer investigator—to Hawaii! First, Hawaiian officials wouldn't furnish a certified copy of the Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate. Then the Arizona Secretary of State says that he might keep Obama's name off the ballot. And now this. What will Arpaio's men find? [1,225]

Christianity defeats selfishness: led by the outspoken Christian Kevin Durant, his Bible Belt Thunder crush the self-centered Lakers in a 5-game rout. [1,226]

Has the web traffic for leading atheist websites plunged in the last 5 years? Are leading atheist websites seeing a drop of traffic in 2012?

An article entitled Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! helps answer these questions.[1,227]

Atheists, you might as well face it: Internet atheism has been full of sound and fury, yet signified nothing. You failed!

An evolutionist going by the moniker "RR" is upset that Jesus continually gains respect and popularity in the world while Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers and atheism/agnosticism bunk continue to lose respect and social significance within the world.[1,228]

As you can see, the evolutionist, who failed to satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists, was quickly shown the error of his ways!

A YouTube atheists loses a debate to an ex-atheist.VIDEO

An open letter to Glenn Beck: stop imitating Saul Alinsky! Will Glenn Beck re-examine the lack of evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen? [1,229]

The is a recent trend at Intrade of downgrading Barack Obama's re-election odds.[1,230]

Citizens of high debt Eurozone countries pulling their money out of their banks due to the Eurozone crises and high sovereign debt isn't helping Obama's campaign.[1,231][1,232]

Facebook this: its stock value has fallen below its opening price last week. [1,233] Perhaps the pro-Obama site was overhyped by the lamestream media?

Liberal censorship at work: liberals compel Democrat candidate for governor to walk back his criticism of Obama. [1,234]

The future of Obamacare will be decided by the Supreme Court in June. A complete rejection of socialized medicine would prevent heartaches like dying in the waiting room. [1,235]

Liberal bobbleheads dominate graduation commencement speeches by a 7-1 margin. [1,236] Graduates face a miserable job market and huge student loan debts. A situation made dire if they chose one of the Worst College Majors. [1,237]

The Obama campaign is relying on an electoral vote count advantage but even that is trending for Mitt Romney. [1,238] "Either Ohio or Florida alone would push Mr. Obama over the top, but neither state is likely to go Democratic given current trends."

Jesus vs. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers - Jesus wins![1,239] There is a shift going on in the world when it comes to adherence to various worldviews/religions that is part of some significant historical trends.[1,240]

The spread of biblical creationism and pro-life movements around the world is increasingly going to occur due to an increase in religious conservatism and global communication.[1,241][1,242] See what is happening in Korea and the UK: Korean textbooks pare down evolutionary indoctrination and The Americanization of the U.K. Anti-Abortion Movement

Conservative Christians in the United States are going to spread biblical creationism and pro-life thought around the world which will in turn affect the Western World via immigration and global communication. Liberals, are you ready for 2020 because the Question evolution! campaign is being translated to other languages and partnering with a world evangelism organization.[1,243][1,244]

Only liberals are capable of doing something as stupid as THIS

Boxing superstar and politician, Manny Pacquiao, has been banned from the upscale shopping mall, The Grove, in California due to his views on homosexuality. [1,245] Of course, the ban doesn't really matter to Pacquiao since real men aren't into shopping anyways.

Barack Hussein Obama's indefinite detention law, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), took a body blow in a New York City court. A judge issued a preliminary injunction against it, in a suit brought by several of Obama's fellow liberals. Proof that a broken clock still tells the correct time every twelve hours. [1,246]

BREAKING NEWS! The Arizona Secretary of State has asked Hawaii to verify what's on Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate. He then wrote to concerned citizens of Arizona: if Hawaii doesn't come across, he won't list Obama on the ballot! [1,247]

Nebraska produces another Republican primary upset. The next Senator from Nebraska: Deb Fischer. Deb who? Find out! [1,248]

Presidential Election 2012 update: "Obama’s donations shrink in April." [1,249] That fundraising decline helps explain by Obama then pushed the homosexual agenda to raise some bucks in early May.

Obama's budget voted down in the Senate 99-0. This follows the House vote from March 414-0. Not a single politician from either party can support the administration's gimmicks. [1,250]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio stands accused of violating people's Constitutional rights—by a liberal political hack who has no respect for the Constitution. [1,251]

How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit.[1,252]

The New Jersey Obama eligibility case is now on appeal. That's the good news. The bad news: a three-judge panel will hear oral argument—over the telephone. [1,253]

Voter fraud, alive and well in North Carolina, and it's pretty interesting to see just who's encouraging it: [1,254]

"Facebook a fad, half of Americans say in poll" - and most people don't trust it. [1,255] Ever hear that said about the Bible?

"How Mitt Romney got his groove back" Polling shows Romney making gains while Obama misfires repeatedly. [1,256]

Why is the United States Air Force getting into the crime fighting business? And are major American cities fighting crime at the expense of liberty and the Constitution? How much police is too much? [1,257]

The liberal mix of public schools, video games and Facebook destroy a generation: "writing scores are a 'disaster'" such that "the percentage of fourth-graders scoring an acceptable score ... dropped from 81 percent last year to 27 percent this year." [1,258]

Today, Ron Paul said he would stop campaigning in primaries and public caucuses yet to take place. That includes the New Jersey, Texas, and California primaries. But this does not mean that he is out of the race. Instead he is hunting delegates, not popular votes. [1,259]

Big spending liberal Greeks and their economic woes may sink Barack Obama's presidency due to the American economy being highly integrated with the European economy in terms of trade and investment.[1,260][1,261]

First, the militant atheist Richard Dawkins becomes an agnostic, now YouTube's leading atheist says he is now an "agnostic atheist" which is nothing more than an agnostic.VIDEO

It looks like atheism is collapsing on itself and turning into wimpy agnosticism at best. The Question evolution! campaign will no doubt accelerate the decline of atheism.[1,262][1,263]

Biff! Bop! Bam! Sock! No, not a Batman rerun. It's the Oklahoma Republican convention. Two delegations, and an almost guaranteed contest in Tampa. [1,264]

The European Union begins to crumble, and that causes the stock market to plummet: "Greek impasse prompts euro exit warnings, rattles markets." [1,265]

Man is God's greatest achievement, that He made on Creation Day 6. See here for a look at the evidence sorting out claims for "earlier versions" of man. [1,266]

The censorship of Naomi Riley for daring to speak out against liberal claptrap in college. Black Studies: ‘Swaggering Into the Future,' made Naomi a target and she was ultimately fired for it. [1,267]

The governor of New Jersey vetoed a key element of Obamacare in his State, but failed to provide a ringing defense of the Constitution. [1,268]

Encouraged by liberals to enroll in the Worst College Majors, students are now "crushed by college debt." The Detroit Free Press reports that "massive loan bills hang over graduates, derail life plans." [1,269]


May 23

Do feminists dislike Mother's Day? In the 1970s, feminists pushed to replace it with "Parent's Day" to be "more consistent with a policy of minimizing traditional sex-based differences in parental roles." [1,270]

"GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming 'About Equal to Entire World’s Proven Oil Reserves.'" [1,271] But liberals are anti-energy just as they tend to be anti-life.

Did Obama's recent promotion of the homosexual agenda cause Vladimir Putin, Russia's newly reelected president, to snub him? The lamestream media fail to provide a better explanation for the extraordinary "no-show" by Putin at the White House. [1,272] Russia, increasingly Christian, has passed laws against promoting homosexuality.

"The Dow slipped 217.67 points, or 1.7 percent, to 12,820.60 for its biggest weekly decline of the year." [1,273]

View from Britain: "The gay marriage endorsement was all about Hollywood's money and Obama's ego." Just prior to Obama's endorsement, "the Hollywood Reporter reported that the marriage question was hurting Obama among west coast donors." [1,274] British press can be candid about liberal politicians in America.

Is the New Jersey Republican Party acting like a private club and silencing fresh conservative voices? A Tea Party activist says Yes. He reports; you decide. [1,275]

Why write-in campaigns cannot work in a Presidential election. And how, under the Constitution, we can fix that problem. [1,276]

When something utterly fails, it's best to look at just who's in charge. The California public school system is ranked 47th in the subject of science, with just 22% of eighth graders actually passing a national science test.[1,277] And just who is running the show? Who's running the public schools there? Who's deciding the failing curriculum? A bunch of liberals!

True Americans have a deep respect for our Founding Fathers. However, liberals don't respect or admire these intellectual and political titans. "Meet the Left’s Founding Fathers" [1,278]

$$$$ "Obama nets fundraising windfall after gay marriage announcement. Nearly $15 million to pour in tonight at George Clooney gala event." [1,279] One problem: the American public is less fooled by the homosexual agenda now.

A masters degree and on food stamps? A growing reality in the Obama economy. The number of Ph.D.s on public aid triples in U.S. [1,280]

Why does the government own or sponsor media organs? Ayn Rand wouldn't approve—but neither did two men tasked with saving the government money, two years ago. [1,281]

African-Americans voted 2-1 in favor of the North Carolina amendment banning gay marriage. [1,282]

Real polling of likely voters shows that Mitt Romney is far ahead and "would win by a landslide." [1,283] That fact -- ignored by the lamestream media -- helps explain Obama's attempt to energize the Left with his promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Another look at the "Hong Kong ark" fiasco.[1,284]

Of course, unlike atheists and evolutionists, Bible believers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to evidence for the their worldview. See: Evidence for Christianity and More evidence for Christianity

Conservative Rand Paul endorses pro-life Don Stenberg against pro-Planned Parenthood, abortion-supported Jon Bruning, in the biggest upcoming Senate primary of the year in Nebraska. [1,285]

Even a political science professor observes that Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage will alienate voters in Virginia and North Carolina, and will overall be a negative for his reelection. [1,286] But the reality is that gay activists surely insisted on this after losing so badly in North Carolina.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel formed a coalition government yesterday. Is he getting his ducks in a row as he prepares for war with Iran? [1,287]

Barack Obama flip flops on gay marriage explaining that his stance in support for homosexuality had gone through an "evolution." [1,288] Obama must have forgot that Prop 8 passed in California due in large part to the support of the black community. The Presidential Election 2012 becomes a national referendum on same-sex marriage.

