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Through June 26 2022

Great new video: The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war by Professor John J. Mearsheimer.[1] Mearsheimer is a prominent American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. Mearsheimer's past commentary on Russia and Ukraine has been prescient.

Fox News, which has been very pro-Ukraine, just published a video entitled: "Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland".[2] K.T. McFarland was Trump's Deputy National Security Advisor. She is a board member of the American Conservative Union.

McFarland points out that world oil and gas prices are high so Russia can fund this war for a very long time and that time is not on the Ukrainian's side. McFarland says that the sooner this war is over, the better it will be for Ukraine.

Joe Biden's disapproval hits a new high as more and more Americans say they would vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.[3] Given McFarland's commentary, Ukraine shouldn't count on a future Trump administration pouring a ton of money into the Ukraine vs. Russia crisis that Biden will probably further mishandle.

World War 3 for dummies. [4]

Shelling of Donetsk continues. Ukraine and its NATO advisors are trying to alleviate pressure on encircled armies in the Donbas by carrying out egregious war crimes against men, women, and children in the hopes Russia will divert troops to defend the civilians of Donetsk. [5][6][7] Ukraine is using the M777 Howitzers with 155mm shells supplied by the United States on the civilians of Donetsk. See for yourself

400 shells fell yesterday. [8] 'NATO officials will see their day in court.' [9]

Saudi Arabia celebrates Pride Month by cracking down on LGBT merchandise. [10] No wonder they refuse to take Biden's calls to beg for more oil. [11] Saudi authorities say Western Pride merch corrupts children and violates religious faith.

In preparation of Biden's visit, Saudi Arabia has beheaded 81 homosexuals.

Joe Biden Says a Recession's Not Inevitable. Most Americans Say It's Already Here.[12]

Breaking: 7 members of Stephen Colbert's staff arrested for breaking into the U.S. Capitol building. [13] See also: 2022 Leftwing capital insurrection.

The Diary from Hell: FBI coverup of Joe Biden's "inappropriate" showers with his young daughter revisited. Tucker calls on Biden to Resign. [14]

NBC terminates its donation of free airtime to the Democrats' Midterm election efforts with coverage of J6 hearings to show golf. [15]

Joe Biden sees exodus of Black staffers and some frustration among those who remain.[16] Black staffers describe a work environment with little support from their superiors and fewer chances for promotion.

Is Joe Biden a closet racist?

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." - Joe Biden describing fellow candidate Barack Obama.

Putin: globalists lost. [17] Zelensky outlaws two more opposition parties. [18]

Eva K Bartlett: Ukraine bombed Donetsk, including a maternity hospital, then claimed Russia did it. [19] Eyewitnesses: Mariupol Drama Theater was a bomb planted within. [20]

The White House is pressed on Joe Biden’s false claim that inflation is higher ‘everywhere’ else.[21]

Biden kicks the dog, tries to blame U.S. oil companies for the sanctions he put on Russia cutting off oil. [22]

Steve Bannon predicts the GOP will SHATTER the Democrats in the 2022 midterms and rule for the next 100 years.[23] He predicts it will be the greatest political realignment in the United States since 1932. Bannon also predicts that Joe Biden's approval rating will drop below 30 percent by the time he leaves office which will prevent Biden from running in 2024. [24]

Even left-leaning CNN indicates: "It's not just Latinos and younger voters. Democrats are slipping among Black voters too."[25]

Woke disaster: A massive majority of Americans reject transexual athletes in women's sports.[26]

Do supporters of the homosexual agenda really think they can battle the ladies and win in the end? The only day more popular than Mother's Day is Christmas!

Eric Kaufmann discusses data showing higher social media usage being associated with higher rates of identifying as a homosexual/transexual.[27]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Now that conservative voices are freer to voice their anti-homosexual agenda facts and opinions at Twitter (post Elon Musk's upcoming purchase of Twitter), the link between social media usage and homosexuality/transexuality should be less.

Fly your straight pride flags at Twitter and help make social media usage be associated with a higher rate of heterosexuality!

Remember, without a history of heterosexuality and social conservatism in the world, there would be no human race. Liberal/secular leaning countries with libertine values have below replacement levels of fertility (see: Atheism and fertility rates).

Biden tries unsuccessfully to ban conversion therapy by an executive order, misusing the FTC to advance the homosexual agenda. [28]

Ukraine's new draft law for more canon fodder for the frontline amounts to kidnapping people off the street. [29][30]

Biden regime Pentagon uses Nazi tank to celebrate 247th anniversary of the Army National Guard. [31]

GOP wins Dem "stronghold" congressional seat! [32] First Mexican born woman elected to Congress is a Republican.

Entrenched incumbent Rep. Tom Rice defeated in his own South Carolina GOP primary after voting to impeach Trump, in a massive win for Donald on his birthday. [33]

Journalist Patrick Lancaster comes under artillery shelling from Ukrainian forces while investigating Ukrainian artillery shelling of civilians. [34]

How the Transgender Community Uses Cult-like Tactics and Unmitigated Fear to Seduce and Destroy.[35]

At least 23 pro-life organizations have reportedly been vandalized or firebombed in recent weeks.[36]

Ukrainian Gestapo murders 32 of their countrymen attempting to surrender to the Russians. [37]

Ukraine armed forces shelling of civilian areas of Donetsk continues. [38] Reports indicate the heaviest shelling in the 8 years of war with the Kyiv regime. [39] Western supply of artillery to Ukraine is being used against civilians, not the Russian army. [40]

On May 26, 2022, the Cook Report, a highly accurate nonpartisan handicapping service, recategorized 10 House race ratings to favor Republicans and adjusted its predictions for GOP gains in November upward to between 20 and 35 seats. A red wave washing away even incumbents previously considered safe now seems realistic.[41]

Show Trial Mistrial: January 6 Chair Says No Criminal Referral of Donald Trump, After All.[42] The January 6 Primetime Hearing Was an Embarrassing Flop that Few People Watched.[43]

Daily Beast: Judgment Day is coming for Zelensky. [44] He may be Jewish, but Ukrainian Nazis control his presidential security detail and that of his family, and have done so since before Zelensky was elected. It was the Obama State Department that installed anti-Russian Ukrainian Nazis in charge of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and Defense after the anti-democratic Maidan coup.

Was J6 a Ukrainian intelligence op to destroy Donald Trump? [45]

Classy Sarah Palin wins Alaska election: she advances as front-runner to fill its House seat. [46]

Bill in the Russian State Duma proposes criminalizing LGBT propaganda. [47]

Biden throws Zelensky under the bus. [48]

Ukrainian forces are lacking essential equipment and they are badly being outgunned by the Russians in terms of artillery fire.[49]

Three months into war morale on Ukraine's frontline begins to wane.[50]

Do all Ukrainians have swastika tattoos? [51]

Is there anything more dangerous than relying on Joe Biden and the aging Europeans for military supplies? Joe Biden can't even supply the USA with baby formula and a plentiful supply of gas and oil.

BBC: Ukraine losing 200 soldiers daily. [52]

WaPo: "1,000 Ukrainians are being taken out of the fight every day, including those who are injured," not to mention courageous deserters. [53]

Have we been sold a bill of goods about Russia and Ukraine by Washington & the media, again?

United States: Pentagon admits to having 46 biolabs in Ukraine. [54] Ukraine does not have disclosure laws for biological testing that the West has.

Washington begins blame game over defeat in Ukraine. [55]

Joe Biden created a runaway inflation train. Will the Federal Reserve derail this train with aggressive interest rate hikes that will cause an economic recession?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 800 points due to new inflation data. [56]

Joe Biden created an inflation runaway train with his big stimulus checks which kept many workers home and caused a wage rate/inflation rate spiral. It's a runaway inflationary train that big spending Democrats will not stop.

Will the Federal Reserves aggressive interest rate hiking campaign designed to derail Biden's runaway inflationary train lead to an economic recession?[57]

Democrats, kiss the 2022 midterms goodbye! Trumpslide 2024! See: Red wave

More setbacks for the homosexual agenda: The Russian legislature proposes a 10 million ruble fine for all those engaged in dissemination of homosexual propaganda. Eastern Europe is moving towards anti-homosexual agenda views as well.[58]

Recently, China cracked down on "sissy" and "effeminate" men.[59] And Europe has received a large amount of of pentecostal/evangelical/Muslim immigrants with anti-homosexuality views whose families have more children than native populations. See: European desecularization in the 21st century and Atheism and fertility rates and Religious immigrants to Europe resistant to secularization

What we are witnessing is a global resurgence of machismo in the world. Olé! Olé! Olé!

Breaking: J6 committee violated House rules. [60]

Politico admits that "Dems know the Jan. 6 hearings won't help in November" [61], but the ugly House committee-members seek attention anyway.

On a mere J6 rally misdemeanor charge, liberal headlines tout FBI arrest of Michigan GOP candidate for governor. [62] He wore sunglasses at the rally - oh my gosh!!

Only a week ago the Sussmann trial revealed the extent of FBI meddling in elections. [63]

GOP vs. Democrats.jpg

The Daily Beast: These election results should have Democrats scared out of their wits right now.[64] California’s primary and recall elections show that progressives are increasingly out of step with the American public on things like crime and support for Israel.

The GOP law and order elephant is going to stomp the Democrat donkey in the 2022 midterm elections. See: Red wave

“If national Democrats don’t wake up to what happened to progressives …this cycle prepare yourselves for permanent minority status." - Jim Kessler, a long-time Democratic operative now at the Third Way think tank, tweeted after the California primaries, source: Lessons for Biden from the Democrats’ blowout in California

Oh progressives and leftists, feel the sting!

US general surprised: “200,000 Ukrainian soldiers disappeared” [65]

Did Schumer incite violence? [66] Armed assassin arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh's house. [67]

RECALLED by 20-point landslide! Leftist District Attorney too liberal even for San Francisco values. [68]

Western media U-turn on Ukraine as reality sets in. [69]

Setback for both Anti-Trumpers and LGBTQ: top golfers leave liberal-controlled PGA for rival LIV golf series. [70]
Trump rebuked the PGA in May after Leftists got the PGA to cancel a tournament at Trump's golf course. [71]

Politico: Washington will not support any agreement on the supply of grain if it involves easing sanctions against Russia. [72] Let them eat cake.

John Mark Dougan added to Zelensky's kill list. [73]

The liberal leaning Washington Post: The GOP midterm red wave is set — and Democrats can’t do anything about it.[74]

Oh Democrats, feel the sting!

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: transgender cheerleader chosen. [75]

Dinesh D’Souza's documentary 2000 Mules rocks the world as top grossing documentary of the 2022.[76]

The documentary indicates that Donald Trump won the election due to Democrat voter fraud via illegal ballot stuffing in drop boxes during the coronavirus pandemic.[77]

Convincing: 77% believe 2000 Mules, and 20 million have seen it so far.[78]

Wall Street Journal: Why Latino Voters’ Political Shifts Could Decide 2022’s Key Races The shift of Latinos from the Democrat party to the Republican party is one of the most important things happening in American politics recently.

Joe Biden's approval rate among Hispanics is now 26%.[79]

Why the Latino vote is a growing problem for Democrats.[80] In February of 2022, it was reported that the Republican Party has made massive gains among Hispanic voters since the 2020 presidential election, cutting the Democratic advantage by nearly 20 percent.[81]

Poll: In the USA, Young Men Of Both Political Parties Think Feminism Does More Harm Than Good.[82]

Another glorious victory for Christendom! And crushing defeat for liberal, secular values!

In secular societies, women desperately trying to achieve what they see as equality, no longer bear enough children to maintain the population. As the historian Martin van Crevold points out in his book Equality: The Impossible Quest, if demographics count for something, the future of patriarchy appears assured (See: Growth of religious fundamentalism). American liberals, there is no denying that religious Hispanic culture, which is full of machismo, is growing in the USA.

“But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” - The Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 11:3

"For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor." - The Apostle Paul, 1 Timothy 2: 13-14

Out of touch much? Joe Biden: "Since I took office, families are carrying less debt, their average savings are up…more Americans feel financially comfortable." [83] Biden doesn't feel the pain at the pump cause he shares a debit card with Hunter Biden.

Conservapedia has discovered that Amber Heard is an atheist.[84] No wonder why she lied so much during the Johnny Heard vs. Amber Heard defamation case![85][86] See: Atheism and deception

Johnny Depps lawyer, Camille Vasquez, is a Christian and she really did a great job of exposing the many lies of the bisexual atheist Amber Heard![87] "Amber Heard wants you to believe her lies." - Camille Vasquez[88]

Amber Heard lied when she claimed she kept her promise of donating a certain amount to charity.[89] "So as of today, you have not donated—paid—$7 million of your divorce settlement to charity, right?"- Camille Vasquez.[90] See: Atheism and uncharitableness

Johnny Depp is an atheist also. CBS News reports: Jury in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial found "they both lied," legal expert says

Atheists, repent and stop lying or God will put an apple in your lying mouths and cook you in a sulfur stew! See also: Atheism and Hell

2022 Midterm update: Homeland Security admits Dominion Voting Systems have inherent vulnerabilities easily manipulated by local election officials. [91]

Give it up, RINOs:Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz prevails in Pennsylvania as his hedge-fund, China-linked opponent concedes defeat. [92] The recount was pointing to Oz as the winner.

Landslide defeat of the Liberal Party of Canada (Justin Trudeau's party) and the socialist New Democratic Party in the Ontario elections, as conservatives gain 16 more seats to win the majority in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. [93]

Another setback for the feminist agenda: Women in Japan will only be able to get abortion pills with their partner's permission

First a draft opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade is leaked and now this! Feminists, you might as well face reality. James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, was right. It's a man's man's world.

US Cyber Command admits to aggressive action toward Russia in Ukraine War. [94]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Florida State Health Agency Issues Report Challenging Science of Transgenderism. [95]

First there was widespread dissent about a so-called transgender "woman" who is still man winning swimming competitions and now this! See: World Swimming Coaches Association calls for 'Trans Division' to save girls' sports

Setback for feminism and the Me Too Movement: The atheist Johnny Depp, who has a history of alcohol and drug abuse, wins his defamation suit against his bisexual, atheist ex-wife Amber Heard as the Me Too Movement implodes.[96]

Overall, the case dragged Hollywood through the mud and further exposed the moral bankruptcy of depraved Hollywood Values.[97] The trial very much took the sheen off of celebrity glamour. Hollywood and the proponents of secular values were the big losers in this case. See: Atheism and divorce and Atheism and alcoholism and Atheism and drug addiction

During the trial, it was revealed that the bisexual Amber Heard assaulted Johnny Depp during their relationship. See also: Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence

Fake News Update: Ukraine Human Rights boss fired after spreading Russian 'Systemic Mass Rape' stories. [98] NGOs & media could find zero evidence.

Biden's net disapproval is at a record -15 points, according to the graph at the neutral Real Clear Politics.

Biden op-ed in NYT: Further aid to Ukraine is purely US domestic politics. [99]

Ukraine admits heavy losses in Donbas. [100]

Three Ways Atheists Reveal They Actually Believe in God.[101]

GOP rolls out voter registration push at gas stations.[102] See also: Red wave

Breaking: MSM reports Ukraine losing war, badly. [103]

Jacob Dreizen: Countdown to "Who lost Ukraine?" [104]

NYT: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia has seized since 2014, is not a realistic goal…Russia remains too strong.” Well, thanks. After pouring gasoline on a fire that got 30,000 people needlessly killed, now the MSM figures that out.

WSJ: "This is no way to win a war, or even to force a stalemate on favorable terms..."

Gen. Milley: “I think solving the situation through negotiations would be the logical choice..." Somebody tell Milley both sides have to agree to sit down. Good luck at that, now.

Knives out for Pelosi? MSM actually reporting on husband's DUI. [105]

Ukrainian Armed Forces mutinies continue against commanders. [106][107][108] Do you really beleive $40 billion can bribe them to be used as cannon fodder?

Russia advances; [109] Ukraine propaganda machine falters. [110]

Multi-racial majority of Americans (61%) believe in the Great Replacement. [111]

NBC News reports: Democrats are Losing Some Support from Black voters ahead of the 2022 midterms. A year ago Joe Biden's approval rate among Black voters was 87%, but now it is 63%. See also: Red wave

Black political activist Jasiri X: "Biden hasn't followed through on his promises".

Massive crowd in Wyoming for Trump rally against neocon Liz Cheney. [112]

Breaking: ex-President Petro Poroshenko arrested on his way to NATO meeting. [113] Part of coup to remove Zelensky? [114]

WaPo: "We are being sent to certain death." Ukrainian volunteers complain of being abandoned by their commanders, no food, water, training, ammunition, medical treatment. Zelensky regime denies facts on the ground. [115][116]

Fake news update: Ukraine mined its own harbors. [117] Just like the "Putin Price Hike," NATO advisors are now trying to blame Russia for impending food shortages.

There is no Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports; Ukraine blocked its own ports. [118]

Politico: DHS concerned about American mercenaries travelling to Ukraine to fight alongside Nazis. [119] Why? You paid $40 billion dollars for this.

The Federalist: It’s long past time for Congress to break up the FBI. [120] The D.C. bureaucracy and specifically the intelligence agencies have long become powers unto themselves, and a threat to our democracy.

Ex-federal agent investigated as accomplice in Buffalo shooting. [121][122]

U.S. Marshals were outside Robb Elementary as Uvalde massacre unfolded. [123]

Exorcisms are greatly increasing in the USA, Europe and Latin America.[124]

Psychologists are reporting more and more demonic possessions. Unfortunately for secular psychologists, they are unable to cast demons out. Are we living in a postsecular age?

Do Mass Shootings Only Happen in the US? What percentage of mass shootings happen in the USA?[125]

Academic paper: "The U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States." - Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing Their Changes Over Time by John R. Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center, 2018[126]

Have you noticed that the news media has yet to give the religion of the latest two mass shooters in the USA? See also: List of atheist shooters and serial killers

British press reports that the Texas shooter made a "terrifying threat" after losing a violent video game, [127] while the liberal American media try to control the narrative.

In a replay of the humiliating defeat at Mariupol, 15,000 troops trapped in the Donbas cauldron face annihilation. Zelensky refuses the advice of his military advisors to withdraw and is listening to the Pentagon instead.

The Dreizen Report is now available on YouTube. [128]

Leftist Dem candidate Beto O'Rourke is tossed out of the Texas press conference, and even the town mayor said of O'Rourke, “You’re a sick son of a bitch, that would come to an event like this to make political issues.” [129]

Video game habit of 18-year-old Texas shooter emerges despite liberals' attempt to control the narrative: he was so into "gaming" that he was teased about it. [130]

Ukraine blames Germany for its losses in Donbas. [131]

The only people not involved in Trump-Russia were Trump and Russia. [132] Hillary Clinton's Russiagate led to Russia-Ukraine war. [133]

FBI agent being investigated for withholding exculpatory info in Trump-Russia probe. [134] Tucker: Ukraine war is tale end of Russiagate. [135]

Dem crossover voters are who elected the anti-Trump RINOs in the open primary in Georgia. [136]

Amid $130 billion in sales of violent video games, another 18-year-old shooter kills 21 at an elementary school in Texas. [137] Many prayers for the victims.


The New York Times publishes the May 22, 2022 news story: Democrats Fight Headwinds in Georgia and Beyond: ‘The Problem Is Reality’. There is going to be a big red wave in the 2022 midterm elections.
Vermont's Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders: "The Democratic base is quite demoralized at this moment". See also: Decline of the secular left and Essay: Bernie Sanders is a closet atheist

Liberal denial downplays that monkeypox is being spread by sex between homosexual men. [138] First there was gay bowel syndrome and now this! See also: Homosexuality and health

Poland (NATO) invades Ukraine with two battalions. [139]

Setback for liberal claptrap: “Hollywood is not America. And you need to remember that,” admits Katy Perry, long promoted by liberals, after moving to Kentucky. [140]

A Tennessee man builds a model of Noah's ark.[141]

In terms of history, almost every culture has a tradition of a global flood on earth which is one of the strongest lines of evidences for the biblical worldwide flood described in Genesis. And in a large majority of the flood accounts, a favored family is chosen to survive the flood.[142]

Liberal logic: "Biden Deboards Plane in South Korea All Alone with Mask On – Sees People and Takes Off His Mask"! [143]

Bear market.jpg

The Biden bear market is coming.[144]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers its longest losing streak since 1932.[145]

Stephen Roach delivers stagflation warning, calls peak inflation debate absurd.[146]

Australian voters rebuke the lockdown and vaccine tyrants who ruined the country, and who were not conservative at all. [147]

U.S.-backed Azov Nazi commander gloats over executing civilians and war crimes. [148]

Woke graduates of Leftist Georgetown trash the Lincoln Memorial so much with booze and litter that it has to be closed to the public on the eve of its 100th anniversary. [149]

Bidenomics: Stock market closes lower for 8 consecutives weeks for the first time in 90 years. [150]

International rebuke of anti-Russian bigotry by British Wimbledon, such that the tennis tourney is stripped of its ranking points. [151]

Buffalo supermarket shooter said he was not a Christian and that he was not a conservative.[152] He also didn't believe in an afterlife.
Would profiling atheistic video gamers prevent future massacres?

Breaking: What did she know, and when did she know it? Hillary Clinton personally authorized Trump-Russia scam. [153]

"Biden's approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll." [154] Maybe electing a mentally sick man was not such a great idea, after all.

Leftists demand repeal of pro-life laws in Poland based on ... its charitable acceptance of 3M Ukrainian refugees! [155] Will some of the $53+ billion in U.S. "aid" for Ukrainian Leftists go towards promoting abortion in countries that took refugees?

Over some Republicans' objections, Congress authorizes another $40 BILLION that will escalate fighting in Ukraine, while a top Dem declares that even more American money could also be sent there in the future. [156]

Video evidence of Ukraine Nazi massacre of civilians trying to escape Mariupol in February. [157]

"Audit Reveals Almost Half of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake." [158] No wonder Elon Musk pauses his takeover of the troll-infested site.

NBC News suddenly interested in the laptop from hell. [159]

Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz won in the key Pennsylvania U.S. Senate primary among in-person voters but, just like Leftists, anti-Trumpers resort to dubious mail-in votes to try to take that victory away. [160]

Trump-endorsed Ted Budd wins by a landslide in the U.S. Senate GOP primary in North Carolina, crushing his Establishment-backed opponent. [161]

EXCLUSIVE! AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough! John Mark Dougan. Must see! [162]

This is what denazification looks like. [163][164] Ukrainian fighters "evacuated" to Russian POW camps. [165]

Ron DeSantis Signs Measure Outlawing Protests Outside of Floridians’ Homes: Sending ‘Unruly Mobs’ Is ‘Inappropriate’.[166]

The Buffalo police responded within minutes in the Buffalo supermarket shooter incident and they quickly got the shooter to surrender.[167] The Buffalo, leftist mayoral candidate, India Walton, who was recently defeated, wanted to cut police funding even more than the current mayor.[168]

Rand Paul Demands Oversight on $40 Billion for Ukraine. Rand cites how in Afghanistan, America would give millions to build a hotel, ‘and the contractor would run off with the money. American general sides with Rand Paul on Ukraine aid, warns of nuclear war.[169]

Ukraine has languished in the bottom one-third in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.[170]

America first Republican primary candidates are winning against pro-Ukraine funding Republican primary candidates.[171]

Conservapedia proven right, again: amid prayers for the victims, classmates confirm that the Buffalo young mass murderer was devoted to online streaming video games while liberal denial tries to hide this. [172]

Azov commanders ignore Zelensky's suicide order, surrender enmasse. [173] Battle of Mariupol is over. City liberated from Nazi-Ukrainian control. [174]

This is pathetic: liberals pull out all the stops to try to defeat ... the homeschooled 26-year-old in a wheelchair, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC). [175]

Nazis begin mass surrenders at Azovstal. [176]

Reuters: Ukrainians repel Russian attack with paintball guns. [177]

"He was definitely into video games - shooter games," a classmate says about the latest young mass murderer, but only the British press publishes that key fact. [178]

Dressed like a Call of Duty violent video game warrior, a young mass murderer killed 10 in a Buffalo supermarket. [179] Our prayers for the victims.

Buffalo shooter's manifesto featured the Azov Nazi logo, disparages opponents of Ukraine war. [180][181]

Ukraine "wins" Battle of Kharkov that never happened. [182]

Breitbart: Western weapons in Ukraine being sold on black market via encrypted messaging app. [183]

Lloyd Austin, who called for weakening Russia a week ago, calls Kremlin to beg for mercy. [184][185]

Graham Phillips: Mariupol residents celebrate liberation on Victory Day. [186]

Setback for globalists pushing their liberal agenda: conservative Turkey vetoes attempt by Leftist Sweden and Finland to join NATO, which would provoke Russia. [187]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly placed his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter on hold pending an investigation into bot accounts on the platform.[188]

Like a rabid dog: unhinged Jan. 6 unconstitutional committee, consumed with hate at Trump, issues subpoenas to top House Republicans. [189]

$40 Billion to perpetuate war in Ukraine -- very little of the money goes to help refugees -- is opposed by 57 courageous Republicans. Where the money goes is explained here, and the conservative House members who rejected this are listed here.

Meanwhile, mothers in Baltimore can't find baby formula in stores. [190]

Give it up, pro-aborts: Dem bill fails 49-51 in U.S. Senate, as even fellow Dem Sen. Joe Manchin votes against it. [191]

French mercenary: 'I saw Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion torture and murder captured Russian POWs and commit atrocities against Ukrainian refugees'. [192]

Ukraine war update: Ukraine commanders are abandoning their men and running away. [193] NATO preparing aggressive actions to capture Odessa and Lviv.

Elon Musk announces he will end Twitter's ban on Trump, calling the ban “morally wrong and flat out stupid.” [194]

Janet Yellen: Ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate. [195] In true Progressive fashion, Yellen goes on to advocate for the extermination of black children.

Poll: Who should step down first, Vladimir Putin or Joe Biden? Biden 52%, Putin 43%. [196]

United Nations Security Council meeting on Ukrainian military war crimes. [197]

$40 Billion more to Leftist regime in Ukraine by Dem House, as the looting of Americans never seems to stop. [198]

"10 of 11 Conservatives Win in a Blow to the Radical Left" in Texas school board elections. [199]

Leftwing insurrectionists suspected in terrorist attack on Wisconsin Pro-Life office. [200]

Read: American politics: Evangelicals and conservative Catholics vs. secular leftists. The evangelicals and conservative Catholics have won the culture war and are gaining traction in a bigger way

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis punished the Disney Corporation for publicly objecting to their law that forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade and the Disney stock plunged, woke corporations have largely been transformed from woke roaring lions into timid, woke silent lambs.

Corporations are largely staying silent on the upcoming overturning of Roe vs. Wade. [201]

Pope Francis: NATO started the Russia-Ukraine war. [202]

Graham Phillips: Mariupol - The Truth about the Azovstal Evacuees. [203]

Leftwing insurrectionists terrorize Supreme Court Justices. [204]

Setback to vaccine tyranny: India Supreme Court strikes down mandatory Covid vaccination, holds that it is unconstitutional. [205]

After losing big in Ohio, Never-Trumpers try a new tactic: infiltrate Trump rallies and boo his endorsed candidate, as possibly funded by big-money opponents of Dr. Oz. [206]

Why is the White House bragging about killing Russians in Ukraine? [207] Pelosi announces "we" are fighting Russia. [208] Biden: "This is the first real battle in this clash of civilizations" [209]

More liberal double standard: lamestream media blames "federal police" for clash with unruly pro-abortion protesters, in contrast with anti-Trump bias about J6 Capitol protests. [210]

Woke companies are largely silent on the apparent upcoming Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court reversal.[211] More and more the woke are becoming paper tigers.

Liberal logic: Leftists suddenly become pro-First Amendment advocates concerning protests against Supreme Court, after locking up in the DC Gulag peaceful pro-Trumpers incited by the false flaggers in the J6 Capitol protests.

Spanish government detains Anatoly Shariy, a leading contender for president of Ukraine at the request of the Zelensky regime.[212]

NYT: NATO are accomplices in the assassination of Russian generals; [213] Kaliningrad prepares nuclear exercises. [214]

A perfect 22 out of 22 for Trump, admits Politico: "All 22 of his endorsed candidates won" on Tuesday. [215]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: USA Today quotes Joe Biden declaring about the Supreme Court of the United States draft of the pro-life ruling which could overturn Roe vs. Wade: "the same arguments included in the draft opinion could also be used to strike down the right of gays and lesbians to marry."

Liberals and leftists: The first domino has fallen. First a victory against abortionists and now this! Surrender now! Become a conservative today!

Conservapedia proven right, again: underdog JD Vance wins by a landslide in Ohio with Trump's endorsement, to the dismay of Never-Trumpers. [216]
Time for all to realize that conservative populism is the political future.

CDC tracked millions of phones to see if Americans followed COVID lockdown orders. [217] As President Trump said, 'What? Are we living in Nazi Germany?'

Pro-life Spider-Man scales the tallest skyscraper in northern California incredibly quickly, while San Francisco authorities waited atop to arrest him. [218]

Russian Peacekeepers in Transnistria evacuate civilians in anticipation of NATO and Ukrainian aggression.

Breaking: SCOTUS to dump Roe v. Wade: Report. [219]

Russia/Ukraine War: Corrupt regime vs. corrupt regime hampers their respective militaries. Corruption leaves Ukrainian reserves without weapons and supplies.[220] Russian military’s corruption quagmire.[221]

Donald Trump Jr. calls Ukraine ‘one of the most corrupt countries on Earth’ and says US shouldn’t give it money.[222] Donald Trump recently said Vladimir Putin was afraid of the USA during his presidency and didn't constantly threaten nuclear war.[223]

Even liberal-leaning Newsweek says: "Groups that assess countries' democratic standing have rated Ukraine as a "flawed democracy" or a "hybrid regime" and the country continues to struggle with corruption."[224]

After the U.S. left Vietnam after the Vietnam War, it eventually stopped sending South Vietnam money to support its military defense.[225] Amidst inflation worries, fewer than 2 in 10 Americans say the U.S. should give Ukraine everything it wants, even if it risks a wider war.[226]

Will the U.S. send billions and billions of military aid to the Ukrainians long term? Currently, there are Democrats and Republicans willing to funding the Ukrainians militarily with billions of dollars[227][228], but the Democrats prospects of winning the 2022 midterms and presidency in 2024 looks more and more unlikely. Vladimir Putin didn't attack Ukraine when Donald Trump was in office and the U.S. was a big energy exporter. Iran freed the American hostages after Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election and Ronald Reagan won it. Will it take a Donald Trump's reelection to end the Russia-Ukraine War?

A post Easter interview recently occurred on a great book which has a foreward written by Gary Habermas: JP Holding's Defending the Resurrection: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead.[229]

After the Cold War, Western liberals thought peace and prosperity would spread relentlessly around the globe.[230] Now even liberal-leaning CNN is reporting that the Russia-Ukraine War is expected to last for months or years and be costly for the world.[231]

Ukraine/Russia: As War Continues, Africa Food Crisis Looms.[232] The UN's World Food Program warned that if the war lasts beyond April, acute hunger may increase by 17 percent globally, with the sharpest increases expected in some African countries. The total number of people in these regions experiencing acute food insecurity may rise by 20.8 percent, affecting 174 million people.[233]

Russia’s war with Ukraine: Five reasons why many African countries choose to be ‘neutral’.[234]

When will liberals finally admit that man has a sinful nature and give up their Pollyanna notions of a man-made utopian future? See Fall of man and Human nature

"Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." - Jesus (Matthew 24:7 ).

"Biden’s Disinformation Board Slammed From Both Sides." [235]

May 2nd: 8th anniversary of the Odessa massacre, the event that started the War in Ukraine. [236] Documentary: Burnt Alive in Odessa.

UK giddy about sending Brimstone missiles to Ukraine; [237] Russia reminds them, again, it's only 202 seconds for a Sarmat missile to reach London, and only one missile will do the whole island. [238] Bluster aside, the West is defenseless against Russia. It has only two choices: War with Russia and lose, or not fight that war.

Ukrainian Nazis at children's summer training camp. [239] Remember, your tax dollars pay for this stuff.

"Kill all Russians!" German social media user wants to deport Ukrainian refugees who make fascist speeches on the street. [240]

Failure by another Never-Trumper: Irish-born liberal Liam Neeson's new movie Memory is a flop at the box office and disliked by reviewers.

Confirmed: Ukrainian Nazis holding civilians hostage in Azovstal. [241]Your tax dollars at work.

Now that you have been brainwashed to be emotionally sympathetic to Nazis, the Kyiv regime begins walking back fake news propaganda, begining with the Ghost of Kyiv. [242] But nobody is paying attention - they got their $33 billion.

High cost of liberal claptrap: "Across the country, the average college debt among student loan borrowers is $32,731," and many owe more than $200,000. [243] Just reading the Bible for free is a better education.

Setback for Worst College Majors: "Biden Rejects $50,000 in Student Loan Debt Forgiveness." [244]

Elon Musk tweets, "The far left hates everyone, themselves included!" [245]

Women in the Ukrainian city of Khust threw stones at the military registration office and demanded their husbands and sons be returned home from the frontline. [246][247][248]

Media are now whitewashing Nazis they previously condemned. [249]

Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s Business Card. [250]

Another setback to vaccine police: liberal WaPo dismayed that 42% of Covid fatalities in January-February were among the vaccinated. [251] The article fails to mention overcoming Covid with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin instead.

Clueless liberals at say the anti-Trump Senate candidate in Ohio "surges" for its primary Tuesday. [252] He's polling in a distant fourth place! [253]

Biden and NATO resort to car bombings in Moscow, Putin yet to respond.