The Tea Party won a big one in Indiana, by defeating Richard Lugar from the United States Senate. See the reaction, and an analysis. [1,289]
The RINO, neocon Lugar cannot run now as an independent; also, notice how the lamestream media conceal the massive margin of this conservative victory. [1,290]

Eric Holder's Justice Department has been stonewalling Congress on Operation Fast and Furious. U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment cutting Justice Department salaries until questions are answered. [1,291]

Unions struck out in Wisconsin, failing even to win the Democrat Party's primary in their foolish quest to recall Governor Scott Walker. [1,292]

West Virginia's Democrat presidential primary concludes with a Texas inmate beating Barack Obama in eight counties. [1,293]

Tea Party backed Richard Mourdock defeats 35-year incumbent Richard Lugar in a stunning Indiana Republican primary upset. [1,294]

World-renowned John Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who is giving the commencement speech at Emory University, thinks the field of evolutionary biology is bunk.[1,295]

Dr. Marc Kirschner, chair of the Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, stated: “In fact, over the last 100 years, almost all of biology has proceeded independent of evolution, except evolutionary biology itself. Molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, have not taken evolution into account at all.”[1,296]

Ron Paul keeps capturing delegates ahead of the Republican National Convention by better knowing the Party rules. And Mitt Romney cannot afford to fight him "dirty." [1,297]

File this one under "you-gotta-be-kidding-me". The latest excuse for the demise of the dinosaurs is "flatulence". That's right, you read it here. Scientists are saying - and not proving - that the dinos passed gas and killed themselves! [1,298][1,299]

Creation scientists, who are far more reasonable than many secular scientists, give far more plausible reasons for the extinction of many types of dinosaurs.[1,300][1,301]

PPsimmons, a popular Christian YouTube channel and supporter of the Question evolution! campaign, is back stronger and leading people to biblical Christianity and away from evolutionism/atheism. [1,302][1,303]

PPsimmons has recently expanded its internet reach and is using multiple internet venues to reach the public.

Wikipedia's partisan effort to re-elect Barack Obama is on display. Wikipedia deletes the page Forward to hide Socialist/Marxist associations to Obama's new campaign slogan. [1,304]

Leftist European politicians and defenders of pro-bank crony capitalism are making things economically turbulent in secular Europe.[1,305] United States stocks plunge as Greek leaders fail to form government, squabble about debt.[1,306]

Isn't it ironic that liberal politicians in secular Europe are diminishing Obama's re-election odds?

College students are setting up Super PACs of their own - "It costs nothing to register a super PAC with the FEC, and the process involves filling out a simple form, as comedian Stephen Colbert demonstrated on his popular TV show." [1,307]

Is God watching? Has the morality of the Western World declined? [1,308]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney in a late-night email. [1,309] Conservapedia predicted long ago that Santorum would serve as a stalking horse, first blocking conservative rivals and then endorsing Romney.

The homosexual agenda could lose big in North Carolina Tuesday: voters are expected to prohibit gay unions. [1,310] But the Left isn't demonizing North Carolina because the Dems picked that State for holding their national convention this summer.

The American "obesity epidemic may be slowing, but don’t take in those pants yet. Today, just over a third of U.S. adults are obese. By 2030, 42 percent will be, says a forecast released" today.[1,311]

On a related note, see the comedy on atheist Penn Jillette entitled Atheist Penn Jillette, you're still overweight! What happened?

Socialist defeat of the warmongering neocon president of France (after he facilitated civil war in Libya) leads to financial jitters in Europe. [1,312]

Twitter cancels Conservative's account three times in one day. Chris Loesch's, husband of conservative radio host, CNN contributor and Breitbart editor Dana Loesch, Twitter account was the victim of a leftist campaign of false spam complaints which automatically triggered the suspension notices. [1,313]

  • "Tweets following the suspensions seemed to show that some liberals who disagreed with his and his wife’s ideology made it a point to target his account." [1,314]

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants disgrace themselves at their terrorism trial. They make obscene gestures (that only an Arab would recognize as obscene), make paper airplanes, and persuade one of their lawyers to dress like a good Muslim woman. Is this the behavior of torture victims? More to the point: can this be at all consistent with a Nine-eleven "Truther" narrative? [1,315]

The second lesson in the Revelation series: Jesus Christ, His Second Coming, and His Eternal nature. [1,316]

Joe Biden, Obama's vice presidential running mate, "Endorses Same-Sex Marriage." [1,317] Their campaign strategy is to have Biden fully and publicly embrace the homosexual agenda rather than Obama doing so.

Barack Hussein Obama's "Julia" is a perfect metaphor for liberals: a woman who depends on the government for everything. But how does that really work out for her? How could it work out, even if it worked as advertised? And: what if the real payors into the system went on strike? [1,318]

Empty seats greet Obama's opening student rally for reelection, despite drawing upon the massive, liberal Ohio State University. "No amount of show business ... can replicate the euphoria of 2008, as some in the audience acknowledged." [1,319] Even college students wise up after a while!

Congress' intelligence heads: Taliban stronger. The leaders of the congressional committees said Sunday they believed that the Taliban had grown stronger since President Barack Obama sent 33,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan in 2010. The pessimistic report by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., challenges Obama's own assessment last week in his visit to Kabul that the "tide had turned" and that "we broke the Taliban's momentum." [1,320]

Best of the public: an underdog horse ridden by a Kentucky Derby rookie dramatically overtook the favorite to win "one of the most unlikely victories in the 138 runnings of America’s greatest horse race." [1,321] See Mystery:Why Do Atheists Dislike Underdogs?

A Gallup poll shows Republicans to have the highest wellbeing, above and beyond Democrats and Independents. All indicators point to religion; Republicans are more religious. [1,322]

Is Israel getting ready to go to war with Iran? Calling up reserves, reinforcing its borders with Sinai and the Golan Heights—stay tuned! [1,323]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs a law cutting off taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, which provides abortion. [1,324]

Adolf Hitler's long shadow over Israel.[1,325]

Hitler was a zealous evolutionary racist.[1,326][1,327]

"Life is wasted without Jesus" That message on a t-shirt worn by Nova Scotia high school student William Swinimer cost him a one-week suspension and threatened with expulsion if he wears it again. [1,328]

Bad news for Obama's reelection chances: "marked slowdown in job creation" in the monthly jobs report "as the economy created a disappointing 115,000 jobs." The unemployment rate is at 8.1%, poised to begin "rising again in coming months." [1,329] No president has won reelection with unemployment above 7.2%, in the last 70 years.

Bias in Wikipedia: Did you know that there is a Wikipedia page about Mitt Romney's dog Seamus? Apparently, somebody added a page 'Obama eats dogs' but an atheist liberal decided the public doesn't need to know and deleted the page. [1,330]

Russia makes threat: A pre-emptive military strike on NATO missile defense systems in Poland. [1,331] Reset button in need of repair.

Shortly after YouTube shut down the Christian YouTube video channel PPsimmons, the Federal Trade Commission reports recruiting a high power litigator to lead its antitrust investigation of Google which owns YouTube.[1,332] In addition, Google now says it is being investigated by the governments in Korea and Argentina.[1,333]

Was YouTube's shutting down of a large Christian YouTube channel with 20,000 subscribers a good idea?[1,334] It looks like they should reconsider their decision and re-open the YouTube channel as divine favor is definitely not overflowing on Google.

Why is the Republican National Committee threatening not to seat the Nevada delegation to the Republican National Convention? Because Ron Paul's supporters are about to take over the Nevada Republican Party. Details: [1,335]

Again we see confusion on what a natural born citizen is. Here is yet another explanation: [1,336]

The Lamestream media can't catch a break despite the class warfare angle they espouse. Ann Romney wore a $990 top on TV and is somehow out of touch with the people but Michelle Obama wearing a $2,700 cardigan sweater is not. [1,337]

YouTube shuts down the popular Christian YouTube channel, PPsimmons, which had over 20,000 subscribers.[1,338]

Christians are one of the largest segments of the U.S and world's population. Why is YouTube choosing to alienate such a large segment of the population?

Another stronghold of liberalism is going to be facing online competition - Ivy League universities.[1,339][1,340]

The theological case against evolution.[1,341]

Sinful evolutionists try to rob God of his glory with their evolutionary folly, but the fossil record shouts creation.[1,342]

Three cheers for oil speculators and capitalism.[1,343] It is impossible for an oil speculator to increase prices today without also reducing prices in the future.

Commodity speculators benefit society.[1,344]

Israel calls up reserves, deploys them along the Egyptian and Syrian borders. Is another Arab-Israeli war in the offing? Or maybe Daniel's seven-year peace treaty? [1,345]

The official message from the Vatican to the U.N. in defense of Homeschooling, “The State should respect the choices that parents make for their children and avoid attempts at ideological indoctrination.” [1,346]

Hack Wilson's blog: Campaign images from former dictators showcase ego and narcissism. Is this pattern consistent with Barack Obama's campaign? [1,347]

May 9

The Ron Paul delegate strategy, in detail. This means grabbing delegate allocations in state Republican Party conventions, and choosing who the flesh-and-blood delegates will be. Will it work? [1,348]

U.S. appeals court allows Texas to exclude Planned Parenthood (Reuters)

April ratings for CNN were the worst in a decade. The old media pretends to be objective when everybody can see they are biased. So it is no wonder people turn to other sources for news. [1,350]

Forward! Vorwärts! Avanti! "Forward!" is Obama's new campaign slogan [1,351]. "Forward!" also has many ties to communism [1,352]. "Forward!" was also a Hitler Youth marching tune [1,353]. "Forward!" was also an Italian newspaper run by fascists [1,354].

Something the liberal mainstream news doesn't want mentioned is the connections between Occupy Wall Street and the anarchists who wanted to blow up an Ohio bridge. [1,355]

Nicolas Sarkozy fails to convince far-right vote as Le Pen urges her supporters to abstain. Marine Le Pen the far-right leader, announced she would cast a "blank" ballot rather than vote for either Mr. Sarkozy or the Socialist front-runner François Hollande on Sunday. [1,356]

The Question evolution! campaign is coming to middle school students with a specially designed campaign.[1,357]

US embassy sounds alarm after large explosion heard in Kabul Less than two hours after President Barack Obama flew out of Afghanistan after a surprise visit Tuesday, the US embassy in Kabul sounded its alarm after a large explosion was heard in the city. [1,358]

The publicly homosexual Richard Grenell resigns from Mitt Romney's campaign amid anger from social conservatives. Grenell declares that he resigned for "personal reasons".[1,359]

Being a homosexual, he did not resign for "family reasons" because bona fide homosexual families don't exist.[1,360][1,361]

An activist asks: Why are Russian troops training on American soil? Did that have anything to do with Barack Hussein Obama's "open mike" episode? Are he and the Russians planning a "Red Dawn"? [1,362]

A new Rasmussen poll shows Obama to be more extreme than Romney. [1,363]

Thanks to Citizens United, the Dems' advantage in the liberal media is being offset by negative ads against liberals run by Super PACs. [1,364]

"Extended unemployment benefits set to expire in Florida," a key swing state for the Presidential Election 2012. [1,365]

Worst college majors invade public schools: "Miami-Dade County Public Schools will debut its first video game-themed magnet this fall." [1,366] The school could be flooded with applications by kids addicted to video games!

The Obama eligibility question is not a laughing matter anymore, if it ever was. Just how reliable is a Hawaii birth certificate to show that someone was born in Hawaii? Answer: not at all. [1,367]

Betrayed the Libyan leader? Nicolas Sarkozy faces renewed claim Gaddafi agreed to fund 2007 campaign. [1,368] French media reported: With the surfacing of the new evidence, Sarkozy's hopes of being re-elected to the presidency have dwindled. [1,369]

The New York Times may be having a hard time finding a CEO who is willing to lead their failing enterprise (the stock price of the New York Times has been falling). [1,370][1,371]

The dramatic drop in revenue at certainly isn't good news for atheist Austin Cline (whose wife no doubt still persists in adopting the foolish worldview of atheism). See: Atheism and women and Prominent atheists whose wives believe in the existence of God

The stock price of the liberal media outlet the New York Times has been significantly falling.[1,372] In addition, according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa, its worldwide website market share has been dropping.[1,373]

Besides the Question evolution! campaign, one of the many reasons why American and global atheism will face stiff headwinds is that heavily pro-atheism mainstream liberal newspapers and media outlets have been losing market share.[1,374][1,375] See: 10 reasons why American atheism will be cut by at least 50%

Flag of the Philippines.png

The Question Evolution! Campaign launched by Creation Ministries International is entering the Philippines - an nation with over 92 million inhabitants.[1,376]

In addition, the French translation of the campaign is continuing.[1,377] Evolutionists, there is going to be no place to hide in God's creation from the Question Evolution! Campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists.

"Crash victim Steven Thorpe, who was declared brain dead by four doctors, recovered after his parents begged medics ready to turn off his life support machine for a second opinion." [1,378] So much for "experts".

The Miami Herald reports on a letter written by an American just prior to his execution by newly communist Cuba. William Morgan "was ordered to kneel and beg for his life, prompting him to shout back, 'I kneel for no man!'" His final letter stated, "For no man has a right to impose his will or belief on others. All men have an in borne right to better themselves and their families." [1,379]

Must the government fund science research? What can go wrong when it does? Or rather: what has gone wrong? [1,380]

Democrat insider Tim Kaine's lead for the U.S. Senate in Virginia vanishes as conservative George Allen pulls ahead. [1,381] Allen's dad is being included in Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, coach's category.

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen" - the first sentence of 1984, the masterpiece of the liberal who turned increasingly conservative: George Orwell. But Brits, increasingly atheistic, no longer recognize it as one of the ten greatest openings in English literature. [1,382]

Trouble in liberal paradise: Unions are stunned by the last-minute entry by the mayor of Milwaukee, who has sometimes opposed unions, into the Democrat primary on May 8, which could deprive unions of running their favored candidate to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. [1,383] Walker defeated the same Milwaukee mayor in 2010.

Ron Paul surprises everyone, winning half or more of the delegates in three States (Iowa, Minnesota, Washington State). If he scores that high in two more States, he can have someone place his name in nomination at the Republican National Convention. Warren G. Harding won nomination in 1920 with a lower proportion of delegates going in than Ron Paul will likely have. [1,384]

"Obama student-loan plan leaves 29.5M out in the cold" - and he thinks students will cheerlead for his reelection??? [1,385]

"Young conservative Matthew Robinson became a Democrat to challenge entrenched liberal Peter DeFazio in his own primary. [1,386]

Buyer's remorse for college students who voted for Obama: few job prospects while interest rates on student loans are set to double to 6.8% this summer; Obama threatens to veto the House's relief package. It's even worse for liberals in the Worst College Majors.

It Gets Better project shown to be a national embarrassment. Homosexual activist Dan Savage was supposed to deliver an anti-bullying message to high school students. 100 of them walked out on his speech as he shouts vulgarities about the Bible and mocks Christians. [1,387]

Car emissions claim more UK lives than road accidents, study finds. Emissions from cars, lorries, planes and power stations causes 13,000 premature deaths in the UK each year, according to a new study by MIT researchers. [1,388]

FBI Assistant Special Agent Todd Mayberry: The good news, Hezbollah is not operating terrorist training camps in Detroit. The bad news, a staggering amount of Michigan IP addresses are found on extremist Islamic websites. [1,389]

Crucifixion of businesses? Stopping farm kids from doing their chores? The Mainstream Media miss the point! Even the alternative media missed the real purpose of both those measures: UN Agenda 21. [1,390]

A book which refutes atheism and evolution and defends the Christian faith is causing a sensation.

The book The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith is: #1 On AMAZON in "Religion" Category, #2 In New Releases and Top 5% of ALL books.VIDEO

A list of the most hated baby names has come out.[1,391]

Needless to say, few people name their babies "Adolf". Adolf Hitler was among the most infamous evolutionists of the 20th century as were Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.[1,392]

A new movie entitled Occupy Unmasked has come out exposing the roots of the Occupy Wall Street movement.VIDEO. A trailer can be found at Trailer of Occupy Unmasked.

Election year lobbying may payoff for Detroit. The federal government is urged to bail out Detroit to the tune of $1 billion dollars without any reforms attached. [1,393] "’ll run through the billion dollars in a year and be back for more."

A new series begins on the Book of Revelation. [1,394]

Wikipedia to define - according to their own "consensus" - what the meaning of "pro-life" is: [1,395]

"France's Hollande plans for EU growth win support. French election favorite François Hollande's campaign gained strength and credibility on Wednesday as the key plan in his economic strategy gathered increasing support in Europe." [1,396]

The results are in from yesterday's primary elections in Pennsylvania: The biggest loser...Planned Parenthood. [1,397]

Was Barack Hussein Obama born in Kenya? That question is still open. Why did Kenyan authorities arrest, detain, and deport a journalist who tried to look for an Obama birth certificate in Kenya? Why won't Congress investigate? [1,398]

Anders Breivik: Darwinism led to mass murder. [1,399]

Obama's re-election campaign sweating nervous about fundraising efforts. His sycophant media personalities are spilling the beans. [1,400]

Newt Gingrich announces that he will suspend his campaign for the Presidential Election 2012. [1,401]

"New video raises disturbing questions about actions by U.S. border agents and San Diego police account in the 2010 death of Anastacio Hernández, who was hit by Taser fire multiple times at San Ysidro border crossing." "The tasing death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas involving Border Patrol agents is the subject of a new documentary to air Friday on PBS. The program reveals new footage that shows a crowd of agents surrounding Hernandez Rojas while he lays on the ground." [1,402] [1,403]

The popular Christian YouTube video maker Shockofgod does a video entitled Evolution is not a's a joke.VIDEO

Mitt Romney sweeps to victory in today's primaries, solidifies his #1 ranking in Presidential Election 2012.

Perhaps God does have a sense of humor: "Colts confirm they'll draft Andrew Luck first." [1,404]

Creation Ministries International recently released a video on the 12th question of their Question evolution! campaign - specifically the question "Why is evolutionary 'just so' story telling tolerated?" VIDEO

Evolutionists and atheists, what's the problem? Aren't you too old to believe in fairy tales? As people grow older many drop the childish worldview of atheism.[1,405]

As schools ramp up their anti-bullying policies, they kow-tow to the biggest bullies in the system: teachers' unions. But what happens when voters fight back? [1,406]

Arizona bill defunding Planned Parenthood passes in the Senate. The bill heads to Governor Jan Brewer's desk for her signature. [1,407]

Climate scientist James Lovelock reverses himself on global warming. "I was 'alarmist' about climate change and so was Gore! The problem is we don't know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago." [1,408]

Five state primaries today: conservative Newt Gingrich seeks an upset victory in Delaware; two Democrat incumbent congressmen in Pennsylvania may be ousted. [1,409]

The Washington Times Communities quotes our entry explaining judicial activism. [1,410]

Where's the Obama birth certificate? An alternative-media organ seeks to raise two million dollars to find out, or make Barack Hussein Obama tell, or admit he doesn't have one. [1,411]

Liberal economics at work: "Dutch government becomes latest casualty of euro debt crisis." [1,412]

The top 1 percent of American earners already pays more than their share of taxes for their numbers and even the income they earn. While nearly half the people pay no federal taxes at all! Is that fair? [1,413]

Local officials stand up to the liberal media and reject the resignation offered by the police chief connected to the George Zimmerman case. [1,414] Not everyone caves into political pressure.

Creation Ministries International recently released a video on the 11th question of their Question evolution! campaign - specifically the question "How did blind chemistry create mind/intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?".VIDEO

Evolutionists, there is no escaping the long arm of God's moral law and we know the real motivation behind the dogmatic propagation of evolutionary belief.[1,415]

A true conservative runs for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania against a crew of scurrilous RINOs. Read about David Christian, one dealing with his own Orrin Hatch-like opponent in the Pennsylvania primary. [1,416]

With Post Offices about to stop running on Saturday, and in some cases closing completely, is it time to think of privatizing them? Ayn Rand said so. [1,417]

The Supreme Court prepares for arguments on Arizona's immigration enforcement law SB 1070. A Quinnipiac University Poll last week found that 62 percent of voters approve of Arizona's SB 1070. [1,418]

Creation Ministries International recently released a video on the 10th question of the Question evolution! campaign and the video focuses on a major problem for the evolutionary paradigm - specifically the issue of "living fossils".VIDEO

Conservative Sports Star Tim Thomas, who declined an invitation to the liberal White House, had 36 saves in goal to carry the Bruins to a stunning overtime victory and a return to Boston for game seven in the Stanley Cup playoffs. [1,419]

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French nationalist party, stuns Leftists by garnering 20% of the vote and giving neoconservative Nicolas Sarkozy a chance to win reelection in the runoff. [1,420]

Reuters reports that a significant amount of atheists/agnostics abandon the childish worldviews of atheism/agnosticism as they grow older.[1,421] The militant atheist Richard Dawkins has matured slightly and is now an agnostic.[1,422]

"When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things." (I Corinthians 13:11)

Creation Ministries International released a video on the 9th question of the Question Evolution! Campaign - which is: "Why are the (expected) countless millions of transitional fossils missing?".VIDEO

Utah Republicans deny 36-year incumbent U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch reelection Saturday, and instead send him to a runoff. In another race, the more conservative congressman Jason Chaffetz cruised to a landslide reelection. [1,423]

François Hollande builds lead as Nicolas Sarkozy allies admit writing is on the wall. Poll saying socialist could win by 14% leaves neocons in despair. [1,424]

Would the Ayn Rand world eliminate all public hospitals? No, not all of them. Nor would a free-market society need so many. [1,425]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Disney's string of liberal movies has culminated in a $200 million loss on John Carter - "possibly the biggest ever for a single movie." [1,426] And to think that money could have been spent on producing a pro-Obama film!

Obama is counting on web ads to win reelection, to the tune of $35 million. His campaign has already spent $11 million on his goofy online ads. [1,427]

Is Occupy Wall Street planning to pick fights with TEA Party activists at their meetings and events? [1,428]

House-minority leader Nancy Pelosi says she endorses an amendment to the Constitution that seeks to regulate political speech. The First Amendment says in part: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." [1,429] How long before Nancy saves the planet?

Karl Rove's Super PAC -- "Crossroads" -- reports raising nearly $100 million towards its goal of $240 million, most of which will be spent on negative ads against Obama in swing states. [1,430]


American sculptor Daniel Chester French was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, on April 20, 1850. He is best known for his colossal seated figure of Abraham Lincoln, which presides over the Lincoln Memorial. [1,431]

Astronomers look for dark matter near our own Sun. Surprise! They don't find it! How will they now explain the universe without God? [1,432]

The pièce de résistance of questioning évolution is arriving soon. [1,433] Vive le biblical creationism in France, Quebec, Switzerland and all Francophone countries!