Another setback for Fauci's phony scientism: "Governor Signs Into Law Bill Making Ivermectin Available Over the Counter," merely days after the FDA resumed its Leftist distortions against the long-approved medication. [254]

Biden wants $33 billion more to hand to Leftist regime in Ukraine!! [255] $33 billion in addition to the $14 billion just a month ago means the $14 billion was a total failure. Unbelievable looting of Americans by Dems.

Biden Crash underway, US economy shrank 1.4% Jan-Apr. [256]

Trump-endorsed JD Vance surges to the lead in the upcoming Senate primary in Ohio, against Establishment and Club for Growth-backed Josh Mandel (who has lost twice before). [257]

Amazing video!!! Patrick Lancaster: Russian Soldiers In Battle And Giving Humanitarian Aid In Mariupol. See the Ukraine war as it really is. Click CC->Settings->Auto Translate->English. [258]

Alan Dershowitz: Ukraine soldiers should not wear Nazi symbols; [259] New Yorkers rally in support of Nazism. [260]

Clueless Biden lackeys contradict each other: "Psaki Contradicts Fauci, Says “Covid Isn’t Over, and the Pandemic Isn’t Over.” [261]

Censorship begins to collapse on Twitter as conservative accounts are restored.[262] There is a massive increase in conservative followers on Twitter in the last 48 hours while leftist/liberal Twitter accounts are losing followers.

See also: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Maybe Poland's liberal politicians who declared Leftist Zelensky the leader of the free world can ask him for natural gas, because on Wednesday Russia plans to shut off its gas to Poland for nonpayment. [263]

NATO member Turkey, in defense of democracy, escalates aggression against democratic NATO member Greece. [264]

Has the U.S. deployed F-35s over Ukraine? [265]

Elon Musk gets Twitter for $44 billion, to cheers and fears of 'free speech' plan.[266]

This is utterly devastating to liberals/leftists who have relied on censorship to thwart their conservative opponents. Liberals/leftists can't handle the truth nor can they debate effectively. Now American liberals/leftists will have to hide in their basements - just like their very unpopular leader Joe Biden!

Deep State Update: Pentagon reacts to Musk's purchase. [267]

Interview with Gonzalo Lira who was released by the Ukrainian gestapo aftter massive social media outrcy to the Zelensky regime. [268]

U.S.-trained Nazis in Donbas suffering horrendous losses, Zelensky, Blinken, Austin pledge continued needless bloodshed. NATO opens Second Front in Transnistria with attack on Russian language broadcast stations. [269]

In the cities Ukrainian troops hide behind civilians as human shields, [270] however in the open fields of the Donbas they don't have a prayer against Russia. Zelensky needs to end this senseless slaughter. [271]

Russian intelligence: U.S./NATO planning WMD false flag, possibly even nuke, to blame Russia; Blinken and Austin briefing Zelensky today. [272]

BREAKING! Twitter is likely being sold to Elon Musk. Leftists and liberals in meltdown.[273][274][275] The liberals and leftists on Twitter's board of directors have surrendered!

Western media backs off Russian atrocity propaganda, 'Bucha massacre' was committed by flechette darts from Ukrainian artillery. [276][277]

Alexander Kirk in Donbas: More stories of U.S.-backed Ukrainian Nazi atrocities in Mariupol. [278]

Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and Fellow at Legatum Institute: The future is Marine Le Pen. Macron's victory won't hold back the growing tide of right-wing populism.

France elects the center-right President Emmanuel Macron. Macron's win over the farther right Marine Le Pen was tarnished by the lowest turnout in half a century in France.[279]

Macron beat Marine Le Pen by moving to the politically right in the first half of 2021. The politically left leaning National Public Radio noted in April of 2021 that "French President Emmanuel Macron is moving sharply to the right."

On April 23, 2022, Time magazine published the article How the Far Right Already Won in France. On April 22, 2022, The New York Times published the article Macron May Keep the Presidency, but Le Pen Has Already Won.

In France and other European countries, as the Muslim population grows, right-wing nationalism grows.[280] The Muslim population in France is growing rapidly.[281]

Macron won with 58.5% of the vote to Le Pen's 41.5% — significantly closer than when they first faced off in 2017. Breaking through the threshold of 40% of the vote is unprecedented for the French right in recent times.[282] See also: Decline of the secular left

Trump-endorsed underdogs trounce the Establishment candidates at the GOP convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. [283]

Russian Defense Ministry reports chemical weapon attack on Russian troops by drone. [284]

Biden wants to create eco-friendly carbon neural fossil-free military powered by electrical vehicles capable to operate in environments with no electricity.

US/Ukraine psyops: Call POWs wife on cell phone and murder captured Russians on camera. [285]

Scott Ritter: Kharkov is being defended by Nazis. [286] Zelensky emptied the prisons and armed them.

Woke military convicts a general of ... kissing a woman, a civilian who gave him a car ride after a social event. [287]

Massive crowd gathered early for Trump's rally in Ohio Saturday. [288]

Breaking: Wikipedia deletes its Rosemont Seneca page; [289] but Conservapedia will keep you informed on the latest Biden family scandal updates.

Biden's approval rating is at an historic low, while Kamala Harris's approval rating is more than 10 points worse! [290]

Ukraine threatens to end peace talks if the people of Kherson are allowed to exercise their democratic rights. [291]

Boris: 'Russia could win' despite billions squandered already and months of propaganda war. [292]

Zelensky asks for more money, compares Ukraine to an adult film actress, [293] calls cocaine "Awesome!" [294] Is this cocaine on Zelensky's desk? [295]

Schizophrenic Biden administration warns ban on Russian gas can harm economies. [296] EU agrees to gas-for-rubles, [297] further assisting Biden's plan to weaken the dollar. Our 'NATO allies' were cheating on Biden sanctions anyway, [298] transferring Russian oil ship-to-ship at sea. [299] Quite a deal for everyone: our 'NATO allies' get free defense courtesy the US taxpayer and military industrial complex, while our NATO allies fund the Russian war machine through oil and gas purchases, and Hunter Biden gets kickbacks from Ukrainian oil and gas oligarchs.

Founder of Ukrainian nazi Azov Battalion threatens to strike May 9 Mariupol parade to commoemorate victory over Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler with a ballistic missile, calls the parade, "a provocation." [300]

Globalist Deep Stater Mitch McConnell, who has record-low approval ratings, reportedly cheered Dems' waste-of-time impeachment of Trump in January 2021. [301]

Ukraine accuses Russia of digging mass graves for civilian victims; survivors accuse Ukraine of civilian atrocities. [302][303][304]

'Al Qaeda Is on Our Side': How Obama/Biden empowered terrorist networks. [305]

Putin halts storming the Azovstal again, wants Azov Nazis, NATO officers, foreign mercenaries, and civilian hostages alive. [306]

Woke Netflix implodes.[307]

Woke CNN+ Streaming Service to Shut Down One Month After Debut.[308]

Conservative kids’ shows find a market at Pureflix. Independent studios tout conservative and moral programming as alternatives to Hollywood and Disney.[309]

Left-leaning Politico candidly indicates: The 2022 U.S. Senate Race Leans Republican.[310]

Politico admits: Joe Biden's dismal poll numbers imperil Democrat U.S. Senate control.[311] Biden's popularity is dangerously low in the four states where Democratic incumbents are most endangered.

In 2022, Biden's delusion that he will be a transformational president will end.

Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture. [312]

CNN admits: "It's been a very bad few days for Joe Biden." [313]

CNN: US aid to Ukraine is "disappearing into a black hole" and "may wind up in the hands of others the US did not intend to arm.” [314]

EU delays ban on Russian oil to help globalist Macron win re-election; oil expected to hit $185 pre barrel after election. [315]

U.S.-supported Azov Nazis tell world it's their final hours. [316]

Phase 2 of the Donbas front: Annhiliation in progress. [317]

UK General: NATO not ready for war with Russia. [318]

Setback for liberal claptrap: "By the fifth episode, which aired in early March, about 40,000 U.S. homes tuned in, down 78% from the season premiere" of Jon Stewart's Apple TV+ show. [319]

Biden burdens working Americans by cancelling all student debt for 40,000 mostly liberal students, and extending credit for 3.6M others. [320]

Hunter Biden invested $1 billion in the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. [321]

Breaking: Russia accuses Biden of having dementia. [322] Must be just Russian propaganda.

Confirmed: Zelensky regime gestapo abducted YouTube reporter Gonzalo Lira in Kharkiv. [323]

Setback for global warming hoax: Frigid temps to seize Northeast, while a liberal-appeasing carbon removal plant "freezes over in Iceland." [324]

Exclusive Interview by UK journalist Graham Phillips with captured UK mercenary Aiden Aslin. [325] Aslin was captured with Ukrainian Nazis in Azovstal. UK foreign minitser Liz Truss encouraged UK citizens to join mercenary groups who have no protection under the Geneva Convention. Aslin has 62K Twitter followers.

Zelensky vows Azov Nazis will fight to the end. [326]

Gonzalo Lira, Chilean/American YouTuber reporting from Kharkiv, [327] arrested by Ukrainian Gestapo? [328]

Graham Phillips in Mariupol: Why has this happened? [329]

John Mark Duggan in Mariupol: Russia providing food, water, medical supplies to residents. [330]

Patrick Lancaaster in Mariupol: Ilyich factory now under Russian control. [331]

Maximillian Clarke in Mariupol: Frontline close fighting with the Chechens. [332]

Fears of an economic recession in the U.S. are everywhere — except at the clueless White House.[333]

A 2018 Forbes analysis showed the average recession lasts 1.5 years.[334]

Question: If recession starts in 2023, how will the unpopular U.S President Joe Biden be reelected in 2024? And the Democrats have a weak bench of other potential presidential candidates in 2024.[335] A Trumpslide in 2024 is on its way! America will reelect Donald "peace and prosperity" Trump.

Another silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic: Lassie and Fido now get to come to the workplace![336][337]

Liberal claptrap from once-conservative Poland as it falls for Leftism about Ukraine: "Zelensky Is ‘The Leader of the Free World Right Now.’" [338]

New York Times Op-ed: 'In This Time of War, I Propose We Give Up God.' [339]

Russian state TV accuses NATO intervention for sinking of the Moskva, [340] possibly 500 lives lost. [341] Reports indicate U.S. interference and provocation. [342] Russian public opinion outraged.

Live update: Russians evacuate children from Mariupol. [343]

Leftists circle their wagons to ensure that Twitter will remain a bastion of liberal censorship, by adopting a "poison pill" that harms the overall value of the company. [344]

Russia warns Ukraine preparing another false flag Tochka U missile attack on civilians at Lozovaya. [345]

Russians find dozens of murdered civilians in Mariupol after retreat of Azov Nazis. [346]

Censored RT video of war crimes by Ukraine in Mariupol. [347]

The Western Tribune recently published an article about the age of the earth.[348] Answers in Genesis has an excellent article about the age of the earth: Age of the earth? Ken Ham and Conservapedians have a simple question to all dogmatic evolutionists who claim the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Were you there?

Also, if the state of Minnesota can't even get its policing right as evidenced by its recently burned down police station in Minneapolis, how in the world can it confidently assert how old the earth is?

Rare prosecution and 30-year prison sentence expose abusive homosexual lifestyle by a Dem megadonor. [349] Authorities ignored complaints against him for years.

Biden and Dems continue to loot America for foreign Leftism: "Sending Helicopters to Ukraine in $800M Military Aid Package." [350]

Joe Biden's approval craters at 33%.[351] By the time U.S. President Jimmy Carter left Washington in 1980 a mere 34 percent of Americans approved of his work. How low will Joe Biden's approval rating go? Will it go below 25%?

Liberal logic by Fauci: ‘You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated.’ [352] Circular reasoning to impose tyranny by ineffective vaccine mandates.

Ukraine forms 3 new battalions made up of criminals from prisons in Kharkiv. Their job is to make sure no civilians escape. [353]

Chief international correspondent for Le Figaro says American commanders are conducting Ukraine war, not Ukrainian commanders. [354]

Public support for re-instatement of capital punishment grows in Russia with the capture of foreign mercenaries intending to kill Russians who are not subject to the Geneva Convention nor entitled to POW status.

Largest mass surrender of Ukrainian troops, 1026 Marines, of the war in Mariupol; only about 2,000 Nazis remain now in Azovstal. Pentagon ignores Nazis' claim that Russians used chemical weapons in Azovstal. Azov Nazis still begging for money on YouTube. [355]

China orders Hollywood to remove its gay claptrap from Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore, and the hypocrites comply. [356]

Breaking: Zelensky orders attack on Russian Federation. [357][358]

Now that the truth is out about the United States in bed with Nazis and the atrocities they have committed in Ukraine for 8 years, Western MSM begins slowly backpedaling from several narratives. [359]

Woman in Mariupol tells of Ukrainian Nazi atrocities. [360]

More liberal claptrap against Will Smith's chivalry: a member of the movies "Academy" says that its 10-year ban on Will Smith is not enough, and that he should return his Oscar, too. [361]

Macron worried the presence of French troops among Azov Nazis could affect his re-election chances. [362]

The Azov Steel plant in Mariupol has an underground bunker complex with 24 kilometers of tunnels built in Soviet times to withstand World War III. According to German sources, in it is a NATO command center, a biological weapons lab, a torture facility, 3000 Azov Nazis and dozens of NATO officers from a half dozen countries, as well as members of the French Foreign Legion. There have been three unsuccessful attempts to extract NATO personnel. [363] The Russians would like to capture them all alive, while NATO countries are begging Moscow to allow NATO officials to escape. [364]

As predicted, NATO/Ukraine false flag chemical attack in Mariupol, Azov neo-Nazis report. [365]

Sam Gerrans of Truth in the News breaks down The Guardian's so-called 'forensic' report on Bucha. [366]

More shelling of Donbas civilians by Ukrainian armed forces. [367]

Faith carries 25-yr-old to Masters title, his 4th win in 6 starts. He competes to "just feel His presence" while his wife reminds him “God is in control.” [368]

Young voters abandon Biden in droves, laments liberal

Another setback for globalism: once-ostracized Marine Le Pen surges to within 5 points of entrenched liberal Emmanuel Macron, 28.5%-24.2%, to force a French runoff on April 24. [369]

"9000+ U.S. Flights Delayed, 1100+ Canceled Friday-Saturday" as senseless vaccine mandates continue to disrupt travel, while the homosexual agenda's favorite for president, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is ineffective. [370]

Ukrainian 'democratic' parliament submits bill to ban the Russian Orthodox Church and seize all its property and money. [371] The move comes after the murder of several Russian Orthodox clergy.

Setback to liberal claptrap about Jan. 6: an acquittal of one participant, and the restoration of gun rights to another. [372]

NBC News reports it is using fake news manufactured by the CIA and Ukrainian government to report on the Russia-Ukraine war. [373]

Breaking: No guilty verdicts in FBI false flag Whitmer kidnapping plot. [374]

Dozens of Ukrainian children refugees disappear enroute to the Canary Islands. Victims of Western child trafficing? [375]

Unable to ban Trump from being reelected, instead Leftists absurdly ban Will Smith for 10 years for his manly conduct despite how Hollywood profited by featuring such conduct in its movies. [376]

Blasé Biden’s inflation will doom Democrats in the U.S. midterm elections in November.[377]

Leftist Colleges Are IMPLODING as Conservative Colleges SURGE.[378] Once again, get woke, go broke.

Colleges have lost 1 million students since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.[379] But colleges closing was a trend that began before the pandemic due to online education and other factors.

While the Germany parliament just rejected by 378-296 a vaccine mandate, a 2-1 Dem-majority panel of the Fifth Circuit reinstates Biden's tyrannical mandate against fed workers. [380]

Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson, making her the First Black Birthing Person who can't define what a woman is to the Supreme Court.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Explain Why Joe Biden Wrote a College Recommendation Letter for a Chinese Businessman’s Son Who Had Business Dealings With Hunter Biden.[381]

Whistleblower who handed Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop to congressmen and reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos - and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House.[382]

Democrats veto Hunter Biden subpoena. [383]

WaPo admits to US support for Azov Nazis. [384]

Now that most Americans reject his failed scientism, Leftist tyrant Anthony Fauci finally admits that “'classical' herd immunity for COVID-19 'almost certainly is an unattainable goal.'” [385]

Liberal logic: while subsidizing wind turbines, feds prosecute the largest wind energy company for its wind farms accidentally killing eagles. [386]

NATO officers fighting in Mariupol alongside Azov Nazis ask Russians to allow them to leave. [387] Five helicopters have been shot down in the past days attempting to ferry them out. Two weeks ago, the Russians offered anyone who wanted out to leave provided they laid down their weapons.

Reuters: Pentagon will not confirm Ukrainian government's claim that Russians were responsible for the Bucha massacre. [388]

Ilya Kiva, former Socialist Party of Ukraine leader: "Bucha was planned and prepared in advance by the counterintelligence of Ukraine, with the assistance of the British MI6." [389]

Breaking: 267 Ukrainian Marines surrender in Mariupol; first mass surrender of Ukrainian forces in the war. [390]

Never-Trumper Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) quits, as the 4th of 10 pro-impeachment RINOs to fold. [391]

NATO psyops: UK vetoes Russian request for UN Security Council meeting on Bucha; [392] evidence suggest Azov Nazis occupied city immediately after Russian withdrawal may have committed reprisals agasint Russian-speakers and Russian sympathizers. No Ukrainian criminal or Red Cross investigation. [393]

Gonzalo Lira reporting from Kharkiv: Bucha: More Lies. [394]

Big Tech censorship update: Only official narrative on Bucha will be tolerated. [395][396]

Live update from former Navy Seal Patrick Lancaster, the only American reporter in Mariupol. [397] U.S.-backed Azov Nazi snipers killing civilians.

British journalist Graham Phillips, kidnapped, held hostage, and abused by Ukrainian security services, released. [398]

Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington declines to criticize Will Smith, and attributes the face-slap to the Devil. [399]

Setback for Cancel Culture: Cancel Culture Critic Elon Musk becomes the largest Twitter shareholder. [400]

Media blackout: 5,000 cars protest in support of Russia in Berlin. [401] Only someone with the IQ of a turnip would think Germans want to go to war with Russia again.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Trump-endorsed Viktor Orban wins in a larger-than-expected landslide in Hungary and declares that Zelensky is an opponent. [402]

Liberal logic: Biden, frustrated with his AG, wants Trump prosecuted. [403]

In Bucha, the dead get up and walk. [404] Evidence debunks Ukraine's latest false flag propaganda video.

Overflow crowd of 10,000 attend Trump's rally Saturday in Michigan, far more than the capacity of the sports arena. [405]

As Russia readies to finish off Ukrainian military in the Donbas, U.S. prepares false flag chemical attack. [406][407]

Even Dems panic about Biden's ending of border enforcement known as "Title 42": Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) calls it “a frightening decision.” [408]

ADL defends Ukraine Neo-Nazis: They don't attack Jews of Jewish institutions. "Ukraine's neo-Nazis are the good type of neo-Nazis because they're funded and armed by Israeli billionaires". [409]

Liberal hatred of chivalry in the Academy underlies its hostility towards the talented, heartfelt Will Smith, who resigns. [410]

Setback for liberal narrative about GOP as misogynist: Sarah Palin announces she is running for Congress, to fill Congressman Don Young's seat. [411]

Psaki out, moves to MSNBC. [412] For the second time under the Biden regime, another African American assistant press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre forced to ride the back-of-the-bus in favor of the white privileged Kate Bedingfield. [413] Last time frontrunner Symone Sanders got shuffled down to work for Kamala Harris.

Breaking: DPR and Russian forces move on "Azovstal" ("Azov Steel" industrial complex) from multiple directions, the massive fortified holdout of Azov Nazis in Mariupol.

NYT: Putin approval soars. [414] Also, separate reports indicate wave of patriotism in the war against NATO-backed fascists leads to Russian Army recruiting stations flooded with volunteers for combat duty in Ukraine.

American Astronaut Mark Vande Hei safely returns to Earth, thanks to Russia. [415] How much money did Congress appropriate and U.S. taxpayers pay, despite sanctions and "Russian hacking", to support Russia's rocket and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program to make this round trip possible?

Newsweek: NATO has already positioned offensive military assets in Arctic region. [416]

The Clinton Campaign and the DNC fined for not properly disclosing funding for the discredited Steele dossier. [417]

Through March 2022

Mariupol update: Russians prepare assault on Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion holdouts in steel plant. Residents say Ukrainian military hid equipment in houses and kindergartens, tanks and artillery between apartment buildings, [418] were trained by the United States. [419]

Who is Victoria Nuland? [420]

Lavrov: Deployment of NATO or U.S. troops and infrastructure to Afghanistan and neighboring countries "unacceptable." [421]

Liberal tyranny: The "Academy" -- which is just a bunch of narcissistic, tin-pot Leftists -- initiate "disciplinary proceedings" against Will Smith for defending his wife. [422] Was Smith's chivalry what really outrages liberals???

Liberal media overhype about sanctions against Russia is exposed: its ruble was the best-performing currency in March, and has recovered to its pre-invasion value, [423] which means Russians are profitting from sanctions.

Legalizing sports gambling in California will be on its ballot, which even Politico calls a "vice". [424] But liberals profit from this addiction that exploits the poor the most.

Mexico to cut oil exports to the United States to meet its domestic demand. [425]

Final battle for the Donbass takes shape. [426]

Breaking: Armed Forces of Ukraine shelling Donetsk civilians again. [427]

Discussion about Ukrainian mistreatment of POWs and war crimes. [428]

Liberals criticize Will Smith but won't say he "bitch slapped" Chris Rock. Doesn't liberal logic demand unisex application of gendered terms???

Demonic Oscars hit new low with an angry face-slap on stage, but at least the pro-homosexual agenda trash movie The Power of the Dog didn't win Best Picture. [429]

Graphic videos show extreme mistreatment of POWs by the Armed Forces of Ukraine; [430] prisoners shot in the legs, left to bleed out, rifle butts to the face, your tax dollars at work. Zelensky wants more money.

Donald Trump says Vladimir Putin is 'smart,' but he made a 'big mistake' when he decided to invade Ukraine.[431]

World Chess Grand Champion Gary Kasparov analyzes Vladimir Putin.[432] What is Putin’s Endgame? Garry Kasparov on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine.[433]

Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire on a school during the evacuation of refugees. [434] Aftermath of US-backed Nazi sniper attacks in Mariupol. [435]

Belarussian report (Eng. subs) on the Hunter Biden scandal, complete with "Russian disinformation" scapegoating, oil and gas extraction from Donbas, and Metabiota bioweapon labs. [436]

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) mocks Pete Buttigieg, the unqualified same-sex-married man groomed by Leftists for president. [437]

Russians brought captured Ukrainian Nazi commander to look in the eyes of people he shot at. [438] Mariupol Nazis hit with thermobaric bunker busters. [439] Ukrainian Nazi war crimes in Mariupol exposed. [440] More eyewitness testimony of Ukrainian military shooting civilian refugees trying to escape Mariupol. [441] Chechen humanitarian relief to Donbas victims of US & NATO-backed Nazi oppression. [442]

Chuck Todd: Nazis "not as evil" as Putin says. [443]

BBC Newsnight: "Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine", Feb 28, 2014, four days after the illegal US-backed Maidan coup. [444]

Biden calls for regime change in Russia; Moscow yet to react. Biden regime diplomacy is a failure; [445] war is diplomacy carried on by other means. How does Biden's appointed officials walk back that statement face-to-face with Russian diplomats? Do they say, 'Oh, Biden doesn't really mean what he says.' What else is Biden lying about? [446]
Once the diplomats stop talking, the military men take over, and they are not so concerned about the niceties of etiquette.

NYP: Hunter Biden helped secure funds for Metabiota, a US biolab contractor in Ukraine; [447] Russia demands explanation for national security threat on its border. [448]

LGBTQ+ causes Florida Dems to cancel gala at Disney World because it was not woke enough in opposing anti-grooming bill, as admitted by Politico

Oscars on Sunday, and the pro-homosexual agenda movie considered a piece of garbage is the frontrunner, The Power of the Dog (which distorts a verse from the Bible). Zelensky said to be taking time out from the war to put in an appearance. [449]

Report: Russian public and Russian military enraged at NATO interference in Ukraine conflict. [450]

BBC video from 2012 on Ukrainian Nazis whom the Western media now call heroes. [451]

Polish Deputy Prime Minister: Woke EU is too decadent to fight Putin. [452]

Indian television anchor instructs US professor on Russian sanctions. [453]

Breaking: Justice Clarence Thomas released from hospital, [454] survives latest Leftist attack. [455]

Biden tells 82nd Airborne "when you're there" in Ukraine. [456]

Pentagon: “Russia’s conduct in the brutal war tells a different story than the widely accepted view that Vladimir Putin is intent on demolishing Ukraine and inflicting maximum civilian damage—and it reveals the Russian leader’s strategic balancing act." [457][458]

BlackRock CEO: Globalization is dead. [459] The post-1945 world order is over. [460]

After imposing trade sanctions on Russia, Biden promises food shortages. [461] Victor Davis Hanson: The Great Reset is here. [462]

IMF: Countries dumping dollars. [463] Fertilizer shipments grind to a halt. [464]

UK Office for Budget Responsibility: biggest decline in living standards since the 1950s; [465] Russian sanctions are suicide for the West. [466]

Gypsy refugees face discrimination from Ukrainian officials. [467]

Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau blasted in European Parliament for human rights abuses. [468]

President Trump sues Hillary Clinton over Trump-Russia fraud. [469]

How much did the Biden's make on Ukrainian biolabs? [470] Laptop from Hell reported to have data on Hunter and Mykola Zlochevsky's investments in Metabiota. [471]

Dr. Robert Malone: Globalist COVID policies have caused a worldwide education crisis, joint UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank report says. [472]

Emerson College poll: Trump has 12-point lead over Biden in approval. [473]

Florida Gov. DeSantis's proclamation "do hereby declare in Florida that Emma Weyant is the rightful winner of the 2022 NCAA Division I Women's 500-yard Freestyle," which the NCAA declared a transgender biological man to have won. [474]

"That's an easy one," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says to thunderous applause: Rep. Madison Cawthorn was right to strongly criticize Zelensky and his Leftist regime. [475]

Them Dems: First Black woman appointed to the high court cannot define "woman". [476]

Official Canadian Government Data: Triple-vaxxed 5 times more likely to die of covid. [477]

Ukraine’s propaganda war: international PR firms, DC lobbyists and CIA cutouts. [478]

Revolver News: America First's Sean Hannity problem. [479]

Washington Free Beacon: Israel owes Ukraine nothing. [480] Zelensky steps in it with a Holocaust analogy.

Biden regime launches sanctions war against China. [481] Biden snubbed within Quad Alliance by India. [482]

Top baseball players thumb their nose at vaccine tyrants: they will decline to play in Canada, and may skip NYC if does not change its mandate. [483]

WaPo: NATO-backed neo-Nazi international recruiting up. [484]

Ukrainian medic gave orders to castrate Russian POWs he called "cockroaches". [485]

Russian State Duma initiates commission to investigate biological labs in Ukraine. [486]

Zelensky thinks the decision to start World War III rests on his shoulders. [487]

Testimony of multiple survivors: U.S.-backed Nazis in Mariupol used civilians as human shields, shot people trying to escape. [488][489][490] Greek refugees from Mariupol testify that NATO-backed fascists use civilians as human shields. [491]

After more racist attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas, [492] Justice Thomas now hospitalized with mysterious infection. [493]

Zelensky dissolves opposition parties and consolidates all media under a single platform under martial law. [494]

NCAA woman swimmer breaks silence and speaks out against transgender unfairness of a biological male taking women's prizes. [495] Who spoke up? She's from conservative Hungary.

Why is Zelensky using a greenscreen? [496]

#StopHatingRussians [497]

Biden's approval rating plummets again, as he fails to attain peace. [498]

More than 2 million refugees from Ukraine prefer conservative Poland, and wait in long lines to get papers allowing them to stay. [499]

Report: China to invade Taiwan in May; [500] only twice a year the tides of the Taiwan Straits make invasion feasible - October and May.

Liberal logic: Biden reportedly told communist dictator Xi Jinping that the U.S. does not support Taiwan independence (?!), while the dictator told Biden to stop imposing sanctions over the Russia-Ukraine conflict. [501]

MSNBC praises Hitler to manufacture consent for Ukraine war. [502]

Putin addresses the nation in a speech before 100,000 people [503] "For a world without Nazism."

EU tyranny could mandate electric cars-only by 2035, as pushed by Leftists in Germany. [504] So why are Americans being looted for $14B plus military aid for Ukraine to join EU???

One-third of 'Ukrainian refugees' arriving in France are not Ukrainian. [505]

Residents of Kherson, recently liberated from Ukrainian Nazis, for the first time since the Maidan coup allowed to commemorate soldiers who liberated the city from Nazis in World War II. [506]

Zelensky speech: Zelensky claims ending Ukraine's 8 year war on Donbas civilians endangers Paris and the United States. [507]

Leftist hatred of Russia causes cancellation of 20-year-old pianist. [508]

NYT admits Laptop from Hell is real, Biden family has personally profited from Ukraine's corrupt neo-Nazi regime.

Volunteer non-state combatants not being allowed to leave Ukraine. [509] NATO is feeding them into a meat grinder.

Liberal logic: UN court orders Russia to end war, with no effect. [510]

Pew Poll: One third of Americans willing to risk nuclear war; [511] they probably drank the kool-aid and think climate change is the biggest threat to the planet.

First it was mandatory vaccination, and now it is mandatory repudiation of Putin: #1 tennis player told to renounce Putin or be banned from Wimbledon. [512]
Remember when professional sports were based on merit?

Massive explosions in Belarus. Bombs or sonic booms? Information sketchy. [513]

United States will deploy thousands of troops to Australia for war with the PRC. [514]

World War III "may have already started" in Ukraine, Zelensky says, and Dems want to entangle U.S. further to prop up the Leftist regime that imposed gay parades and gun control there. [515]

Ukrainian TV host cites Adolf Eichmann to call for extermination of all Russians, including children. [516][517]

57-40 repudiation of Biden by the U.S. Senate, which rejects continuation of the mask mandates for travel. [518]

Are Ukrainian refugees too conservative for Dems, who slow-walk their admission to U.S.? [519]

Russian treatment of civilians in the Kyiv region. [520] Pelosi wants to nuke the supply columns bringing relief to victims of the Ukrainian Nazi regime. [521]

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill: the Ukraine war is a metaphysical battle against a godless international order that rewards governments which embrace sin and punishes those who embrace God's laws.... whose test of loyalty of this government is to hold a gay parade" [522]

The 1.8M Ukrainian refugees in conservative Poland, where conversion therapy is endorsed, decline relocation to liberal EU nations that impose the homosexual agenda.

Fake video of staged chemical weapons attack. [523] U.S. preparing for false flag chemical weapons attack? [524] Col. MacGregor on false flags: Usually the winning side has no need to engage in false flags, and Russia clearly is winning the battlefield. [525]

Deep State veteran Victoria Nuland’s answer on alleged bioweapon labs in Ukraine is cause for concern. [526] The mess that Nuland made. [527]

Has Russia been funding environmental groups as part of their sophisticated disinformation campaigns to keep the West dependent on Russian gas? [528]

Get ready: Here comes the Joe Biden recession/stagflation in 2022.[529][530] Even pro-Biden CNN states: US economy flashes a recession warning sign

The yield curve is flattening which is a sign an economic recession may occur.[531]

Propaganda war update: Ukrainian Defense Ministry releases deep fake video of chemical bomb attack on Paris. [532][533]

CBS News confirms US bioweapons labs in Ukraine are conducting research on Anthrax and other "deadly pathogens". [534]

At least 23 civilian dead in Ukrainian missile attack on Donetsk city center. [535]

$14 billion not enough: next Zelensky will address "unheard of" joint session of Congress virtually. [536]

U.S. plotting a false flag attack? [537] Lindsey Graham advocates World War III. [538] If Biden takes Graham up on his offer, that would comply with the advise and consent clause to set up a No-fly zone and commencement of direct war with Russia.

Although considered a piece of garbage by a veteran actor, Hollywood's pro-homosexual agenda The Power of the Dog is predicted to win big at the upcoming Leftist-controlled Oscars. [539]

Biden regime turns away Ukrainian refugees from Southern border. [540]

Special Report: Putin's goal to denazify Ukraine of white supremacists. [541] Are we the baddies? [542]

U.S. accused of gain of function research at biolabs in Ukraine. [543]

Scott Ritter: Russia has succeeded in Ukraine where the United States failed in Iraq - by invading a country with viable biological weapon facilities. [544] Biden and NATO have given ISIS jihadis in Ukraine Javelin and Stinger missiles.

More Ukraine government / Western media propaganda exposed. [545]

Setback for liberal censorship: SNL does a little bit of mockery of Biden. [546]

U.S. Consulate in Iraq hit with ballistic missiles from Iran. [547][548]

Kamala Harris says Ukraine is a member of NATO. [549] White House doctors official transcript. [550]

WSJ: Economic blacklist of Russia marks new blow for globalization. [551]

Liberal airline fabricates a non-existent regulation to remove a black man for wearing an anti-Biden hoodie. [552]

UN Security Council meeting on US biolabs in Ukraine. [553] The US will not agree to multilateral inspections.