Old Universe and Relativity theories are confounded again by the data, because dark matter "is not where we expected it and where we needed it." [1,434]

America unplugged from God? A minister speaks out. [1,435]

Occupy Wall Street is back under a new name, named after the Arab Spring. Are they planning riot and civil commotion? And why did they anticipate part of Barack Hussein Obama's speeches weeks before he gave them? [1,436]

We all know that Planned Parenthood kills preborn children but did you know that they call it "sacred care" and they have a campaign to pray for more abortions? [1,437] Praying to Lucifer makes Planned Parenthood a cult.

Why public schools? Aside from whether they work, by what authority does government keep a school? Another in the Ayn Rand World series. (Note: Ayn Rand's followers don't get everything right. She who emphasized cause-and-effect totally missed the First Cause of all: God.) [1,438]

Chris Christie might be interested in being Vice President, but he's not very high on our list of likelihood for Vice President 2012. [1,439] Why would two RINOs be better than one?

Earthquake! At 5:12 a.m. on this day of April 18, 1906, a magnitude 8.3 (Richter Scale) earthquake struck San Francisco. With thousands of un-reinforced brick buildings and closely-spaced wooden Victorian dwellings, the city was poorly prepared for the quake. [1,440]

Churches are increasingly getting involved in internet evangelism. [1,441][1,442]

It is just a matter of time before more and more churches establish YouTube channels and overwhelm the atheists at YouTube. Imagine more and more PPsimmons and Shockofgod type Christian channels at YouTube. Will they ask "the question that atheists fear" and the 15 questions for evolutionists?

The Barack Hussein Obama eligibility controversy took a nasty turn today. A lawyer for the Obama campaign threatens citizen journalists with injunctions to force them to pull embarrassing video content. He also confirms: a young lawyer who conceded that the Obama birth certificate is now "irrelevant' is now off the case. [1,443]

A live creation vs. evolution debate occurred today which focused on the 15 questions for evolutionists of the Question Evolution! Campaign which was launched by Creation Ministries International.[1,444]

2012 State of the Bible: Western civilization's most popular book, with an estimated 6 billion copies sold, is sacred literature to 82% of Americans. American Bible Society CEO Lamar Vest says, "it's impossible to separate the formation of our democratic republic from the foundation of Scripture." [1,445]

America is approaching 1,100 days without a budget from the Democrat-controlled Senate. Senate Budget Committee chairman Kent Conrad said that no budget will be offered before the 2012 Presidential race. [1,446]

Gun control supporters are furious that photos show Pippa in a car with someone who apparently held a gun. [1,447]

The entitlement society, and what is wrong with it. (Hint: Ayn Rand and the Bible actually agree on this. Click through to see how and why.) [1,448]


April 24

Highways are still unsafe for evolutionary belief.[1,449]

Evolutionists, if you don't want to be stuck traveling country roads, just admit you can't satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists.

Liberal pollsters have Governor Scott Walker leading the recall election, up 5-12% points. [1,450]

The Obama campaign has unveiled their latest weapon: the class warfare calculator, which lets you compare your tax rate to that of “millionaire” Mitt Romney. [1,451]

"I think me and Governor Romney are going to have more than enough to argue about during the course of this campaign." - Obama's atrocious grammar when speaking without a teleprompter. [1,452]

Shortly after the US Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia, the New York Post does a "Swillary Clinton" article featuring Hillary Clinton swilling beer and dancing.[1,453][1,454]

In addition, a picture featuring Hillary after a night of partying is captured.[1,455] The Telegragh publishes a story entitled Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?.[1,456]

Message to Hillary Clinton: Why can't you be as elegant as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? Jacqueline never swilled beer in public.

How's that regulation thing working out for you? Another installment in the Ayn Rand World series. [1,457]

Liberals work overtime to make sure justice is "deaf, dumb, and stupid." To them, it's no problem if a former Democrat governor diverted $1.2 billion dollars, while someone who whistled at a whale at sea - whistled at a whale - is facing a possible twenty-year prison sentence! [1,458]

The Pulitzer Prize for journalism were announced today. Surprise, liberal journalists and newspapers receive all the accolades. [1,459]

Conservative-leaning libertarian Ron Paul has been busy gathering delegates. Those who count him out, have spoken way too soon. [1,460]

Which general do Brits consider their greatest military foe ever, more than Napoleon and Erwin Rommel? George Washington, the leader who prayed before battle. [1,461]


An evolutionist and skeptic blunders when it comes to entropy and thermodynamics and the scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati straightens him out. [1,462]

Thank God for real scientists who understand logic and evaluating evidence.

Have the liberal media turned fans against pro-life Tim Tebow? He was reportedly booed when showed tonight on video at Yankee stadium. [1,463] But perhaps that is because baseball fans feel a rivalry with football.

Warren Buffett's public call for raising taxes leads to more scrutiny over his finances. Buffett's connections earn him sweetheart deals, government tax breaks, tax credits and tax exempt bonds. [1,464] Warren Buffett dodges taxes and he doesn't practice what he preaches, just another liberal hypocrite.

Are major allies and potential receptive audiences shrinking as far as evolutionary belief and will this put evolutionists behind the proverbial 8 ball? [1,465]

Hillary Clinton knocks back a beer and dances the night away at a Colombia nightclub The 64-year-old, who is in South America for the Sixth Summit of the Americas, made the most of the country's nightlife at Café Havana on Saturday evening. [1,466] [1,467]

How much government does a free society really need? Why do we have government, or pay taxes? Ayn Rand had an answer. [1,468]

Townhall: 12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals Against Liberals. [1,469]

This weekend, the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic: "to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need." Expected participants include Bubba Watson, the Masters' winner, Olympic gold-medal skier Lindsey Vonn, NFL great Deion Sanders, and others. [1,470].

If you want to stay an evolutionist, don't go to South Melbourne, Australia. [1,471]

Lincoln Shot at Ford’s Theater Dying as he did die, by the red hand of violence, killed, assassinated, taken off without warning, not because of personal hate…but because of his fidelity to union and liberty, he is doubly dear to us, and his memory will be precious forever. Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on April 14, 1865, actor John Wilkes Booth entered the presidential box at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., and fatally shot President Abraham Lincoln. [1,472]

Twelve United States Secret Service agents were sent back to the US from Cartagena, Colombia, after allegedly drinking heavily and consorting with prostitutes. [1,473]

It looks like the Department of Homeland Security/United States Secret Service is not hiring the right men to protect the president. Another example of incompetence in the Obama Administration.

300 million people in India escaped poverty in the last 3 years. [1,474] Under the Barack Obama adminstration, the level of poverty in the United States has risen. [1,475]

The Gates Foundation looks increasingly like a politically correct arm of government, as it caves to complaints about funding the creative American Legislative Exchange Council. [1,476]

Global warming is a global scam. Forty-nine former NASA scientists, including several astronauts, said so. Conservatives have known this for more than two years. [1,477]

"London mayor axes ads that suggests homosexuality can be cured London’s mayor has axed an ad campaign spearheaded by two conservative Christian groups because their ads suggest homosexuality is a disease that can be cured through prayer." [1,478]

Prior to insulting women who, like Ann Romney, choose motherhood as a career, Democrat strategist "Hilary Rosen led the war on Napster in 2002" and received "a total compensation package of $2.8 million during her final year as CEO and president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)." [1,479]

Atheist Ayn Rand's "deranged scribblings" are on view at Chapman University. Journalist Nick Schou declares that Ayn Rand was "a terrible writer and a bogus intellectual whose chief claim to fame is coining the term 'Objectivism,' which is a ... faux-philosophical term for a range of personality disorders such as 'greediness,' 'selfishness,' ... and 'psychopathy.'" [1,480] A recent Christian Post article condemned atheist Ayn Rand's selfish worldview as well. [1,481]

Conservative sports star Tim Thomas delivers another playoff shutout as goalie for the Boston Bruins, enabling the Bruins to win 1-0 in overtime as they defend their Stanley Cup. [1,482]

What would an Ayn Rand world really look like? First in a series to set the record straight on how her philosophy would really work out. [1,483]

Former GE CEO Jack Welch talks about a Mitt Romney presidency, “It’d be great for the country. We’d be a stronger country. We’d have more jobs..." Welch took Obama to task for his class warfare "divide and conquer" strategy. [1,484]

Richard Dawkins's new book, which uses a stealth atheism approach since atheism is so unpalatable, is reviewed and found wanting. [1,485]

"It is logically impossible to find meaning in life within an atheist paradigm — unless, that is, one deceitfully steals notions of human worth and dignity from a worldview in which people are God’s image-bearers."

Ahmed Ben Bella in ca. 1964.

Ahmed Ben Bella, has died aged 95. He fought the French to become the first president of an independent Algeria.

A Tea Party activist tells why he became one, and answers his critics who accuse him of frivolous misuse of the judicial system. Herewith the testimony of the man who filed the most comprehensive case ever filed against Obamacare. [1,486]

Any thinking person will realize this is not the typical cyclical economic recession, but rather a once-in-a-multi-generation debt deflation structural problem. However, the Federal Reserve fools led by Ben Bernanke are trapped in academic wonderland and simply cannot grasp the blatantly obvious. [1,487]

Fox News poll: If the election were held today, Obama would lose to Mitt Romney. Economic issues have dragged Obama's approval to the lowest point this year, at 42 percent. [1,488]

What is a natural-born citizen? Does it mean the same thing today that it meant to James Madison? If not, then we no longer have a Constitution, but a "thing of wax" in the hands of the Supreme Court. [1,489]

"Prosecutors contend George Zimmerman provoked confrontation with Trayvon Martin." [1,490]

A top Democrat strategist insults mothers by claiming that Mrs. Ann Romney, who raised five children, has never "worked a day in her life." [1,491] The Obama campaign, which claims that the GOP has a "War on Women," tries to distance itself from the insulting remark.

Global warming hoax disproven again: "Bering Sea Shows Second Highest Ice Extent In Recorded Satellite History ... Hey Al, give back the Nobel Prize. Hey, Nobel Prize committee. you need to get politics out of your selection process." [1,492]

Bypassing a grand jury despite claims of self defense, Florida charges Hispanic George Zimmerman with second-degree murder of African American Trayvon Martin. The lamestream media try to avoid pitting two Democratic constituencies against each other over this case; Reuters describes Zimmerman as having the race of "white and Hispanic." [1,493]

In the latest Barack Hussein Obama eligibility case, a New Jersey Administrative Law Judge just made a new law. The new "Masin Rule" says that anyone in New Jersey can nominate anyone for a party primary, willing or no, qualified or no, and indeed real or no. Anyone want to nominate Mickey Mouse for President? Obama's lawyer said that the law allows it, and the Masin Rule confirms it! [1,494]

Democrats love to say how much they support women and how the GOP has launched a War on Women. Barack Hussein Obama pays female staffers less than male staffers. [1,495]

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens was a big advocate of alternative energy through wind power. ON MSNBC, Pickens said wind energy is a financial loser, money and jobs can be found in the oil and gas industry. [1,496]

Only 55% of Americans age 16-29 were employed in 2010. The New York Times recently dubbed the young generation the "go nowhere generation". [1,497] Internet marketers keep chipping away at youth retail jobs. [1,498]

Will young "Obama zombies" wake up from their self-imposed intellectual and ideological stupor? [1,499]

"Massive 8.6 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia’s Aceh province." [1,500] The increased frequency of large earthquakes is one of many Counterexamples to an Old Earth.