Oliver Stone's Ukraine on Fire in full. Censored on YouTube. Recommended! [554]

Putin approval ratings rise from 60% to 71% since conflict began; 65% of Russians approve of denazification of Ukraine. [555]

Mark Dice: BIG UPDATE About Ukraine / Russia! [556]

Another Setback for the Feminist Agenda: South Korea’s Yoon Suk-yeol Capitalized on Anti-Feminist Backlash to Win the Presidency.[557]

Facebook and Instagram okay support for Nazism, modify hate speech for advocacy of death to Russians. [558]

Sharyl Attkisson: List of Ukraine biolab documents removed from US embassy website in Kyiv. [559]

What is known of American biolabs in Ukraine? [560] Hear from an American living in Moscow who first reported it on Dec. 10, 2021. US biolabs may have been one of Putin;s motivations. US researching spread of pathogens by migratory birds. Ukraine is a center of bird migration for Europe and Asia. Cases of West Nile Virus spread by birds in Russia may have came from the labs. US also researching pathogens to target specific ethnic groups. Big Pharma used Ukrainians for covid vaccine testing. [561]

Newsweek: Biden regime asks Putin to stop Kim jong-un from launching a Ukrainian-made ballistic missile. [562]

Ukraine violates Geneva Convention. [563] Posting videos of humiliated POWs is a war crime and violation of international law. [564]

Liberal logic: millions of destitute Ukrainians dumped on Poland, while the Leftist Ukraine politicians get $14B in U.S. "aid".

EU sanctions Poland (and Hungary) for not being pro-homosexual agenda and pro-abortion enough, while Poland struggles with 1.3M refugees from Ukraine. [565] Even some liberals are appalled by this ideologically motivated abuse of the Good Samaritan Poland.

Realclearinvestigations: Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election. [566]

Greek in Mariupol: “The fascist Ukrainians would kill me, they don’t let us leave the city”. [567]

Setback for liberal media narrative: popular homeschooled Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) observes that Ukrainian politicians have been pushing "woke ideologies." [568]

Conservative elected as first woman president of Hungary, a supporter of the pro-Trump Viktor Orban. [569]

Update on US Bioweapon labs in Ukraine censored on Youtube, moved to Rumble. [570] Original report from Moscow December 10, 2021. [571]

Conservative Yoon Suk-yeol wins South Korea presidency by appealing to young men and campaigning against feminists, and pledging to abolish a women's equality agency. [572]

Poland calls Biden's bluff and offers to give fighter jets to the U.S. if Biden wants to give them to Ukraine, which would escalate the conflict. No thanks, Blinken replies, after previously prompting Poland to give the planes to Ukraine. [573]

Liberal media hype for Ukrainian politicians worked: looting of Americans grows from $10 billion to a $14 billion handout to entice those Leftist politicians not to settle the conflict. [574]

Russia publishes documents showing US funded biolabs in Ukraine were working on biological weapons such as Anthrax and Plague near Russian border. [575][576] Victoria Nuland, who organized the 2014 coup that overthrew the Ukrainian government, admits US has bio weapon labs in Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia and UAE refuse to take Biden's call. Both spoke with Putin. [577]

Poland refuses Biden and Blinken's offer of free jets in exchange for starting World War III. [578]

Racist Kyiv regime offers Senegalese mercenaries 2,000 euros a day while paying White Europeans 3,000, is warned by Senegalese government that recruitment of mercenaries on its territory is illegal. [579]

Liberal logic by Jerry Brown: don’t allow more domestic production of oil and natural gas, because climate change "is like war: If we don’t handle it, people are going to die and they’re going to be suffering." [580]

Biden Green Lights NATO attacks on Russian forces, [581] ratchets gas prices up to $7 a gallon, [582] possible $300 per barrel. [583] Half Ukrainian military forces have been destroyed. [584]

NBC caught pushing neo-Nazi propaganda. [585]

Biden regime directly provoking war with Russia. [586] Tucker Carlson: We are at war with Russia. [587]

Deep Stater Anthony Blinken escalates the Russia-Ukraine conflict and risks World War III, by guaranteeing replacement jets to NATO countries if they send fighter jets to Ukraine. [588] NATO ally Poland calls Blinken a liar. [589]

Russia warns countries that allow their airfields to enter the Ukrainian conflict are co-belligerents. [590]

Florida smacks down CDC by recommending against vaccinating healthy kids for Covid. [591]

See the "modern Churchill" Zelensky's transvestite dance. [592]

Britain's Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin: Russia’s lead forces are being “decimated” in Ukraine and their morale is low. Russia may lose their war in Ukraine.[593]

Disliked by liberals for his conservative "Pound Cake" speech and other remarks, Bill Cosby prevails as the U.S. Supreme Court rejects an aggressive attempt by prosecutors to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision in his favor. [594]

In hindsight, Ukranians are wondering if giving up their nuclear weapons was a smart decision.[595]

Ukrainian Nazis in the Azov Battalion using refugees as human shields, not allowing them to escape through humanitarian corridors from Mariupol. Ukrainian Armed Forces blowing up bridges so people can not escape, creating a humanitration and food crisis. [596]

Pakistan to 22 Western ambassadors asking to condemn Russia: "What do you think of us? Are we your slaves...that whatever you say, we will do?" [597]

Ukranian peace negotiator shot dead by Ukrainian Security Services. Is this how things are done in a democracy?

Putin warns Western leaders: "The people of Donbas are not stray dogs, yet 14,000 have been killed by the U.S.-backed Kyiv regime in the past 8 years. [598]

India media: Western media's racist reporting on Ukrainian refugees. [599]

Never-Trumper Mike Pence tries to blame Trump in a speech to RNC donors, and beats war drums against Putin to the delight of neocons who control Pence. [600]

Ukrainian Nazis trapped in the Mariupol cauldron. [601]

Dems seek political advantage based on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, want to use the issue to reduce their midterm losses, admits liberal Politico

Clinton machine in bed with Russia; [602] Hunter Biden took $3.5 million from Moscow mayor's wife. [603]

Liberal logic: “Psaki says White House is 'Deeply Concerned' About Threat to Freedom of Speech in Russia After Country Blocks Access to Facebook.” [604]

Facebook: hate, racism, and xenophobia is Ok as long as it's against Russia. [605]

Fake News Update: Nuclear reactors were not attacked in Ukraine. Admin buildings over a mile away were set on fire. [606]

The United States owns and operates 11 bioweapon labs in Ukraine. [607] The cover story is they are disposing of Soviet era bioweapons, however research and funding with private contractors is ongoing. Private contractors are not subject to Congressional oversight or FOIA. [608] Metabiota, which Hunter Biden acted as fund manager to invest start-up money for the state-controlled Bank of China, is one such contractor.

Purge of Russian culture runs amok: Anna Netrebko, the all-time great opera singer from Russia, is removed by the Met. [609] Will banning Tchaikovsky be next??

Ukrainian forces looted groceries stores before retreating from Donetsk Republic, leaving Russian citizens with no food. [610]

All Ukrainians are given full rights to live, work, and receive welfare benefits including housing and medical care throughout the entire EU, adding millions of refugees to the European migrant crisis. [611]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Rep. Van Taylor (R-TX), who voted for one of Pelosi's Never-Trump witchhunts, abruptly quits his reelection a few days after Conservapedia singled him out as a RINO.

"Chess grandmaster [who grew up in Ukraine and has relatives there] facing disciplinary action for supporting Russian invasion of Ukraine." [612] No free speech even in chess??

Biden slurs his speech and loses his train of thought during his pathetic State of the Union Address Tuesday. "Putin may circle Kyiv, but he'll never win the hearts of the Iranian people." [613]

Dershowitz comments on Zelensky and Ukrainian Nazis. [614]

Over 500,000 refugees flee Ukraine.[615] UK's Boris Johnson stresses need to prepare for millions of Ukrainian refugees. The British prime minister has said Western European countries should prepare to receive millions of Ukrainian refugees as Russia's invasion of Ukraine intensifies.[616][617]

Since Eastern Europeans are more religious than Western Europeans, the desecularization of Western Europe will accelerate. See: European desecularization in the 21st century and Central and Eastern Europe and desecularization and Acceleration of 21st century desecularization

Also, this is another setback for the homosexual agenda. Wikipedia's article entitled LGBT rights in Ukraine states about Ukraine: "prevailing social attitudes are often described as being intolerant of LGBT people and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for any of the same legal protections available to opposite-sex couples."

Oh Western, godless, secular leftist, homosexual activists, feel the sting! And remember, if the pro-gas and oil and energy independence Donald Trump, who helped cause NATO's military budget to increase, were still in office, Vladimir Putin would have never attacked Ukraine![618][619]

Liberal logic: Pfizer Covid-19 shown to be ineffective in kids, but vaccine tyrants insist on it anyway. [620]

Belarus enters fray. Kaliningrad cut off by air. Hungary refuses NATO supply to the Kyiv regime through its territory.

Twitter erupts over corporate media's racist promotion of the xenophobic Ukrainian regime. [621]

Criminals looting and raping in Kyiv with weapons the Zelensky regime handed out. [622]

Russia issues warning to EU countries supplying lethal weapons, fuel, and lubricants to Zelensky regime. For the first time in its history the EU announced plans to supply weapons and ammunition into a warzone. [623]

European Union Deep Staters incite further war, by welcoming Zelensky's defiant application today for membership. Europe and Russia do not want this, while Ukrainian citizens are fleeing in numbers expected to soon exceed millions.

Ukrainian member of parliament tells Fox News 'we fight for the New World Order'. [624]

NAACP leader criticizes Ukrainian government's treatment of Blacks. [625]

Racist Ukrainians will not allow Blacks access to refugee trains, [626] grant white privilege to Ukranians. [627] People of color abandoned for days in freezing temperatures.

Until Feb 25, 2022

Reuters: "You're on your own": African students stuck in Ukraine seek refuge or escape route. [628] Nancy Pelosi: 'We must defend democracy'; Vladimir Putin: 'Ukraine must be denazified'.

Atlantic Council praised Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion. [629]

BBC: Nigerian government condemns Ukraine's treatment of its citizens. [630]

DEBUNKED: Corporate Media’s top trending Ukraine stories turn out to be complete fakes. [631]

Turkiye closes Dardanelles to NATO warships.

Ukraine border guards will not allow Indian students to escape to Poland, demand bribes. [632] "Why should we help you when your government wouldn't help us", Ukrainian officials tell students. India abstained from U.S.-sponsored resolution condemning Russia at the UN.

National Pulse: D.C.’s foreign policy ‘experts’ now demand ‘regime change’ for Russia. [633] Ben Wittes of Lawfare and Trump-Russia fame leads the charge. Liz Cheney wants war with Russia. [634]

More than 5,200 Russians arrested for protesting Putin's invasion, and top Russian billionaires speak out against it too. [635] [636]

500,000 Germans march in Berlin against Putin [637]; he could be ousted from power as Khrushchev and Gorbachev were.

Russian nuclear forces on high alert over aggressive statements by NATO. [638]

Afghan Redux: DPR and Russian Forces capture US & UK lethal aid. [639]

Russian sanctions will have devastating effect in the European Union and United States, helps China. Putin already discounted the effect, and Russia has become virtually immune since 2014 anyway.

WaPo debunks fake news story about 13 guards on Snake Island - they all surrendered. [640]

Trump criticized Putin tonight, calling his invasion a "travesty and an assault on humanity." As the world repudiates him, Putin himself could be removed from power as the bombastic Khrushchev was a generation ago.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky gains worldwide support by refusing to flee Kyiv, in contrast with the West's fleeing Afghanistan president last year. "The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride," Zelensky declared. [641]

Psaki: Biden doesn't know what he's talking about. [642]

Ukrainian fascists say they will sabotage any peace deal with Russia. [643]

UN Security Council rejects U.S. proposal to condemn Russia. [644]

Biden-backed Ukrainian regime hands out AK-47s to anybody who wants one. Meanwhile, you need to be satisfied with a crack pipe.

Now Fox News wants to blame Putin and Russia, while Americans continue to oppose sending troops. [645]

Biden nominates affirmative action pick Ketanji Brown Jackson to SCOTUS.

Ukraine Crisis Update: Joy Behar of The View may have to cancel Italian vacation. [646] Ukraine bans all males 18-60 from leaving the country; [647] no information on how non-binary transgenders who identify as female will be affected.

Deep State debacle, as globalists encouraged Ukrainian liberals to seek NATO membership despite low public support for it. Now NATO's effectiveness is doubted. [648]

Science Update: NASA astronaut to return to earth on Russian spacecraft. [649]

Crackpot global warming leftism, spoken by Obama's former secretary of state John Kerry, worries about "massive emissions consequences to the war," and the loss in "focus" on climate change. [650]

World's dependency on Russia for oil pushes its price above $100 per barrel for the first time since 2014, and natural gas prices in Europe spike 40%. [651]

Shock and Awe. [652] Kremlin presents demands to de-nazify and demilitarize Ukraine. [653] Ukraine collaborated with Nazis during WWII which is why ethnic hatred of Russia persists. The Soviet Union was unable to fully de-nazify Ukraine.

Ukraine and United States only two nations voting against UN Resolution condemning Nazism. [654] Display of Nazi insignia is illegal in most of Western Europe, but Ukrainian government forces still use them.

Biden condemns Putin, invites invasion of U.S. border. [655]

Ukraine's answer to the presence of Russian Peacekeepers. [656]

Justin Trudeau abruptly cancels his Emergencies Act invocation. The Senate of Canada was just setting rules for debate. [657]

German Leftists are blamed by liberal Politico for welcoming Russian aggression concerning Ukraine. “Russia has no fear in Berlin,” said one German partying elite in 2008. “For Germany, the party never stopped.” [658]

U.S. Trucker Convoy is another false flag attack. [659] Don't go.

Biden admits we're dependent on China for batteries for electric cars, just as Germany is pathetically dependent on Russia for energy and thus cannot really sanction it. [660]

Most Ukrainians in the south and east oppose joining the pro-homosexual agenda NATO. [661]

North Korean missile capable of nuking the U.S. came from Ukraine. [662] Zelensky wants nukes; [663] maybe he can buy one from his pal Kim jong-un with U.S. aid. [664] Biden argues nations are free to partner in whatever military alliance they want. [665]

Russian peacekeepers enter Donbas to defend against Ukraine Armed Forces and anti-Russian neo-Nazi paramilitary attacks. [666] American citizens abandoned by Biden in Ukraine. [667]

Another Hunter Biden girlfriend testifies to grand jury about money the Biden family stole from Ukraine in tax probe. [668]

China, getting whacked by near-$100/barrel oil, tells the West to back off Ukraine conflict.

Canadian liberals vote to cancel the constitutional rights of Canadian citizens. [669]

National Pulse: Western media is literally peddling neo-Nazi propaganda to prompt war between Russia and Ukraine. [670]

Russian troops mobilize to liberate conservative republics in Ukraine from retaliation by the pro-homosexual agenda oligarch-controlled regime in Kyiv. [671] Discredited Deep Stater James Clapper awaiting indictment by Special Counsel John Durham sounds a Leftist alarm.

Will 2022 be a TRULY HORRENDOUS year for global atheism? [672] See also: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

India and China continue to block Pfizer Covid vaccine, due to lack of proof of safety. [673]

Breaking: Interagency consensus of the Russian Federation recognizes independence of Donbas Republics. [674] Biden issues sanctions against the people of Donbass who declared independence 8 years ago. [675]

Ukrainian Armed Force mortar attack kills ethnic Russian at bus stop in Donetsk. [676]

Clueless RINO, who absurdly voted to hold Bannon in contempt, declares she will win without Trump's support. [677] Does Rep. Nancy Mace also think senile Biden will persuade Putin?

While Ukrainian billionaires and their puppet president demand immediate new support from the West, a few months ago Ukrainian tyrants imprisoned a leader of protests against mandatory vaccination, [678] after welcoming annual gay pride parades in Kyiv.

Urgent Update on Ukraine: You won't see it on the MSM. [679]

Biden-backed Ukrainian Special Forces attacking Donetsk. [680]

Evacuations from Donbas under Ukraine Armed Forces attack underway. [681]

Breakaway Republics in Eastern Ukraine under cyberattack, [682] unable to broadcast Ukrainian Armed Forces atrocities. [683][684]

Ukrainian forces attack civilian infrastructure of Donetsk Peoples Republic. Electricity out. [685]

Ukrainian and Russian billionaire oligarchs are losing big, while European banks are not united in a proposal to cut off Russia due to this Russian-Ukraine conflict. [686]

Canadian police acting as Leftist Trudeau's henchmen are overwhelmed by complaints over their conduct, and beg public to stop contacting them. [687]

A definitive critical examination of the pseudoscience of COVID measures, including vaccines, masking, and conventional therapy. Just who are the quacksalvers here? [688]

Donetsk People's Republic chief: "Kiev can start a full-scale assault on Donbass at any moment, the situation is critical” [689]

Is talk of “Russian invasion” a smokescreen for a Ukrainian invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk? [690]

Men 18 to 55 conscripted by Donbas Republics to stand against Ukrainian forces invasion. [691] No word on the status of transgenders. [692]

Breaking: Ottawa Mounted Police reportedly injured a disabled woman on mobility scooter; [693]

Biden projects onto Putin his decision to prod Ukraine to attack separatist groups in Donbas, [694] cites "significant intelligence capabilities" that failed two days ago and miserably in Afghanistan as his basis. [695]

Russian speakers flee in advance of Ukrainian forces attack in Donbas. [696] Ukraine has amassed 100,000 troops against Donbas. [697]

Leftist Trudeau unleashes his police to smash truckers' windows and arrest more than 100 peaceful protesters, as Trudeau's crackdown begins. [698]

Setback for liberal claptrap: Penn school board votes 5-4 to end CNN propaganda in middle schools. [699]

Hospitalized for Covid "as a precaution" amid mild symptoms, vaccinated congressman then dies as many other patients subjected to hospital protocols have. [700]

Taser cop gets two years in accidental shooting of fleeing Black criminal suspect. [701] Salaries for cops likely to increase due to job hazards and malpractice suits in the professsion.

Trudeau jackboots begin mass arrests. [702] [703]

Canadian fascist regime begins freezing bank accounts [704] using social media postings [705] of Trump supporters as evidence. [706]

Is the Russia v. Ukraine conflict really about the homosexual agenda? Don't be surprised how promotive of homosexuality NATO has become, which Russia opposes.

Gov. DeSantis blocks Biden regime international child-trafficking scheme in Florida. [707]

Berkeley poll confirms that liberal California disapproves of Biden and Kamala now. [708] Supposedly a year ago 62% voted for them there.

Amid increased Leftist tyranny against peaceful the Freedom Convoy in Canada, liberals turn against Elon Musk as he mocks Justin Trudeau. [709]

Clinton crony and DNC hatchetman Marc Elias now representing Black Lives Matter. [710]

Setback for San Francisco values: voters there recall 3 woke school board members by a landslide of roughly 75% against them. [711]

Arizona and West Virginia ban abortion after 15 weeks. [712]

D-Day: CIA/Biden regime 'Russia invasion hoax' passes without incident. [713]

Ukrainian Member of Parliament: Media coverage is bigger threat than Russian invasion. [714]

Calls mount for Jake Sullivan to resign after Ukraine hoax and Clinton hacking revelations. [715][716]

After calling white people 'cr*ckers', NYC mayor Eric Adams complains of unfair press coverage. [717]

Washington state: More than 41,000 families have left public education since the lock-down orders started, and school choice is becoming even more popular than it already was. A recent poll shows 71 percent of the public supports giving parents direct assistance to help children learn.[718]

Boston University hosts a lecture on the decline of the politically center-left, European parties.[719]

Biden paid firm that hacked Trump White House. [720]

Townhall: What if this whole ‘Ukraine invasion’ were a hoax? [721]

Black Lives Matter terrorist arrested for assassination attempt on Democrat in Kentucky. [722] The perp is an advocate of scientific socialism.

Breaking: Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act to suspend civil liberties; [723] the Act includes provisions to seize bank accounts and compel labor. [724] Trudeau approval at 16%. [725]

Canadian media covers up accusations of grooming and rape by Antifa activist who ran over 4 Freedom Convoy protesters. [726]

Poll: 2/3 of Democrats want Hillary Clinton investigated for Russiagate crimes. [727]

Pro-Ukraine warmonger Jake Sullivan at center of Democrat Russiagate conspiracy. [728]

Russia detects U.S. nuclear submarine in Russian territorial waters. [729][730]

Official Canadian state media declares freedom is 'racist'. [731]

Please read: The false promise of liberal hegemony.

Breaking: Trump demands prosecution after latest revelations of Democrat cyber-hacking the Office of the President. [732]

Durham: Clinton cronies hacked the President of the United States. [733]

Bill Maher: Justin Trudeau sounds like Adolf Hitler. [734]

Biden regime argues in court not to release report on Dominion voting machines. [735]

Globalist fascism in Canada, France, Australia, Romania and Austria all see anti-tyranny protests. [736]

Biden regime ramps up Ukraine war hysteria. [737] Apparently, the Biden regime is encouraging Ukraine to attack Russian forces to provoke a response. [738]

Tucker Carlson interviews Dr. Robert Malone. [739]

Ontario declares State of Emergency. [740] Politico Op-ed: "Trudeau should give the truckers their victory on the vaccination mandate." [741] Crowds grow at border bridge as enforcement order goes into effect. [742]

Biden DHS declares 1st Amendment a terrorism threat. [743]

Christian GiveSendGo defies Canadian court that tries to seize funds donated to truckers: "Know this! Canada has absolute ZERO jurisdiction over" the donated funds. [744]

Leftist War on Cops Update: 5 Arizona officers ambushed. [745]

CNN analyst and former Obama asst secretary of Homeland Security incites violence against anti-tyranny protesters. [746]

Pew Research poll in January of 2022: 32% of American atheists think Joe Biden has had a successful presidency. 38% of American atheists say it's too early to tell. Only 30% of American atheists say Joe Biden's presidency has been unsuccessful.[747]

Once again, atheists are among the most gullible people on earth! A man who won’t believe in God will believe in anything. See: Atheism and gullibility and Atheism and foolishness and Donald Trump and American atheists

Leftwing Canadian fascist regime threatened to seize children of Freedom protesters. [748]

Capitol Police beating Rosanne Boyland unconscious was "objectively reasonable," internal affairs rule. [749]

Psaki preps press corps for tomorrows bogus inflation report. [750]

Biden's racist crack pipe distribution initiative in peril. [751][752]

U.S. Capitol Police under Inspector General investigation after breaking into GOP members office. [753]

Judge orders Canadian gestapo to return fuel stolen from Freedom truckers. [754]

'Breadcrumbs lead to Pelosi's office'; [755] Pelosi stonewalls request for documents on J6 riot. [756]

Macron rejects Biden's push for war over Ukraine. [757]

Biden appoints Kamala in charge of defending Ukrainian border. [758]

Freedom Convoy preemptive SOS press conference. [759]

Johns Hopkins study shows Leftist lockdowns have been a complete failure, yet the liberal media hide it. [760]

9,000 Americans left behind in Afghanistan. [761]

Biden regime to distribute free crack pipes to achieve "racial equality." [762]

Bureau of Labor Statistics literally just made up January jobs report. [763][764]

AP reporter confronts Psaki for evidence that journalists are in the pocket of Putin and ISIS. [765]

Canada's leftwing fascist regime assaults Freedom Protesters. [766][767]

Setback for liberals: Canadian truckers' convoy "galvanizes far-right worldwide," Politico laments

Even Leftist Bill Maher is fed up with the falsehoods in the name of science: he "went on a three minute tirade against the medical elites who were wrong about lockdowns, children masking, masking outdoors, the vaccines, and about everything else the past two years." [768]

Wikipedia bias in the news, again: "Former clerk rewrites SCOTUS contenders’ Wikipedia bios" to help his former boss and disparage her rivals. [769]

GoFundMe steals Trucker Convoy money. [770]

Xi Jinping opposes Federal Reserve interest rate hike to curb inflation. [771] The more funny money printed, the more makes its way into China.

First ever: Republican National Committee censures Never-Trumpers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for continuing to persecute innocent Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights on Jan. 6. [772]

Associated Press reporter calls out Biden State Dept. spox for Russia boogeyman garbage. [773]

Setback for vaccine tyrants: "‘Time to Open Up’ Sweden Scraps Vax Passes, Becoming the Latest European Nation to Abandon Lockdown." [774]

Early U.S. Jobs Report Data Previews the Coming Bloodbath.[775] "there’s cooking numbers, and then there’s cast iron skillet deep frying numbers."

U.N. Security Council rebukes Biden-Ukraine warmongering. [776]

CNN boss Jeff Zucker out in another Democrat/media sex scandal. [777]

Johns Hopkins study: lockdowns did nothing other than destroy society and transfer $5 trillion from workers to global elite. [778]

Dems temporarily lose majority with Ben Ray Lujan out with a stroke. [779]

Americans will remain a religious people for decades to come.[780] A funny thing happened on the way to global secularization: namely, it didn’t happen. The eminent sociologist Peter L. Berger referred to our age as one of “overwhelming religious globalization". See also: Political weakness of the secular left in the United States and United States, irreligion vs. religion and demographics

Holocaust denier Whoopi Goldberg suspended from the The View. [781]

Setback for global warming hoax: Midwest to suffer biggest snowfall in a century. [782]

Setback for liberal censorship: most musicians decline to imitate two Canadian singers who pulled their songs off Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan. [783]

Whoopi Goldberg doubles down on her holocaust denial remarks on Stephen Colbert show. [784]

Even now, there are still a few Never-Trump Republicans: "George W. Bush sends cash to GOP impeachment voters facing challengers." [785]

Look what's next: "First HIV vaccines administered in Moderna clinical trial." [786]

Fauci knew lab origin from the beginning, [787] paid $50 million for natural origin fake science. [788]

Liberal censorship spreads: "Spirit Airlines Forces Passenger to Remove ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Mask." [789]

Romanian TVee reports: YouTube censoring live streams of massive Canadian Freedom Convoy. [790] Facebook bans Trucker Convoy Groups. [791]

Left Eats Left: Democratic National Committee (DNC) and White House Dysfunction Blows up Right Before Critical 2022 Midterm Elections.[792]. The White House is upset with DNC chair Jaime Harrison for not traveling to meet with donors or being at DNC headquarters, but rather staying in South Carolina.

Not only are Democrats divided and less popular with the public, but the DNC chair is lazy and too fearful of Covid-19 to travel or work at the office. There is going to be a red wave in 2022.

One America News Network (OAN) is cancelled. AT&T Dropping OAN.[793] Boycott ATT.

Wayne Allen Root: The COVID-19 storyline is the greatest scam in world history. [794]

#Release the transcript! CNN in meltdown mode over Biden-Ukraine phone call fiasco. [795] Zelensky: Biden warmongering cost Ukraine $500 million. [796]

"We really had peace through strength, as Ronald Reagan would say," Trump declared about his administration to thousands applauding in Texas.
Trump's speech: top priority is "ensuring free, fair, and honest elections ... the 2020 election was rigged ... I assume we won the state" of Pennsylvania, now that its court ruled its mailed-in voting unconstitutional. "The election was a fraud," Trump observes.
"The press is the enemy of the people," Trump said to the roar of the crowd.
"We will give them pardons ... and treat them fairly," Trump says about the peaceful J6 Capitol protesters.

NATO backs off its Russophobic warmongering. Stoltenberg: NATO has "no confidence" Russia will invade. [797]

War hype by Dems as they try to distract from Biden's failures is hurting Ukraine economy, and its president says Biden's assessment is incorrect. [798] Zelensky to Biden: Tone down the warmongering. [799] Ukraine govt furious with CNN spewing CIA fake news. [800]

Tax the unvaxxed - Quebec effectively ends “universal healthcare”. [801]

Biden plotting boots-on-the-ground for his insane Ukraine war fantasy? [802]

FBI raids Center for COVID Control, [803] a nationwide organization with 300 testing sites.

"George Soros Donates $125 Million to Democrats Before November Midterms," but no amount of money can make Americans support Biden. [804]

Pennsylvania court strikes down its mail-in voting system (Act 77) as unconstitutional, which was how Biden "won" that state. [805]

Justin Trudeau calls vaccine mandate protests "unacceptable views;" [806] government mandated vaccines for truckers creates a supply chain crisis.

Most of the polls now favor Donald Trump over Joe Biden for the 2024 U.S. presidential election.[807] And high inflation is a very tough nut for presidents to crack - especially within 3 years. Biden has terrible policies as far as effectively fighting inflation.[808]

And after the 2022 midterms, Joe Biden is probably going to face a Republican controlled U.S. Congress and possibly a U.S. Senate in terms of trying to get legislation passed.[809] On top of this there will be Congressional investigations and calls for impeachment.[810] Joe Biden is toast.

Liberal double standard: the 900-pound electric car batteries have no environmentally safe disposal as they wear out, yet California law requires their future use. [811]

Hidden by the lamestream media: Biden's recent bizarre vulgarity at a reporter is a symptom of dementia. [812]

Setback for vaccine tyrants: "Marvel Actress Evangeline Lilly Attended D.C. Anti-Vax Protest," and Leftists are aghast! [813]

Fauci's failed liberal scientism runs amok: he wants 3-shot Covid vaccine approved for kids under 5 years old. [814]

Cop killer is an illegal alien. [815]

Ukraine said at a meeting with Russia, Germany, and France that Biden is lying about a Russian imminent invasion. [816]. The meeting was conducted without the United States being involved.

Recent research by the scholars at the Center for the Study of Global Christianity indicates that Christianity is growing over 500% faster that atheism in the world and that the world is becoming more religious.[817] See also: Desecularization

The research also reveals that Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and unaffiliated Christians “are lagging globally”, while the Protestants and evangelicals are growing. See also: Growth of evangelical Christianity

Justice Stephen Breyer to retire. [818] The move highlights how scared Dems are of losing the Senate. Report: Breyer given the bum's rush out the door. [819]
Ketanji Brown Jackson is expected to be nominated to fill the vacancy.

Did American drug companies preferentially deliver lethal batches of coronavirus vaccine to red States? And are they still doing it? Astonishing evidence from a new site that lets you look up the lot number of any vaccine and read off expiration date – and lethality. Better reporting from red States? A cruel decision to experiment on populations to determine the lethal dose? Or a deliberate attempt at genocide against "rural rubes"? You decide. [820]

BREAKING: OSHA withdraws its coronavirus vaccine rule, this after the Supreme Court of the United States stays the rule. This is only a strategic retreat; OSHA threatens to come back through its regular rule-making process. [821]

Ukraine blasts Biden for urging Americans to leave: 'Americans are safer in Kyiv than in L.A..' [822]

Russia’s Red Line. [823] Ukraine amassing troops on Donbas border. [824]

Turncoat against Trump, snarky Tom Brady's little bloody lip, for which he insisted the ref penalize his opponent but instead was rightly penalized himself, attracts ridicule on Twitter. [825]

Biden family has pocketed $31 million from Chinese intelligence since 2012.[1]

10 times "experts" lied about covid. [826]

Leftist War on Cops continues, second officer dies in Harlem ambush. [827]

Joe Biden did more than call a reporter an unprintable name yesterday. He also actually said inflation was an asset and we should have more of it! Did he really mean that? You decide. [828]

Hot mic? White House makes Biden cussing out reporter part of permanent presidential records. [829]

Russiagate update: DNC hot shot attorney who paid for the bogus Steele dossier has given grand jury testimony. [830]

Escaped infected CDC lab monkeys posed public health risk. [831]

Moderna stock falling faster than vaccine effectiveness. [832]

NY trial court knocks down mask mandate. [833] Democrats' War on Science suffers major setback.

While ignoring Southern border, Biden regime puts U.S. troops on high alert to defend Ukraine border. [834]

Psaki touts success of defunding police. [835]

Bloody-lipped crybaby who criticized Trump over election fraud issue: Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady was so abusive to a ref after getting a mere bloody lip that the ref slapped him with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in his loss yesterday. [836]

Gingrich says J6 Inquisitors could be jailed after GOP retakes House later this year. [837] For details: see [838]

Pot calls kettle black. [839] Time for the 25th Amendment?

Graduation from public high school declines in many states, [840] as students lose motivation to regurgitate the liberal claptrap. Studying the Bible is more rewarding.

Another setback for Never-Trumpers: neocon Liz Cheney (WY) routed 59-6 in key straw poll. [841]

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) draws censure from her State Party for voting to sustain the filibuster and also the rule of law. But this vote does nothing except to show what tyrants the Democrats really are. [842]

Switch, Sen. Sinema, to the GOP side to join the new majority.

Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines. [843] Was there foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election to install Joe Biden as socialist premier?

World Bank pushes bug eating for Western world. [844] Call it transformational change.

Black athletes greeted with "N" word at Beijing Olympics. [845]

Court blocks Biden vaccine mandate for federal workers. [846]

More Democrats sowing seeds of violent insurrection by implying the 2022 midterms will be rigged. [847]

Politico: Knives out for Ron Klain. [848] Klain was at Fauci's side when Fauci promised President Trump would face a pandemic nine days before President Trump was sworn in. [849]

FBI ransacking home of Democrat congressman who dared to criticize Biden open border policy. [850]

Biden regime, MSM suddenly concerned about borders. [851] Kamala Harris' meltdown on NBC Today Show. [852]

House's Spanish Inquisition intrudes on the privacy of Trump's daughter Ivanka, in the latest outrage by the Never-Trumper J6 Committee. [853]

Biden says the midterm election will be illegitimate if his voter fraud bills don't pass! Jen Psaki then tries to say he didn't mean it. [854]

Unemployment takes a jump. [855]

FBI/Patriot Front false flag operation leaks video. [856]

Biden bombs in 2 1/2 hour press conference; no questions on inflation, crime, rising murder rate etc. or the things that really matter. [857] Tim Pool: Calls to remove Biden after insane press conference. [858] #25thAmendment trends on Twitter.

Jordan Peterson resigns tenured professorship because "the appalling ideology of diversity, inclusion and equity is demolishing education and business." [859]

Biden stands by his vilification of election integrity proponents to promote his voter fraud bill.

UK drops all totalitarian vaccine passport and mask mandates. [860]

SCOTUS debunks NPR fake news. [861]

Biden halted terror-vetting procedures which would have stopped anti-Semitic terrorist Malik Faisal Akram from entering the U.S. [862]

Christian players are increasingly excluded by liberal-captured pro sports, so why are any Christians watching the fake championships? Even Newsweek questions the implications of banning Greatest Conservative Sports Star tennis player Djokovic. [863]

Asian-Americans Are Abandoning the Democrats in droves. [864] First it was Black males, then it was Latinos and now this! Oh Democrats, feel the sting!

Joe Biden blurts the quiet part out loud: it's about who gets to count the vote! Shades of Josef Stalin, who said the same. [865]

Two years into the pandemic, CDC admits mask mandates were always political theatre. [866]

Reliable Gallup Poll confirms massive shift in 2021: from 9-point Dem edge a year ago to a 5-point GOP advantage lead now. [867]

Is the COVID vaccine a death lottery? Two different sources allege that preparations, causing varying degrees of therapeutic misadventure, are distributed by lot. [868]

Leftist nearly open border in Britain enabled its immigrant Malik Faisal Akram to terrorize in America.

Joe Biden's racist first year. [869]

Liberal logic: Dem "Governors Using Federal Coronavirus Funds to Fight ‘Climate Change.’" [870]

Setback for COVID tyrants: Within hours after his inauguration, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin rescinds its statewide mask mandate for public school students and rescinds its state employee vaccine mandate. [871]

Crossborder trucker vaccine mandates take effect this week; get ready for the government-induced supply chain crisis. [872]

Trump's speech: "Stalinist show trial ... it's a disgrace to our country" where witnesses say they "have never been treated so horribly in my life" by the J6 Capitol protests House committee, which is perpetrating an "unprecedented assault on civil liberties ... blatant abuse of power to harass their political opponents ... it's never happened to this extent."
Tens of thousands attend in the cold, applauding often and particularly at his promise to keep men out of women's sports.
Referring to the election, Trump said we "can't let them [the Dems] get away with it."

In Texas it's Greg Abbott v. Allen West and a gaggle of noisemakers, including someone trying to capitalize on another person's famous Donald Trump associated name. That person, and all the other noisemakers, need to get out of the race. Now. [873]

GWP: Sen. Roger Marshall releases documents that prove Anthony Fauci lied about his previously unpublished income. [874]

Thousands gather early for Trump's massive rally in Arizona tonight: "Many topics will be discussed including the Rigged Presidential Election of 2020, the fake Big Lie, the corrupt LameStream Media, the Afghanistan disaster, Inflation, the sudden lack of respect for our Nation and its leaders ...." [875]

Luke Robinson, who allegedly carried a gun and earpiece at the Capitol on J6, confronted in Arizona. [876][877][878]

Man-hating movie flops at the box office: The 355 had a production budget estimated to be as high as $75M, yet its opening week audience was tiny. "Why does Hollywood believe man-hating will sell?" [879]

"Nearly 4-in-10 Illegal Aliens Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine as Americans Hit with Mandates." [880]

Ominous parallels between Nazi Antisemitism and the vilification of the unvaccinated today. [881]

Another Never-Trumper quits Congress as the 3rd to retire early after voting to impeach Trump: Rep. John Katko (R-NY). [882]

Setback for Fauci's biased scientism: not even those who agree with him on SCOTUS cited him, not even once, as the Court ruled mostly against Biden on Covid.

Fully vaccinated hospitalized exceed unvaccinated in Australia. [883]

Fauci lied, people died. [884] Fauci not only funded the virus' construction, Fauci has been lying about it since day one.

The bill of attainder committee "investigating" the Capitol riot now has to defend Ray Epps from the obvious charge: that he was an agent provocateur working for, or on loan to, the FBI. Their defense of him looks more like an admission of his guilt. [885]

PBS Frontline: Facial recognition identifies Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as men. [886]

Democrats use Jim Crow filibuster to protect Kremlin. [887]

Biden calls half the country a bunch of racist bigots. [888]

Not woke enough? Snubs at SAG Awards for many Hollywood favorites, including an acclaimed portrayal of Princess Diana. [889] See Worst Liberal Snubs.

Politico admits disillusionment: "I’ve never felt more alienated from the liberal Democratic circles I usually call home," as public schools closed over Covid. [890]

An opportunity to bring younger voters into the conservative orbit.[891]

Progressives, currently lacking in both a coherent vision and fit leadership, have spent their first year with control of Congress and the presidency unable to foist their “FDR-style” policy agenda upon Americans, thanks to the mulish Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. Even with power, they’re floundering.

The Chinese Communist Party Is Scared of Christianity.[892] See also: Growth of evangelical Christianity in irreligious regions and China and atheism and Atheism and anxiety and Atheism and cowardice

In atheist-controlled mainland China, Christianity is seeing explosive growth.

Is Christianity shrinking or geographically shifting?[893] Findings from The World Christian Encyclopedia, 3rd edition by Dr. Todd M. Johnson and Gina A. Zurlo. The percentage of the world that is Christian has changed very little over the last 120 years.

Biden falsely implies to black students that he was arrested during civil rights protests. "It seems like yesterday," the delusional Biden proclaims. [894]

December 6, 2021 to January 11, 2022

Pentagon IG Report confirms: coronavirus was created in Wuhan and funded by Fauci. [895] Fauci tried to get around Obama's ban on gain-of-function by farming it out to China.
Scientism at its worst, Fauci's mic picks up his calling a senator a "moron" and swearing "Jesus Christ." [896]

Liberal Party "Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thought he could score a quick win by deporting" Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic. Instead, vaccine tyrant Morrison got humiliated — "again". [897]
Update: vaccine tyrants deport Djokovic anyway!

Allen West takes the lead in the Texas Republican primary in the Governor's race. Statesmanship and leadership both abhor a vacuum. [898] West's campaign slogan is “Defending the Texas Republic.”

Dissension is growing in the ranks! CDC Director Rochelle Walensky disputes Justice Sonia Sotomayor's figures on child hospitalizations for COVID. [899]

Biden buddy arrested in Kazak coup attempt. [900] Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. [901]

Hollywood's Golden Globes annual awards became so flawed that even the liberal media refused to televise it, and winners refused to acknowledge it. [902]

How pathetic: Liberal media trots out an obscure GOP Senator from South Dakota, not up for reelection until 2026, to claim that Biden fairly won the election. [903] Yet disbelief that Americans elected the mentally sick Biden to be president grows.

Setback for vaccine tyrants: "Majority of Antarctica Station Researchers Get COVID Despite Being Fully Vaccinated, Passing Multiple Tests, Quarantining, and Living Miles From Civilization." [904]

Iran threatens terror attacks in the United States [905] as Biden regime begs them for a nuke deal. [906] Iran recruiting 'Trump Resistance' for terrorism. [907] Gee whiz, how do suppose teams of terrorists got into the United States, what with Biden's open borders and all?

Biden Leans Forward and Does the Creepy Whisper Thing at Harry Reid’s Funeral – Then Starts Shouting"! [908]

Compendium of evidence that the January 6 event was a false-flag pseudo-operation. Identified: Ray Epps, Scaffold Commander, and other operatives. [909][910]

Here comes vaccine booster #4: "Moderna CEO Says Fourth Booster Shot Needed, Booster Efficacy Drops Over Time."[911]

Conservative populism advances, to the dismay of vaccine tyrants: pro-Trump Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has reportedly decided to run for reelection. [912]

Sotomayor and Breyer JJ embarrass themselves and the Court with their demonstrably false and misleading coronavirus vaccine statements. And even if true, that shouldn't matter. The law is the law. [913]

VAERS -- which shows deaths after the COVID vaccine more than double compared with all other vaccines since 1990 combined -- was never mentioned during 3.5 hours of argument in the vaccine mandate cases.

SCOTUS likely to block Biden employer vaccine mandate affecting 84M workers, while allowing Medicare vaccine mandate affecting 10M health care workers, based on questions asked by justices during 3.5-hour arguments today.

Biden lied. People died. [914]

Is MSNBC racist? MSNBC racist loudmouth Joy Reid set to lose primetime slot. [915]

Dems give neocon and Never-Trumper former GOP VP Dick Cheney a hero's welcome on Capitol Hill!

Political prisoner "QAnon Shama" blames liberal media and observes that he's no longer in solitary confinement in the DC Gulag, though still jailed for years without ever receiving a trial. [916]

Biden falsely claims J6 insurrection hoax was an "armed insurrection." [917]

Who is Ray Epps? [918]

We remember: Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland, unarmed yet shot and beaten to death during the rally in DC on Jan. 6 Dozens of peaceful protesters remain in the DC Gulag under tyranny by its Anti-Trump warden.

Leftist tyrants who have taken over Australia under the pretext of coronavirus detain Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic at the Melbourne airport, for not being vaccinated. [919]

Covid vaccine tyranny hits a new low: Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees for not submitting to the jab. [920]

Setback for global warming hoax: horrific frozen stranding of drivers for 24 hours on I-95, south of Washington, D.C. [921] Kamala claims "America is moving" again. [922]

Democrats May Lose 80 SEATS as More Democrats Switch Political Parties.[923]

"Spielberg’s ‘Woke Side Story’ Is a Bigger Flop than ‘Cats’." [924]

Joe Biden’s Tax Hike Will Hurt Middle-class Americans.[925]

Trump endorses conservative foreign leaders in tight elections! He just endorsed Viktor Orbán of Hungary, whom liberals dislike because he does not pander to the homosexual agenda. [926]

Commemorating the J6 Capitol protests: Leftist Politico laments how Trump has since grown stronger, while his GOP critics of that day have gone silent and faded away. [927]

Marjorie Taylor Greene permanently suspended from Twitter for tweeting statistics from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
"Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth," Greene observes. [928]

First the Omicron variant, then the death of Bishop Tutu, now the South African Parliament is on fire. [929] Globalist attack on democracy continues. The communists never rebuilt the Reichstag even after the defeat of Nazi Germany.

The left is already looking to 2024. Some want to see a Joe Biden primary challenge.[930]

Corbin Trent, co-founder of the progressive No Excuses PAC and former communications director for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) says Joe Biden will "probably get demolished in the midterms". See: Red wave

The Hill: Joe Biden faces a series of minefields in 2022.[931]

3 Questions: Judging from Joe Biden's low approval number of 43%, doesn't it appear as if Joe Biden will have to crawl through the series of minefields in 2022 rather than walk? Hasn't his political legs already been blown off? How will Joe Biden raise his approval number to 50% before the 2022 midterms while crawling through a series of minefields?

The left/liberal leaning New York Times publishes the opinion piece: Why wokeness will fail?[932] The Irish Times publishes the article Wokeness is dying, another victim of the pandemic.[933]

First Glenn Youngkin get elected in Virginia and now this!

Is wokeness dying another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic?

Leftwing fascist Quebec bans dog walking after 10pm to fight covid. [934] Evidentally dogs pooping in the house is necessary to protect public health.

Australia to compensate 79,000 survivors of adverse covid vaccine mandates. [935]

Left leaning MSNBC: Justice Stephen Breyer resisting retirement depresses Democrats and excites the GOP.[936] The Oxford University and Harvard University educated patrician Breyer will not bend the knee to the Democrat masses - just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not bend the knee.

This year the GOP will retake the House, as the nonpartisan, widely respected Cook Report analyzes redistricting and finds more Dem toss-up districts than Republican ones. [937]

Happy New Year's!!!!!

More harm caused by global warming hucksters: half of domestic Teslas are being recalled due to safety issues with overhyped, overpriced electric cars. [938]

What Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) actually said about a national divorce, and why one part of her proposal would be inadvisable. [939]

Record-breaking violent crime in at least 12 major cities for 2021, due to Leftist policies promoted by the liberal media. [940]

Fauci's scientism sets new world record: "489,267 COVID cases in 24 hours" in U.S. [941]

Media did more to erode trust than to repair it in 2021. [942] Video highlighta Omicron gloom and doom panic. [943]

What the Future Holds In Post-COVID World with Peter Zeihan, Strategist, Thinker, Futurist, Speaker.[944] China and the Chinese Communist Party are toast in 10 years. See also: Future of atheism in China

Covid claptrap exaggerated the percentage of new cases due to the omicron variant, which is actually less than falsely reported. [945] That way the vaccine tyrants avoided admitting the failure of the vaccine approach to stop the original virus.

Clinton groupie Ghislaine Maxwell guilty. [946]

Puppet for Leftism former Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid passes away, best known for his racist remarks about Clarence Thomas, Barack Obama and nasty comments toward George W. Bush and others. His greatest impact may have been to harm his own Mormon Church with the liberal agenda of San Francisco values.

Setback for liberal claptrap: college enrollment drops 8%, while some increasingly costly graduate degrees do not improve job prospects. [947]

Vaccinated airline workers caught Covid-19 and then must be quarantined for 10 days per CDC rules, stranding passengers amid flight cancellations. [948] Too bad Never-Trumpers disparaged inexpensive hydroxychloroquine.

Communist China defends Biden from "Let's Go Brandon," but Biden declared he agrees with the phrase. [949]

"Four Young Soccer Stars from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks," yet Biden demands Covid vaccine mandate. [950]

A comprehensive guide to coronavirus spike protein detoxification and post-vaccine care. From credible alternative-medical sources, with the research papers to back them up. [951]

Bodycam footage of arrest of lead FBI agent in Whitmer kidnapping entrapment scheme. [952] He was a rabid anti-Trumpper.

Christmas is the light of Christ when darkness envelops, since AD 336.

Joe Biden – a year in review by a former member of New York's Fire Department of New York. [953]

How to tell when Democrats have gone insane. [954]

More COVID and vaccine lies, including this bust-up: a Harris County, Texas man did not die of the Omicron variant! Also: a link to a site with life-saving information about how to detoxify from COVID or the vaccine. [955]

New documents reveal: Fauci tried to shut down free speech and scientific debate in covid coverup. [956]

Breaking: SCOTUS to take up Biden's fascist vaccine mandate Jan 7; [957] Trump to hold presser Jan 6 on anniversary of Deep State false flag attack on Capitol. [958]

Revolver News: Damning new details emerge exposing massive web of unindicted operators at the heart of January 6. [959] Short video synopsis. [960]

Fauci named in complaint filed with the International Criminal Court alleging violations of the Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity. [961]

Newsweek: How Dr. Fauci and Other Officials Withheld Information on China's Coronavirus Experiments. [962] "The resistance among Dr. Fauci and other NIH officials to be forthcoming with information that could inform the debate over the origins of COVID-19 illustrates the old Watergate-era saw that the coverup is often worse than the crime."

"beyond demoralizing, it’s insulting" - Politico reports Biden aides fume at treatment over the holidays. [963]

Boston and Chicago institute fascist covid passport requirements. [964]

A peak inside the Democrat playbook: In January, now that Build Back Better went down in smoke and flames, Dems plan to bring back pro-voter fraud legislation. When that fails, back to ending the filibuster. [965] IOWs, more of the Race Card.

NFL coach who betrayed Tim Tebow by cutting him without a fair tryout gets poetic justice: 2-12 season, one of the quickest ever to be fired, and more media stories about alleged misconduct by the coach. [966]

Biden deploys military [967] in preparation for his Winter of Death. [968]

31% say Biden represents their views. [969]

Fauci wants to move goal posts again on "fully vaccinated" to comply with Democrat fascist mandates. [970]

Psaki drilled on Hunter Biden conflict of interest. [971]

Please see our new resource: Conservapedia:Atheism articles statistics

Would you like to know how many page views the typical article on atheism at Conservapedia receives? Conservapedia has compiled some statistics.

For a more humorous presentation of Conservapedia atheism articles statistics, please see: The Conservapedia atheism article is currently receiving about 11,110 page views a month. And it is merely one of the 1,900+ atheism related articles at Conservapedia.

Liberal media melts down as Joe Manchin kills Joe Biden's Build Back Better bill.[972]

Please read: Why the future of Christianity in the USA is bright

A new very large survey reveals that the share of Americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated has declined slightly. One of the biggest takeaways from the survey is that “the Rise of the ‘Nones’” has slowed.[973]

On July 24, 2019, Eric Kaufmann wrote in an article entitled Why Is Secularization Likely to Stall in America by 2050? A Response to Laurie DeRose: "Overall, the picture suggests that the U.S. will continue to secularize in the coming decades. However, a combination of religious immigration, immigrant religious retention, slowing religious decline due to a rising prevalence of believers among the affiliated, and higher native religious birth rates will result in a plateauing of secularizing trends by mid-century." [974]

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for the Democrats: Hillary Clinton 2024? Given the competition, she may be the Dems' best hope.[975][976]

Liberal-leaning USA Today: Can he recover? Joe Biden faces new perils over Joe Manchin and rise of COVID-19.[977]

Biden will not recover. There will be a red wave in the 2022 midterm elections. Another case of Conservapedia proven right?


Joe Biden hides in his bunny hole after his Build Back Better bill goes up in flames.[978]

Biden did not engage with reporters shouting questions about the death of his Build Back Better bill or Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) declaration that he would not vote for it.

Biden tried so hard to be a transformative Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson with his huge bill which reached biblical proportions in terms of the size of its spending, but he is going to be another Jimmy Carter.[979][980]

Texas starts building its own border wall by filling in the gaps Joe Biden left in Donald Trump's border wall project in Texas. But Governor Greg Abbott still bears close watching. [981]

It's official: John Durham is investigating the Clinton Campaign. [982] Is Hillary running again? [983]

Please read: The future of secular leftism is bleak

My fellow Christian conservatives, it is truly a glorious time to be a Christian conservative! Is it not?

Liberal-promoted movies are a bust at the box office, as Spielberg's Woke West Side Story plummets further after its disastrous opening, and Nightmare Alley has nightmarish returns. [984] Meanwhile, conservative Spider-Man is a runaway blockbuster.

Vaccine huckster Bill Gates wants more liberal censorship by government. [985]

Breaking: Kamala Harris claims Joe Biden is the real president in interview with Charlemagne Tha God. [986] Charlemagne is the same radio host Biden made the racist comment to, "If you don't vote for me, you ain't Black."

More proof that conservatism is the future, as young voters disapprove of Biden the most. "Just 29 percent of adults under the age of 30 approve of Biden’s job performance, while half disapprove," which is Biden's worst rating by any age group. [987]

"Biden Scores Highest Youth Approval of Any President in Decades", U.S. News and World Report, April 23, 2021[988]

"You're riding high in April, shot down in May." - Frank Sinatra.

A German attorney warns: justice in the COVID affair will come only when the people demand it. Hint: the original Nuremberg trials didn't try all the correct defendants. [989]

The Texas Heartbeat Act still stands, and opponents may sue only Texas licensing officials. But this will be of no moment until Texas pro-life activists step up and put something in place to enforce this law. [990]

71 arrested in Build Back Better riot on Capitol Hill. [991]

When will you be fully vaccinated? Never! Boosters forever. That is, and always has been, the plan. [992]

Woke retailers who supported BLM & Defund the Police ask Congress for bailout from smash-and-grab robberies. [993]

Two-thirds of Americans don't trust Biden. [994]

UN passes resolution condemning Nazism, neo-Nazism and all forms of racism. Biden regime and Ukraine are the only members to vote against it. [995]

France shuts down 21 mosques and raids 99 others. Samuel P. Huntington's thesis on the The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order keeps getting vindicated as far as Muslim immigration. Emmanuel Macron has an ineffective policy against radical Islam.[996]

See also: Militant atheism vs. Christianity, Islam and right-wing ideology

More proof against the coronavirus vaccine preprations. The J&J vaccine is downgraded, and the Pfizer vaccine compromises innate and adaptive immunity. [997]

Who said: "It's not about who votes, it's who counts the votes? (a) Joseph Stalin [998] (b) Joe Biden [999] (c) both.

Italy: after mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire. [1,000]

Project Veritas: More allegations of pedophilia against second CNN producer in the same week. [1,001] ICYMI: Tucker Carlson from last night. [1,002]

More on Lara Logan's comparison of Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele and why it is particularly apt. [1,003] Holocaust survivor supports notion Fauci worse than Mengele. [1,004]

Confirmed: Adam Schiff presented doctored texts between Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan to J6 Committee. [1,005]

California public school teachers grooming children into transgenderism, report parents to Child Protective Services for not using pronouns. [1,006]

Politico: Biden-successor chatter grows. [1,007]

The FDA and USPS are seizing imports of Ivermectin that United States citizens are willing to pay for themselves. [1,008]

Jake Sullivan, under investigation in the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax by the DOJ, wife is legal counsel to Biden DOJ boss Merrick Garland. [1,009]

Please read our expanded article Edits to blocked editor accounts ratio at a wiki.

Japan's health ministry refuses to mandate the covid-19 vaccine and urges private businesses not to do it themselves. [1,010]

Inflation up 9.6% (not quite 1% a month yet, but it's getting there). [1,011]

The Supreme Court of the United States Hears Oral Arguments On Religious Discrimination Regarding School Choice.[1,012]

UK: Fully vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 covid-19 deaths over the past 4 months; [1,013] first cache of “secret” Pfizer docs show FDA knew of death risk. [1,014]

Wayne Allyn Root: If the vaccine is so great, why are so many people dropping dead? [1,015]

Breaking: German covid gestapo arrest Santa Clause for not wearing a mask. [1,016]

The liberal-leaning The Atlantic admits that "Democrats are losing the culture wars".[1,017]

Democrats worry their grip on Hispanic vote is loosening.[1,018]

Antony Flew’s intellectual journey from atheism to theism represents the tip of a larger iceberg. Science is pushing atheism/materialism into a corner.[1,019]

Joe Biden continues to get poor ratings from the American people on his presidency, prompting the president to blame misinformation and coronavirus anxiety.[1,020] Great leaders take the blame when things don’t go well. This is yet another sign that Joe Biden lacks leadership qualities.

Senior Democrats exit as the GOP is confident of a takeover of Congress.[1,021] Joe Biden's sagging approval ratings have raised alarm bells for his party.[1,022] Also, the ongoing redistricting process will change congressional maps next fall.[1,023]

Persistent inflation seriously threatens the Democrats’ chances of controlling Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.[1,024] Minorities and women are leading the expected red wave in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections.[1,025]

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, announced that it is time to ‘retire’ the label ‘transitory’ to describe current inflationary trends. If Powell is correct, history tells us the Democrats will be in big trouble in the 2022 midterm elections.

Long-term China-watcher Roger Garside predicts that the West will get tougher on China and this will cause China's Xi Jinping to be removed from office.[1,026] Will China transition from a totalitarian dictatorship to a democracy? If Donald Trump is reelected in 2024, will he get tougher on China?

Is the Chinese economy headed for an impending crash in the coming months that will take it decades to recover?[1,027] Is China's economic model broken? [1,028]

If the Chinese economy crashes, what will this do to the Chinese Communist Party and China's state atheism? See: Future of atheism in China and East Asia and global desecularization and Growth of global desecularization

CNN re-arranging the deck chairs: Fredo out, Chris Wallace in. [1,029]

Setback for liberal claptrap: politically correct, Hollywood-acclaimed $100M remake of West Side Story crashes at the box office, and fares even worse among European and Latin American audiences. [1,030]

The globalist elite use alleged population over-growth as an excuse to fight their war against the rest of us. Look at all the movements designed to make people less fertile. [1,031]

The twisted incentive system that fosters overreporting of coronavirus and abrogation of patient's rights. Not to mention higher mortality. [1,032]

CNN producer arrested by feds for trying to lure 9-year-old for sexual activity. [1,033] The perv used to work for Fredo.

Biden inflation wipes out 40 years of economic recovery. [1,034]

The new 2020 Census of American Religion from the Public Religion Research Institute is out and it shows "that the steady rise in the percentage of Americans who have no religious identification (nones) has slowed and even reversed." Also, among white Christians, mainline Protestants have reversed a long-standing decline in membership and have now surged past Evangelical Protestants.[1,035] Latinos are the fastest growing segment of American evangelicals.[1,036]

If the "nones" are slowing/plateauing/decreasing in the USA, is atheism/agnosticism also slowing/plateauing/decreasing in the USA? See: Decline of the atheist movement and United States, irreligion vs. religion and demographics and American atheism

Will Islam survive Islamism?[1,037]

How Anthony Fauci did it and who helped him, all in Robert F. Kennedy Jr's latest book. [1,038]

U.S. productivity dropped 5.2% July - Sept, largest drop in 61 years. [1,039]

Jussie Smollett guilty in hate crime hoax; compatriots Kamala Harris and Don Lemon yet to make statements. [1,040]

What the militia in America desperately needs is a unified command structure – and an overall commander. But Barack Obama sacked a large number of generals and admirals. Any one of them would qualify. [1,041]

Senate rebukes and rejects Biden's employer vaccine mandate, by a 52-48 vote that included two Dems. [1,042]

Some Democrats doubt whether Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can pass the $1.9 trillion reconciliation package before Christmas. Delay of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill past Christmas will likely impact the 2022 midterms. The longer the package remains bogged down in Congress, the harder it will be for Schumer to pass the measure in a campaign year.[1,043]

Conservatives are aggressively building their own apps, phones, cryptocurrencies and publishing houses in an attempt to circumvent what they see as an increasingly liberal internet and media ecosystem.[1,044]

Republicans Are Going To Help Democrats Draft Your Daughters Unless You Raise Cain.[1,045]

Phyllis Schlafly is vindicated again! She warned that feminism could lead to women being drafted into the military.[1,046] See also: Equal Rights Amendment

The Diminishing Path to Growth: Can Xi Jinping Avoid Crisis during China's Economic Transition?[1,047] Besides the Evergrande real estate crisis, the Chinese government now faces a $2 Trillion Railway Debt Bubble.[1,048][1,049]

The Soviet Union, which like China has state atheism and communism, started to have economic problems in the 1970s and by 1989 the Soviet Union collapsed. See: Future of atheism in China and Collapse of atheism in the former Soviet Union

Transgender Ideology Is Riddled With Contradictions. Here Are the Big Ones.[1,050]

November to December 5, 2021

Next Step for the Parents’ Movement: Curriculum Transparency.[1,051]

Cook Political Report Has More Good News for Republicans, Bad for Democrats.[1,052]

Devin Nunes to leave Congress and become CEO of Trump’s media company. [1,053]

The Genealogy of Woke Capital and Corporations.[1,054]

Democrats Realize They've Got No Out for a 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections slaughter.[1,055] Why overturning Roe vs. Wade may not save Democrats in 2022. “If anything, Republicans rally around abortion-based issues way more than Dems.” - Democratic strategist.[1,056]

The accountability train comes for us all in the end, and it has mowed down the Cuomo brothers with a delicious savagery.[1,057] As the Babylon Bee put it: “Unemployment Rate Among Cuomo Brothers Rises to 100%.” The schadenfreude is irresistible. Once again, character is destiny.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) blasted for attempting to downplay the smash-and-grab crimewave that has been destroying retail outlets in recent months.[1,058]

Dem VP is a "bully" who fails to do prep work, explains former staffer to Kamala Harris. [1,059]

Another setback for liberal media: "CNN Fires Chris Cuomo" as "additional information has come to light," without disclosing all that it found. [1,060]

British media reveal what American liberal media hide: the 15-year-old Michigan shooter's "biggest hobby was video games." [1,061]

Setback for globalists: "It Is Time to Talk Ireland Leaving the European Union," announces Irish star Conor McGregor. [1,062] Last one out of the EU, please turn out the lights!

Why the comparison of Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele is apt. Among other things, Lara Logan was quoting other people who had made the comparison to her. To say nothing of Dr. Fauci's public and covert acts. [1,063]

Study꞉ 56% of White Liberal Women Have a Mental Disorder.[1,064]

The cultural civil war has taken real casualties now. The Milwaukee County DA is as much to blame as is Darrell Brooks. [1,065]

The FDA released damaging information on the COVID vaccines under court order, after a judge in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit denied their motion to seal the data for 55 years. Those data show that the vaccine does more harm than good, and the FDA knew it. Furthermore, the disease itself causes almost no harm to children. [1,066]

Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Just Because Roe vs. Wade is Precedent Doesn’t Mean it Can’t be Overturned. [1,067] The Democrats shouldn't have been so lawless during the Kavanaugh hearings insurrection as he is now a key swing vote in the Mississippi anti-abortion law case before SCOTUS.

The liberal-leaning website published an article entitled It sure sounds like Roe v. Wade is doomed which states: "It now appears more likely than not that the Court will either explicitly overrule Roe or eliminate it in a more backhanded way. Either of these outcomes would mean the end of the constitutional right to an abortion."[1,068]

If a Democrat president isn't elected in 2024, which increasingly looks likely, Donald Trump might be able to replace the liberal Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) justice Stephen Breyer (who is 83 years old) with a conservative justice. The SCOTUS would then have 7 politically right-leaning justices.

Dictatorship by Fauci's failed scientism continues: “I’ve seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife. ... Who’s President? Fauci!” Biden exclaims. [1,069]

Conservapedia proven right, and we wish we weren't: Michigan 15-year old school shooter grew up playing violent video games including Call of Duty, and often wore all black. [1,070]

More Kamala staffers have had enough, head for the exits, [1,071] including Symone Sanders, who got beat out for White House Press Secretary by Jen Psaki's white privilege. [1,072]]

Chuck Norris Visits Hungary's Viktor Orban![1,073]

Insurrectionists gather outside Supreme Court during abortion case hearing; [1,074] Democrats threaten revolution if Roe v. Wade overturned. [1,075]

Setback for liberal media: "CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely." [1,076] CNN is embarrassed by revelations of his active role advising on the Andrew Cuomo scandal.

NBC News producer admits on police bodycam they engaged in jury tampering and intimidation in the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense case. [1,077] NBC News crossed state lines to commit the act.

How propagandists like Al Sharpton deliberately drive a wedge between white and black, for their own purposes. [1,078]

Obviously Joe Biden has failed to keep his campaign promise to knock out the virus but not the country. Plus: the Waukesha Incident, Thanksgiving in Nantucket, etc. [1,079]

Another young mass murderer, only 15 years old, kills 3 and wounds 8 at a Michigan public school. [1,080] Our prayers go to the victims. Was the murderer another violent video game and/or marijuana addict?

CNN cans Antifa mouthpiece Chris Cuomo indefinitely. [1,081] Don Lemon's gay sexual assault trial starts next month. Who will replace CNN top anchors?

Majority of voters oppose Biden's Build Back Bolshevism. [1,082]

Federal judge halts Biden's tyrannical vaccine mandate of healthcare workers. [1,083]

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey bows out of Dem race for governor of Texas, after running afoul of the vaccine tyrants about COVID vaccination of children. Leftists don't tolerate independent thinking.

Racist Biden DOJ arrests Black actor and star of Broadway's Jesus Christ Superstar in January 6 peaceful protests. [1,084]

Adam Schiff outlines the Democrat's 2022 Midterm election strategy using the J6 panel. [1,085]

His policies are a complete failure, but Fauci lashes out by claiming he's "a scientist" (see scientism) and that his GOP critics are "going to be lying." The liberal media continues to pander to him with lollipop questions. [1,086]

Unelected Fauci tyranny adds the possibility of requiring COVID vaccination for air travel: "“Everything is on the table,” he responded today to that question. [1,087]

Fauci: Hero, Liar, or Sociopath? [1,088]

CNN: People don't kill parade marchers, cars do. [1,089]

Xenophobia: Racist Joe Biden bans people from Africa entering the U.S. [1,090]

Democrat crime spree continues in California. [1,091] Secutiry guard murdered. [1,092]

Trump unleashes against liberal media fiction in his post-Thanksgiving message: "I was the only President in decades to not get us into a war—I got us out of wars!" [1,093]

Two unarmed white women killed in peaceful J6 Capitol protest, Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. [1,094] Video shows Boyland beaten to death by DC Metro Police, [1,095] 10 months later police still refuse to release autopsy report. Did Merrick Garland lie to Congress about Boyland? [1,096]

Fauci tyrannizes again by having Biden prohibit travel with Africa. Then Biden senselessly promotes booster shots for the Fauci COVID vaccines that have not stopped the pandemic. [1,097]

Biden communist Comptroller of the Currency defeated in Senate. [1,098]

Liberal-leaning Newsweek admits that Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden in Key Swing States in 2024 Matchup According to a New Poll.[1,099]

"The former president's biggest lead came in Michigan, as polling showed him defeating Biden by 12 points among likely voters. In Wisconsin, another Midwest state, Trump was ahead of Biden by 10 points."

Whiny NBA liberal ejected a few days ago gets two fans, including a woman shown pouting, ejected from today's game! This is a new low for Overrated Sports Star LeBron James, but it was entertaining.[1,100]

Evidence! Take the coronavirus mRNA vaccine and more than double your risk of a heart attack! From the medical journal Circulation. Also: a British doctor cries "Murder!" on the medical establishment for this reason. [1,101]

Setback for vaccine tyrants: the Big 3 automakers announce that union workers need not take the COVID vaccine. [1,102] Job applications could flood them!

Star soccer player collapses unexpectedly during a game; liberal media cuts the broadcast when the announcer wonders if he had the COVID vaccine. [1,103]

BLM protester bail set at $5 million in Waukesha terror attack. Death toll rises as 8-year-old dies. [1,104]

White House doubles down on defamation of Rittenhouse. [1,105]

Biden/Democrat crime wave continues unabated in California. [1,106][1,107]

Black nationalist Darrell Brooks, the accused in the post-Rittenhouse verdict slaughter of 5 people, first court appearance Tuesday; Biden DOJ-CRS instructs Waukesha judiciary how they must engage/control media access where race is identified as the underlying motive for an attack. [1,108]

In the immediate aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, left-wing media radicalized Wisconsin lunatic who drove SUV through crowd of children. [1,109]

Cultural Marxist propaganda will be massive – Waukesha officials and feds hold press conference. [1,110] NBC News calls terror attack a "crash".