A New Jersey administrative law judge finds for Barack Hussein Obama, though the Obama campaign has neither evidence nor law on its side. Two objectors to his running in the New Jersey Democratic Primary vow to appeal. [1,501]

The Question evolution! campaign is spreading across God's creation. The 15 questions for evolutionists have recently been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. [1,502]

Message to Raul Castro: ¡Cuestiona la evolución! [1,503]

Conservative Newt Gingrich welcomes Rick Santorum backers: "I am committed to staying in this race all the way to Tampa so that the conservative movement has a real choice." [1,504]

Rick Santorum ends his GOP presidential campaign. [1,505] Santorum also offered to help Mitt Romney's candidacy, which indicates that -- as Conservapedia predicted more than two years ago -- Santorum was probably a stalking horse for Romney.

Proving God has a sense of humor, a 5-day suspension is imposed on Florida Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen for expressing admiration about the alleged longevity of the former communist dictator Fidel Castro. [1,506] Prosperous before Castro seized power, Cuba's average salary is now only $20 per month, while one bottle of cooking oil costs $2.70. [1,507]

Is killing wrong? Can a world without religious values ever be consistent when it comes to ethics? [1,508]

Atheists and atheist murderers attack biblical morality because they want to make up the rules as they go along.

The United States credit rating suffered another downgrade last week—and the Mainstream Media uttered not a peep! Why not? Because Barack Hussein Obama ordered them not to, and they obeyed. [1,509]

Is Bubba Watson’s Masters’ Win Good for Christianity? [1,510] Yahoo news declares: "In the fallout of Tiger Wood's scandals, the PGA Tour is still looking for a spokesperson." Tiger Woods should have listened to Brit Hume. [1,511]

A recent investigation found an 88.6% unreliability rate for landmark, gold-standard science - much of it performed at university labs. [1,512] Non-replicable evolutionary "science" is particularly grounded on quicksand. [1,513][1,514]

An American liberal makes the correct assessment that wealthy Republicans are increasingly finding it difficult to control/prevail against religious conservatives. [1,515]

Liberals, 2016 is going to a be tougher year for liberal social policies and RINOS. 2020 is going to be religious conservatism and creationism unleashed! [1,516]

What do Barack Hussein Obama's "open mic" moments tell us? Maybe Israel should ask itself that question. [1,517]

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, recognizes that New Atheism hysterics are losing their luster and that an era of the decline of atheism has begun. [1,518] Williams's assessment of atheism is echoed by a British academic and others plus British evangelicalism is rising in Britain. [1,519][1,520]

The supporters of the Question evolution! campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists believe that 2012 and beyond is a perfect time to aggressively attack the main ideological underpinning of atheism which is evolutionism. [1,521][1,522] It's all over for atheism fireworks childish atheists, the time of victory after victory for Christianity and biblical creationism is here.

Gun control does not work! So why do anti-gun people keep making stuff up? [1,523]

Occupy Movement Starts ‘Chicago Spring’.[1,524]

His worst Masters performance in 17 years and a tie for distant 41st place, plus swearing and kicking one of his clubs -- that's how the lamestream media's favorite to win, Tiger Woods, did. [1,525] Can't liberals find someone else to promote?

What Resurrection Sunday is all about. [1,526]

Tall ladies question the tall tales of evolutionists.[1,527] Do short ladies become short-tempered when they hear evolutionary quackery?

About one week until a likely Tennessee creationist legislative victory plus Creation Ministries International's USA outreach could easily double. [1,528]

The clock is ticking for the erosion of evolutionary belief in Tennessee and America. The time of creationist victory after victory is quickly approaching. [1,529][1,530]


Good news for farmers and food prices: Harvard researchers believe they found the culprit for beehive colony collapse disorder. [1,531]

When will Harvard recognize what a incredible creation the bee truly is? [1,532][1,533][1,534]

Will it be a Mormon versus a Muslim for the Presidential Election 2012? As Democrats begin to make an issue of Mitt Romney's religion, it is a good time to review Obama's Religion also.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio takes the Obama eligibility investigation in a new direction: toward the Hillary Clinton campaign. Allegations of intimidation, blackmail and murder have gotten the Sheriff's attention. And they, too, trace back to Obama's birth certificate. [1,535]

Artist Thomas Kinkade, 54, died suddenly of natural causes. Popular California artist Thomas Kinkade died of natural causes Friday at his home in Los Gatos, a family spokesman said in a statement. [1,536]

Liberals admit that conservatives do not have a problem with scientific data and the scientific method, but merely have a diminished level of confidence in the scientific community post Darwinism and liberal climate claims. [1,537]

Liberals, do you remember the global cooling scare? Have you satisfactorily answered the 15 questions for evolutionists?

For those who have more confidence in the scientific consensus than in the scientific method: Nobel Prize winner beats scientific consensus and Ignaz Semmelweis and Robin Warren and Barry Marshall

Liberal groups who oppose voter I.D.s demand one from you just to get through their doors. [1,538]

Reasons why Obamacare will be struck down. "President Obama is not stupid. But he thinks you are." [1,539]

The American Thinker published an article on the rebirth of birtherism.[1,540]

Regardless of where Barack Obama was born, given the amount of additional regulation the Obama Administration has birthed and its failure to simplify the tax code to spur business activity, isn't poetic justice that Obama continues to be mired in a controversy concerning the documentation he has provided concerning his place of birth? [1,541]

Message to Obama and his supporters: When will the Obama Administration and the Internal Revenue Service require less forms and documentation to be filled out? Isn't hypocritical for the left to complain about birtherism given the documents they increasingly demand from Americans?

The ladies still dislike evolution and atheism, but they love the Question evolution! campaign. [1,542]

Evolutionists, why do so many American beauty contestants dislike evolution/atheism and so many overweight, liberal lesbians love evolution/atheism? [1,543] See: Lesbianism and obesity and Evolution and liberalism and Atheism and obesity

Could it be that obese lesbians insufficiently appreciate the argument from beauty?

Who decides whether Obamacare, or any other law, is unconstitutional? The Constitution does not say. But could the States (or for that matter, the people) be at full liberty to ignore any law that is unconstitutional? [1,544]

Republicans are likely to win the New Mexico U.S. Senate seat held by a retiring Democrat: "Heather Wilson Has GOP Confident in New Mexico." [1,545] Republicans are likely to win a majority in the Senate Elections 2012 if Wilson wins New Mexico.

Question Evolutionary belief everywhere.[1,546]

Evolutionists, as you can see, next time you go to get your local supermarket to get your Discover Magazine evolutionary pseudoscience fix, your evolutionary belief may be challenged. Can you satisfactorily answer the 15 questions for evolutionists?

Is your evolutionary pseudoscience merely window dressing for your rebellion to biblical authority? [1,547]

Bad news for Obama's reelection chances: job growth has stalled and unemployment declined only slightly to 8.2%, a full percentage point above the maximum rate at which any incumbent president has been reelected in 70 years. "Employers pulled back sharply on hiring last month." [1,548]

Navy jet crashes into apartments in Virginia [1,549]

Behold how your government employees spend your money! Lowlight of the GSA video contest from the October, 2010 Las Vegas vacation-like conference by the General Services Administration. But what does that show about how dependent the American people have become? [1,550]

Texas considers converting its primary to winner-take-all, which could prevent Mitt Romney (certain to lose there) from reaching a delegate majority. [1,551]

Two New Jersey men, one Republican and one Democrat, file an Obama eligibility challenge in that State. And the Division of Elections moves lightning-fast to docket the case for a plenary administrative hearing. [1,552]

Obama's gaffe reinforces doubts that he's a Christian: Jesus was merely "a Son of God," Obama said. [1,553] Contrast that with John 3:16, the favorite verse of Tim Tebow and most Christians.

Peter LaBarbera is scheduled to speak about liberal, anti-Christian bigots who are in favor of promoting homosexuality at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. [1,554][1,555]

Thank God for pro-Bible ministries like Creation Ministries International that expose and dispel pro-homosexuality pseudoscience. [1,556][1,557][1,558] Liberals, enjoy your little victories now as you will ultimately suffer defeat after defeat on the homosexuality, abortion and creation vs. evolution issues. [1,559]

Tennessee governor 'probably' will sign evolution bill giving legal protection for teachers who want to subject evolutionism to critical examination. [1,560]

The Tennessee governors expected signature is perfect timing with the weather now being ideal for Question Evolution! man-on-the-street videos. The article God's perfect timing and the upcoming Tennessee Question Evolution! man-on-the-street videos elaborates on this matter. [1,561]

The upcoming videos filmed in Tennessee, which will feature the 15 questions for evolutionists, are going to be spread in Tennessee (an elsewhere) using various offline and online tactics.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? Is that even his legal name? What hospital was he born in? We don't know! And it should be a State's job to know, when appointing Presidential electors. [1,562]

Has Barack Hussein Obama gone to war with the nation's courts? It certainly looks that way. Obama fired the first salvo, and now the Fifth Circuit has answered him. [1,563]

Guy Stagg writes at The Telegraph: "atheism is quite lonely. Not just existentially, but socially as well. Secularism does not offer the sense of fellowship you find in religion." [1,564]

See also: Ex-Christians, self-esteem and suicide and Atheism and depression and Atheism and suicide and Atheism and marriage and Atheism and women

Message to atheists: Next time you look at your empty Rolodex or eat a reheated frozen dinner, you might consider reading Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian

The Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate is not only a forgery but a bad forgery. So says New Jerseyan Jerome R. Corsi, in a speech to a Tea Party group in New Jersey. [1,565] Meanwhile, hundreds of Arizona residents sign a petition to the legislature to pass a resolution to force their Secretary of State to examine Obama's credentials. All this while Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues his investigation, this time into supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign. [1,566]

Tolerance by feminists? For nine years the liberal media have been pushing the feminist agenda by trying to hound the private Augusta National Golf Club -- host of the prestigious Masters -- into converting to a coed club. [1,567] How about genuine respect for privacy?

"Can Nicolas Sarkozy survive mounting funding scandals? Secret slush funds dominate French politics to an extent that makes the Tories' funding troubles seem pedestrian." [1,568]

Pastor Carl Gallups, one of the Christians involved in the Ppsimmons YouTube channel, is releasing a book defending Christianity and it is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The book is called The Magic Man in the Sky?: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith. [1,569]

The book is already #5 at Amazon in the religion and science category. No doubt atheists and evolutionists will be totally unable to refute its contents.

A strong turnout of 35% of registered voters is expected for today's key primary in Wisconsin. [1,570]

Today's Wisconsin Republican primary for president has 42 delegates at stake, and conservative Rick Santorum is behind by only 7 points in polling. [1,571] It appears that Mitt Romney will again fail to attain 50%, despite outspending Santorum by 4-1 there.