Sen. Marsha Blackburn demands explanation why YouTube de-monetized channel that exposed missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. Peng disappeared after accusing communist vice premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. [1,111]

As far as his massive social spending and global warming alarmist bill, Joe Biden faces tougher sell to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin as Coal hits 12-year high.[1,112]

Hollywood logic: "Reese Witherspoon: A World Where Kyle Rittenhouse Goes Free Isn’t ‘Safe for Any of Us.’" [1,113]

Feminist group sues California over transgender rights bill housing men in women's prisons, says increased risk of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, physical violence, STDs and fear of attacks constitute cruel and unusual punishment and violation of equal protection. [1,114]

It's already too late for future economy improvements to save Democrats in the 2022 midterms.[1,115]

"When people become conditioned to recession, unemployment, and inflation, it often takes a full two years for voters to notice it has fully ended. You could have the inflation rate fall to zero tomorrow, and people two years from now will still be complaining about inflation." - Brian Riedl, a budget expert at the Manhatten Institute.


"A Washington Post/ABC News poll last weekend showed Republicans in the strongest position on this measure in the poll’s four-decade history. On Thursday, a poll from Quinnipiac University of registered voters said 46 percent wanted G.O.P. control of the House, compared with 41 percent for Democrats." - New York Times, November 18, 2021

Democrats, abandon all hope. A gigantic big red wave of biblical proportions is heading towards the 2022 midterm elections.

Leftist British press falsely reported that Kyle Rittenhouse had "shot three black men," misled by American liberals who turn every issue into fake racism. [1,116]

Kyle’s Law Gains Steam ... To Protect Against Politically-Motivated Prosecutions Of Self-Defense.” [1,117]

De Blasio, [1,118] Cuomo, [1,119] Harris [1,120] fuel racial tensions after Rittenhouse verdict. [1,121] So does Jerry Nadler, who should know better than to propose an unconstitutional "review" of his case. [1,122]

Riot declared in Portland after Democrat leaders incite domestic terrorism in wake of Rittenhouse verdict. [1,123]

Bill Gates wants to punish all who disagree with him specifically about coronavirus vaccine or mask mandates. Who made him President? No one, of course. [1,124]

NOT GUILTY on all counts: jury rules for Kyle Rittenhouse. [1,125] Historic victory for self-defense.

Biden flips on his earlier statement, continues to spread racial animosity. [1,126]

Biden attempts to walk back his race baiting comments made in the closing days of the 2020 election, [1,127] no comment yet on the misuse of the judicial system for political prosecutions. [1,128]

Coronavirus has turned into an anti-liberty weapon. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivers the counterattack. [1,129] Governor Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) thinks he can fight coronavirus vaccine mandates while lending credence to the idea that the vaccine is safe and effective. When in fact the evidence shows that it is dangerous and countereffective. [1,130]

Biden drops to only 36% approval in ultra-reliable Quinnipiac polling, and most want GOP to retake House and Senate. [1,131]

The follies of Joey Biden continue – in Europe (especially Scotland), China, Mexico, on and on and on... [1,132]

Like "prisoners of war": after trying for months, conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is finally allowed to visit 40 political prisoners still held in jail in D.C. without a trial for their First Amendment activism on Jan. 6th. [1,133]

MSNBC accused of jury tampering in Rittenhouse trial, [1,134] barred from courthouse. [1,135]

Breaking: In an unprecedented move, the Biden regime decides to obey the law and suspend its illegal vaccine mandates. [1,136] Millions however have suffered physical and financial harm and even death due to the regime's violation of the Nuremberg Code with experimental vaccines.

More prosecutorial shenanigans in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. [1,137] The state has played doctored drone footage in front of the jury. [1,138][1,139]

Biden supporters gather outside Kenosha court house, 3 arrests, reporter body slammed. [1,140]

Biden FDA asks federal judge to cover-up Pfizer's use of fetal tissue in its covid mRNA vaccine until the year 2076. [1,141]

Are racist Democrats seeking to remove Kamala Harris? [1,142]

Anglican Church of Kenya Arch Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit is calling on the re-introduction of corporal punishment to tame unruly students in schools.[1,143]

Questions: Do liberals/leftists still embrace multiculturism? Do liberals/leftist still believe it is wrong to engage in cultural imperialism by trying to impose their values on others?

Climate change activist sentenced to four years in January 6 Capitol riot. [1,144]

Liberal logic grips Brits: "UK Prime Minister Announces New Definition for Vaccinated Will Require Triple Jabs and Boosters." [1,145]

Special Prosecutor? [1,146] Did Biden AG lie under oath to Congress? [1,147]

In atheist-controlled China, a Chinese city apologized after an employee beat a dog to death when the owner was in COVID-19 quarantine.[1,148] See also: Atheism and the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and Atheism and animal abuse and Atheists and dog meat eating

According to Google trends, 2021 saw a drop in the times the world did Google searches for the word "atheist".[1,149] So far, it's a 17 year low for the number of times people Google the word "atheist". See also: Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms

Historically, religiosity increases during pandemics. Nearly three-in-ten U.S. adults say the outbreak has boosted their faith; about four-in-ten say it has tightened family bonds.[1,150] See also: 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism

Fascist prosecutor in Rittenhouse case threatens jury with AR-15 with his finger on trigger, [1,151] defends racist pedophile. [1,152]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Wyoming GOP Votes to No Longer Recognize Liz Cheney as a Republican," days after our cartoon depicting Liz's next career as fetching golf balls at the bottom of Trump's lake. [1,153]

Detailed treatment of the order by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocking Biden's vaccine mandate, showing every point the Court made, and what you should do instead of taking the coronavirus vaccine if you value your health – and life. Plus a refutation of Anthony Fauci's latest call for boosters. [1,154]

Liberal logic worsens pandemic: "Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today." [1,155]

Let Grandma eat dog food: Biden regime hikes Medicare premiums on seniors. [1,156]

Liberal communists send death threats to Kyle Rittenhouse judge; [1,157] unlike the 2020 Marxist riots, the Democrat governor has finally deployed the National Guard to prevent leftist violence. [1,158]

Midwest landslide for Trump: his lead over Biden grows to 11 points in the swing state of Iowa. [1,159]

Soaring inflation is shaking up negotiations on Capitol Hill over Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, giving Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and other centrists more leverage to push for a smaller reconciliation package.[1,160] Will inflation concerns prevent Biden's Build Back Better bill from passing?[1,161]

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano tries to push-poll parents into marching their children (ages 5-11) to the nearest clinic or drugstore to get the coronavirus vaccine. And 92 percent of a sample nearly a quarter of a million strong tell her, "Never!" [1,162]

Panic by Dems described by Leftist Politico: 8 more governorships could be retaken by GOP next year just as Virginia did. [1,163]

Breaking: Appeals Court reaffirms order blocking Biden's tyrannical vaccine mandate. [1,164]

More misuse of DOJ by Dems: Steve Bannon is indicted as a result of his standing with Trump -- along with his other top advisers -- against the unhinged Never-Trumpers' witch-hunt in Congress. [1,165]

As the federal government prepares to give the coronavirus vaccine to children, evidence mounts that this preparation is especially deadly to children. Could this be a deliberate campaign? [1,166]

White House claims its manufactured energy crisis creates need for green transition. [1,167]

Biden drops N-word during Veterans Day speech. [1,168]

Liberals express shock and horror upon realizing much of what media told them about Rittenhouse case is false. [1,169]

Once again, Conservapedia declares victory over the secular leftist Kyle Kulinski who has fallen deeper and deeper into obscurity in 2021.[1,170] His hero, the new atheist Richard Dawkins, who Conservapedia helped Christendom utterly defeat, has also fallen into obscurity.[1,171] See also: Richard Dawkins and women and Elevatorgate

"The lack of lady presence is so visible that Conservapedia commented on it by noting that Dawkins’ website overwhelmingly attracts male visitors."- Monica Shores at Ms. Magazine preceding Elevatorgate.[1,172] Divide and conquer!

A message to Kyle Kulinski: An enormous red wave is building that will overwhelm the 2022 USA midterm elections. And you are powerless to stop it!

Question: Will Kyle Kulinksi finally man up and accept Conservapedia's debate challenge? Or will he continue to wallow in obscurity in his self-imposed atheist bubble? By the way, 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism.

Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted photos online, coach says.[1,173]

The neocon-driven Afghanistan War was America's 'first feminist war' and it failed.[1,174] You can’t take feminism and shove it down people’s throats by importing it with bombs and at the barrel of a gun. Why did the USA expend much treasure and blood in a mountainous, poor country with many remote areas filled with lots of Islamic extremists?[1,175]

USA: coronavirus infections rise in northern states, Mountain West, as holidays near.[1,176]

Questions: When is Anthony Fauci going to be fired? How big of a red wave is going to occur in the 2022 midterm elections?

Kyle Rittenhouse breaks down in tears while testifying.[1,177]

Judge Snaps At Prosecutor In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial As Defense Demands A Mistrial.[1,178]

Conservapedia predicts that if there is merely one mother on the jury or one strict father on the jury, Kyle Rittenhouse will receive no substantial punishment by the time the trial and sentencing is over.

Vaccinated "Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems." [1,179]

In the USA, Inflation is expected to go deep into 2022 and may last until 2023.

The specter of inflation is hounding Joe Biden like the proverbial hounds of Hell and it haunts the Democrats as far as the upcoming midterm elections.[1,180]

Biden's energy agenda could mean that the GOP wins in 2022 midterm elections.[1,181]

Honoring Veterans Day: thank you, all who served.

Setback for COVID vaccine tyrants: "Miami-Dade Public Schools, Florida’s Largest District, Drops Mask Mandate." [1,182]

Biden regime adopts pro-Chinese slave labor stance. [1,183]

The atheist PZ Myers says organized atheism has "imploded".[1,184]

As far as the demolition of organized atheism, Conservapedia planted some of the charges. See also Decline of the atheist movement and Desecularization.

More and more people are asking New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to ‘resign’. Also, New Zealand is becoming China's lapdog.[1,185]

The glory days of Jacinda Ardern's Labour Government are over.[1,186]

"Newsmax and Twitter Suspend Emerald Robinson for Vaccine Wrongthink." [1,187]

Johns Hopkins University: "A plateau in U.S. COVID-19 cases following several weeks of declining infections is a "worrisome" indication for a potential spike this winter as people congregate inside more often because of holidays and colder weather, a Johns Hopkins University expert said Friday." When is Joe Biden going to fire Anthony Fauci who many Americans distrust?[1,188][1,189]

Joe Biden's failure to effectively tackle the coronavirus pandemic and his failed economic policies are two of the largest reasons why his approval ratings have tanked.[1,190] See: Biden/Harris economic policy

Democrats War on Capitalism: Biden weighs shutting down another gas pipeline. [1,191]

Prosecution star witness says Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. [1,192]

Kamala Harris's approval rating drops to only 28%, and Biden's falls to merely 38% in latest USA Today poll. [1,193]

Gavin Newsome survived a California Recall, will he survive an adverse covid vaccine reaction now? [1,194][1,195]

Time to invoke the 25th Amendment? Biden contributes his own emissions while representing the United States at climate conference. [1,196]

Countries ban latest Hollywood claptrap (Eternals) for its promotion of homosexuality, and Angelina Jolie responds by calling those who reject her movie "ignorant". [1,197]

Setback for the homosexual agenda. Polls show American's growing rejection of transgenderism.[1,198]

Fifth Circuit unanimously blocks the unconstitutional, tyrannical Biden vaccine mandate against private employees. That didn't take long!

FBI & NYT confirm: Joe Biden had "not appropriate" showers with his daughter Ashley as a child. [1,199]

Why do the mainstream media lie all the time? Could it be that a CIA operation has gone rogue and still controls them? [1,200]

The fastest growth of American evangelicals is among American Latino evangelicals and this will have an effect on American evangelicalism and American politics.[1,201]

American atheists have a negative view of evangelical Christians.[1,202] Attention atheist hombres: There is going to be a lot more evangelicals in America's future. Adios, secular leftism in America in the 21st century![1,203][1,204] Olé! Olé! Olé! See also: United States, irreligion vs. religion and demographics and Atheism and Latino Americans

A new model for drawing Congressional and legislative districts, apportioning legislators, and electing governors. This model respects local boundaries and preserves the ideal of the republic. Key feature: gubernatorial electoral colleges. [1,205]

Pfizer and liberals push another expensive new drug, probably less effective than the inexpensive hydroxychloroquine that conquered Covid-19 in poorer countries. [1,206] Without a release of full data, "Biden said the U.S. government has secured millions of doses of the Pfizer drug." [1,207]

What caused the Red Wave Election of 2021? Politicians who didn't listen to the people, that's what. [1,208]

Setback for Never-Trumpers: "Iowa Student Asks Turncoat Mike Pence Who Told Him to “Buck Trump” and Certify the 2020 Election Results." [1,209]

A detailed analysis of the Virginia governor's race and the victory of Glenn Youngkin. Also: it is mathematically impossible for Democrats to overturn this result. If they "find" enough absentee ballots, they will exceed the actual number of absentee ballots outstanding. [1,210]

Swift rebuke and defiance nationwide to Biden's tyrannical employer vaccine mandate, which Biden withheld as to the $14k per "violation" part until after Tuesday's elections. [1,211]

"Edward Durr, GOP truck driver who spent $150 on campaign," leads entrenched Dem NJ Senate President Sweeney in an incredible upset. [1,212]
UPDATE: Durr is declared the winner, and Dems are speechless in shock.

Please see our newly revised: A big red wave is rolling towards the 2022 midterm elections in the USA.

Dems keep butting heads after Virginia shellacking.[1,213] "I think the protracted endless negotiations have taken their toll on our party." - Democratic Senator Dick Durbin

A write-in candidate defeats the socialist Dem nominee for mayor of Buffalo, in another repudiation of progressives. [1,214]

Minneapolis voters reject leftwing communist proposal to defund the police; [1,215] 81% of Blacks want more policing in their communities and reject latest Democrat efforts at African American genocide.

Republican wins Virginia governor’s race in a devastating repudiation of transgenderism & Joe Biden. Virginia Dem candidate Terry McAuliffe’s camp was left shell-shocked.

Republican Youngkin leads 51-48% with 95% of precincts reporting, over Clinton-Obama-Biden crony McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race. [1,216] Dems' use of unverifiable mail-in voting is the only reason this is not a landslide loss for them.

Liberal double standard as "Hypocrites Cleared to Land: Glasgow Climate Conference Draws 400+ Private Jets." [1,217]

Sensing Joe Biden's growing weakness and growing unpopularity, Senator Joe Manchin is taking a harder line in his negotiations relating to Biden's social spending and global warming alarmist bill.[1,218][1,219]

Joe Manchin, who owns millions in coal stocks and lives in the conservative and coal-producing state of West Virginia, is not going to bend the knee to Biden or his liberal/leftist allies. They must bend the knee!

Read our new essay: Does the United States need more immigration?

Democrats close 26 New York firehouses due to Biden's vaccine mandate. [1,220]

European Medicines Agency: "with all these vaccines, women suffer much more frequently from side effects than men do. Depending on the vaccine, the number of female patients experiencing side effects varies between 70.6 and 77.5 %" [1,221]

Biden's America, er, American Airlines: tens of thousands of stranded passengers due to his COVID vaccine tyranny. [1,222]

Glenn Youngkin surge over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia governor race fuels Democrat desperation.[1,223]

Some of the most recent polls show Glenn Youngkin winning the Virginia governor's race.[1,224][1,225][1,226] It appears as if Youngkin has political momentum.

A red wave in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections? Will the USA build back better in 2024 via Donald Trump?

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe hires corrupt Clinton attorney Marc Elias in advance of next Tuesday's election theft. [1,227] "Elias has not been criminally charged in his actions related to the 2020 election. Yet, bringing Elias into the Virginia race in the midst of the Durham investigation is an astonishing decision by McAuliffe."
McAuliffe strokes racial animosity in closing days. [1,228]

Majority say Fauci should resign. [1,229] The latest polling data comes on the heels of the covid coverup, 500,000 dead Americans, and the messiah of scientism's involvement in cruel animal experiments. [1,230]

Biden dozes off during all important climate conference. [1,231]

Sheriff presents evidence of felony fraud in Wisconsin Election Commission's actions. [1,232]

EU parliamentarian warns EU citizens - Do not accept the C-19 vaccine. [1,233]

CCP operative Tedros Adhanom re-nominated, unopposed, to head WHO after spreading covid misinformation that killed 5 million people. [1,234]

Halloween is right around the corner. To this day atheists have no satisfactory explanations for evil, spirits, haunted buildings and demonic possessions. See: Atheism and the problem of evil In addition, being wet blankets, atheists have no longstanding traditions tied to Halloween like Christians do.

Late October 2021

An argument against coronavirus vaccines for children. Arguments both philosophical and medical. [1,235]

Many on the right talk like heroes, but America sees no action. This leads some to believe they represent controlled opposition. [1,236]

Bloomberg News on China and abortion: "So a looming crackdown on abortion services, which have long been legal and readily available in the country, seems all but inevitable."[1,237]
Question: Will China command its populace to be fruitful and multiply?
China, which has state atheism and the largest atheist population in the world among the world's countries, has a population which is expected to peak in 2025 due to its subreplacement fertility rate. See: Atheism and fertility rates and Asian atheism and Acceleration of 21st century desecularization

Parents explode in fury at school boards that push Critical Race Theory and cover up forcible rape at a school merely because the perpetrator was "transgender." Then Attorney General Merrick Garland threatens to prosecute them, thus infuriating them more. [1,238]

"Truckers Warn Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Worsen Shortages Across the Country." [1,239]

Pelosi cancels vote on Build Back Bolshevism for the third time. [1,240]

Shabby treatment of nurses over the vaccine mandate at a chain of Catholic hospitalsand a body of damning evidence against the vaccine itself, the process that created it, and the reporting systems that are clearly failing. [1,241]

An advertising slogan becomes a metaphor for the deliberate destruction of American civilization and an agenda for world depopulation. [1,242]

DHS shows up at school board meeting to intimidate parents. [1,243]

Versions of the pop song Let's Go Brandon hit No.1, 2, 3 & 8 on the charts. [1,244]

Biden ordered Afghan evacuation flights filled with unvetted refugees. [1,245]

The Joe Biden administration refused a declaration of emergency when Texas asked for reimbursement of expenses relating to illegal immigrant incursions. Does the federal government want to provoke Texit? Texas independence just got more likely. [1,246]

Conservative Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) tells Attorney General Merrick Garland that he is a disgrace and should resign. "Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court," Cotton said, which Obama tried to do. [1,247]

America's Most Notorious Grinches: Atheists Demand School Stop Helping Kids at Christmas.[1,248] See also: Atheism and Christmas and Atheist lawsuits and Atheism and charity and Atheism and public relations and Views on atheists

Transgender found guilty in Loudoun County school board rape case. [1,249] Students walkout shouting "Loudoun County protects rapists!" [1,250] Will Merrick Garland add high school kids to domestic terrorism watch list now?

Caught on tape: Racist Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey lies and deceives Hispanic voters to get re-elected. [1,251] Plans to implement vaccine mandates after the election to disempower and unemploy minorities and independents.

Joe Biden's approval ratings are sinking like the Titanic and Nancy Pelosi refuses to say whether she will seek reelection.[1,252] The upcoming 2022 midterm election will be a bloodbath for the Democrats and we will see a GOP red wave.

High Covid-19 infection rate in a place that has 99.7% vaccination: Waterford, Ireland, which has been ruined by Leftists. [1,253]

Vaccine tyrant rams car into peaceful protesters. [1,254]

Democrat provocateurs now infiltrating school board meetings to start trouble. [1,255]

Joe Biden is building a wall, all right – around his beach house!!! Never mind the place that really needs a wall, where he told contractors to down tools and go home. [1,256]

Fauci abused animals in alleged science experiments, Democrat and Republican legislators outraged. [1,257] "Arrest Fauci" trends. [1,258]

Despite road travel being down during the coronavirus pandemic, many of the roads in Darwinism loving England are in a perilous state due to potholes and it is estimated that it will take 10 years to fix the problem in England/Wales.[1,259][1,260] See: United Kingdom's road repair crisis

Due to English Darwinists' inability to engage in long-term road planning and problem-solving, the pothole crisis is grave and the roads are being resurfaced only once in 68 years.[1,261]

Switzerland, which has one of the highest rates of creationism in Europe[1,262], has roads that are in excellent condition.[1,263]

If English evolutionists can't even master something as fundamental as road repair, how can they pretend to understand things as complex as biological organisms and the origin of life?

Joe Manchin raises the ire of Bernie Sanders by telling him he can live with "zero" money being spent on Joe Biden's Build Back Better bill. Manchin says the negotiations aren't ending anytime soon.[1,264]

The longer Manchin drags this out, the lower Biden's approval rate may go which will give Manchin more leverage.

Lawmakers demand answers from Anthony Fauci on allegedly experimenting on puppies.[1,265]

NIH admits USA funded gain-of-function in Wuhan — despite Anthony Fauci’s denials.[1,266]

Anthony Fauci needs to be fired.

Joe Biden's approval slips again, U.S. Congress fares even worse.[1,267] The RealClearPolitics average of Joe Biden's approval rating shows a clear downward trend.[1,268]

The Daily Beast: Every Day, Joe Biden Smells Like More of a Loser.[1,269]

More people have died from COVID-19 under Joe Biden than under Donald Trump.[1,270]

The Hill reports that right now there is a sharp rise in infection rates in the U.K. Earlier in the pandemic, patterns seen in Britain have replicated themselves in the U.S. within weeks.

Newsweek: Firing Dr. Anthony Fauci Now May Help Joe Biden Manage the Next COVID Wave.[1,271]

Not LeBron James, but NBA Celtics' Turkish center Enes Kanter smacks down China tyranny, and it imposes liberal censorship against the team in response. [1,272]

Leftist Politico admits: illegal sales of marijuana in California are far greater than legal ones. [1,273] So it was false liberal logic to pretend that legalizing pot would help end the illegality.

School board member physically attacks parent after idiot was called an idiot. [1,274]

Read our essay: Essay: October 23, 2021: The day the atheism movement roadkill was scraped off the information superhighway and put in a grave

2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism!

While the world is in the midst of global pandemic and many are dying, atheism has little appeal. See: Atheism and death and Atheism and Hell

DOJ acknowledges religious exemption because fetal cell lines from aborted children were used in production/testing of covid vaccines. [1,275]

Setback for Never-Trumpers: Liz Cheney's clueless consultants are told to drop her or be ostracized. [1,276]

Another perspective on Colin Powell's death: did he promote a false narrative to get America into a war she need not have fought? [1,277]

The Chicago Police union steward says back to Mayor Lori Lightfoot over her vaccine mandate: "This isn't Nazi Germany!" Not yet, it isn't – and it is up to the American people to make sure it never becomes that. [1,278]

More questions arise about Biden's mental health after CNN Townhall meeting. [1,279]

Hunter Biden tried to shakedown Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska for $80,000. [1,280] Is this why the Biden regime wants to deport him now?

Same cabal of House Never-Trumpers vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt, in another communist-style meaningless charade. [1,281]

Biden approval drops to only 37% in ultra-accurate poll. [1,282]

"Former Pfizer VP calls doctor's COVID home treatment guide ‘remarkable document; would end global fear-based pandemic tomorrow.’" [1,283]

OSHA will not collect data on employees injured by vaccine mandate. [1,284]

Study destroys justification for Biden's vaccine mandates. [1,285]

The Bidens: Is the First Family corrupt, or merely crazy? [1,286]

Joe Rogan: Google is curating search results to hide vaccine-related injuries. [1,287]

The ministry Open Eyes reports that the men on the motorcycles are heading out to share the Gospel of Christ with people who live in the hard-to-reach places of Nepal. 401,000 people have decided to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as result of their ministry.[1,288]

The World Christian Database lists Nepal among countries with the fastest-growing Christian populations and the rise of Christianity is a great blessing to Nepal.[1,289]

Despite a second wave of Covid-19 killing off 100 pastors in Nepal[1,290], various forms of persecution, and war in Nepal, the Nepalese church keeps thriving.

So far no atheist relief organizations or atheist orphanages have arisen/arrived in Nepal. See also: Atheism and charity

Crunch time: Joe Biden faces critical next 2 weeks for agenda.[1,291]

Despite Biden facing a critical 2 weeks for his agenda, Democrat Joe Manchin throws 'hand grenade' at Biden's climate change agenda for Glasgow.[1,292]

A Glenn Youngkin win in Virginia, could rattle Democrats uncertain about Biden’s political coattails — potentially making them less likely to take risky votes for his agenda — and would buoy Republicans heading into the midterms. Glenn Youngkin Takes Slight Lead in New Virginia Gubernatorial Polls.[1,293][1,294]

The politically left-leaning website candidly admits: "But some in the party — like David Shor, recently profiled by Ezra Klein in the New York Times — believe demographic trends put Democrats at grave risk of falling into a deep hole over the next two election cycles... In other words, Republicans could well get a 57 to 43 Senate majority, the GOP’s biggest in about a century, even if Democrats win more votes."[1,295]

David Shor Is Telling Democrats What They Don’t Want to Hear by Ezra Klein, New York Times, October 8, 2021

Fully vaccinated, Colin Powell, who had cancer and was immunocompromised, dies from COVID-19. [1,296] Our prayers go out to all who may be harmed or left unprotected by the COVID vaccine.

ABC News and Christopher Steele still peddling discredited Trump-Russia garbage. [1,297]

Is nothing sacred?DC Comics Drops The American Way from Superman’s Motto After 83 Years for More Globalist View.” [1,298]

Harvard Study: Increases in COVID unrelated to levels of vaccination in 68 countries. [1,299] "countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million significant signaling of COVID-19 cases decreasing with higher percentages of population fully vaccinated...The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined....Such course correction, especially with regards to the policy narrative, becomes paramount with emerging scientific evidence on real world effectiveness of the vaccines."

Is our long national nightmare nearly over? Rumors abound Pelosi may quit after destroying the U.S. economy. [1,300]

Dr. Anthony 'I am the Truth' Fauci limits who can celebrate Christ's birth. [1,301]

Left Coast agenda continues: Many Biden Cabinet officials to attend U.N. Climate Summit in Scotland to push the war against energy, while the supply chain crisis continues in the U.S. [1,302]

Green New Deal domestic terrorists storm Department of Interior. [1,303]

American Thinker: COVID-19 -- Who benefits? [1,304]

Where is Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg during the supply chain crisis? On paid maternity/paternity leave. Mr. & Mr. Buttigieg, both non-birthing men, adopted twins two months ago. [1,305]

While Leftist tyrants pile on against NBA top-15 player Kyrie Irving's declining COVID vaccine at a personal cost of millions, at least one former NBA star defends him. [1,306]

Setback for vaccine tyrants: 40% of TSA employees are not vaccine compliant. [1,307]

Billy Graham's grandson Will gets off on the wrong foot by suggesting that sin can be "fun" while Christian living is more "fun." The Bible teaches us otherwise, on both counts. [1,308]

The federal mandate for coronavirus vaccination is nothing more than a bluff, and could never be anything else. And now more and more people, high-ranking and low, are calling the bluff. [1,309]

Liberal-controlled Canada: "City bans unvaccinated from getting married!" [1,310]

Parents Accuse Loudoun County School Board Of Covering Up Transgender Assault Of a 9th Grade Girl in a Girl's Bathroom.[1,311]

Biological males have no business being in women's bathrooms where they can assault and overpower women.

More brilliant satire about Joe Biden's Oval Office sound stage, Kamala Harris' "space-y" performance in front of child actors, and more. [1,312]

Politico: The covid spike that didn't happen. [1,313]

Republican wins in a landslide an Iowa House seat held for 46 years by Dems. [1,314][1,315]

Australia's Fascist Liberal regime unveils covid quarantine gulag. [1,316]

Pilots walkout over Biden vaccine mandates. [1,317][1,318][1,319] Jacksonville airtraffic controllers walkout over vaccine mandates.

Read our new essay: Why the end of racial identity politics through intermarriage is upsetting to leftists. The future is distressing to progressives.

Some problems fade in importance without the intervention of politicians.

The straight scoop on hydroxychloroquine: a tale of conflicts of interest and a deliberate distortion of science. [1,320]

These COVID or coronavirus mandates do not carry legal force. The people, and authorities at six other levels, can stop them. But first the people have to elect the right officials. [1,321]

Parents serve Clark County, Nevada school board with a $200 million lawsuit over mask mandates. [1,322]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans COVID vaccine mandates, setting up a showdown with Biden's vaccine tyranny. [1,323]

"Jon Stewart says Trump has 'a very good chance' in 2024," in contrast with liberal denial by others. [1,324]

Along with Creepy Uncle Joe, Fauci credibility ratings slide into dumpster. [1,325]

Hillary: I'm not dead yet. [1,326] Is she thinking of primarying Biden, Kamala, or whatever other buffoon Democrats put up? [1,327]

CPUSA endorses Biden's Build Back Bolshevism agenda. [1,328]

Day One of vaccine apartheid in New South Wales, Australia. [1,329]

Read our new article: Future of atheism in China

China has the world's largest atheist population and practices state atheism. China has one of the highest rates of atheism in the world. The most secular nations in the world are those of East Asia. It is likely therefore that the majority of the world’s atheists are East Asian. There are signs that just like state atheism collapsed in the former Soviet Union, state atheism will collapse in China.

The current signs that China's real estate bubble will soon burst is one of the indications that atheist controlled Chinese Communist Party is on its way out or at the very least will have far less influence on its citizens in the next 25 years.

Given that most atheists in the world are East Asians, 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism! See: Essay: 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism

Public health tyrants run amok, again: "16-Year-Old Wyoming Student Arrested for Not Wearing Mask, Entire School Placed on Lockdown." [1,330]

Trump rocks Iowa in his Saturday rally by ripping into the election fraud and reminding everyone that he never conceded. 91% of Iowa Republicans support him, ensuring his renomination.

More about teachers calling parents domestic terrorists merely for exercising their right of petition. [1,331]

Cartels shoot directly at National Guard on border; [1,332] leader of migrant caravan: 'we are ready for war'. [1,333]

"Trump to hold Iowa rally as poll shows strong approval ratings," while he lambasts Mitch McConnell for caving about the debt ceiling. [1,334]

Fifth Circuit quickly reinstates pro-life law in Texas, after judicial activism by an Obama-appointed judge enjoined it. [1,335]

Leftist trolls get MIT to cancel a lecture by a University of Chicago professor, because he supported using merit as a basis for hiring. [1,336]

In incoherent remarks by Biden, he defends the “mass firings” and “hundreds of people losing their jobs” due to his senseless Covid vaccine mandates. [1,337]

Organizations representing nearly half a million parents send a scathing rebuttal to the National School Boards Association after they begged for un-Constitutional suppression of dissent. The real problem, of course, is that Attorney General Merrick Garland went along with the NSBA. [1,338]

Your new Afghan neighbors may not like sitting on toilet seats, avoid use of toilet paper. [1,339] recommends, "You should consider very carefully shaking hands." [1,340]

In the Taliban’s Afghanistan, Signs of a Return to Hard-line Islamic Rule.[1,341]

America wasted a gigantic amount of money trying to get a hardline Islamic country that is mountainous with many remote and difficult to hold regions to embrace feminism, gay rights and a liberal democracy. How foolish is that?

Who is really running the horror show that is the Joe Biden administration? Not Biden himself, not even Barack Obama. (He's too lazy.) Who then? Either Bill Ayers or, as seems more likely, George Soros. [1,342]

Facebook "whistleblower" news is really an attempt to impose more liberal censorship of conservative views, explains the New York Post. [1,343]

Some more silver linings in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic are being discovered.

Christian schools are seeing big increases in enrollment during the pandemic due to Christian parents seeing how awful public schools were because of school Zoom meetings during the pandemic.[1,344]

Although there is a baby bust during the pandemic, religious families are continuing to have substantially more babies compared to irreligious/nonreligious women/families. Religious families tend to overcome various obstacles to having children such as low incomes.[1,345] See also: Desecularization

Nearly three-in-ten U.S. adults say the outbreak has boosted their faith; about four-in-ten say it has tightened family bonds.[1,346]

Using daily data on Google searches for 95 countries, research demonstrates that the Covid-19 crisis has increased Google searches for the word "prayer" (relative to all Google searches) to the highest level ever recorded. More than half of the world's population prayed to end the coronavirus pandemic.[1,347] And the infectious delta variant of coronavirus kept Google searches for the word "prayer" high in 2021, while Google searches for the word "atheist" has been embarrassingly low for the world's militant atheists.[1,348] See also: [[Google trends - Atheism and agnosticism terms]

until October 12, 2021

Liberal panic in Virginia: polling on governor's race shows it's a tossup in this government-workers state Biden won by 10 points. [1,349]

More satire against Joe Biden for the stalemate on Capitol Hill and Biden's mishandling of it and related controversies. [1,350]

New Zealand falls to the public health socialists: the COVID-19 restrictions will remain indefinitely, its Prime Minister implies. [1,351]

"Nearly 60% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel fully vaccinated," proving that U.S. hospitals are lying. [1,352]

2020 Presidential candidate "Andrew Yang leaves Democratic party." [1,353]

"More Than 500,000 Adverse Side Effects Reported Following COVID Vaccines." [1,354]

Project Veritas whistleblower inside Pfizer: "Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination."[1,355] So why is Fauci's false scientism requiring vaccination of people who've had COVID?

Setback to liberal claptrap: Facebook and Instagram down for much of today. [1,356] A detailed explanation of what knocked Facebook out, who might have done it, and what this suggests for the immediate future. [1,357]

"‘Fire Fauci’ to Save Christmas," states Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in response to Fauci's tyranny. [1,358]

"Double standard? Democrats nix COVID tests for illegal migrants, mandate vaccines for Border Patrol." [1,359]

Socialist Canada prohibits a physician from prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19, despite its immense success in Japan, India, and elsewhere. [1,360]

Gatewaypundit: Breakthrough cases surge: vaccinated individuals accounted for 87% of covid hospitalizations over the past week in Wales UK; 99% of all new cases were under 60 years old. [1,361]

'Your papers, please.' Fascism is here. [1,362] The Ten Stages of Genocide. [1,363]

$2 million raised for regime dissenter USMC Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. [1,364]

Liberal/leftist leaning CNN admits: This poll should terrify Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.[1,365]

There are no atheists on turbulent airplanes.jpg

Joe Biden says ‘everybody is frustrated’ as his agenda stalls.[1,366]

Question: Before a plane rapidly plunges to the earth and then crashes and burns, does it often experience a stall?

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin throws down the gauntlet to progressives/leftists.[1,367] Progressives/leftists become enraged!

Joe Biden and the progressives/leftists Democrats don't have the votes in terms of a mandate and Biden lacks the leadership ability to marshal the Democrats. The megalomaniac Joe Biden wants to be a transformational Democrat president, but because he lacks the votes for a mandate and because he lacks leadership abilities, he will be a failed president like Jimmy Carter.

A Marine officer languishes in the brig for telling the truth about Afghanistan. Recalling another American military hero who stood trial for telling the truth: Brigadier General Billy Mitchell. [1,368]

More leftwing fascism: National School Boards Association asks Biden to designate parent protests as domestic terrorism. [1,369]

Actor Denzel Washington tries to preach to Christians, but his deeds belie his message. [1,370]

The Washington Post brazenly reports Facebook and YouTube's cancellation of Joseph R. Mercola, D.O. and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Reason: they are telling the truth about coronavirus. [1,371]

The history of the two-party system is a history of intertwining establishments, like two snakes serving one master. But now their respective bases are revolting. [1,372]

Democrat progressives/leftists launch full revolt against Joe Biden's infrastructure bill.[1,373] Senator Bernie Sanders says, "If there is a vote, I hope it loses. "

No deal: Divided House Democrats postpone infrastructure bill.[1,374][1,375]

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Abraham Lincoln

The Daily Beast admits that Joe Biden "Misread His Moderate Mandate, and Missed His Moment".[1,376]

Joe Biden is coming very close to failing to enact his "build back better" socialist agenda.

Will Biden's failure to enact his legislative agenda be his Waterloo?

How Cultural Marxists are targeting our children to teach them to hate one another so they can control us all. [1,377]

Pelosi, Biden, AOC budget dead. Manchin, McConnell hailed as saviors of the Republic. [1,378]

Obedience is chillingly easier to obtain than lovers of liberty like to think. Long before coronavirus, Stanley Milgram showed us how easy it was for Adolf Hitler to get obedience. Fourteen years later, Actor William Shatner showed us even more convincingly. [1,379]

7,800 NY teachers poised to be fired over vaccine diktats.

ABC News: New poll shows eroding support for Joe Biden's ability to handle range of issues.[1,380] Jimmy Carter, who failed to bring American hostages home in a timely manner and also had inflation and high gas prices under his administration, was a one-term president.

Yahoo News: Joe Biden's coronavirus pandemic response strength at risk of turning into a weakness.[1,381]

Question: Will Donald Trump be reelected in 2024?

New York militarizes hospitals; [1,382] What does it tell you when medical professionals refuse the vaccine?

Truckers organizing strikes to protest dictatorial vaccine mandates. [1,383] Way to go, Democrats! Not only did you create the inflation, there won't be any food on store shelves at any price!

Retired NFL football players and their battle against obesity.[1,384]

"More players struggle with their weight in retirement than not. A survey of more than 1,200 NFL Alumni found 52 percent are obese but only 10 percent think of themselves as obese."[1,385]

In addition, read the article: The N.F.L.'s Obesity Scourge

Read our new article: Atheism, obesity and genetic mutations. This new article adds additional information to our Atheism and obesity and Atheists and genetic mutations articles.

Why China’s Evergrande Has Global Markets on Edge.[1,386]

Newborn has seizures after Mom vaxxed 1 month before birth. [1,387]

Austin and Milley say White House politburo was advised to keep troops at Bagram. [1,388]

Texas sees to building a border wall of its own as secession fever already claims its first casualty, though the Republican Party primary season has not even begun. [1,389]

Johnson & Johnson executive: Children don’t need the vaccine. [1,390]

Unhinged liberals: "New York Governor May Call in National Guard to Cover for Fired, Unvaccinated Health Workers." [1,391]

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan faces scrutiny over lying to Congress in Trump-Russia hoax. [1,392]

Fascist dictator Joe Biden acting as 'judge, jury, and executioner' of Border Patrol agents. [1,393]

Late night TV unites against climate change. [1,394]

Will it never end? Judge in Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann case is married to attorney for Lisa Page, who was having an affair with Peter Strzok while both investigated Hillary's Trump-Russia hoax. [1,395] Remember? Don't fall for the 'I can do a good job without recusing' argument - when they convinced Jeff Sessions to recuse was the first step to the appointment of Robert Mueller.
FBI general counsel James Baker, who Sussmann gave fake Russia documents to, carpooled with journalist David Corn, who spread the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory in mainstream media. [1,396] Judge who heard the case prepared by Strzok against Michael Flynn was a personal friend of Strzok. [1,397]

Edward Dutton, the man who pointed out that atheists are more likely to have higher genetic mutational loads and that religious individuals tend to be more attractive than the irreligious recently has been interviewed on the popular podcast/broadcast William Ramsey Investigates about his new book Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West.[1,398]

Atheists are often spiteful mutants that are frequently unattractive! In the 21st century, beautiful, religious fundamentalists that are patriarchal are increasing as a percentage of the world's population. See: Desecularization and Growth of religious fundamentalism and Atheism and social outcasts

"Thunderous applause" for Herschel Walker at the Trump rally, long a Greatest Conservative Sports Star here and now the U.S. Senate favorite to oust the liberal Dem in Georgia. [1,399]

British expose: "Over 150,000 people including 600 children have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in the USA." [1,400]

Wherever Biden has moved refugees, covid cases have increased 200%. [1,401][1,402]

NYT: FBI admits January 6 insurrection was an FBI false flag operation. [1,403]

Hang 'em high: Oklahoma man pleads guilty to stealing a beer from Nancy Pelosi's office, gets six months in prison. [1,404]

Texas to hold full forensic election audits in four counties. [1,405]

An angry mayor tells his city school board: resign or face child pornography charges! What prompted him to act – and why this was a disaster waiting to happen after a zoologist (Alfred Kinsey) justified his sins in "scholarly" work. [1,406]

Arizona audit finds Democrat election fraud. [1,407]

50% of first responders in Memphis, Tennessee won't get the vaccine. Someone needs to take note that even core government employees don't trust the government. [1,408]

While "11 percent of teachers nationwide do not intend to get vaccinated," the CDC overrules its own panel "in a highly unusual move" to authorize the COVID vaccine booster shot of teachers. [1,409]

Joey Biden vacations while American policy burns. From military blunders to the United Nations to vaccine mandates for some but not all, an entertaining mixture. [1,410]

Democrat CIVIL WAR! Black Lives Matter REVOLTS Against ‘RACIST’ Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates.[1,411] Unvaccinated Blacks are going to cause Joe Biden and the Democratic Party problems to a greater and greater degree.

The 'non-partisan' chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, shows up with Nancy Pelosi at her press conference.

Lara Logan: Bioweapons intel says border-swarm is typical of how enemy would disburse a ‘virus bomb’ [1,412]

Now even liberal/left-leaning CNN indicates that Joe Biden is priming the pump for a Donald Trump reelection in 2024.[1,413]

Newsweek: Joe Biden's Disastrous Approval Ratings Show No Sign of Rebounding.[1,414]

Joe Biden Is Less Popular With Black Voters After Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Rollout. Biden's net approval rating among key Democratic constituency is down 12 points since his September 9 announcement.[1,415] 53 percent of Black adults have gotten the vaccine, the lowest share reported of any race or ethnicity.

Watch Biden's approval ratings fall among unvaccinated, Black voters as the U.S. federal government enforces the vaccine mandate in the weeks/months to come.

Australian leftwing fascist regime opens fire on lockdown protestors. [1,416][1,417]

"'Evil at highest level': HHS whistleblower claims massive cover-up of vaccine risks." [1,418]

Two kinds of leaders in the coronavirus era: greedy and power-hungry, or humble and eager to serve in the face of withering opposition. Whom do you trust? [1,419]

Politico admits Hunter Biden scandal is real. [1,420]

Why General Mark Milley's actions are so dangerous: it represents the military taking a political side. Are patriots now on the wrong side? [1,421]

Setback to the vaccine tyrants: President of Croatia questions the motives of the vaccine mandates and declares this should be a personal decision. [1,422]

CNN: If Joe Biden fails this week, his entire domestic agenda is done for at least 15 months...And Democrats' chances of transformational change in how government impacts every day Americans’ lives will disappear -- maybe forever”. [1,423]

How and why "The Squad" is bringing Islam to America. Two of its members came from the tradition of jihad and have contempt for liberty. [1,424]

Doctors are pretending to be climatologists. More than 200 medical journals from around the world have collaborated to issue a joint statement warning of "catastrophic harm" to health from climate change. Given the medical communities failure to better prepare the world against a pandemic, they should focus on medicine! As the movie character Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

Scientific American admitted that meteorologists' weather forecasts are often wrong.[1,425] What's next? An admission from Scientific American that climatologists are often wrong? See: Limitations of science and Global warming and Global cooling

Nearly 400,000 voter identities processed in Arizona have no match with Social Security Administration. [1,426]

By a margin of only 1 point, 49%-48%: “Do you think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president, or not?” [1,427]

Psaki invokes Biden's dead son after Biden authorized drone strike that murdered 7 children. [1,428]

We can't make this stuff up: Kamala Harris wants Biden regime investigated for failed border policies she is in charge of. [1,429][1,430]

Texas Heartbeat Act gets its first test case. Unfortunately, the man filing it is a known legal troll. [1,431]

EXPLOSIVE: Project Veritas report on vaccines. [1,432]

Biden border crisis update: Haitians overpower driver, hijack bus during resettlement. [1,433]

The podcast William Ramsey Investigates interviews Eric Kaufmann about his book entitled Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-first Century.[1,434] See also: Desecularization and Future of Christianity and Growth of religious fundamentalism

Supreme Court to take up Roe v. Wade. [1,435]

Setback for violent video games: conservative, educational chess prevails as "The Queen's Gambit Wins 11 Emmys." [1,436]

What a genuine Patriotic Revolution would really look like. [1,437]

The S.S. Joe Biden

Another political tidal wave is about to hit the S.S. Joe Biden. Democrat U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, who represents the conservative state of West Virginia, told a group of employees at a Procter & Gamble facility in Martinsburg that he wanted to pause all the talk about the proposed $3.5 trillion social-spending package bill until 2022.[1,438]

The weaker that weak Joe Biden gets, the more Joe Manchin flexes his political muscles. Abandon all hope liberals and leftists. First it was Brexit, then Donald Trump and now this!

Kabul airport bomber who murdered 13 U.S. servicemen was set free when Biden abandoned Bagram Airbase. [1,439]

Non-Hispanic 'Beto' O'Rourke "reportedly plans to announce that he’ll run for Texas governor," to the dismay of many Dems in Texas who prefer actor Matthew McConaughey. [1,440]

FDA panel discussion: “COVID vaccines are killing more people than they’re saving.” [1,441]

Biden's man-made humanitarian crisis: 15,000 Haitians and Africans gathered under Del Rio bridge, no sanitation facilities. [1,442]

Biden halts U.S. border wall, helps former Soviet republic secure border with Afghanistan. [1,443]

CIA warned Biden's drone strike would kill innocent children. [1,444]

What if they held a riot and no one showed up? [1,445] More media than protesters. [1,446] Cops have to arrest undercover fed dressed like Antifa to save face. [1,447]

Political prisoners still being held without a trial in D.C. more than 8 months after the 2021 Capitol protests receive encouragement from public protests today, amid tyranny by the Left.

Singer Nicki Minaj rebels against Democrat party control of Black people: ‘Don’t tell me I can’t agree with a Republican’. [1,448]

Big Mainstream Media embarrassment: A Detroit television station advertises for stories of coronavirus vaccine refusers dying after refusing. And what do they find instead? 180,000 reports of vaccine adverse events, including injuries and deaths. [1,449]

Biden's "righteous strike" murdered a family of 10, including 7 children and a U.S. aid worker. [1,450] Did the Biden regime get its intelligence from the Taliban? [1,451]

France recalls ambassador over Biden regime idiocy. [1,452]

President Joe Biden declared ideological war on dissidents last week with his vaccine mandate. An honorably discharged Marine urges governors simply to refuse, and impede, enforcement of the mandate. This is a call for nullification. [1,453]

Never-Trumper Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, against whom Trump endorsed a primary challenger, pulls out of the race for his own seat. [1,454] Gonzalez was a popular Ohio State football star, until he turned against Trump.

Hillary Clinton campaign-linked lawyer is indicted on charges of lying to the FBI during the investigation into non-existent Russian collaboration with Trump amid the 2016 Presidential Election. [1,455]

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan pitched Alfa Bank claim at center of John Durham’s indictment of Michael Sussmann. [1,456]

Democrat plantation loses its mind after Nicki Minaj tweets Tucker's comments about her vaccine questions. [1,457]

Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat Party according to California exit polls: "California Recall Stokes Dem Fears of Latino Defection." [1,458]

NYT: John Durham seeks indictment of former Perkins Coie partner and DNC/Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in Trump-Russia scam. [1,459]

Milley confirms treasonous phone call, colluding with the enemy against the commander-in-chief. [1,460]

"Mountain of Money Fuels Newsom’s Surge to Recall Election Finish Line," admits the New York Times behind its subscriber paywall.

Setback for vaccine tyrants: "45 percent said they would rather be fired than comply with the mandate" in the San Diego police force. [1,461]

Lloyd Austin threatened with subpoena over his incompetent bungling of the Afghan debacle. [1,462] Coincidentally, prior to joining the Biden regime and leaving 22,000 Humvees behind in Afghanistan, Austin served on the board of directors of a company building 50,000 replacement Humvees. [1,463]

WaPo confirms Deep State attack on President Trump: Woke Gen. Mark Milley led coup.[1,464][1,465]

Federal judge slaps down Democrat authoritarian diktat. [1,466]

Texas Right to Life gets barrage of disturbing threats and messages after anti-abortion law's passage.[1,467] Once again, irrational liberals/leftists show their true colors and use threats instead of sweet reasonableness.

The Taliban’s Victory Is Al Qaeda’s Victory.[1,468]

American feminists and gay rights activists unsuccessfully tried to impose their ideology on an Islamic country at the point of gun rather than persuasion because they are unreasonable and often can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. Ironically, Afghani feminists warned that the Afghanistan War would not advance feminism in their country.[1,469] Once again, the adage "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." rings true.

Blinken refuses to answer under oath if he's been interviewed by the FBI since becoming Secretary of State, in the Hunter Biden scandal. [1,470]

A slice of China's lithium business landed in Hunter Biden's lap weeks before they handed Afghan treasures to the CCP. [1,471]

Tyrannical vaccine police want to ban unvaccinated from airplanes: "Fauci Supports Vaccine Passports for Air Travel." [1,472]

Did Biden surrender Bagram Airbase to the Taliban and CCP in exchange for Hunter Biden's $1.5 billion deal with Chinese Communists? [1,473]

Liberal logic causes hospital to stop delivering babies: "Hospital to stop delivering babies as maternity workers resign over vaccine mandate." [1,474]

Libs cheer women beaters. [1,475]

"Something's not matching up there," Joe Manchin (D-WV) declares while indicating that he's blocking Dems' $3.5B spending boondoggle. [1,476]

First gun control a while back, and now a ban on ivermectin by the formerly pro-liberty Australia. It's "a beta-test for just how far a government can go to control the citizens therein." [1,477]

Liberal claptrap by Never-Trumper George W. Bush mars 9/11 remembrance, as Bush tries to link the attack by foreigners to domestic political protests. [1,478]

Instead of yet more condemnation of political criminals, how about starting to bring some of them to justice? [1,479]

Details and advice about the resistance to the coronavirus vaccine mandates announced Thursday. Includes evidence of the danger and counter-effectiveness of the vaccines. [1,480]

“I don’t have a really firm answer on that,” admitted liberal Anthony Fauci, to the question finally asked by CNN as to why Biden's vaccine mandate applies to people who've had COVID-19. [1,481]

The house of lies about coronavirus is crumbling. Anthony Fauci, the Rolling Stone, you name them, they're lying. [1,482]

Biden warns unvaccinated Blacks and Hispanics: [1,483] 'this is not about freedom', 'our patience is wearing thin.' [1,484]

Biden droned the wrong guy. Killed a US aid workers and children rather than airport bomber mastermind. [1,485]

Leftist media ignores leftist racist attack on Larry Elder. Prominent Dems refuse to condemn racist assault on Larry Elder. [1,486]

Producer Price Index largest increase since tracking began. [1,487] Note: Producer prices have not trickled down to consumers yet.

Where in the world is Kamala Harris? Last seen campaigning for Gavin Newsom, while things are crashing at home and abroad. [1,488]

Twenty years after September 11, 2001, America is more divided than ever and less able to endure as a result. [1,489]

Demented Joe Biden embraces tyranny by demanding new federal rules to require most employees to take the COVID vaccine. [1,490]

Fauci lied, economies tanked, and people turned into malingerers. Now his lies have caught up with him, after a WikiLeaks-like document dump. But this fiasco says something about a mind-set that Americans must correct, before the next time. [1,491]

Liberals/leftists crazy pipe dream of turning the mountainous, Islamic country of Afghanistan, which had a weak central government and lots of remote areas, into a country that embraced feminism and woke ideology has been utterly crushed. The Taliban has formed an all-male interim government of Afghanistan and a George Floyd mural has been painted over.[1,492][1,493]

5 ways right-wing patriots are becoming more powerful and why many leftists are turning into quivering bowls of jelly about this matter.[1,494] Attention all leftists: Start panicking now!

Video game company tosses out its pro-life CEO for supporting the Texas Heartbeat Act. [1,495]

Please read: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the most objective wiki contributors of all?

Vaccine police push job openings to record 10.9M high, as many decline COVID vaccine. [1,496]

China, which has state atheism, BANS ‘Sissy and Effeminate Men’ From TV.[1,497] Most atheists are East Asians (see: Asian atheism).

Finally, some of the world's atheists grow a spine and show some machismo! If only Western atheists, decided to not be a bunch of sissies! See: Atheism and cowardice

The Centers for Disease Control have coronavirus internment camps under active consideration. This while events give the lie to their hype about the epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2. [1,498]

Mexico becomes pro-abortion as Texas becomes pro-life. [1,499]

The Texas Heartbeat Act is a good law against abortion – but requires pro-life activists to work for the justice they seek. By granting standing to ordinary citizens to sue abortion providers, it vests them with authority – and with it, responsibility. [1,500]

"Registered Democrat Caught Storming US Capitol, Attacking Police Pleads with Court for Light Sentence Because He Is Not Trump Supporter." [1,501]

Day 19: America held hostage. Taliban holding 6 plane loads of Americans hostage at Kandahar airport. [1,502][1,503] Glenn Beck rescue planes grounded with Americans aboard. [1,504]

After arming the Taliban, Biden, Blinken, Milley allies execute pregnant police officer in front of her husband and children. [1,505]

An Oklahoma hospital exposes anti-ivermectin fake news, which was published in Rolling Stone and then it had to run a correction. [1,506] But the liberal rag did not correct its misleading headline.

Boston Herald: Joe Biden approval rating tanks, and he’d lose to Donald Trump in 2024.[1,507]

Once again, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Video and GPS evidence emerges of ballot harvesters loading drop boxes with thousands of ballots. [1,508]

Diner is overwhelmed with business and support after announcing that it does not want any customers who continue to support Biden. [1,509]

Liberal logic results in this CNN headline: "Tradition of Afghan girls who live as boys may be threatened." [1,510]

A blow-by-blow analysis of a national disgrace. About Joe Biden and Afghanistan, and the rest of his seven months in office. [1,511]

Joe Biden is a case study in collapse of command authority. For that reason alone the United States needs another President. [1,512]

Taliban's retaking of Afghanistan does not bode well for secular, liberal/leftist globalism.

White House Press Office: Clean up on aisle 5. Biden never visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. [1,513]

Even communists are fed up with the emasculation of culture: "China Orders Broadcasters to ‘Put An End’ to ‘Sissy Men.’" [1,514]

The Texas Heartbeat Act – text, court actions, actual Supreme Court opinion, and commentary. This represents an opportunity for any in Texas willing to accept responsibility for protecting the unborn. [1,515]

Breaking: Jaw-dropping announcements from Jen Psaki: Men cannot get pregnant; [1,516] "Our bodies our lives" back in vogue. [1,517]

DOD dispatches Hazmat team, closes airspace following truck crash with Moderna vaccine. [1,518]

Liberal media confirms collapse in Biden's approval rating: NPR says it's fallen to a new low of only 43%. [1,519]

Details of the globalist agenda and how to combat it. [1,520]

Setback for Fauci and liberal denial: #1 podcaster on Spotify, Joe Rogan, conquers his COVID-19 with ivermectin. Liberal media goes into hysterics against it.

"3-Year-Old American Stranded in Afghanistan by Biden; 24 Students Left Behind; Biden Relies on Taliban To Get Them Home." [1,521]

Demonic NFL descends further into liberal madness: Jaguars' head coach admits that roster decisions are based on vaccination status. [1,522] The same coach earlier appeased liberals by cutting the Bible-quoting Tim Tebow, despite his immense talent and popularity.

"House-to-house executions following US departure. There are no words for what this administration has done to all of us - Afghan and American." [1,523]

Over 220 Generals and Admirals demand Milley and Austin resign immediately; [1,524] CENTCOM commander admits Americans left behind, praises Taliban as ‘helpful’. [1,525]

Breaking: Rep. Markwayne Mullin reported missing while attempting to rescue a woman and her four children whom the Biden regime abandoned Afghanistan. [1,526]

Biden, author of the Violence Against Women Act, abandoned busloads of 300 women at the airport to Taliban rapists. [1,527]

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID-19, According to New Survey of Parents.[1,528] See also: Religious hospitals vs. secular hospitals: Quality of care

Breaking: Biden abandons 600 American students to Taliban terrorists. [1,529] Final evacuation planes leave Kabul airport. [1,530]

Biden not helping stranded Americans outside Kabul airport gates get inside. [1,531] 7 buses loaded with American women all likely dead. [1,532]

Who Biden really killed in "ISIS-K" drone strike. [1,533][1,534]

Undeniable racism: Biden calls Senior Advisor to the President Cedric Richmond, a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus "my boy". [1,535]

Depression And Anxiety Double In Youth Compared To Pre-Pandemic. [1,536]
No doubt there are many atheists/agnostics quaking in their boots amidst the coronavirus pandemic, while Bible-believing Christians continue to be fearless in the face of the pandemic. See also: Atheists and their fear of small collections of genetic code that are surrounded by a protein coat

Gold Star mother of slain Marine: That dementia-ridden piece of **** killed my son. [1,537]

Kamala Harris thinks Vietnam erected a Memorial to her hero John McCain. [1,538]

Those who hate Jews must reject most of modern medicine if they're going to be consistent. The history of medicine, and that of all the sciences, is replete with Jewish contributions and accomplishments. [1,539]

To all who fear that no one man can make a change: remember One Who did. And He wasn't the only One. [1,540]

Setback for the opponents of early treatment of Covid-19: "Japanese medical association chairman tells doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID." [1,541] Notice how the liberal media suppresses that news.

Has the time come to invoke Amendment XXV in the case of Joe Biden? Maybe not! To do so is to install Kamala Harris as Acting President. A better course: to reassert State sovereignty against a President lacking the clout to resist. [1,542]

Father of slain Marine in Biden's botched Afghan withdrawal has harsh words for snowflake-in-chief. [1,543]

Dems move goalposts again, want COVID vaccine booster in 5 months rather than 8 after second shot. [1,544]

Reflecting on a terrible week for the United States and the world. [1,545]

Another defeat for American feminism.

Thousands of Afghans have arrived in the United States since the hurried evacuation of Afghanistan began in mid-August.[1,546] In 2019, Reuters reported: "Afghan men strongly oppose giving women more freedom - two in three think they have too much already - and young men are even more reluctant than their elders, a survey said on Tuesday... Almost one in three of the Afghan women surveyed think women already have a surfeit of rights and a similar proportion say they are 'too emotional' to be leaders."[1,547] See also: Unintended consequences

"Joe Biden Crumbles Under Pressure from Reporter After Tough Talk on Terrorists." [1,548]

The fall of Afghanistan and political polarization in the Western World is a sign that Francis Fukuyama's liberal, global order view of the world is over. Religion, nationalism and local traditions/customs are going to gain in influence in the world.[1,549][1,550] See also: Decline of the secular left and Desecularization

President Donald Trump releases statement on Afghan crisis. [1,551]

Liberal logic: "Biden admits admin may have given Taliban ‘kill list’ of Afghans who aided US." [1,552] Bombing death toll now at 170. [1,553]

"ISIS-K Does Not Exist. It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us" - Andy McCarthy, National Review, September 27, 2014. [1,554]

What will the Biden administration do about Afghanistan? Probably pay a big fat ransom, like the Iran Nuclear Deal. [1,555]

13 American soldiers killed and 15 injured from attack at Kabul airport; [1,556] Our prayers for the victims; incompetent Biden should resign in disgrace now.

Biden gave Taliban kill list; [1,557] more calls for Biden's resignation. [1,558]

Day 11: Americans held hostage. [1,559] 82,300 evacuated, 4,500 of them are Americans. [1,560] Blinken offers "economic assistance" ransom. [1,561]

NBA champ criticizes how players are told to promote lockdowns. [1,562]

Pro-vaccine hucksters say that Gov. Greg Abbott overcame Covid-19 without symptoms in just 4 days, when instead he likely had a false positive on the test that is now negative. [1,563]

NFL tickets sell for less than $1 after requiring fans to be vaccinated or tested. [1,564] Taxpayers paid for the stadiums -- another reason to Unplug the NFL.

L.A. Times: At least 24 students from San Diego school district and 16 parents are stranded in Afghanistan on summer vacation. [1,565] Pentagon suggests people will be left behind. [1,566] Biden jokes about stranded Americans. [1,567]

SCOTUS rules against Biden, must re-instate Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy. [1,568]

Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America.[1,569] There is no magic bullet to defeat Covid-19. Exercise and eat healthy to boost your natural immunity. Don't put all your eggs in one defense against coronavirus basket.

Psaki: 'No Americans stranded'; [1,570] heartbreaking audio from stranded American woman. [1,571]

Biden bows in negotiations with terrorists, [1,572] Taliban won't allow Afghan nationals and translators to leave. [1,573]

WARNING: The Food and Drug Administration broke its own regulations and recommended scientific principles to approve a coronavirus vaccine on 23 August 2021. Its absolute risk reduction is minimal, and the full adverse-event extent remains undetermined. [1,574]

Anthony Fauci's new 2022 timeline for Covid-19 fight could be a political disaster for Joe Biden and the Democrats. [1,575] It looks like Fauci will be the specter that haunts Joe Biden in 2021/2022.

Liberal logic: Deep State orders demented Biden to make up his mind by Tuesday about Afghanistan. [1,576]

FBI paid Neo-Nazi leader $140,000. [1,577] Would they even exist without the FBI?

Odd demonic coincidence: Andrew Cuomo's dog was biting people just as Biden's was. [1,578]

Majority no longer consider Biden "competent, focused, or effective." [1,579]

Rumor: Kamala Harris is already soliciting signatures for an Amendment XXV removal document. But can she get Congress to sustain her? MIght she try a more direct method of Presidential succession? [1,580]

Tony Blair slams Biden's 'imbecilic' retreat. [1,581]

China wants you to be a woke ‘anti-racist’ while it pursues ethnic cleansing. [1,582]

The number of coronavirus cases in most states is still rising, ensuring that the U.S. has a long way to go in its fight against the Delta variant. Hospitals across the United States are filling up with coronavirus patients, and some are running out of available ICU beds.[1,583]

"Today, we’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. We’ve gained the upper hand against this virus." - Arrogant and foolish Joe Biden on July 4, 2021. See also: [[Essay: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA|Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in

The S.S. Joe Biden

When it comes to presidential approval polls, the S.S. Joe Biden is a sinking ship.[1,584]

The four horsemen of the Afghanistan debacle, surging U.S. coronavirus cases, inflation and the southern border crises are torpedoing Joe Biden's presidential approval ratings.[1,585][1,586][1,587][1,588]

Joe Biden is becoming a giant albatross around the neck of the Democrats. Politico reveals that polling recently indicated that Democrats are behind Republicans by six points in generic ballot tests in battleground districts.[1,589] If the midterms were held today Democrats would lose the majority.

Inept tyrant Biden tries to seize control of airlines to make dangerous flights to and from Afghanistan. [1,590]

NYT: To Save His Presidency, Biden Must Tell the Truth. [1,591]

Pentagon contradicts Biden: Al Qaeda and ISIS still "have a presence" in Afghanistan. [1,592]

Americans must lead in resistance to medical and other tyranny. Why are Europeans behaving more like the Founding Fathers than Americans are now doing? [1,593]

UK Parliament holds Biden in contempt over Afghanistan. [1,594]

Disbelief and betrayal: Europe reacts to Biden stupidity. [1,595] "This does fundamental damage to the political and moral credibility of the West."

FBI begins cover story to cloud its involvement in January 6 insurrection plot. [1,596]

CNN reports on Biden's evacuation plan: “I’m sitting here, for 12 hours in the [Kabul] airport, eight hours on the airfield, and I haven’t seen a single U.S. plane take off.” [1,597]

Up to 40,000 Americans stranded [1,598] Austin: "We don't have the capability" to get people out. [1,599] Biden State Dept. demands $2000 for a ride out of Afghanistan, Afghans ride for free. [1,600]

U.S. Senators 'horrified' Biden allowed Taliban terrorists to capture Blackhawk helicopters. [1,601] Biden considering humanitarian aid to the Taliban. [1,602]

Afghanistan proves itself once again the Graveyard of Empires. But at least Donald Trump would not have left behind a billion-dollar arsenal. [1,603]

Taliban laugh as globalist Order COLLAPSES.[1,604] See also: Decline of the secular left and Growth of religious fundamentalism

More on-point satire for Joe Biden from Afghanistan to coronavirus policy to Kamala Harris visiting Viet Nam. [1,605]

Team Kamala said to be shopping Cabinet for 25th Amendment removal. [1,606] Something sketchy in the blame game, Milley and Austin throw Biden under the bus. [1,607]

Governor Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) made a serious mistake with Executive Order 83. The data do not support it, and it compromises medical qualification standards and the health and liberties of Tennesseeans. [1,608]

Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: "Our national security is threatened” by botched Afghan withdrawal. [1,609]

Biden cancelled Trump Emergency Evacuation plans; [1,610]

Even Leftists in Britain lambast "doddery" Biden, describing his recent speech "particularly distasteful and dishonouring." [1,611]

Rasmussen Poll: “If the next presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?” Donald Trump now beats Joe Biden by 43 to 37 percent.[1,612]
Afghanistan is Joe Biden's Waterloo.

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan; [1,613] members of Congress work to aid Americans in Afghanistan as Biden State Dept refuses to help. [1,614]

Jake "Al Qaeda is on Our Side" Sullivan: Taliban has “a fair amount” of our weapons. [1,615]

Taliban Spokesman Asked about Freedom of Speech, Tells Media Hacks to Go Ask Facebook, 'This Question Should be Asked of Them.'” [1,616]

Taliban begins gun seizure program from private citizens. [1,617]

Breitbart: Biden’s presidency collapsed with Afghanistan. [1,618]

Is it time to start thinking about the 25th Amendment? [1,619]

Muslim gulag chief to head up CCP operations in Afghanistan. [1,620]

Pentagon warns of worsening terror threat after Biden-Taliban fiasco. [1,621]

"Maybe the pullout from Afghanistan really will go down as Biden’s Waterloo." - Washington Post, August 16, 2021.[1,622]

Joe Biden wins the Captain Obvious award. Afghanistan's collapse "did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated." - Joe Biden.

The "progressive" Afghan president favored by liberals fled the country with "four cars and a helicopter stuffed full of cash," Russia reports in dismay. [1,623]

Does the Constitution forbid secession? People have been talking secession longer than you think. [1,624]

Desperate people plunge to their deaths after clinging on departing plane to escape Biden Afghan debacle; [1,625] Biden still in hiding, will address the nation 'in a few days'; [1,626] Psaki on vacation. [1,627] Even CNN won't defend Biden. [1,628] Trump calls for Biden to resign. [1,629] Obama: 'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up.' [1,630]

Trump remains barred from Twitter while Taliban propagandists still active. [1,631]

Two full-blown humanitarian crises by the Biden regime in only 8 months. [1,632]

White House outs CIA team in photo-op to give the illusion of Biden in charge. [1,633] CNN: Mostly peaceful Taliban chant 'Death to America' outside embassy. [1,634]

Support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization craters to 2%, down from its 2020 all-time high. [1,635]

Fox: World leaders blame Biden, express disappointment. [1,636]

Did Barack Obama start a race war in America? And how will it end? [1,637]

"As Kabul falls, Biden backlash grows" - liberal BBC. [1,638]

Biden pathetically tries to blame Trump as the Taliban secures the Afghanistan border, trapping nearly everyone inside. Its president has fled. [1,639]

Watch: RINO Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland threatens more lockdowns: "Please, just get the d____d vaccine!" And we thought only Democrats displayed such arrogance. [1,640]

Biden goes into hiding as Rape of Afghanistan escalates. [1,641]

Biden: "The likelihood there's going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely." [1,642]

63 people test positive for covid after Obama birthday superspreader event. [1,643]

Federal judge orders Biden to restore Trump-era stay-in-Mexico asylum policy. [1,644]

“We’re going to lose control of the border” - leaked audio of Mayorkas admitting “unsustainable” border crisis. [1,645]

"Nothing short of disastrous" admits liberal Politico about the way Biden is pulling out of Afghanistan, jeopardizing the safety of Americans there. [1,646]

Why COVID vaccines for all? Could the purpose be depopulation? [1,647]

Illustrating The New York Times (lack of) integrity in reporting. Featuring coronavirus, a fallen police officer, Joe Biden's fumbling policies, and Andrew Cuomo's resignation. [1,648]

Setback to vaccine police: Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest all reject COVID vaccine mandates. [1,649]

Liberal double standard: European leaders who criticized Trump now demand that migrants be returned to Afghanistan, as it collapses from Biden's pullout. [1,650]

Biden thinks worst inflation in 20 years is "a good report." [1,651] All wage gains wiped out.