Conservative Rand Paul's state of Kentucky cruises to the national college championship, defeating Kansas in the finals. [1,572]

Forbes Magazines weighs in on current gas prices and speculators.[1,573]

However, the main factor driving up gas prices is increased global demand due to developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil. [1,574][1,575][1,576]

Investors Business Daily points out: "Federal Trade Commission and the Government Accountability Office have repeatedly investigated the oil industry for collusion or price gouging after previous price spikes. Each time they've found the same thing: The industry is highly competitive, and supply and demand, not collusion, set the price of oil."[1,577]

As they face off tonight for the basketball championship, the University of Kentucky is better than the University of Kansas: Kentucky charges "only" $127,016 for the worst college major (gender studies), while Kansas charges $139,328. [1,578] And those are government schools demanding that.

"Prosecutor: Account that he, police chief opted not to arrest Martin's shooter a 'lie'." And CNN shows integrity by describing the shooter as "Hispanic", rather than playing the race card for Democrats by using the contrived "white Hispanic" label as the liberal New York Times does. [1,579]

Settlements in Israel: are they legal, or not? A hard look at international law, and history, says that they are. [1,580]

A government funded institution is promoting a whacky farce based on some mythical evolutionist time machine. The biblical account is based, not on a time machine, which does not exist, but on the eyewitness testimony of people who recorded events that happened, so we would appreciate our place in this world. [1,581]

Jesus's disciples were eyewitnesses who died for what they proclaimed. How many evolutionists are willing to die for their quackery?

Rick Santorum is endorsed by Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila ("KGB") -- the alltime sack leader for the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin's favorite team. But the lamestream media censor that this African American leader endorsed the conservative on the eve of Wisconsin's primary.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is often a swing vote in rulings, may rule against the individual mandate in ObamaCare which could help cause the removal of a core piece of the bill and make its long term viability shaky. The entire bill may be revoked. [1,582][1,583]

Hot off the presses! A new primer on Israel, its history, and the unfair attacks against it in the Mainstream Media, liberal schools, and elsewhere. [1,584]

"Playing the race card again. 'White Hispanic.' That's how The New York Times, Reuters and other media outlets have opted to describe George Zimmerman, a man who would simply be Hispanic if he hadn't shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The term, rarely if ever used before this tragedy, is necessary in telling the Martin story in a more comfortable way." [1,585]

April 9

Conservatives make humorous jabs concerning the firing of Keith Olbermann from Al Gore's Current TV.[1,586]

On a related note, according to Google USA, Conservapedia's web page on Conservative humor and satire resources is currently one of the most popular webpages at Conservapedia.[1,587] Conservatives love laughing at pompous liberal politicians and proud and deceitful atheists. See also: Conservapedians laugh at the "superior atheist intellect" and Comedy and satires concerning atheism and evolution

"China censors microblog websites ... the ruling Communist party tries to prevent an internal power struggle weakening its grip on society." [1,588] That's the direction of leftism.

The Obama Administration grants amnesty to illegal immigrants. "In a dramatic departure from a 60-year policy, undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria would not have to leave the United States while they await approval of their application to legalize their status." [1,589]

Palestinian protest an epic failure. Protesters hoped to march on Jerusalem. But they cannot even get out of Bethlehem, and no cross-border violence occurs. [1,590]

"Obama Campus Fervor Losing to Apathy as Students Sour on 2012 ... Obama's approval rating among college students dropped to 46 percent last December from 58 percent in November 2009 .... The unemployment rate among 18- to 24-year-olds was 16.3 percent at the end of last year, the highest since record-keeping began in 1948." [1,591]

Is Barack Hussein Obama deliberately sabotaging Israel in its efforts to defend itself against an eventual missile strike by Iran? [1,592]

"'October Baby' beats forecasts, expansion announced" for this Greatest Conservative Movie of the Year. "Independent pro-life movie makes success of opening weekend." [1,593]

Lotto fever sweeps the nation as the multi-state Mega Millions jackpot passes a half-a-billion. To put in perspective, the federal government spends that amount every 95 minutes. [1,594]

Healthcare reform needs tax reform and government reform. Most of the problems with health care in America are tax problems, and the biggest tax problem is an oversized government. This is a chance to reckon with all three problems. [1,595]

A recent publicity photo of atheist Penn Jillette seems to indicate that he is still overweight.[1,596]

Penn, when are you going to start believing in science? Exercise science, nutritional science and medical science have solutions to being overweight and being overweight poses serious health risks. See: Atheism and obesity

Given your recalcitrant attitude towards science, Conservapedia would not be surprised if you cling to evolutionary pseudoscience.

Israel prepares for mass protests, war with Iran. The commanding general of Israel's armed forces has canceled the traditional Passover leave, as Israel prepares to meet the Global March on Jerusalem. [1,597]

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan writes Not-So-Smooth Operator, the nonexistent relationship Obama forged with the American people. [1,598]

Creation Ministries International has released another new Question evolution! campaign video covering the 11th question of campaign. VIDEO

It goes without say that evolutionists failed to respond adequately to this question as can be seen HERE.

Message to evolutionists: "How did blind chemistry create mind/ intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?" Without a moral law giver how do we get our moral laws? Evolutionists can't explain how good and evil originated via an evolutionary process.[1,599][1,600]

Democrats lost the Cap and Trade fight but Obama issued the cap via EPA regulations. The bottom line: electricity costs are going to rise all in the name of phony- Global Warming. [1,601]

House of Representatives votes down Barack Obama’s 2013 budget proposal 0-414. [1,602] This follows his widely popular Senate budget proposal that was shot down last year 0-97. Speaking of the Democrat-led Senate, they haven't submitted a budget in over 1060 days. When it comes to financing and budgets, Democrats are not the smartest bunch.

Even the Mainstream Media despairs of Obamacare standing up under the Constitution. Judge Andrew Napolitano also weighs in. [1,603]

The Supreme Court faces the supreme test: fidelity to the Constitution, or a face-saving gesture to Barack Hussein Obama? The Court absolutely positively cannot do both. [1,604]

Creation Ministries International has released a new Question evolution! campaign video covering the 10th question of campaign. VIDEO

Of course, evolutionists failed to respond adequately to this question as can be seen HERE.

Message to evolutionists: "How do ‘living fossils’ remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years, if evolution has changed worms into humans in the same time frame? Harvard University professor Stephen Gould wrote, 'the maintenance of stability within species must be considered as a major evolutionary problem.'"[1,605][1,606]

The Arizona legislature is the latest arena in the battle over Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to the office of President. A bill would force any candidate to swear that he or she is eligible, and let any citizen sue to keep that candidate off the ballot if he or she is not. [1,607]

As the owner and head coach of the Jets backpedal from Tim Tebow and leave him standing alone for his first press conference, the New York Times tries its own awkward spin, entitling its story "Tebow, a Careful Evangelical." [1,608] The liberal bias is subtle, but unmistakable in its implication that Tebow tiptoes around liberal "correctness"; too bad the facts in the story do not justify its headline.

Flashback: The Department of Homeland Security warns of potential domestic terrorism threats from rightwingers, mentioning Christian militias. [1,609] Not long after, the arrest of the 7 Hutaree militia members made news cycles, with Attorney General Eric Holder calling the group "a dangerous organization." In an embarrassment for the government, a federal judge has dismissed most charges against the seven accused. [1,610]

Liberal logic: "Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in Republican Nightmare." [1,611] And how about casting Sean Penn to play Ronald?

Syria accepts UN-backed peace plan, says special envoy Kofi Annan. Syria's government has told international envoy Kofi Annan that it accepts his six-point plan to end conflict in the country, Annan's spokesman said during talks in Beijing on Tuesday. [1,612]

The White House remains silent as Obama's pastor of 20-years, Jeremiah Wright, helps organize an anti-Israel march on Jerusalem. The National Conference of Jewish Affairs condemned the White House’s silence on the matter. [1,613]

"Nicolas Sarkozy said he would block the entry of some imams invited to an Islamic conference next month, organized by the Union of French Islamic Organizations." [1,614] Racism? Making Arabs appear as the bad guys always?

A hot mike catches Barack Hussein Obama promising to the President of Russia that he can give away the store "after my election." That's our store, and not yours to give away, Mr. "President"! [1,615]

"Hillary Clinton will attend "Friends of the Syrian People" meeting in Istanbul, March 31-April 1". [1,616] Will she be informed about her mercenary snipers that are killing innocent Syrians under that fake flag? And the blasting terrorism in Damascus, Aleppo, etc?

Does the Zimmerman case threaten the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution? Activists and Senators call for repeal of State "Stand Your Ground" laws, while Barack Hussein Obama's administration places a market-cornering order for ammunition....[1,617]

"The Hunger Games" Illustrates the Horrors of Big Government" -- and teenagers are flocking to the movie in droves. [1,618]

Question Evolution! tracts are grabbing people's attention. It is hard for people to stop reading them.[1,619]

The 15 questions for evolutionists are like delicious blueberries which taste fantastic and are really good for you. Once you read one question for evolutionists and develop a taste for questioning evolution, you have to read more questions which evolutionists cannot effectively answer. You can't just stop at one question for evolutionists

Have you ever asked yourself why prominent evolutionists like Richard Dawkins now refuse to publicly debate creationists? [1,620]

Syria: Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda To Destabilise Assad Government. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted that Al Qaeda and other groups on the State Department’s terror list are on the same side as the United States in Syria and that they are aiding opposition rebels. [1,621]

Here is the in-depth analysis of the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case that the Mainstream Media will not do, probably because they have their own narrative. [1,622] See also: [1,623]

Liberal double standard: the lamestream media publicizes how conservative Rick Santorum cursed at a New York Times reporter, but how often does the media publicize cursing by Democrats? [1,624]

Watch this lecture on how evolution contradicts itself in hundreds of ways, beginning with the Cambrian Explosion. [1,625]


God humbles the "Reason Rally", a national atheist rally in America, via a rainy day. [1,626] The Almighty rained on your parade atheists. What are you going to do about it?

The rally was billed as "the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history", but only several thousand people gathered during the rainy day for the event.[1,627][1,628]

As liberals try to make race the issue in the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, the lamestream media underreport that the gunman is himself a minority who allegedly suffered a broken nose and lacerated skull in the altercation. [1,629] [1,630]

Alternative currency gains ground in Greece and has quietly built momentum in America. Will the government try to stop it? Can they? [1,631]

Liberal double standard: a video has appeared of Tom Hanks participating in a "hideously offensive" racial joke and the American lamestream media ignores it. Hanks "would be the first to scream ‘racist’ if a conservative put their arm around a Wall Street banker in black face while their co-MC made racist remarks," observed the woman who released the video. [1,632]
At least the British press reports on hypocrisy by American liberals.

A "stand your ground" shooting is "ruled self defense. Shooting considered test of newly passed gun law" in Pennsylvania to protect a full right of self defense without having to retreat. [1,633]

The Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate satisfies no one, and even international observers question it. And the missing records, like Darwin's missing links, are still missing. [1,634]

Why the Darwinism bully lost some battles in the United States and how these victories can be capitalized on in a big way.[1,635]

Why did Alberta, Canada recently see a 21% drop in evolutionary belief in their province? Can similar successes or even greater successes be achieved elsewhere? Why is militant secularism doomed?