Hollywood's "I Am Legend" movie from 2007 is blamed for 93 million Americans rejecting the COVID vaccine! [1,652]

Defund the police while demanding that taxpayers fund your private security? Worse than hypocritical – maybe some officials want the chaos that now results. [1,653]

Senate passes amendment to ban federal dollars for funding Critical Race Theory in schools. [1,654]

Texas House issues arrest warrants for AWOL Democrats. [1,655]

Colorado Democrat Secretary of State and Dominion Voting Systems raid Mesa County election offices while the county clerk guests on Mike Lindell's cyber symposium. Dems and Dominion claim the election clerk has no right to voting machine passwords.

Mike Lindell cyber symposium hit with cyber attack, back up in place; [1,656] Patrick Byrne, Newsmax, and OANN sued same day by Dominion. [1,657]

The hypocritical and selective outrage against a motorcycle rally in South Dakota, while ignoring the Barack Obama Birthday Bash in Martha's Vineyard, actually proves one thing the leftist tyrants didn't want to reveal. And that is: the clinical threat from coronavirus is totally overblown and neither mask nor vaccine is necessary. [1,658]

Leftist tyrant resigns!!!! Andrew Cuomo leaves, reported here before Google News.

Crony capitalism: $7.5 billion for recharging electric cars confirms Trump's criticism of the infrastructure bill. [1,659]

Describing the invisible revolution of critical theory in education, entertainment, and elsewhere. [1,660]

Jobs go unfilled as employers mandate COVID vaccine. [1,661]

This week's selection from Jewish Scripture speaks of repentance and return – both for human beings and for national Israel. [1,662]

Godless Antifa socialists attack Christian prayer meeting. [1,663]

Crooked Senate Democrats determined to pass election theft bill before recess. [1,664]

"No doubt" that COVID vaccine loses its efficacy over time, Fauci admits. [1,665]

Europe is becoming a right-wing continent. The overall political climate in Europe has been trending rightward for some time.[1,666]

"The question then would be whether America's left will ... rethink their own approach to politics before they face a similar eclipse ...."

Amendment XXV of the Constitution provides for Presidential succession in case of Presidential inability. But Congress must decide between a "concerned" Vice-President and a stubborn President. Which way would this Congrees break? [1,667]

British press -- not the American liberal media -- report with video on the maskless elite at Obama's birthday gala: "Party is labeled 'hypocrisy at its finest' amid US Delta surge." [1,668]

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix praises God in route to breaking the record for the most track and field medals: “by God’s grace I’m here ... it’s about so much more than what the clock says.” [1,669]

Biden electric vehicle plan without mining for lithium is a big win for his Communist China business partners and allies. [1,670]

The Andrew Cuomo scandal is a distraction from Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York City mandating COVID vaccines in his city. But he stands in violation of Federal law and the terms and conditions of the three Emergency Use Authorizations. [1,671]

The Liberal Dem governors in Illinois and New Jersey require all schoolkids to wear masks, as the California guv did until he realized he would lose his recall election over it.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is not an investment and might not create any jobs. It will, however, contribute to inflation. [1,672]

House Democrats restart efforts to destroy election integrity; [1,673] Jim Clyburn: pass election rigging bills or Democrats will lose majorities. [1,674]

"3 CNN Employees Fired for Showing Up Unvaccinated." [1,675] Liberal media abuses its power.

More biting satire, not only about Andrew Cuomo but also about Nancy Pelosi. [1,676]

Setback for liberal hypocrisy: Support for recalling mandatory-masks-for-others Leftist California Gov. Gavin Newsom jumps to 51%. [1,677]

A 400m women's track champion speaks out against the unfair competition by transgenders: [1,678]

Even Leftists are repulsed by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's refusal to resign. [1,679] But Biden is similar.

"Delta Variant Accounts for Nearly All of Coronavirus Cases in U.S.," as COVID vaccines fail to stop it. [1,680]

Trump-endorsed candidate wins Ohio primary in a landslide, 38%-15%, and the liberal media conceal the margin of victory. [1,681]

"He should resign" - Biden, himself a serial groper of girls, tells NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get out. [1,682]

Biden machine working both sides of the fence, Defund the Police and anti-defund the police in Minneapolis. [1,683] Like we're surprised promoting divisiveness isn't the gameplan?

Where's the sportsmanship??? Liberals quick to take cheap shots at Trump say little in praise of Canada's winning women's soccer team.

Women's U.S. soccer team shut out by Canada, and for the second Olympics in a row overhyped opponents of Trump fail. [1,684]

Liberal logic: RINO Lindsey Graham contracts COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated ... and then praises the COVID vaccine! [1,685]

The Federalist: If you don't suspect Deep State provocation at the J6 insurrection hoax, start paying attention. [1,686]

Covid scam unraveling at high speed. [1,687]

"Ron Paul: The DemocratsJanuary 6th Show Trials Threaten All Americans." [1,688]

Report: Child rape occuring in Biden border concentration camps. [1,689]

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: "CDC paid NFL Alumni millions to promote the COVID vaccine." [1,690]

British scientists and government admit that "current vaccine failure" is "almost certain" because variants will circumvent the vaccines. [1,691]

Viral video: Biden eats his own booger on live TV. [1,692]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as unvaccinated," confirms the CDC. [1,693]

An oft-repeated warning about politicians making lies sound like the truth – and their masters creating their opponents. [1,694]

Democrats alert ballot box stuffing network to prepare for 2022 Midterms. [1,695] Politico: 'We're screwed' Dems fear turnout catastrophe from GOP voting laws.[1,696]

Crime runs rampant in American cities because city officials do not prosecute certain offenses. They take money from George Soros, and that's one of the conditions he sets. Result: disrespect for the law at all levels. [1,697]

Facebook censors CDC link refuting Biden/MSM Delta variant panic. [1,698]

Confusion: Keeping up with shifting lockdown and vaccine narratives. [1,699]

Second eyewitness steps forward: Capitol Police killed Rosanne Boyland. [1,700]

After a rapid Covid-19 vaccine development and rollout under President Donald Trump, the Covid-19 vaccination drive stalls under bumbling Joe Biden.[1,701] See also: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Liberal Politico is dismayed by the Midwestern conservative freedom to party in Missouri: no masks, no vaccines, and no worries. [1,702]

A constituent reminds his United States Representative that hypocrisy is not a virtue and we cannot ignore the policy mistakes of our chosen champions. [1,703]

At the Olympics, Team Great Britain wins five Gold, seven Silver and six Bronze medals.[1,704] See Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism and Protestant cultural legacies

Breaking: CDC expected to announce Friday that COVID vaccines don’t work on Delta variant. [1,705]

Woke U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball Team gets humiliated by France.[1,706]

Paul Gosar, Marjorie Greene, Matt Gaetz & Louie Gohmert denied access to Biden gulag of J6 prisoners. [1,707]

The United States, a more religious country than atheist China, wins more Olympic gold medals despite having 75% fewer citizens. [1,708] See also Atheism and China

"Rep. Thomas Massie Taunts Pelosi: ‘Arrest My Entire Staff. We Are Not Wearing Masks.’" [1,709]

Ryan Crouser wins the gold medal for the U.S. Olympic team in the shot put event where he set a world record.

He has made no calls to support the homosexual community and he appears to be as straight as an arrow. Conservapedia is not aware of any limp-wristed, homosexual males winning Olympic gold in the shot put events or weightlifting events.

1938-39: First there was Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Poland; 2020-21: First there was Hong Kong, then Taiwan.... [1,710]

News about CA Gov. Gavin Newsom's liberal hypocrisy forces him to pull his kids from their maskless summer camp, while Newsom falls in recall polling. [1,711]

"Pelosi pawn" is how Elise Stefanik (R-NY) aptly describes Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Top donor to Adam Schiff of the J6 Committee and convicted gay child rapist found guilty of killing two African American men. [1,712]

Project Veritas releases leaked AOC fluff tape produced by CNN. [1,713]

Critical race theory uproar sparks a new wave of school board recalls.[1,714][1,715]

Chris Farrell: Disband the FBI. [1,716]

Ashli Babbitt's mom: Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the killing of my daughter. [1,717]

Collusion: Twitter suspends Arizona audit account same day J6 circus begins. [1,718]

Soon to be unemployed Adam Kinzinger cries at J6 hearing while auditioning for CNN or MSNBC job. [1,719]

David Laufman, of Kavanaugh hearings insurrection / Christine Blasey Ford fame, shows up as sideline coach at J6 hearing again. [1,720]

Barbara Boxer assaulted in lawless Oakland; [1,721] the 81 year-old former Democrat senator held the seat before Kamala Harris.

Pelosi show trial opens on Capitol Hill. [1,722] Totalitarian Democrats reject bipartisan committee; Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger vote with totalitarians. [1,723]

Cuomo deploys vaccine gestapo. [1,724]

Rating Joe Biden's performance at a town hall meeting — more biting satire from a former member of New York's Bravest. [1,725]

Disputing the Mainstream Media's claim of the popularity of the Vaccine. In fact people are protesting the requirement of it. [1,726]

U.S. Covid-19 cases have increased 51% in the past week.[1,727]

It's Joe Biden's fault. He should give Donald Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed and his vaccination rollout. See: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

"There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." - Ronald Reagan

China denies WHO stooges access to Wuhan lab. [1,728] Just like election audits, What do they have to hide?

California’s largest active fire continues to burn Sunday after tearing through a small community overnight.

The Dixie Fire, which started earlier this month, has burned over 190,000 acres.

Question: When will California have much more workfare? Welfare recipients can haul away brush that helps fuel forest fires. Forest mismanagement causes big wildfires - not so-called global warming.

Adam Kinzinger colludes with Pelosi Panel.

Setback for RINO election fraud facilitators: crowd boos off the stage a GOP opponent of an election integrity bill in Arizona. [1,729]

Europe erupts in mandatory vaccine protests. [1,730] Italian scientist warns against graphene. [1,731]

Political correctness pulls down U.S. Olympics team, winning zero medals on the first day for the first time in 50 years. [1,732] Men's basketball loses 1st game since 2004.

Corrupt Biden DOJ won't investigate boomer remover nursing home deaths in Democrat states. [1,733]

Harrowing: Hear the J6 dissidents sing the National Anthem, audio smuggled out of the Biden gulag. [1,734]

6,000 estimated dead in Zhengzhou tunnel flood. If the AP or Reuters tell you its a "Once in a 1,000 Year Flood," it's CCP propaganda. [1,735]

Former President Donald Trump is more popular with U.S. voters than President Joe Biden, according to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday.[1,736]

Donald Trump will pull a Grover Cleveland and serve two nonconsecutive terms. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Resistance to COVID vaccine and mask mandates builds everywhere. Which leads immediately to this question: what new crisis will the elites think of next? [1,737]

CDC is humiliated by a stunning reversal by the Eleventh Circuit that first ruled in favor of the CDC's interference with the cruise industry, but today the court reversed its own decision after Florida appealed to the Supreme Court. [1,738]

At least 100 of the top U.S. athletes declined to be vaccinated for the 2021 Summer Olympics, which formally begins in Tokyo. [1,739]

Liberal logic: "3,474 breakthrough cases, 84 are hospitalized, and 31 people who were vaccinated died from COVID-19 anyway" in NJ, but its Leftist governor says that shows the vaccine is working! [1,740]

House Freedom Caucus requests Motion to vacate the chair of the Speaker of the House and end Pelosi's authoritarian abuse of power. [1,741]

Democrat Hank Johnson leads insurrection at the Capitol. [1,742]

A Jewish Scripture commentator urges his fellow Jews not to mourn because Ben & Jerry's won't sell in Israel anymore. Instead, he says, take it as a sign of the Antisemitism that will incentivize the Jews to return to Israel. [1,743]

Is Biden killing people with covid misinformation? [1,744] Will the White House ask Facebook to shut him down? [1,745]

Jen Psaki admits Hunter Biden will meet 'anonymous' buyers in art sale money-laundering scheme. [1,746]

House Dems vote to continue covid coverup; [1,747] will Kamala invoke the 25th Amendment after Biden's CNN Townhall performance? [1,748]

Setback for vaccine police: "Eric Clapton says he won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination." [1,749]

Sweden trounces the Trump-hating Women's U.S. Soccer team 3-0 at the Olympics, as the liberal media downplay the humiliation. [1,750]

Never-Trump farce continues: Nancy Pelosi excludes top Republicans who were selected for the 2021 Capitol protests investigation panel, so GOP plans to boycott it. [1,751]

Fauci confronted for perjury and funding gain-of-function research concerning the Wuhan lab. [1,752] Criminal referral to the corrupt Biden DOJ expected. [1,753]

Larry Elder wins suit against systemically racist California Democrats to keep him off the ballot and voter suppression. [1,754]

Liberal claptrap brands “patriot” as hate speech: “MSNBC Warns Viewers to Be on the Lookout for Online Groups That Use the Word 'Patriot'”!!! [1,755]

Democrats say Biden border crisis is a pandemic threat. [1,756]

Fauci questioned on covid coverup. [1,757]

Another setback for vaccine police: Olympic gold-medal favorite announces that he's declining COVID vaccination. [1,758]

Anti-Semitism turns out to be "carefully taught" as the civilized world has always known but been loath to admit. [1,759]

Democrat-controlled systemically racist California attempts to keep Larry Elder off the ballot in Gavin Newsome recall election. [1,760]

Breaking: Fully vaccinated Kamala Harris hospitalized after meeting with Covid-infected Texas Democrat legislators. [1,761]

Harris meets with fugitive Democrats in White House superspreader event. [1,762]

"Communist Cuba mounts its last stand," screams the Leftist British press, which does not even try to defend it amid "skyrocketing inflation, food shortages and a deep recession." [1,763]

Conservative country song soars to #1, and the label beats back attempts at liberal censorship. [1,764]

Does seeing, say, the death car of Bonnie and Clyde glorify their act? Or does it instead remind us that crime truly does not pay, and good will win out? [1,765]

Three fully vaccinated Dem legislators, who fled Texas to thwart a vote on election integrity, test positive for COVID-19. [1,766]

Open borders lobby begs for amnesty after DACA ruled unconstitutional.[1,767]

Could the United States Navy win the next war? A retired Marine officer doubts it. [1,768]

Breaking: Junta spokesman Jen Psaki says users should be banned from all social media platforms [1,769] once the White House gets you banned from the first. [1,770]

Setback for vaccine police: many Olympic athletes and NFL players refuse the COVID vaccine. [1,771][1,772] Biden vaccine police are Democrat voter fraud experts. [1,773]

Breaking: 1 million illegals have crossed the border this year. [1,774]

Police arrest Democrat Congresswoman and a riotous group of thugs for storming Capitol. [1,775]

Dr. Eric Kaufmann discusses his book Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities.[1,776]

Arizona: 74,243 more ballots received than sent out; [1,777] Biden allegedly won by 10,457.

Chief propagandist Jen Psaki refuses to condemn the "root cause" of communism for people fleeing Cuba. [1,778]

Arizona ballot count doesn't match what election officials reported. [1,779]

Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer correctly predicted a "blue wave" in 2018. She is now "sounding the alarm" about a red wave in the U.S. Congressional elections in 2022.

Biden junta: Cuban refugees from communist oppression are not welcome. [1,780]

France reacts to mandatory vaccines. [1,781]

Flag of Finland.png

Der Spiegel indicates that Finland was the best at handling the coronavirus pandemic based on an index looking at excess mortality, restrictions on people's liberty, and GDP performance.[1,782]

See also: An observation about the countries that handled the coronavirus pandemic well so far. And let's look at Finland

The national flag of Finland has a cross on it which reflects its Christian heritage. See also: Protestant cultural legacies

Biden woke military chased out of disputed South China Sea. [1,783]

Lightning is racist: George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning in Toledo, Ohio. [1,784]

Biden, off his meds, gives a speech worthy of Joseph Goebbels. [1,785]

Bidenomics: Inflation up 10.8% [1,786]

Georgia update: Evidence reveals significant fraud, even in the audit, and thousands of double-counted ballots. [1,787][1,788]

Biden regime to filter private text messages. [1,789] Biden FBI: Report family members. [1,790]

COVID-19 and its Delta variant spread among the vaccinated [1,791] Liberal censorship works overtime to cover it up.

Setback for vaccine police: college reverses mandatory COVID vaccine requirement. [1,792]

The Left starts calling patriotic Americans un-American! They are the least qualified to throw that phrase around. [1,793]

The Hill: The Democrats are stuck with Kamala Harris, like it or not.[1,794]
Donald Trump Is Favored Over Kamala Harris In 2024 Election, Poll Says.[1,795]

Breaking: Cuba erupts with anti-leftwing fascist tyranny protests. [1,796]

Scientific American magazine: "God ‌is the‌ ‌ultimate‌ ‌white supremacist.” [1,797]

CNN guests compare climate change to the Holocaust. [1,798] MTG just appologized for comparing vaccine passports to wearing the Star of David in Nazi Germany. [1,799]

200 mostly Black mothers rally with Police for an end of crime and violence; mostly white Antifa stormtroopers jeer them. [1,800]

Yahoo news: Kamala Harris in crisis Kamala slammed for denigrating the boomer rube demographic. [1,801]

Jury finds woman who ran over BLM protester not guilty. [1,802]

Brits on edge as "Flying ants could swarm Euro 2020 final at Wembley," reports mainstream media there. [1,803] Can we blame this on the global warming???

Please read: 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism

The coronavirus pandemic is being blamed for the falling birth rates across much of secular Europe.[1,804] In March of 2021, it was reported the more Europeans were dying from Covid-19 than last year.[1,805]

Europe is dying both numerically and culturally (More people in Europe are dying than are being born).[1,806][1,807][1,808] The United Nations has said the number of people in the European Union bloc will drop to 365 million by 2100, down from 446 million today. But a 2020 study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, predicts it will fall more sharply, to 308 million by the end of the century.[1,809]

Since secular Europe has the second largest atheist population in the world, 2021 is the WORST year in the history of atheism.

A hilarious take on Joe Biden's 16-cent barbecue savings vaunt, Michael Avenatti's troubles, and how some Mainstream Media bigwigs love their expensive houses. [1,810]

New evidence indicates enough illegal votes in Georgia to change 2020 results. [1,811]

The NEA will vote on requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for children. By what authority do they presume to so act? [1,812]

Why is General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, having the service academies teach critical race theory to cadets and midshipmen? That way lies disaster for the U.S. military. [1,813]

Joe Biden to travel to Philadelphia to fight election audit. [1,814]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic is on the verge of winning a record-tying 20th major, 8 of the last 12, at Wimbledon finals. [1,815]

Rasmussen Poll: 51% of all voters believe cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 election [1,816]

Black father of racially mixed child demands racist school board stop teaching his daughter that her mother is evil. [1,817]

"Delta variant said to be far more widespread than federal estimates." [1,818]

Women being assaulted by transgender men in prisons; [1,819] Biden advocates sending men prisoners to women's prisons. [1,820]

Liberal censorship, again: "Sears and KMart pull T-shirts calling Ashli Babbitt an American hero." [1,821]

Breaking: Arizona election servers were hacked on Election day, Democrat Sec. of State Katie Hobbs and county election officials knew and kept it secret. [1,822]

President Trump files class action suit against Big Tech. [1,823]

Antifa stormtroopers violetly assault Christian mothers at L.A. Wu Spa. [1,824]

Washington Post finally admits the obvious: If Biden wants to convince the vaccine hesitant, give Trump credit for the vaccines See also: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Questions: Is Joe Biden's pride and dislike of Donald Trump more important to him than the lives of Americans? Is Biden failing to give Trump credit for the vaccines because he is afraid Donald Trump could win the presidency in 2024?

Delta variant of coronavirus spreads among Pfizer COVID vaccine recipients and others. [1,825]

"Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever.’" [1,826]

The abstract for a new academic study on atheists declares: "Atheists are among the most disliked groups in America...".[1,827] See also: Distrust of atheists

If only American atheists didn't file so many lawsuits during the Christmas season and other times of the year, then they might be less disliked. See: Atheist lawsuits and Atheism and Christmas

Having fewer homicidal maniacs among their midst might decrease the dislike of American atheists as well. See: List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and mental illness

U.S. Women's Soccer is rude again, as several of its players turn away from the Flag while a 98-year-old veteran plans the National Anthem on a harmonica. [1,828]

Why has Breitbart sided with gun control Massachusetts' imprisonment of a peaceful pro-gun group driving through the state to get to Maine??? [1,829] [1,830]

Allen West announces his run for Governor of Texas. If Texit gains any traction, Texas will need this seasoned warrior in command. [1,831]

Biden budget will add 21 million people to welfare rolls, including 2-parent families of 4 with $130,000 in income. Half of all working households will qualify. [1,832]

A call for a spiritual awakening in America, and a reminder that the Declaration of Independence was an appeal to God, not different human beings. [1,833]

Setback for Hollywood values: star of the record-breaking sitcom Cheers, Kirstie Alley, rips immorality on television: "A 'moral code' is not old-fashioned." [1,834] Trolls then post idiotic replies.

Anti-2nd Amendment, totalitarian Massachusetts converts a harmless refueling along I-95 into a massive all-day siege because peaceful blacks were merely carrying their guns across the state to get to Maine. [1,835] Liberal media repeats Southern Poverty Law Center's smear of the pro-Constitution group.

San Francisco values: Target stores go to early 6pm closing schedule there due to rise in thefts. [1,836] Why risk Chauvin trial bias there for restraining suspects?

Bloomberg calls out Psaki for fake news. [1,837]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slams the West for teaching children that Jesus was bisexual. [1,838]

Democrats send out fake canvassers impersonating Arizona auditors to intimidate voters and discredit audit. [1,839][1,840]

More satire: how The New York Times distracts from the foibles of the Joe Biden administration with a story of a tax indictment of the Donald Trump organization, based on a weak legal theory. [1,841]

NY Post: Knives are out for Kamala Harris in the White House. [1,842]

Parents must take pro-active stands against perverse curricula in their children's schools. As some parents are doing. [1,843]

Democrat state senator threatened to murder a busload of children [1,844]

Sorry libs, even Justice Breyer is disgusted with leftist insanity and ain't goin nowhere. [1,845]

About that whispering act by Joe Biden at a press conference: the content of that whisper implies many worse things than the whispering act itself. [1,846]

Out of Babel — not Africa: genetic evidence for a biblical model of human origins.[1,847] See also: Paleoanthropology

If macroevolution happened, then why are there still evolutionists? The arguments of evolutionists are incredibly bad.[1,848] Shouldn't our brains have evolved to a higher state by now if evolution happened? See also: 15 questions for evolutionists

Setback to Leftists: "Major 6-3 rulings foreshadow a sharper Supreme Court right turn," laments CNN. [1,849]

A nasty comment contains a "modest proposal" to erase the Jews. But it never stops there, does it [1,850]

Joe Biden's Honeymoon With Liberals/Progressives Fades as Their Priorities are Downplayed.[1,851]

Now that their priorities are downplayed, the angst among progressives is a dramatic change from the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms because progressives and liberals will have an enthusiasm deficit.

Biden's presidency: It's all over with the progressive fireworks. The rest is a denouement of inflation, poorly policed, Democrat cities and bad foreign policy.

Executions, sterilizations and cannibal banquets – Inside China’s brutal history as atheistic, Chinese Communists celebrate 100 years.[1,852] See: Atheism and human rights violations and Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and cannibalism

China, which has state atheism and leans to the left politically, is estimated to have more executions per annum than the rest of the world combined according to Amnesty International - despite merely having around 18% of the world's population.[1,853] See also: Atheism statistics

SCOTUS upholds Arizona ballot harvesting ban. [1,854] Ballot havesting played a big part in the Democrat's 2020 election scams.

Politico reports: Kamala Harris office 'not a healthy environment,' dysfunction emanating from the top. [1,855]

Facebook harassing users with "extremist" warnings. [1,856]

Must see: Vernon Jones handles CNN, "Joe Biden is a bigot. You know it and I know it....CNN is bigoted and racist." [1,857]

Cannot rely on liberal friends: nearly every one of them turned against Bill Cosby, and they are speechless after his stunning victory in court today.

The unfair conviction of Bill Cosby is completely reversed, and he is immediately released from prison by order of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. [1,858]

ABC News: Children are victims of latest Democrat crime wave. [1,859]

School Choice Movement Celebrates Its ‘Best Year Ever’ Amid Pandemic.[1,860] Another silver lining in the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic.
A new budget proposed by the Ohio Senate has liberal, public school educators concerned about the school voucher plan.[1,861]
West Virginia governor approved what advocates say is the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program.[1,862]
No doubt it will spread as Republican states compete to get people to move to their states.
Another reason why 2021 is the WORST year in the history of evolutionism and atheism. See: Atheist indoctrination and Evolutionary indoctrination

Beijing Biden buddies discussed making bioweapons to target certain ‘races.’ [1,863] Hunter Biden invested in a firm that partnered with Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. [1,864]

Video shows Capitol Police attack peaceful protesters outside Capitol, January 6. [1,865]

After screwing-up the economy, Democrat congress now wants a payraise. [1,866]

"America Ranks Last in Public Trust for Its News Media" among 46 countries, Reuters reports. [1,867]

"Nickelodeon Ratings Crash after Pushing" the homosexual agenda. [1,868]

Previous Breaking News on Conservapedia

until June 18, 2021

Breaking: Tucker Carlson under Biden junta surveillance. [1,869]

Democrats shoot down bill to prohibit U.S. corporations from using Chinese slave labor. [1,870]

An on-target satire of Kamala Harris' visit to the Texas-Mexican border, 800 miles away from the real action. [1,871]

Harvard/Harris poll: 80% oppose Biden immigration and border policy. 61% do not want Critical Race Theory taught in schools. [1,872]

Turkey fires rubber bullets, tear gas at LGBT Pride parade. [1,873]

Czech President wants heterosexual Pride parade. [1,874]

“Spineless RINOs like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell did nothing,” Trump writes in his latest letter. [1,875]

Texas election fraud unit makes arrests for multiple violations. [1,876]

Biden campaign pressured Facebook to censor posts about election integrity. [1,877]

More vaccine police lunacy: NCAA Kicks NC State Out of College World Series After 4 Vaccinated Players Test Positive For Covid-19." [1,878]

New videos show Capitol Police walk away after Antifa black bloc smash windows. [1,879]

Thousands attend Trump's rally in Ohio on Saturday, which the lamestream media tries to censor. “We will take back the House, we will take back the Senate, and we will take back America, and we will do it soon,” Trump declared to the roaring crowd. [1,880]

58% of Americans have unfavorable view of Critical Race Theory. [1,881]

Peter Daszak faces scrutiny for his association with the PLA-controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology. [1,882]

Kamala staffers quit after Guatemala, Mexico, El Paso and border scandals. [1,883] She's impossible to work with.

Can you believe this? John Hinckley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan, wants out! The problem: too many even more dangerous criminals have set the precedent. [1,884]

Evidence that the FBI might have instigated the so-called riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The FBI has so far failed to explain these key findings. [1,885]

City crime soars as the court in liberal Minneapolis imposes a sentence 10 years longer than guidelines against Derek Chauvin, while the court denies motions about bias. [1,886]

Harris to avoid border crisis, goes to El Paso 800 miles away. [1,887][1,888] Dem Congressman in hardest hit district calls Harris visit a 'joke.' [1,889]

Biden AG interfering in free and fair elections. [1,890] DOJ complaint against Georgia is surreal. [1,891]

Buffalo, New York returns to the good 'ol days of sewer socialism. [1,892]

Dr. Jim Ryan, president of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) exposes militant atheism.[1,893] Dr. Ryan is a scientist and ex-atheist.

'Creepy Joe' trends on social media after bizarre press conference. [1,894]

"Crime is up cause when a cop shoots a criminal, it's the cop's fault. When a criminal shoots a cop, it's the guns fault." [1,895]

Biden mixes up Tuskegee Airmen with Tuskegee syphilis study. [1,896] Evidentally, it's not just the right-wing redneck Trump supporters suspicious of government activities.

Judge allows Georgia ballot fraud case to proceed; [1,897] election officials hire criminal attorneys. [1,898]

Sweden, Europe's most liberal/left-leaning country, is TURNING to the PATRIOT RIGHT.[1,899]

First Donald Trump was elected and now this! If only liberals/leftists didn't bring Muslims and Islamic terrorism into their countries. In Western Europe, there is a strong correlation between the projected growth of the Muslim population in a country and the rise of right-wing nationalism in a country.[1,900]

2021 is the worst year in the history of liberalism/leftism.

Anthony Fauci, the man who said on March 3, 2020 that "It will take at least a year to a year and a half to have a vaccine we can use", joins Jill Biden in Florida to promote coronavirus vaccinations.[1,901] See also: Operation Warp Speed

Also, please read: An observation about the countries that handled the coronavirus pandemic well so far. And let's look at Finland.

Biden threatens American people with nukes. [1,902]

Hillary Clinton warned the Wuhan lab was a 'biological weapons proliferation concern' but accuses those that discuss the lab leak as racists and anti-Asian hate crimes. [1,903]

Setback for atheism: Reigning U.S. chess champ Wesley So - who reads the Bible daily -- routs top grandmasters to clinch Paris tourney early. [1,904]

Clinton official nominated for Nobel prize [1,905] sentenced for child rape. [1,906]

Kamala Harris, who was appointed to be a border czarina by Joe Biden, finally bends the knee to conservative media. After 3 months of being relentlessly berated for not visiting the border during the border crisis, she finally agrees to visit the border town of El Paso.[1,907]

Setback for dictatorial public schools: 8-1 Supreme Court decision holds that off-campus opinions by students have protection by the First Amendment. [1,908]

Biden uses leftist crime wave to attack gun rights. [1,909]

Woke ideology mimics precursors to totalitarian slaughter, experts say. [1,910]

Russia fires warning shots at British warship that entered its territorial waters. [1,911]

Racist mob celebrates Juneteenth by murdering Puerto Rican couple. [1,912]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Leftist-controlled NFL hypes on its website an obscure player for announcing that he's gay. [1,913]

Gay Pride driver rams Gay Pride parade, kills 1. [1,914][1,915] Democrats falsely blame GOP frontrunner Ron DeSantis [1,916] for LGBT accident. [1,917]

The cognitively impaired bumbling Biden strikes again. CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny sparked a conversation on social media after he noted on air that Joe Biden struggles to speak to reporters while aides are “screaming at him to stop.” “I have never seen a President, covering the last four of them, so protected by his aides,” he said.

Read: White House Locks Down Joe Biden After Critical Messaging Errors with Reporters.

When Adolf Hitler was rapidly losing power, he descended into his bunker. Bumbling Biden is doing the same.

Politico: "Civil unrest has increased in the wake of other recent pandemics, a recent International Monetary Fund Analysis found, peaking an average of two years after the health threat passes."[1,918]

Bad News for Joe Biden: Two years from now? Isn't that around the time that President Joe Biden will start running for reelection?

The Guardian is forced to concede: The squad and others on the left of the Democrat party have remained broadly supportive of Joe Biden as he seeks to restore an era of bipartisan cooperation. But with his agenda stalling on Capitol Hill, frustrations are mounting and threatening to crack the facade of Democratic unity.[1,919]

"A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand." - Jesus.

The Left-leaning The Guardian admits Democrats’ domestic agenda faces setbacks by Republican obstructionism.[1,920] Hallelujah!

Many autocrats/tyrants in history have had initial victories, but later get bogged down in difficulties and then are later defeated. Joe "executive orders" Biden is starting to get bogged down. See: Biden signs record number of executive actions in first week

56 House Republicans demand Kamala Harris be removed from border crisis role.[1,921]

Bad news for pro-homosexual agenda activists who are for open borders: "Mexico is seeing a surge of extreme violence toward LGBT+ people in its deadliest year in half a decade, a leading rights group said on Friday, citing cases of victims brutally stabbed and brazenly killed in public." - Reuters, May 15, 2020

Indian medical text publishers stand defiantly against the homosexual agenda and refuse to stop associating homosexuality with various pathologies. See: Homosexuality and health and Homosexuality research

"These 'lovers' quarrels' between male homosexuals manifest an increased level of violence due to the fact that the parties involved in the emotional conflict are both sexual aggressors... The reason/motivation for the crime is an extremely important consideration in establishing the investigations direction i.e. if the murder was the result of a lover's quarrel or due to interpersonal violence was it due to a rape/sodomy attempt, lastly is it the work of a sexual psychopath with sadistic or impulsive implications?" - Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine. See: Homosexuality and murders and Homosexual couples and domestic violence

India, a very religious and traditional society, has an above replacement level of births.

Reuters: "Same-sex relations are legal in only 22 of Africa's 54 countries and are punishable by death or lengthy prison terms in some nations".

The fertility rate for Africa in 2020 was 4.325 births per woman. The United States and Western Europe, which have promoted the homosexual agenda, have sub-replacement fertility rates. As a result, Muslim immigration and its associated Islamic terrorism has been a problem in those regions.