Is Darwin's theory of evolution a theory about everything or a theory about nothing?[1,636]

Also, the classic film Darwin's deadly legacy has been added to an article focusing on why evil evolutionists promote evolution. [1,637] Didn't Jesus say, "By their fruits you shall know them"?

A Virginia middle school teacher assigns blatantly political pro-Obama homework, and still has a job. What would have happened had he let his students investigate Obama? [1,638]

Tennessee Senate OKs Bill To Allow Anti-Evolution Talk In Classrooms.[1,639]

Will teachers in Tennessee be given the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer? 2012 will be the worst year in the history of Darwinism.[1,640][1,641]

Russia's Vladimir Putin reminds evolutionist Larry King of a basic biological principle. Putin says to King: "As for same-sex marriages, they do not produce offspring, as you know". Europe's fourth largest city, St. Petersburg, recently banned pro-homosexuality propaganda.[1,642][1,643]

Liberals, are you looking forward to the year 2020? You do know that this will be a tipping point in the culture war, don't you?[1,644]

New study: "If you want to boost your teenager's grade point average, take the kid to church... Researchers found that church attendance has as much effect on a teen's GPA as whether the parents earned a college degree. Students in grades 7 to 12 who went to church weekly also had lower dropout rates and felt more a part of their schools."[1,645]

Of course, we all know the converse is true also. If you want your kids GPA's to drop teach them atheism and evolutionism. Thank God for the Question evolution! campaign and its 15 questions for evolutionists which help foster in young people valuable critical thinking skills.

The atheism and evolution friendly Eurozone has seen a drop in basic economics/finance skills and industriousness for years and is now paying the price via economic turmoil.[1,646][1,647] The Bible teaches people to work hard and avoid heavy indebtedness.[1,648]

How dare Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi invoke the Founding Fathers to say that ObamaCare is in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence? [1,649]

Records from 2011 show honor killings claimed the lives of 900 women and girls in Pakistan. [1,650] The real War on Women the Democrats refuse to talk about is waged by Islam.

In 2008, Democrat John Edwards denied he had a mistress while his wife had terminal cancer. Also, Edwards denied that he had a secret love child born out of wedlock. Fast forward to 2012, Edwards categorically denies any involvement with call girls or prostitution rings. [1,651]

More on that Executive Order. It redefines national defense to include disaster relief and other activities that have nothing to do with war and peace. It is also the latest example of the accumulation of power by the government, and the President. [1,652]

A Carribean pastor is very pleased that two homosexuals were arrested on a "gay cruise" for their immoral actions and may face fines and jail time. [1,653][1,654] Hey man! It's time to be a Christian ex-homosexual!

Also, the new Archbishop of Canterbury for the Anglican Church may be African born John Sentamu who is unsympathetic to the practice of homosexuality.[1,655]

An explanation for NASA managers and scientists and/or evolutionists/atheists on why there are not jewellery stores on the moon and on Mars.[1,656] Also, find out some fascinating information about God's creation the moon: The moon: the light that rules the night

Atheists don't own reason and they are often unreasonable.[1,657] On a related note, Conservapedia recently released a new work entitled Global atheism is going down for the count.

Winners of the liberal Nobel Prize will gather to honor a winner of the liberal Academy Awards, Sean Penn. [1,658] Why are we not surprised?

Why is the Pennsylvania Republican Party supporting a liberal candidate for the United States Senate, even to trying to keep the conservative off the ballot? [1,659]

What is the NAACP thinking, to go to the United Nations to challenge voter ID laws? Do they really think that the UN Human Rights Commission, made up as it is of some of the worst human-rights violators, are their friends? [1,660]

Denver's trading away of Tim Tebow, perhaps to appease Colorado liberals, was so poorly thought through that it is now "almost back to square one" because the teams "didn't read the fine print." [1,661] Tebow may star for Jacksonville instead, in his favorite state of Florida.

Higher education bubble may explode in taxpayers' faces.[1,662]

According to trend analyst Gerald Celente, India turned out 500,000 engineers through online learning while the USA turned out 150,000 engineers during the same period.VIDEO Conservative journalist John Stossel says college is often an overpriced ripoff.VIDEO

Message to liberal academics[1,663]: Enjoy your brick and mortar jobs while you can because many of these jobs may go away. More cost effective e-learning is on the horizon.

Is Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales really getting equal protection of military law, the same as Nidal Hasan of Fort Hood fame? You decide. [1,664] [1,665]

New York/New Jersey gets the outspoken Christian Tim Tebow, where he can do even more good than in pint-sized Denver! The Denver Post laments, "The trade also sends the circus that was Tebowmania to a city big enough to handle it." [1,666] The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed.

Do we now have a Department of Truth? Barack Hussein Obama's daughter goes on spring break, then the story disappears. The White House avows ordering the sanitizing of the Internet. And then the earthquake...[1,667]

Colorado liberals want to trade away the outspoken Christian Tim Tebow as soon as today, despite doubts that newly acquired Peyton Manning can even play a full season in the NFL with his serious injury. The morality of playing Manning despite his severe neck injury is itself questionable.

The lamestream media are thrilled that conservative Tim Tebow is being forced out of Denver, and John Elway fell for the hype by signing a neck-injured Peyton Manning to a nearly $100 million deal. [1,668] "Plan B? I don't have a Plan B," Elway admitted. Was the real goal to replace Tebow with someone liberals would accept?

Mitt Romney triumphs in Illinois, advances toward winning the Republican nomination.

"Illinois primary polls open to light voter turnout so far." A winning percentage of votes for conservatives Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would increase doubts that RINO Mitt Romney should be the nominee. [1,669] The Illinois polls close at 7pm CT, and Conservapedia will analyze the results tonight.

Even Einstein couldn't think of a peace plan. An archive of Einstein's letters reveal his thoughts on a problem he couldn't solve: how Arabs and Jews can live together. From Jerusalem, Donald Macintyre reports. [1,670]

America has a 200-year supply of oil. The U.S. possesses just 3 percent of the world's oil reserves but uses more than 20 percent claims Obama. One analyst believes Obama is wrong on reserve estimates by almost a trillion barrels. [1,671]

Barack Obama's shadowy past is a constant Conservative media story. Foreign-student Barack didn't do well enough in school to get into Harvard and Hoffa's body will be found before Obama's LSAT scores are public, says Obama friend and Alinskyite David Remnick. [1,672]

The liberal Media Matters organization is covering for Al-Jazeera, even to furnishing them anti-Semitic screeds under a Jewish by-line. [1,673]

"'The stone rejected by the builders becomes the cornerstone, This is the Lord's way, and it is wonderful to see'[.] Furious, the intellectual classes wanted to seize him, but feared the public ...." Mark 10:10-12 (CBP) - Tim Tebow is abandoned by the Denver Broncos, which picks the media-favored Peyton Manning instead. [1,674]

Our sovereignty is under fire from within as well as without, from people who swear to uphold the Constitution and then violate it. [1,675]

Eric Holder, long before he became Attorney General, talked of "brainwashing" people against guns. Clearly he wants to brainwash away the Constitution. [1,676]

"If I ever see this girl, I will kill her. That’s a promise." A 14 year-old girl who testified before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in support of traditional marriage receives multiple death threats from liberals: [1,677].


March 29

Barack Hussein Obama dumps a new Executive Order late Friday night. It is actually an update of another EO that came out 18 years ago. But is it any safer for all that? Public-private partnerships, loan guarantees, fast-track hiring—all in the name of the "general welfare" in a "national emergency." Hmmm... [1,678]

Conservative Rick Santorum welcomes a brokered convention: "I don't think it dooms anybody's chances" to win the Presidential Election 2012. [1,679] It didn't the last time, in 1976, after which Gerald Ford lost by only one state in the general election, and Ronald Reagan probably would have won that election had he been nominated on the convention floor.

Light turnout in Puerto Rico for the Republican primary today; 150,000 are expected to vote.

An atheist, who takes exception to the Question evolution! campaign and the website, responds to the YouTube Christian Shockofgod's video Proof atheism & evolution are stupid and writes "Im athiest but have to say that link is unnessesary" Notice the words atheist and unnecessary are misspelled.

Question: When are public schooled atheists going to learn how to correctly spell the words atheism, atheist and atheists?

Court rules in favor of a Polish Catholic parish in an unusual, long-running dispute against its own archdiocese, perhaps giving the doctrine of subsidiarity new meaning. [1,680]

"Puerto Rico votes Sunday in GOP primary," with 20 delegates at stake. It's winner-take-all for the Republican nomination if a candidate wins more than 50% of the vote. [1,681]

The American Atheists organization totally embarrasses atheists on the internet. The #1 search result for "atheism" at Google USA is the website for the American Atheists organization and the main page title tag for their website misspells the words "separation" and "church".[1,682] Watch the video Proof atheism & evolution are stupid and see for yourself.

Did the American Atheists organization's webmaster go to one of the many evolution indoctrinating public high schools with a high drop out rate? See also: Atheism and the internet

North Carolina Democrats disown two of their own candidates. Carrol Crawford, a former Ku Klux Klan leader once convicted of burning a cross in Charlotte. He’s running for Rowan County commissioner. Bivins Hollar was caught on video talking about “shooting” and starving black South Africans. He is campaigning for a Senate seat in District 42. [1,683]

Rick Santorum won a large caucus in Missouri, while Ron Paul won another; the lamestream media, however, focus on an unusual arrest of two Ron Paul supporters in an intervention that absurdly included a police helicopter. [1,684]

Massive crowds pack the Missouri Republican caucuses today, causing one to be shut down and another to stop admitting participants due to overcrowding. [1,685] This populism contrasts with the Democrat Party, which simply imposes its own handpicked candidates on the people.

If atheists had control of March Madness, would the stunning upset victory by Lehigh over Duke have been allowed? Lehigh University features professor Michael Behe, who accepts the intelligent design that evolutionists censor and exclude as much as they can.

"Black Swan" author and economist Nassim Taleb cheers Ron Paul's economic platform and says Paul is the only U.S. Presidential candidate who is willing to tackle America's economic problems.[1,686]

Best of the public: liberal Duke, a media favorite, is trounced by working class Lehigh in the first round of March Madness. [1,687]

Hollywood -- notorious for its liberal values -- produces a fictionalized account of Barack Obama's record, as narrated by a donor to the Obama reelection campaign. [1,688]

"Slowly but surely the truth is coming out about Obamacare: Conservatives were right. ... Obamacare already has cost 4 million people their health insurance." [1,689]

Give it up, liberals: Gary Ackerman becomes the 24th Democrat to announce he will not run for reelection to the House. [1,690] That's 50% more than the number of Republicans who are stepping down.

"Syria Puts On Mass Rally in Support of Assad Many thousands of Syrians gathered in a central square in Damascus on Thursday, waving Syrian flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad in what the government billed as a “Global March for Syria” and against the year-old uprising that it portrays as led by terrorists and foreigners" (Mercenaries). [1,691]

Liberal Double standards: The New York Times firmly embraces the anti-Catholic agenda and uses liberal censorship to stifle objections to Islam. [1,692]

RINO Richard Lugar from Indiana is in the political fight of his life against Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock. Indiana's Election Board finds Lugar ineligible to vote in his home precinct. [1,693]

"Alabama women’s groups protest Democratic Maher fundraiser." [1,694]

The Chicago Tribune reports on Barack Hussein Obama's gas pump prices disaster.[1,695] How long will Obama's "War on low gas prices" continue?

If Obama doesn't allow for a significant amount of new drilling, what's his plan? Bowing to more Middle Eastern leaders? That plan doesn't seem to be working.[1,696]

Barack Hussein Obama has his mug on the American Flag! Veterans caught the local Democrats flying one at their HQ over the weekend, but this has been going on for two and a half years. [1,697]

Occupy New Haven woman reports rape to police. You wouldn't know some of these camps still exist if it were not for the crime reports. [1,698] Multiple rapes by the Democrat-aligned OWS movement is the real War on Women.

A "dream ticket" of conservatives Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich for the Presidential Election 2012 is possible, as their combined delegate totals increase at a faster rate than RINO Mitt Romney's. [1,699] After adjustment for the challenged delegates improperly given to Romney by Florida, Romney's delegate lead over the field has essentially evaporated.

Another Establishment Clause case makes its way to the Supreme Court. Will the Coercion Test finally clear up what an "establishment of religion" really is? [1,700]

Conservative landslides in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries: Rick Santorum wins both and Mitt Romney fails to gain even a third of the vote. [1,701] A frontrunner who repeatedly finishes in third place?

New Jersey has a Senate race this fall. So the New Jersey Tea Party Caucus invited several Senate candidates to appear. Only those who were not professional politicians bothered to attend. [1,702]

Francois Hollande, the anti-Sarkozy, makes his case. "Hollande will be a president who's close to the people and brings dignity back to the office, and that's something we're all eager for after the five years we've just had," says Fatima Lalem, a Socialist Party member and deputy to the mayor of Paris. [1,703]

Word Dynamo, a free new internet test, has been launched and it estimates how many English words you know.[1,704]

Vox Day scored 50,062 and his homeschooled son scored 43,814. Conservapedian User:Conservative scored 50,026. User:Ed Poor scored a mere 45,530. Come on atheists, take the test and see if you can outscore Vox Day and User:Conservative. Show us what "superior atheist intellects" are capable of. And PLEASE no excuses! Take the test when you are operating at "full atheist power".

No one can plausibly deny that the ‘protein code’ in DNA (the amino acid coding regions, often simply called the ‘genetic code’), together with its cellular support mechanisms, constitutes a sophisticated information storage, retrieval and processing system.[1,705] How did the DNA code originate? What other coding system has existed without intelligent design?[1,706][1,707] po Did biological information and its complex supporting biological systems help move Richard Dawkins from a militant atheist to an agnostic?[1,708] The Ben Stein interview of Dawkins in Expelled and the "Dawkins stumped video" would seem to indicate it may have.[1,709][1,710][1,711]

Polls close at 8pm Tuesday in the pivotal primary states of Alabama and Mississippi, for the Republican nomination for president.

Union jack.jpg

Biblical Christianity is rising in the UK. Demographic data points to upcoming reversal of secularism in the UK. No English speaking country will be safe for evolutionism and atheism.[1,712]

Attention Richard Dawkins fans and other nerds obsessed with atheism and evolutionism: It is time to get a new hobby.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a dangerous feel-good measure that threatens the sovereignty of parents and countries alike. [1,713]

US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians and turns himself in at his base. (BBC) President Obama phones President Karzai, Pentagon promises investigation. [1,714]

Republican representative from North Carolina, Walter B. Jones, introduced a bill to trigger Obama’s impeachment. The bill would go into effect if Obama takes military action without explicit authorization from Congress. [1,715]

Why are the United States and Canada going to be key battle zones in the creation vs. evolution culture war on the global stage? [1,716]

Which side in the secular vs. religion culture war is expected to prevail in the United States and in the world in the coming years and why?[1,717][1,718][1,719]

Why is evolution pushed by dogmatic evolutionists? [1,720] Does this describe you? If so, it's time to make some changes.

Both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich suggest that RINO Mitt Romney will not reach the 1,144 threshold of delegates needed to win the nomination, and Santorum hints that even Romney delegates will not be "bound by their commitment" at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August. [1,721] Lamestream media tallies of Romney's delegate total -- barely a third of the majority he needs -- are inflated by including contested delegate awards.

Conservatives Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich win a total of 65% of the vote in the Kansas caucuses, while the RINOs can muster only 21% for Mitt Romney. [1,722] A Republican nominee for president who wins only 21% in his own primary in Kansas??

Rick Santorum is the projected winner of the Kansas GOP caucuses. Kansas awards 28 of its delegates on a proportional basis. [1,723]

"Interest rate set to double on many student loans." [1,724] Will mindless students flock to Obama again for the presidential election 2012?

Before he was for Super PACs, President Obama was publicly against Super PACs. Election time is fast approaching and he must appeal to women voters, though Obama's support of Bill Maher complicates that image. [1,725]

The science journal Nature recently published an article entitled "No Theory Is Too Special to Question".[1,726]

On a related note, it appears as if there is going to be a lot of questioning of evolutionary pseudoscience in the United States and Canada plus Switzerland as well in the first three quarters of 2012.[1,727]

Disney movies, which have churned out liberal claptrap for more than a decade, strike out again on opening night for Disney's lame "John Carter." [1,728] The last Disney movie to qualify for Greatest Conservative Movies was its brilliant Beauty and the Beast (1991).

Was Barack Hussein Obama born in Kenya? Three and a half years ago, an Israeli correspondent asked that very question. Today, evidence that would put that question to rest is lacking. And other evidence suggests a massive cover-up. [1,729]

Unemployment remains high at 8.3% -- far too high for an incumbent president to win reelection. Jimmy Carter won only 41% of the vote when unemployment was 7.5% in 1980, and he carried only six, mostly small, states.

The 2012 presidential elections are starting to get serious. The Air Force is pulling 9 cargo planes from military service to accommodate Barack Obama as he campaigns for re-election. [1,730]

March 17

As Iran cleans up after an illicit nuclear experiment, Barack Hussein Obama offers Israel a cynical bribe, then tries to deny it. The bribe: advanced military technology in exchange for a delay of a near-inevitable Israel-Iran war. (Or is Obama planning to go to war himself, just to get a good headline?) [1,731]

Pro-evolution Nature magazine sides with opponents of adult stem cells by running an article entitled "The darker side of stem cells: An investigation by Nature has found that patients in Texas are receiving unproven stem-cell treatments. The state and the company involved need to ensure that they follow FDA guidelines." [1,732] Perhaps Nature cares more about the abortion agenda of opposing adult stem cells than the benefits of scientific progress.

NFL QB Philip Rivers announces his endorsement of Rick Santorum for president, "because of his stance on issues that attack vital Christian values our country was founded upon: no abortion, upholding traditional marriage, defending religious freedom, no euthanasia." [1,733] We'll add Rivers to our growing list of Greatest Conservative Athletes.

Before he died Andrew Breitbart stated he had videos which would show the real Barack Obama. The first one has been released, showing just how deep Obama was with his relationship to a radical leftist professor named Derrick Bell. Charles Ogletree, Barack Obama's mentor said "We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign." [1,734]

Barry's relationship with Bell also included that wee period as an assistant professor, forcing his students to read Bell's work: [1,735]

Pro-America, conservative values and faith-centered themes equals success in Hollywood. American audiences preferred movies with strong conservative content over liberal values by nearly a 6:1 margin. [1,736]

Christians are ramping up their internet evangelism efforts. Japan Launches Outreach to Bring Hope to Nation Still Hurting from March 2011 Disaster. [1,737]

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Charlotte has laid off about 10 percent of its workers, which it says is part of a strategic move to emphasize its online ministry and other priorities. The ministry is putting more staff behind its "strategic priorities," including its new "" evangelical initiative.[1,738]

Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs, U.S. official says. Top administration source says Obama instructed Defense Secretary to work with Defense Minister Barak, to give all due consideration to the request for purchasing GBU-28 bombs, advanced refueling aircraft. [1,739]

"Hamas denies it intends to stay out of Israeli war with Iran. Speaking to Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency, Mahmoud Zahar says retaliation ‘with utmost power is the position of Hamas with regard to a Zionist war on Iran.’" [1,740]

"Governor Bob McDonnell today signed into law a pro-life bill that allows women in Virginia to see the results of an ultrasound that is routinely performed by abortion facilities prior to an abortion." [1,741]

With Mitt Romney still more than 700 delegates away from winning the nomination, the talk grows of Sarah Palin (or Jeb Bush) being nominated at the convention; she says she will be there and is openminded about it. [1,742]

Even Mitt Romney's biggest supporters -- the lamestream media -- admit that he fell short on Super Tuesday of what he needed, and now Romney will likely lose big in Alabama and Mississippi next Tuesday. [1,743]

Representative Donald Payne (D-NJ-10), 77, died yesterday of cancer. The 23-year veteran Democrat refused to take a leave of absence. Result: his seat, the Peter Rodino Seat, is now open. [1,744]

Obama loses Dem primary in 15 Oklahoma counties. [1,745] That's a correct headline (for liberals who lack openmindness).

American sovereignty is under fire as never before, from a grasping United Nations and politicians all too willing to cede key affairs to it. [1,746]

Pro-life Rick Santorum wins several states and was leading in Ohio when he gave his victory speech there based on working class values. Romney, outspending Santorum by 12-to-1, edged passed him in Ohio based on late returns, but Romney fell far short of 50% of the vote.

Conservatives Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum rack up big victories tonight. In his victory speech Newt observes about Mitt Romney, who plastered Newt with negative ads: "it's one thing to have lots of money, but it's another thing to lie with that money."

Pro-life Newt Gingrich rocks Georgia, winning this biggest prize of Super Tuesday easily and advancing his southern strategy towards the Republican nomination. [1,747]

Another Democrat legislator switches to become a Republican, this time in the Texas House. [1,748] The conservative side of ideas and free speech, rather than liberal control and political correctness, continues to grow.

Did you know that Obama’s top political strategist has deep ties to the American Communist Party? The March edition of the American Spectator magazine will feature David Axelrod.[1,749]

Gun sales are through the roof. Is Barack Hussein Obama truly "the greatest gun salesman in America," as an on-line ammunition store recently claimed? [1,750]

The popular Christian YouTube video maker Shockofgod does a video entitled Militant atheists dishonestly edit Wikipedia Richard Dawkins page.VIDEO

A Wikipedia editor and defender says Wikipedia decides consensus on articles "despite the evidence". At Wikipedia liberal consensus trumps evidence. Should Wikipedia rename itself to DespiteTheEvidencePedia?

The militant atheists at Wikipedia have raised the protection level of their article on the agnostic Richard Dawkins so now the article is not one that "everyone can edit".[1,751] The militant atheists are desperately trying to cling to the notion that Richard Dawkins is supposedly an atheist despite the fact that he is an agnostic who often engages in being an atheist poser.

Richard Dawkins is at best a weak atheist which is really nothing more than an agnostic. Given the utter weakness of atheism, all atheists are weak atheists.

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