Africa, a very religious region, will account for nearly half of global population growth over the next two decades. See: Desecularization and Religion and Africa

Texans will be better able to defend themselves after Texit, now that Governor Greg Abbott signed a Constitutional Carry bill into law. [1,922]

New COVID cases top 10,000 in one day in the U.K., for the first time in four months, as the Delta variant spreads rapidly. [1,923]

Leftist Canada extends the closure of the U.S. border, wants an app to confirm COVID vaccination status first. [1,924]

Leftist Lawfare group doesn't understand separation of powers, sues Arizona Senate over election audit. [1,925]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Hungary passes law banning 'promotion' of homosexuality and transgenderism to minors. The vote passed on Tuesday by a vote of 157-1.[1,926]

2021 is the WORST year in the history of the homosexual agenda. First Russia bans the promotion of homosexuality to minors and now this! "Moscow girls make me sing and shout." - The Beatles

The illusion of low inflation has failed. What will the Federal Reserve now do about it? [1,927]

California Democrats have access to a rapid response team at Twitter, which takes down tweets at the request of Democrats. [1,928]

Two provinces in Pakistan plan to shut off the cell phone service of those refusing the coronavirus vaccine. How long before State Actors Facebook, Twitter, et al. do the same? [1,929]

President Trump was impeached over the false pretense of withholding aid to Ukraine; the day after meeting with Putin, Biden halts aid to Ukraine. [1,930]

Biden's America: Entire Portland riot squad resigns, and it's not even summer yet. [1,931]

Liberal logic: while doing nothing to really help blacks, Biden creates a new holiday for federal workers based on the end of slavery long ago.

Pastor Carl Gallups discusses his new book The Summoning: Preparing for the Coming Days of Noah.[1,932]

Biologist Dustin Van Hofwegen Punctures Claims for Richard Lenski’s Long-Term Evolution Experiment.[1,933]

2021 continues to the be the worst year in the history of evolutionism.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announces detailed plans for Texas to build its own wall. They include a State crowdfunding site and paying 25 percent down on the $1 billion project. Will it be enough to stop the agitation for Texit? [1,934]

9-0 ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of religious liberty over the homosexual agenda, against Philly for excluding a foster home service that declined to place children with same-sex couples. [1,935]

Biden approves Russian cyberattacks against the United States on all but 16 'critical' facilities. [1,936]

Biden junta sets up snitch line to report family, friends, and co-workers that oppose regime. [1,937]

"Darwin’s Arch” in the Galápagos Islands collapses.[1,938]

In March, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Brian Josephson declared that “intelligent design is valid science.”

In April, researchers writing in the journal Current Biology asked whether Darwin’s “tree of life” should “be abandoned.”

In May, it was reported that Sheffield University has stopped hiding Charles Darwin’s deadly social views from students. A university handbook now accurately notes that Darwin “believed… his theory of natural selection justified the view that the white race was superior to others, and used his theory of sexual selection to justify why women were clearly inferior to men.”

2021 is the worst year in the history of evolutionism!

What's next liberals and leftists? Is Black Lives Matter and the National Organization for Women going to pull down and smash all of the Charles Darwin statues? See also: Evolutionary racism and Charles Darwin's Belief in Male Superiority and Evolution, Liberalism, Atheism, and Irrationality

Exposing the homosexual agenda in all its decadence. [1,939]

Setback for liberal corporations and crony capitalism: two big European soccer stars remove sponsors' unhealthy drinks from their tables during press conferences, and the stock values plummet. [1,940]

Biden-Putin lovefest underway; Biden says he trusts Uncle Vlad. [1,941]

Putin complains to NBC about political persecution of Trump supporters: "Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering the Congress? And they didn't go there to steal a laptop. They came with political demands." [1,942]

Tucker Carlson rips the lid off of FBI provocateurs who organized 'Capitol insurrection'. [1,943] FBI & DHS provocateurs attempted recruitments prior to "riot". [1,944][1,945]

Why lockdown could never have worked against the CCP global pandemic – and what free people should do instead. [1,946]

Putin: NATO 'spat on' Russian interests. [1,947]

Jon Stewart: Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, which was more than likely caused by science." [1,948] Did anti-Trump bias blind science to evidence for COVID lab-leak? [1,949]

The Texas Nationalist Movement plans the ultimate "primarying" tool – a petition drive to put the question of Texit on primary ballots. What a way to bring in the votes to nominate true patriots! [1,950]

Zuckerberg election rigging group funnelled half million dollars to Wuhan lab gain-of-function collaborator. [1,951]

Washington Post: Birds are racist. [1,952]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic becomes the best ever with another tennis win, on track to win the Grand Slam. [1,953]

The atheist Hemant Mehta recently indicated that the New Atheists have drifted rightward in their politics. As people get older they tend to become more conservative/politically right leaning.

Question: Are the New Atheists going to going to become Christians next? As people get older, they often abandon atheism.[1,954] See: Atheism and immaturity and Atheism and its retention rate in individuals

Outpouring of birthday greetings for Trump today, from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and many others. [1,955]

Breaking: Hundreds of thousands of ballots missing, boxes full of blank ballots in Arizona. [1,956]

Hundreds of whistleblowers complain about woke racism in Biden's DOD. [1,957]

Biden train wreck press conference. Short version. [1,958] Long version. [1,959] Lord, save us. After a good night's rest, Biden crashes and burns in NATO press conference. [1,960]

Soaring factory prices in China add to global inflation fears.[1,961][1,962][1,963]

The Biden Administration picked a bad time to pursue inflationary policies. Is Joe Biden a one-term president?

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest lender, warned that the unprecedented levels of cash being injected into the economy while inflation fears are being dismissed will lead to excruciating economic pain if not in the near term then in 2023 and beyond.[1,964]

Donald Trump warns of 'massive inflation'.[1,965]

Are Joe Biden's economic policies sowing the seeds to Donald Trump's reelection?

Bidenomics is proving a total disaster that could send America back to stagnant ‘70s.[1,966] See also: Welfare, the USA and the slave mentality

New 'greatest threat' flavor of the week: climate change replaces white supremacy which replaced covid which replaced Russia.

Not funny anymore: Biden dementia rears its head at G-7 summit. [1,967]

Bipartisan bills introduced to dismantle Big Tech. [1,968]

Biden mental fitness in question again: Biden won't appear in post-summit press conference with Putin. [1,969]

Sweden took in more immigrants per capita during the European migrant crisis than any other European country and now crime is soaring due to Muslim immigrants.[1,970] Sweden went from being the safest country in Europe to being the second most violent.

Violent riots have broken out in Sweden. The city of Malmo is witnessing arson and vandalism. There were more than 100 bombings in Sweden in 2019.[1,971]

Donald Trump was right in declaring a ban from Muslim countries with terrorism problems.

Patrisse Cullors of Black Lives Matter (before she resigned amid criticism for buying four high-end homes for $3.2 million) railed against Israel six years ago. She might even then have wanted to consider threats to black lives closer to home. And Jews would do well to take heed of yet another expression of Antisemitism. [1,972]

What did Christopher Wray know about the covid lab leak cover-up, and when did he know it? [1,973]

Who wears a face mask even outdoors, even if vaccinated? One who has decided to submit to authority, even in the absence of enforcement or when those authorities lack moral authority themselves. [1,974]

Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans believe changing one's gender identity is morally wrong. [1,975]

WaPo alleged fact-checker flip-flops on WaPo alleged facts. [1,976]

Biden regime is training soldiers to hate America. [1,977]

The Texas governor announces his own border security measures. Is he responding to a primary challenge? Or maybe to the Texit movement? [1,978] Biden border surge on pace for deadliest year for illegal immigrants with 128 deaths so far. [1,979]

Introducing a new satirist in a piece lampooning the Mainstream Media's apologies for Joe Biden. [1,980]

Insipid remarks by Obama in CNN interview are panned in Britain: "underwhelming and light on substance." [1,981] Offensive and disturbing: CNN exposes Jeffrey Toobin to America again. [1,982]

Setback for vaccine police: the second dose of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines causes heart inflammation in some college-aged recipients. [1,983]

Analysis: Israel scored its most important victory since the Six Day War of 1967. Now Israel has the chance of developing its own war industry and not depending on any other country. [1,984]

Brits Mock Biden: “So Senile He Probably Won’t Remember What We Tell Him Anyway.” [1,985]

Why do even Jewish leaders pay so much attention to polar bears? The real endangered species are the Jews themselves! [1,986]

Fauci crony Peter Daszak bullied scientists into lab origins coverup. [1,987] Is "Fauxci" a better spelling?

An especially dangerous example of professor values: a psychiatrist delivers a lecture that reveals her own psychotic thinking, even to fantasizing about becoming a serial murderess. And to think that the faculty of the medical school at Yale University allowed this! [1,988]

Smartest guy Biden knows uses 'N' bomb. [1,989] Twitter wipes Hunter's use of 'N' bomb from trending No. 1. [1,990]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Stars LeBron James declined to shake hands after losing [1,991], the same unsportsmanlike conduct in Tom Brady's playbook.

Setback for the vaccine police: Blacks overwhelmingly reject the COVID vaccine, more so than any other ethnic group, reports Politico

Politically tone-deaf Joe Biden Neglects D-Day on its 77th anniversary date; Tweets About Tulsa Race Massacre.[1,992] Democrats better hope Biden is not running in 2024.

GOP scores BIG win in blue Texas county, winning mayor’s race in Hispanic majority border city.[1,993]

Democrats, say adios to not losing big in the midterm elections. The Democrats will suffer a mucho grande defeat in the midterm elections. Olé! Olé! Olé!

Much to the dismay of many Democrat partisans, Senator Joe Manchin will not vote for the For The People Act.[1,994] [1,995]

Conservapedia thanks all Western Allied WWII veterans for their service on this 77th anniversary of D-Day.[1,996]

Bad news for Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections: YouGov poll in late May indicates 49% of Americans place violent crime at the top of the list, compared to 39% for the economy and just 32% for the coronavirus pandemic.

Calls by Democrat activists to "defund" police departments can — and have — hurt Democrats in tight races.[1,997]

Like many atheists, China's leader Xi Jinping has a problem with arrogance (see: Atheism and arrogance).

Xi Jingping's "wolf warrior" diplomacy has come to an end and now the wolf has its tail between its legs. Xi Jinping calls for a more 'loveable' image for China in bid to make friends.[1,998]

Are we back to "Panda diplomacy" and "hide your strength and bide your time"? Will China eventually seek a more harmonious relationship with the world?[1,999][2,000]

Amazon delivery driver brutally beats elderly white woman. [2,001] Thanks, Jeff Bezos, for all you've done for America.

Manchin to vote against Dems overreach for totalitarian power. [2,002]

Donald Trump set to release social media platform.[2,003]

Analysts now describe the climate change community as a "faith-based community", very much like a church or religion.[2,004]

Emails obtained using the Freedom of Information Act reveal Anthony Fauci Brushed Off Email Suggesting Hydroxychloroquine Was Effective Against COVID-19: “Too Long for Me to Read.” [2,005]

When combined with zinc sulfate and azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine is a very effective treatment for coronavirus infections (Hydroxychloroquine increases zinc uptake and zinc is anti-viral). See: Vladimir Zelenko's coronavirus treatment

Election fraud denier Gov. Brian Kemp nearly booed off the stage at Georgia GOP convention. [2,006]

CCP flipped votes in 2020 presidential election, [2,007] in addition to Biden's 'most corrupt election fraud organization in history.' [2,008] Mike Lindell outlines Chinese cyberattack that flipped 555k votes in five key states.[2,009]

Media using UFOs to stir arms race. [2,010]

Peaceful protesters riot in Minneapolis. [2,011]

An unrepentant transvestite at least says one sensible thing: that lifestyle is not recommended for children! [2,012]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Nearly 25% of all homosexuals in the USA are reluctant to let their homosexuality be known to their coworkers/company and prefer to stay in the closet. After decades of promoting "gay pride", there is still an abundance of homosexuals who are ashamed of their homosexuality and stay in the closet.

Question: If one is born a homosexual and it is not chosen, then how could one possibly be proud that one is a homosexual? It would be like being proud of one's red hair. See: Homosexuality and choice and Homosexuality and genetics

Second question: Doesn't pride come before the fall? Since when is being proud a virtue?

Nightmare for liberals: Trump starts his speaking tour this weekend, in North Carolina! [2,013]

The real reason for coronavirus, lockdowns, mask mandates, and all the rest of it: to herd people into getting a vaccine they still don't need. [2,014]

Joe Biden's Pentagon still clueless about UFOs that have been seen by U.S. Navy Pilots. USA Today: "According to the officials that the Times cited as having been briefed on the report, the objects' acceleration and ability to change direction and submerge remains hard to explain."[2,015]

If the Biden Administration wasn't so focused on rooting out conservatives in the military and recruiting clueless, godless, woke "warriors", they would understand that the inference to the best explanation is that UFOs are demonic.[2,016][2,017][2,018] See: Explanations given for UFO sightings and belief

Watch Texas closely! In ten days, the leader of the Texit movement will announce his next move. Will it involve "primarying" of much of the Texas Legislative Republican caucus? Stay tuned. [2,019]

In atheistic Britain, a push to abolish the term "mother" and replace it with "parent who has given birth." [2,020]

Leftist-controlled Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants push homosexual agenda with "Pride"-colored uniforms. [2,021]

"Fredo Fallout? CNN Primetime Viewership Plummets to 629,000." [2,022]

Pennsylvania Legislative Delegation Sits Down with Arizona Lawmakers to Discuss Election Integrity in the USA And Replicating the Audit.[2,023]

Fauci forwarded email warning virus came from lab. [2,024]

"Joe Biden Thinks He Was Sworn Into Office 15 Months Ago." [2,025]

Des Moines Register: Joe Biden is paving the way for Donald Trump to be reelected in 2024.[2,026][2,027] Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive presidential terms.

CNN Admits 2022 midterm REDWAVE is Coming as Joe Biden is Paving the Way for Donald Trump to WIN AGAIN in 2024. [2,028]

School Choice SURGES and Homeschooling SKYROCKETS 700 Percent![2,029]

Los Angeles Times: Are we closer to understanding UFOs? What to know about the congressional report.[2,030] See also: Explanations given for UFO sightings and belief

Lynn Catoe, senior bibliographer for the library of Congress, created an entry on UFO bibliography for the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research. After a two-year investigation, in which she reviewed thousands of documents, Catoe stated: "A large part of the available UFO with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities...poltergeist manifestations and 'possession'.... Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomenon which have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists." (SCP Journal Aug 1977)[2,031][2,032]

Conservapedia almost feels sorry for atheists and godless Democrats who have no reasonable explanation for UFOs. Reasonable and informed Christians can easily say UFOs are demonic. This is yet another example of how infinitely superior and sublime the Christian worldview is. See also: Atheism and the supernatural

The jobs report that could upend Joe Biden’s economic agenda.[2,033] Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter, minus the cheese.[2,034].

The SS Bidenomics is taking on water!

Atheist Leader in Kenya Resigns After Finding Jesus Christ. He exclaims: 'I'm so Happy'.[2,035][2,036]

See also: Atheism and its retention rate in individuals and Ex-atheist and Atheism and depression and Atheism and happiness and Atheism and leadership and Resources for leaving atheism and becoming a Christian

CCP reports first case of Bird Flu transmitted to humans. [2,037]

Mass exodus to red/Republican states happening. New Data PROVES People Moving to Red States ‘OVERWHELMINGLY’ Vote REPUBLICAN.[2,038] See also: Essay: Free States Movement

Red states are not only getting bigger population-wise, but they are getting more Republican/conservative.

Emmanuel Macron's vote-grabbing YouTuber stunt backfires amid Marine Le Pen polling surge.[2,039]
Thinktank says Emmanuel Macron's theft of Marine Le Pen policies will win him the election. He has "stolen her clothes".[2,040]

"Right-wing AfD could win." - The Berlin Spectator, May 30, 2021.
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a right-wing German political party known for its anti-immigration and Euroskeptic views. The next federal election in Germany is 4 months away.

Liberal media forces top woman's tennis player to withdraw from the French Open, demonstrating how pro sports has become a farce unrelated to merit. [2,041]

News anchor notes anniversary of mysterious fire started by peaceful BLM rioters at St. John’s Church in Washington, DC. [2,042]

Mass hysteria overreacts to the noise of a skateboard being banged on the floor at a mall, as panic spreads in mistaken belief it was gunfire. [2,043] Tighter skateboard control needed??

The human rights violations by liberals in the continued persecution and imprisonment of pro-Trump Jan. 6th protesters is decried by the Russian foreign minister. [2,044]

Tennis champ Naomi Osaka asserts her right not to speak to the lamestream media; pro tennis as media puppets then fine and threaten to suspend her. [2,045]

Multi-millionaire BLM co-founder resigns in DNC fundraising scam. [2,046]

Setback for Leftists: Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice "Breyer thinks now’s the time to scold his fellow liberals," reports NPR. [2,047]

The Joe Biden administration is filled with the oldest hate in the civilized world, which is: antisemitism. [2,048]

Fulton County, Georgia election officials hire criminal defense lawyers. [2,049]

Laura Ingraham on ‘Breaking the News’: ‘Fabulous’ Book Exposing ‘How China Has Completely Infiltrated American Media’.[2,050]

In the post-coronavirus world, what have we gained – and what have we lost? [2,051]

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) can't even obey her own rules regarding social restrictions for coronavirus. Her apology rings hollow, especially since she lacks the authority to order what she ordered. [2,052]

Breaking: 1/6 Commision witch hunt dead. [2,053]

Pennsylvania County Votes to Investigate Voting Machines Over ‘Errors’. [2,054]

Texit, the movement for Texas independence, stalled in this year's regular Texas Legislative session. But this is only the first cycle. If the provocation continues, another cycle will succeed. [2,055]

Palestinian dead guy runs away when he hears air raid siren in fake funeral procession staged for fakes news media. [2,056]

Liberal censorship runs amok! To appease Leftists, USA Today changed the op-ed by the Connecticut girl track star without her consent. [2,057]

Having shut down Wuhan lab leak probe, Biden now entrusts it to same spies who gave us ‘Russiagate’. [2,058][2,059]

Silicon Valley transit worker known for alcohol-induced mood swings kills 9, and our prayers go out to the victims. [2,060] Biden demands gun control while the liberal media deflect inquiry away from root causes.

"Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows Predict 2024 Trump Presidential Run." [2,061]

Biden brings in Islamic activists to investigate U.S. military for 'extremism'. [2,062]

"Feminism has convinced women that it's completely acceptable to submit to one's boss and work tirelessly for him/her all day long, but NO way should a woman submit to her husband whom she chose to love all of her days and work tirelessly for him and her children all day long." - The Transformed Wife

Breaking: Beijing Biden shuts down CCP lab leak investigation. [2,063] CNN, NYT assisting in covid coverup. [2,064]

NYT manufactured 1619 Project racial hysteria to pivot from the fake news Russia hoax. [2,065] Joe and Uncle Vlad to hold summit in Geneva after Biden okay's pipeline to make billions for Russia and destroy NATO. [2,066]

Guillermo Lasso inaugurated as first right-wing Ecuador president in 14 years.[2,067] Left-wing/liberal politicians continue to be crushed like tin cans in the world.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the death of George Floyd and Defund the Police movement, gun shots ring out in George Floyd Square. [2,068]

Prosecutor in the Kim Potter - Daunte Wright shooting resigns citing partisan political and mob justice pressure. [2,069]

CNN admits it misled people about covid origins cause President Trump suggested it may not have occurred naturally. [2,070]

Two weeks after conservative-leaning Elon Musk boosted the ratings of liberal Saturday Night Live, it hits rock bottom with season-low ratings for its finale. [2,071]

Intelligent design has implications for genome editing.[2,072]
Also, please read: Darwin's Law.

Even if the Ceasefire Holds, Right-wing Politicians Will Dominate Israel's Future.[2,073]
Is it a coincidence that liberal/leftist governments around much of the world are seeing a big surge in right-wing populists? Could it be their huge debts and general mismanagement? Muslim extremism? Unemployed immigrants competing with native citizens for government benefits?

DOJ seizes assets from NBC / CNN / BLM John Sullivan who filmed Ashli Babbitt's murder by Capitol Police during the 1/6 protests, faces weapons charges. [2,074]

Fauci not convinced Covid came about naturally. [2,075]

The right-wing populism that has been pushing to shut down immigration into Europe may be heading for a significant breakthrough in Sweden.[2,076] Sweden could prove a bellwether for a broader shift in European politics.

Trump saved Scott Brown from irrelevancy by appointing him to an ambassadorship, but Brown turns against Trump and his supporters by lashing out against the Jan. 6 protests. [2,077]

Mask police and public school: a bad combination that results in the arrest and handcuffing of a Sunday school teacher seeking to end mask requirements of schoolchildren. [2,078]

Setback for election fraud deniers: "Judge Orders Audit of 145,000 Absentee Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia," including checking signatures. [2,079]

Biden cozies up to Putin. [2,080] Why is Biden waiving sanctions on Russia a week after the Colonial pipeline attack?

Biden silent on wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes. [2,081]

About that interview between Sean Hannity and Bruce Jenner...! [2,082]

Democrats call on Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot to resign after her racist comments. [2,083][2,084]

A scathing review of the first 100 days of the Joe Biden administration. [2,085]

Liberal Anthony Fauci: We Will Require Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Shots ‘Within a Year.’" [2,086]

RINO alert: 35 Republicans vote to waste time and money on a new commission to investigate the exercise of First Amendment rights on January 6, while Leftists are not investigated for their violence. [2,087]

Only 35 percent of registered independent voters in swing states approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while Republicans are more “engaged” than Democrats, bolstering GOP confidence ahead of the 2022 midterms.[2,088]

House GOP report: U.S. likely engaged in ‘dangerous’ research in Wuhan where lab leak occurred. [2,089]

5 Oregon counties vote to secede into Idaho. [2,090]

More liberal censorship: "Twitter Suspends Politician After Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant." [2,091]

Judge blocks Biden administration racial discrimination actions. [2,092]

Recent scholarship indicates secularization in the United States will stall by 2050.[2,093] See also: American atheism

Secularization has already stalled in France and Protestant Europe.[2,094] See also: European desecularization in the 21st century

Democrat January 6 commission scam may be doomed. [2,095][2,096]

Conservapedia proven right, again: the biased Nobel Prize is implicated in the burgeoning scandal of Bill Gates' connections with Jeffrey Epstein, reports the Daily Beast.

January 6 Capitol protest commission: Politico says think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. [2,097]

Politico explains that the view of New Jerseyans on another Chris Christie presidential run is this: No thanks. [2,098] Which leaves the field open for Trump.

The two websites CARM and True Freethinker, which have a lot of anti-atheism content, recently updated their websites with excellent new web designs that are mobile friendly.[2,099][2,100]

Both websites have seen an increase in their Alexa rankings as a result of their websites being updated.

Meanwhile, the Secular Web has seen a very large drop in its Alexa ranking.[2,101] See: Internet atheism

"The history of war proves that nine out of ten times an army has been destroyed because its supply lines have been cut off...” - General Douglas MacArthur

Breaking: Roe v. Wade to face SCOTUS challenge. [2,102]

"Not Funny: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Ratings Sink to New Low." [2,103]

Rock star "Eric Clapton Blames ‘Propaganda’ for ‘Disastrous’ Covid Vaccine Experience." [2,104] Translation: "propaganda" is often the liberal media.

Space Force commander fired after criticizing Marxism. [2,105]

More liberal claptrap on television: Delusional Liz Cheney hints at running for president in 2024! [2,106]

Leftist retaliation against a witness for Chauvin: "Three Women Accused of Leaving Pig’s Head at" his former home. [2,107]

Why did the Food and Drug Administration approve vaccines for children?!? A new Emergency Use Authorization clears Pfizer's mRNA preparation for patients aged 12-15. State governors must act to stop this. [2,108]

Another setback for the homosexual agenda: Uganda's Parliament is seeking to pass a bill with a 10 year imprisonment penalty for same-sex sexual relations.

The United Nations and liberals/leftists are up in arms. Don't they believe in multiculturism?

Woke Colleges are CLOSING DOWN PERMANENTLY Throughout the USA.[2,109][2,110]] Harvard University business professor says 50% of all colleges will close in 9 years. What will liberals/leftists do without their indoctrination centers? See: Worst college majors

Another silver lining in the dark clouds of the coronavirus pandemic. Colleges/universities are closing at a faster clip.

Dominion and corrupt Maricopa County officials won't give up passwords for election audit. [2,111]

The UK's former, center left, Prime Minister Tony Blair WARNS Woke Left Faces EXTINCTION as Center-Left Collapses in Europe.[2,112]

What happens in Europe will influence the United States. Brexit helped put wind at Donald Trump back before the 2016 election.

France BANS Woke Gender-Neutral Language in Schools as SUPPORT for Marine Le Pen SURGES.[2,113]

Once the French domino falls, the rest of Western Europe will fall to right-wing populism.

Democratic Party policies clearly do not work as advertised? But do they maybe work as the Democrats really intend? [2,114]

Outbursts of profanity by Biden at aides, reports the New York Times, but instead liberals go after Marjorie Taylor Greene for raising her voice at AOC. [2,115]

Liberalism really is a mental disorder – and here are the eight symptoms liberals exhibit. [2,116]

Charges against Black Lives Matter protester dismissed by an Iowa judge, while Trump supporters remain imprisoned in D.C. jail without a speedy trial. [2,117]

Liberal pundit warns Dems: there is no GOP Civil War, and the party base is unified. Politico

Court filing yesterday explains that the official autopsy of George Floyd initially found no evidence to support the charge of asphyxiation, but the autopsy report was changed after multiple phone calls to the medical examiner and a threat to disparage his work in the Washington Post. [2,118]

Bidenomics: Inflation soars to highest level since Great Recession. [2,119]

Please Read: Joe Biden may have to become more bipartisan to get Republicans to rally behind Covid-19 vaccination in order to get to herd immunity in the USA

Chauvin trial bias causes problem in public school in New York: assignment suggested that George Floyd had a heart attack from a drug overdose, and Leftists pounce on the teacher. [2,120]

Globalists are panicking as right-wing populism continues to rise in the polls in some big European countries.[2,121][2,122] Globalist had hoped that the coronavirus pandemic would have stopped the 20 year rise of right-wing populism in Europe, but it hasn't.

Liz Cheney is stripped of her authority!!!! The Establishment could not save the Trump-hating Cheney from her humiliation.

Evangelical Christian Tim Tebow is reportedly getting a second NFL chance while anti-police and national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick still sits on the sidelines.[2,123]

“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Neocon Liz Cheney continues her senseless anti-Trump rants on the eve of her humiliating removal from GOP leadership. [2,124]

That 70s Show reruns: Fuel shortages, inflation, gas lines, inflation, unemployment, inflation... [2,125]

Mistreatment and torture of Capitol Hill peaceful protestors draws bipartisan outrage; [2,126] violations of dissidents human rights could complicate D.C. bid for statehood.

More Biden human rights abuses: Toddlers dumped at border in blazing heat. [2,127]

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID in 2015 'To Cause Enemy's Medical System To Collapse'. [2,128]

"Chauvin juror ‘wore George Floyd BLM shirt several times before trial’ despite claiming he doesn’t remember owning it," yet Chauvin's effete attorney fails to demand a new trial now based on this "slam dunk reason" for reversal. [2,129]

Setback for vaccine police: colleges in Florida are prohibited from requiring coronavirus vaccination after July 1, and Nova Southeastern drops its mandate. [2,130]

Biden DOJ attempts to interfere and disrupt Arizona election audit. [2,131]

Censures of Never-Trumpers continue: Utah Weber County GOP censures Mitt Romney despite his powerful connections in the state. [2,132]

Conservatives in the U.K. win a special election by 23 points for a seat held by the Leftist Labour Party for nearly 50 years. [2,133]

until early May 2021 recently posted the informative article: Why Joseph Stalin, the Militant Atheist, Tried to Stamp Out Religion in the Soviet Union.

Also, please read: July 2, 2011: The day the atheism movement died on the information superhighway

Escape from Leftist California: its population declined last year, for its first time ever. [2,134] Not even great weather can overcome liberal tyranny.

Political theater about coronavirus: State governors break their own quarantine. [2,135]

In 100 days Biden's socialist agenda brings stagflation. [2,136] Jobs report comes in at 266,000, only 734,000 jobs fewer than expected for people already suffering under the heel of the ruling party.

Apple lobbies Congress to use Chinese slave labor. [2,137]

Liberal media falsely described as “white” the stabbing suspect of two Asian women in San Francisco. “However, after images of Thompson began surfacing online—the racial description of the suspect completely disappeared overnight,” reports Asian news.

Has woke reached its peak in America? It might not have happened yet in big Blue State cities, but in Red States a new-revolt is under way. [2,138]

Trevor Louden: Socialist Revolution is underway in America. [2,139] The independence of the legislature, courts, sheriff and police, are being destroyed and brought under control of the executive branch.

“Therefore, the independence of the legislature, the independence of the supreme court, the independence of the sheriffs and the police must all be destroyed,

Conservapedia proven right, again: Caitlyn Jenner is promoted heavily by Fox News in an "exclusive" interview with the transgender Wednesday night.

"Warmongering fool," as Trump describes her, neocon Liz Cheney (R-WY) will be humiliated by the GOP removing her from leadership by May 12. [2,140]

Leftist monopoly continues its abuse: "Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Upholds the Blacklisting of Donald Trump." [2,141]

A plea to the people of Texas to declare their independence, on much the same grounds as Thomas Jefferson cited. [2,142]

Hell freezes over: Texas Democrat leader resigns and apologizes after using racial slur against Sen Tim Scott. [2,143] Hell thaws out: Texas Dems refuse to accept bigot's resignation. [2,144]

Trump activates his own website platform to communicate directly with the American People. [2,145][2,146]

Derek Chauvin files for new trial after BLM-tainted jury discovered. [2,147]

The "conditioned reflex" of cancel culture in action, and what it means for human liberty. [2,148]

Bill Gates lawyers-up for his divorce, as feminist Melinda Gates may seek half of his fortune even though Bill acquired it before they married. [2,149]

"GOP Challenger Bouchard Raises More Than $400K to Fund His Cheney Takedown." [2,150] That goes a long way in Wyoming.

Please read: Mr. Leftist, the rich aren't going to bail you out. Get off your butt! And marry before you have sex! Godspeed.

After pushing the atheistic population control agenda, "Bill and Melinda Gates to divorce." [2,151] Billions don't seem to buy happiness after all.

Melinda Gates is a feminist and she has always had an independent streak.[2,152]

"I tell the college kids they ought to find out if the girl they're dating is a feminist or not." - Phyllis Schlafly, July 21, 2014[2,153] How much of Bill Gates' fortune will the feminist Melinda take from him now?

Gambling claims more victims: "Wisconsin casino shooter was fired employee." [2,154]

Biden regime foreign policy spokesman gives green light to Chinese Communists to invade Taiwan. [2,155]

Loud boos and shouts of "traitor" greet Mitt Romney, from the Utah state GOP convention! [2,156]

Setback for Never-Trumpers: anti-Trump candidate -- a Marine -- got only 3% of the vote in the special congressional race in Texas. [2,157] That's not good news for Liz Cheney, whom a Texas congressman predicts will be removed from GOP leadership this month.

Please read: 12 signs American politics is becoming more cultlike

Globalist police block Russian chess champion from playing alongside his country's flag for the finale: [2,158] Leftists hate the socially conservative Russia and may dream that it will return to communism one day.

Even "Caitlyn" Jenner opposes male-bodied transgenders competing in girls' sports: "It just isn't fair," the California gubernatorial candidate says. [2,159]

Facebook bans Russian website commemorating Russian victory over fascism. [2,160] Facebook's fascist executives do not care about historcial truth and accuracy anymore.

About government ordered vaccination programs: didn't America try this once before? Oh, yeahhhh - in 1976, against "swine flu." [2,161]

Federal Reserve signs on to Biden spending binge, massive inflation. [2,162]

The United States today feels like an occupied country as liberal educators indoctrinate children, the motion picture industry is as preachy as it is mediocre, and the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. get more obnoxious all the time. [2,163]

Biden Climate Commissar invested in carbon polluters. [2,164]

More than 90 people found packed in home in ongoing Biden human trafficking operation. [2,165][2,166]

Even Politico is astounded that Trump betrayer Mike Pence acts like he has a viable political future: "Trumpworld is moving on." [2,167]

Pathetic liberal denial: Joe Biden tries to blame Trump for the illegal immigration crisis at the border. [2,168]

Islamic Terrorists Strike France Again.[2,169]

France to punish ex-generals for Islamist 'civil war' open letter.[2,170] The letter was signed by 24 retired generals, as well as 80 colonels or captains, 125 lieutenant-colonels or lower-ranked officers, and about 1,000 military personnel.[2,171] [2,172]

A Harris Interactive poll shows 58% of French people agreed with the ex-generals open letter.[2,173]

Much to the dismay of leftists, Samuel P. Huntington, who authored the book The Clash of Civilizations the Remaking of the World Order, is being vindicated as time unfolds.

Liberal claptrap: as Biden's gestapo raided Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's home, Biden called the Capitol protests on Jan. 6 the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War." [2,174]

Big, Bold, Ambitious Balderdash. [2,175] Biden bombs in primetime, [2,176] wants return to the bad old days of the 1960s and 30s.

Biden police state raids Mayor Giuliani's apartment. [2,177] Giuliani's cell phones and other electronic devices were reportedly seized to learn who his sources and contacts are and what poop he has on the corrupt Biden regime. Lee Smith: This is payback for uncovering the Hunter Biden scandal. [2,178] CTH: Obama FISA abuse is ongoing. [2,179]

Some VERY BAD NEWS for feminists can be found HERE.

First, Phyllis Schlafly soundly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. And now this!

On behalf of all anti-feminists, Conservapedia declares victory!

Trump describes Never-Trumper, Pelosi-supporter Liz Cheney (R-WY) as a "warmongering fool" who "has sooo little support."